Elissa’s November 2015 Psychic Newsletter

November 2015

November 2015

Dear Friends,

When I first came to Santa Fe, I met with some edgy organizational planners who had plans for developing corporate retreat workshops. (And getting us to the Swiss Alps to teach them!)

They asked me to intuit what would motivate workers and increase their productivity. Motivated and productive workers, I divined, would be a part of a corporate culture with integrity as its backbone. Workers had to be able to tell the truth to their superiors and communicate without fear. Leaders could create trust by including workers’ input and being fair. You could only get the most out of someone if they trusted you.

The planners laughed out loud. They were very cynical about corporations. “Pay the highest-up the big money to get them to make the company profitable. Executives like the trickle-down theory and they’re not going to want to change that.”

Twenty years and an income inequality crisis later, they were obviously right. However, I just read a fascinating study about a new model of win-win business success in which leaders positively respond to workers. Whether you’re trying to motivate and inspire your own self or someone else, “Why Some Motivational Strategies Fail and How to Create Inspiration at Work”, is a worthwhile read.

Life will give us a lot of tests this month, but here’s a test that tells you what your strengths are to deal with them. You can learn how to put your strengths to work, plus new techniques to change old habits: lotsa help available both on  http://strengthschallenge.com/ and www.fulfillmentdaily.com

I hope all of you have fun and relaxing plans for the holidays…have a wonderful month!


P.S. Last night I ran over to a gallery on Canyon Road to participate in a video for the Santa Fe New Mexican local paper. They were hoping to find a haunted art gallery. Not much going on where we ended up, but I had the participants create a Speaking Stone divination about the house’s history and who might have been there…here’s a video snippet and article.

All Soul’s Day Treat

A client mentioned a story her late father wrote that piqued my curiousity, about finding an arrowhead on his Texas ranch. She sent it to me and I found it very moving for such a short story. I want to share it with you, it’s perfect for All Souls Day when the spirit world feels closer:


By Bob Green

“I found a perfect arrowhead today.

I could tell, even before picking it up, that it was an extraordinarily fine one.  Rushing water from a recent rain had stripped away the dirt that had hidden it away for—–how long?  Surely hundreds of years, possibly even a few thousand.

I stood looking at it for a moment before reaching down.  As usual, the wild, gypsy part of my mind started roaming.  Had it been shot in anger at an enemy, or had it whickered by a bounding deer in a near miss?  It could have simply been lost out of a rawhide quiver or even just discarded as being obsolete.  One guess is as good as another.  The only sure thing is—-there it lies, where it has waited all this time for me to come along and pick it up.

I have picked up many in my life, but I still enjoy that mystical moment when my fingers close around it, and I visualize the fact that the last hand that had held this object was a person from another age, almost another world.  In that moment, the link with the vanished past seems very real, the continuity of life very apparent, even though the person who so carefully fashioned this artifact will, of course, remain forever unknown and faceless.

Still, I don’t feel that the arrowhead maker is a complete stranger to me.  We really share a lot in common.  He was probably born near this spot, as I was.  He thought of this particular part of his world as belonging to him, as I do.  He spent the waking hours wrestling a living from what the land affords, as I do.  He very likely fought, even killed, other men in the belief that it was a primary duty to keep the land safe from invaders.  That is the way I rationalized about those I killed in warfare, too.  He surely wanted his sons and grandsons to call this land theirs, as I do.  He has sadly buried his dead nearby, as I have.  He, himself, has moldered away and added his dust to the land as I shall do, but while alive, we both have watched the sun come up over the same eastern hills and go down behind those same western ones, sidling across the horizon and back again as the solstice laws of the season direct.  And he looked up at night into the very same stupendous sky, the most spectacular thing either of us will ever behold and I think he probably instinctively knew, as I do, that somewhere out there lies the answers to who and where and why.

So, I salute you, old arrowhead maker, wherever you are now.  In your time, you were just as much a part of creation and life as I am today.  I’m glad you left me your arrowhead.  I’ll appreciate it for what it is:  a simple useful thing of true lasting beauty you made yourself and left behind to show you were once here.  I hope we modern men can do as well.”

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Psychic Insights for November 2015

November is a spiritually demanding and psychologically challenging month. November takes courage and strength! Taking good care of ourselves is going to be more important than ever.

It’s also a wild time with so many new beginnings and changes.  It’s like a challenging, exciting Spring in our lives that gives birth to a lot of life-changing circumstances. We can develop the ability to spend more time in positive mental territory by the end of it.

Challenges are tough but potentially ennobling. To summon the courage we need, we’ll have to be emotionally invested in what we’re trying to accomplish, that way we’ll have the  necessary go-power. Expect to do great things and reach great heights.

