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The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

In the midst of wars and economic crises, five planets lined up in Aquarius February 17th and replicated the famous lyrics from the Hair musical, “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”…   when “Jupiter aligns with Mars” then “peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars. So goes the song, but seemingly, not history.

Yet, America just tossed out decades of prejudice to swear in a black president. That’s more significant than our current economic woes, because prejudice makes cooperation impossible between people.  If more people were working toward the same goals, we would be building the equivalent of pyramids. As prejudice falls away, we’ll be free to problem-solve and interact creatively with each other.  If you believe in human ingenuity, that will make all the difference. And what if it is the case, as it’s been in history, that one person makes a very big difference? What if Obama’s strength is his unusual mind and its ability to come up with winning ideas and strategies?  What if prejudice falling away not only opens the door to solutions that Barack Obama might present, but that other sentient beings present that don’t look like any of us!
On the micro scale, the messages from the sky suggest a three-part scenario one is likely to go through on one’s way to” peace and love”, and not that anyone knows when the Aquarian age actually starts, or even if it did start, but this seems to be the direction of evolution witnessed by our individual desire for inner peace, and to experience love.
Perhaps you noticed, with this last Mercury retrograde in January into February, people and situations from the past came up to be dealt with, deep understandings and insights came into your mind …you may have remembered past lives…you may have tried things and partnerships in this period that didn’t work, and this was all to reveal what is truly important to you now.
Then, clearer about who you are as an individual, clearer about your values and priorities–triggered by the eclipses in early 2009 but taking as long as it takes, comes the next phase:  eliminating what is not important or desirable now. This creates tremendous change, just like the world is going through tremendous change eliminating the banking system as we know it, eliminating borders, eliminating fossil fuel and unjust relationships with people, eliminating prejudice.
The next phase for those pursuing inner and who choose to change  (and the Spirit of Change, it will seem, will address each of each person directly about the particulars) will be that is on a mass level, people develop stronger character, a larger capacity to love, and are more warm and generous. Even colors develop a new strength and warmth.
We begin to turn to each other with the desire to connect, rebuilding bonds or creating new ones.  The message from the sky is, “We are all on a big adventure, and should  forgive and forget the past. Believe in yourself and your dreams for the future.”
Welcome to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and for more immediately relevant guidance, please see your March 2009 horoscopes in my online client newsletter.

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