November 1st, Mercury goes into Scorpio:  Intense feelings, intense communication…take care not to sting someone in response to pressure. Insights into one’s self are revealing and healing. A lot can be accomplished, don’t take anything personally.

November 2, nd , Venus and Mars conjunct, a sexy portent that fabulous and/or unexpected events can materialize. Believe in yourself!

November 11th is Veterans Day with a new moon in Scorpio. It brings attention to self-improvement; a good time to invigorate health routines. Likely there’s talk about how improve the lives of Veterans this year.

Mid-month, our confidence increases, and when Neptune goes direct on the 18th, it will be easier to see things in a positive light. A full moon Thanksgiving should be especially busy with travel; in chatty Gemini we’ll enjoy catching up with everyone!

Also on Thanksgiving but permeating the whole month and beyond, Saturn squares Neptune. Life will give us dramatic lessons about self-responsibility, and that we’re responsible for the success of our dreams. Saturn gives the power to see the way to build whatever it is we want. Neptune gives us inspiration and visions about what will fulfill us.  The square between them says the tasks our life and dreams ask of us can be especially challenging now. The desire to escape will be strong. Or, we might choose to come to our own rescue instead of denying what needs to be done.  We can get more self aware and implement new systems and solutions for our lives.

In the public, we’ll also see many heroic efforts and actions in November in the face of harsh realities.  Grass roots movements should gain strength:  the game-changers of the world will be digging in hard and lighting fires anywhere and everywhere for their cause. Nobody’s giving up!

November’s Psychic Pictogram: Revolutions of various kinds are in the news and so are UFO’s; lots is up in the air politically in this country but hopeful; many people experience bright new beginnings.

Psychic Horoscopes for November – Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: You could be officially done with something, yet officially taking on a new role…maybe both at once. There’s an identity change, and one that can benefit you financially. Don’t ask a lot of questions, just take what’s offered. Take opportunities: you’ll grow into them even if you don’t really see yourself in them yet.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: It’s a fortunate time to begin health improvement campaigns and develop habits your body will appreciate. It’s a good month to straighten things out so your life is easier to move around in. It’s a time of creating better personal order so business and life is more pleasant.

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Your story: Once upon a time you thought only certain things were possible for you, and you knew and played by the rules.  Still, this brought you to an unexpected, unimagined, and magical place. Whatever you were taught to believe didn’t cover all that life apparently held for you, and your life was enriched immeasurably by this discovery.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: You are willing to make sacrifices for art, for love, for brand new possibilities, for a new state of mind that’s more peaceful…you probably change more this month than you have in years. Your mood improves with a capital “I”.

Elissa Heyman has a private psychic counseling and healing practice in Santa Fe, NM, and by telephone internationally. Her daily psychic horoscopes are on Santafe.com, and broadcast on KTAO in Taos. Elissa’s website offers free guided meditations recommended by Spirituality/Health magazine, an award-winning client newsletter, and more educational tools:  www.elissaheyman.com or call 505-982-3294. Available for in-person private psychic counseling and spiritual healing sessions in New York City November 30th, December 1st, and December 2nd.

Psychic Call-in Radio Show in Santa Fe Oct. 6, 505-424-4550

Tomorrow I will arrive at KVSF, armed with info about the October planetary forces in play, plus talk about the New Moon circle on Sunday the 11th, and, answer your questions if you call me up!  Host Richard Eeds, KVSF, 105.1 fm has me as his guest on Psychic Tune-up Tuesdays, and whatever spiritual guides come to the studio…we care what you’re up to and want to hear from you! Call between 9-10 Mountain at 505-424-4550. Always the first Tuesday of the month between 9-10 am.

Elissa’s October 2015 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’ve got a lot of psychic messages for you, as this Fall has been the subject of a couple of my recent horoscope podcasts. I started this whole experiment of  daily horoscopes for the radio by getting up and watching the sun rise – a very visceral divination experience-then divinating on the coming day. It’s a beautiful ritual, but over the weeks it’s morphed into a lot of different ways to meet a deadline. I think the only thing that works on me is a deadline. Actually, the beauty of the morning colors worked on me – I still get up now to watch the sun come up, but I’ve usually now already written the podcast the day before.
I’ve been getting these weekly and daily messages in a variety of ways, but the latest is the most far out of all: Last night  I was driving through northern New Mexico with the next day’s early deadline on my mind,( October 1st,) when I got inspired to make tones that got me in touch with the different zodiac signs. Then when I intuitively adjusted to the right harmonies for the signs I was holding in my mind, I got a psychic messages for them…and that’s how the October 1st horoscopes came about!  You can check out the results…the messages are for more than just today in this horoscope podcast.

Ultimately, I’d like to just be able to spiel it out in one broadcastable prose piece about the day, that would be a beautiful exercise…I have always remembered reading how Buckminster Fuller extemporaneously riffed on the Lord’s Prayer every time he went to sleep, going through how he saw things that new day, and it kept him in awe of the Universe.

Have a wonderful month!

Love, Elissa

Santa Fe Healing and New Moon Psychic Circle, October 11th Sunday, 4-6 pm. $55. By reservation, please email for details,elissa@elissaheyman.com

First Tuesday of the Month, October 6th Call-in Radio Show hosted by Richard Eeds, 9-10 am Mountain. Call in with your psychic wonderings and I’ll answer your question on air,  505-424-4550, or listen to KVSF 101.5 FM, the Voice of Santa Fe. (My favorite question so far was a guy whose dog wouldn’t ride in the car with him anymore, and who also now hopped up on a chair he never used to sit in. It didn’t take a psychic to figure out what happened, but I did figure it out pretty quickly.)

Monday through Friday on KTAOS Solar 101.9 FM, your psychic horoscope at 10 and 6. Horoscope podcasts daily on SantaFe.com at around 10 a.m.

All October and November, psychic counseling and healing in person and by phone in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294  or email Although I’m excited about my new toy, horoscopes, my true love is my private practice and healing work.

Intuitive Impressions for October 2015

Suddenly swinging the right way…that’s what many did at the end of this season’s eclipses in September, and now in October it’s easier to see what’s right and act on it.

Reading through all these messages, the story of the month is that there are a lot of twists and turns in circumstances, and the idea is to ride them: to keep your own life balance and favorite activities going; to not blame anyone and get slowed down,  and to refuse to look anywhere else but up. Then you’ll plug in to the high voltage energy of this time in a creative way that can greatly benefit you.

Success: When you notice how people might be restricting you, be patient, you’ll find a way to grow around it. Save your fire because in October, where there’s a will there’s a way, and friction will slow you down. Partnerships of mutual aid you cultivate in October make for a strong December.

This is a very solution-oriented Fall. Within people, there can be a tug of war about whether to play it safe or not, and “not” wins out because better solutions occur about how to innovate and resolve problems.  Fall is about problems and solutions and reaching out to different kinds of people than you might normally do. People will find themselves strange bedfellows but united by a cause. That’s the most creative thing you can do: forget the details and the differences and unite around your cause.

From a September 20th Fall omen walk at the Petroglyph Park in Albuquerque:

The World: Volcanoes… big upward surges of energy trying to upend and heave off…will it never end? Yes: the turbulence dies down in April 2016. (I take this to be a development where there is less violent social change.) Meanwhile, a lot of people try to blow up the place, we’ll try a lot of different things to deal with instability. And various new creations hit the market, but nothing is so important as overall, people’s greater peace. There are stirrings of it in September in the hearts and minds of people trying to establish peace within. And the virtue that goes the farthest in feeling this new peace, is Patience.

Success Story About Patience: Definitely needed this last August, seriously needed in September, get used to people screwing up in October–Need Least (from everybody) in November, and by December, the hard new bud of your resilient self, will be ready to rock and roll and win the day in the new year.

Mercury retrograde is still in effect until October 9th: It’s easy to overestimate what people understand; be specific and precise. Don’t go somewhere without a map or give a talk without an outline. Make sure you take the right electric cords for your devices.

With Mars in Virgo for the next two years, it’s a time of getting down to business, less ego, and more awareness of the actual work involved in whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Fall Equinox Message: Today the Sun goes into Libra. What’s fair and balanced? To make things even out in your favor, just pay attention to how a situation benefits you and not what’s wrong with it. It’s a tricky time and what works is to play up the positive, and as a policy, be generous.

Change is intense this Fall, and people can feel that this season is the one that they’re meant to leave a lot behind. You’ll make the right choice if you’re willing to witness the destruction of some of the past, and trust the new paradigm.

Psychic Insights for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs.

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: October: You might have to work hard and make sacrifices and learn new things to get what you want. “The one who wants the fruit must climb the tree.”

No matter what provokes you, this is not the day, and perhaps not the whole season, to protest. It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that for cosmic reasons beyond the obvious, making a big fuss can bring on unwelcome repercussions.

More Tips for a Successful Fall: Don’t do too much. Make less plans. Plan to be happier. Here’s your mystery message: A little of you goes a long way.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: October: Your identity feels renewed! More powerful, more willing to try new things! More willing to put yourself out there in new directions. Owning your true identity is invigorating!

If this season you get the same old same old,  take it as a sign you’ll have to make a radical change to stop another repeat. You’ve gotten your hopes many times, now you need to see the change happen.

More Tips for a Successful Fall: You go from musing and mulling over to moving this Fall. Being faithful to your own soul is the inner challenge. Being graceful to everyone else is the other challenge. Beware of false prophets and pie-in-the-sky promises.

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: October: This is a month of gaining strength, independence and knowhow to put your expansive, liberating plans in motion.

Today and frequently this Fall, you might need to run interference, cover your tracks, re-align the direction you want to go… you might be making a lot of quick changes…if you’re good at this, success is yours!

More Tips for a Successful Fall: Leaps of faith are scary but the forces beckon and you must be fearless this Fall; be willing to let go of things, you’ll get them back in some better way; What do you want to do and where that can take place? Let that be your guide.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: October: You’re setting off in a lot of new directions, and not clear certainly in the beginning of the month, about any of them. But what’s more important is that you want “new”, and new is what you’re getting.

Fall is active and industrious like the can-do Earth signs. But this season, you let your hair down…you get loose, you get creative, you get more loving…coming up, things are good that warm your heart.

More Tips for a Successful Fall: Your love can get stronger, and new love comes to many this Fall.  Behave yourself with people who are officially your superiors. There’s a better time and way to move forward than being defensive or reactionary, and it’s coming soon.

September 22 2015 Psychic Horoscope

Take it easy today! Here’s the link for more info about September 22nd and Moon conjunct Pluto: http://santafe.com/podcasts/your-psychic-horoscope-for-sep.-22-2015

Seance with Physical Medium David Thompson in Santa Fe September 22

The rare phenomenon of physical mediumship is being demonstrated in Santa Fe by English medium David Thompson, and I was lucky enough to be present at The Scottish Rite Auditorium for his first séance Friday night.

Physical mediumship is when objects apport (and sometimes with a loud bang), spirits speak, people feel their touch, and they can even physically appear. The medium, who is sitting  gagged and bound to a chair in curtained enclosure, and producing the ectoplasmic material that allows all this, is in a deep trance and unaware of the proceedings.

After an elaborate preparation that satisfied our curiousity as whether it could be a trick, we were asked to hold hands, the lights were turned out, and very unusual things began to happen. Truly, you’d have to be there to believe it. It appears that under the right conditions, the physical laws of one dimension can create phenomena in our own dimension of reality.

When David came out of his trance, somehow out of his enclosure at the far end of the room and now close to my end of the circle – still sitting elaborately fixed to his chair but his sweater was on backwards – there was also a grand-size American flag and flagpole laid across the laps of a number of people. (They had felt the pole and talked about it during the séance, but couldn’t see in the dark yet that it was the flag.)

Despite the sometimes profound and sometimes entertaining evidence of physical mediumship the night provided, what had the biggest impact on me was listening to him talk in a workshop the next night, about where he’d arrived at as a person, attempting to develop his gifts and understand himself.

The conversation began with him wondering what it was that made some mediums develop extraordinary abilities, and why some never developed the “evidential” kind of mediumship they sought in development classes. His conclusion was that the great mediums were not necessarily “spiritual”, in the way that people equate spirituality with being a nice and likeable person…  David thought what they had in common was that they knew themselves and accepted themselves and had peeled off the layers of mass consciousness and What People Think: the hard work of self-development.

The workshop participants had come to learn more about the trance states that allowed for communion with the spirit world. However, David’s “Know thyself”message,  relevant to anyone keen on reaching their creative potential, brought up the true challenges of developing spiritual gifts. Being true to yourself, being willing to look at yourself, accepting who you are…then you’re  in tune with greatness!

An older woman with a cane and an attendant was in the audience, and David asked her come up to help him demonstrate spiritual healing.  Although he began working on her with no special prayer, and said no special prayer was necessary to connect with the spirit world, David made sure the woman was comfortable and aware of what he was planning to do while in her energy field.  This is what makes a healing space, that everyone in it knows that it is a safe place with positive intentions. Then people can relax and enjoy their treatment!

Santa Feans can still take advantage of David’s visit! There are a few more seats in the Tuesday night the 22nd séance. Please call host Tom Newman at 505 438-2098  for reservations and information. You can learn more about David Thompson at www.circleofthesilvercord.net

September 2015 Psychic Predictions and Horoscopes

It’s not even Mercury Retrograde yet (September 17th), and I’m already acting like it…communication gets sticky and tricky and I never hit the publish button on my September newsletter…it’s at www.elissaheyman.com/newsletters.html

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