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I found a great divination system created by Jonathan Zap. So far I’ve just explored the oracle…it is brilliant!

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I’m writing a new column at, a site about relationships, romance, living together… called “Questions for Cupid”. Take a look, it’s on the first page. There’s also an essay and intuition exercise to try.

Psychic Weather Report August 2009

We all know how easy it is for a weatherman to be wrong, and that’s what I’m doing here, being a weatherman, picking up signals in the air and reporting what I receive.  I’m picking up the signals now but perhaps the conditions will change, and things won’t unfold as predicted.

These messages are about as far from the actual weather and mood of Santa Fe as possible: it is just gorgeous and breezy all over town, and the streets are crowded with walkers and bicyclers and people in rickshaws, enjoying the square and enjoying the air. Everybody’s out and about.

However, right at a tree in Cathedral Park by the plaza, I got this surprising message: There seemed to be a clash of forces up ahead, causing perfectly wonderful people to suffer, and that things would happen that didn’t seem to make any sense. They only make sense in the context of each person belonging to a larger collective, shouldering the common burden of humanity, its good and bad behavior, so that sometimes good people suffered and bad people prevailed in the jumbly mix-up of people collective reaping what we’ve sown. Larger forces beyond any individual’s control will push and pull at the world with great power.

A few days before this, right after the full moon lunar eclipse on August 5, I also went out to see what was in the air, and I tried to imagine the economic recovery that seems to be underway continuing, the bustle-y-ness of commercial life as we’ve known it returning. (Judging from the streets full of people in downtown Santa Fe, the tourist economy has come to life.)
But instead I got the picture that the next thing that happened is that we learn some lesson, gain in knowledge, get some deeper understanding. According to my feeling, things do not go on as usual, they don’t necessarily continue to right themselves and rise.

So, I guess I’m not able to trust what looks like a recovering, stabilizing local and global economy. I hope I eat my words.

Today, August 9, I had another reminder about what’s shown up in visions for awhile: the Huffington Post’s headline article is that U.S. Attorney General “Eric Holder is poised to open torture probe”.  It’s been linked in my mind for a long time that a trial in America which made Americans feel like justice was served, and that America was back to being America,  preceded an economic contraction.  This vision could have been like a bad weather report, where I just got it wrong; it could have been a probable reality that never coalesced because of opposition; it could be that I’m broadcasting my private hallucinations in a very public way by predicting things , or it could be that Holder’s investigation leads to the scenario that showed up long ago, a big trial followed by economic contraction.

Elissa’s Psychic Newsletter August 2009

Psychic Predictions for August 2009

Psychic Predictions for August 2009

Dear Friends,
I don’t know why I called my Summer pictograph in the July newsletter, “The Eventful Summer We’ll Always Remember”. Was it Michael Jackson’s passing, or the passing of health care reform? I have a feeling it’s something with a bigger impact, but from this prettily-colored depiction of August 2009, it looks like there’s a surprise to the upside. Unless the message is: Only pay attention to good news and then our lives will be a lot more pleasant.
August is the time of Leo, and Leo’s key words are “I create”. That’s how to play August in a nutshell. As C.G. Jung said: “The only meaningful life is the life that strives for the individual realization, absolute and unconditional, of its own particular plan. To the extent that a man is untrue to the law of his being, he has failed to realize his life’s meaning.”
On a less serious note (but maybe it is serious), let me talk about the weather: Here in Santa Fe, it’s been practically muggy for weeks, not like the dry atmosphere I’ve come to expect for the last twenty years. Ever since Spring, there’s been much more moisture in the air. And the nights are much colder like there’s another ice age coming! The other day, there was a crazy hailstorm that made the national news it was so fierce and unexpected. But besides the weird weather, Santa Fe is hopping with new bands, new restaurants, new art venues and museums–it’s getting to be a real scene here and very hot. I’ve been writing about it on a new website…
Have a wonderful Summer, wherever you are!

Love, Elissa

p.s. Housekeeping notes: I am close to finishing reconstructing my email-out client newsletter list, after I lost all my data in March. It’s going to be missing a few years and I’m sorry about that. The new lists are organized around geographical location, and will again include a travel itinerary. Aside from where I plan to go, if anyone wants a circle or in-person sessions in your area, please get in touch! My plan is to send the newsletters monthly, unless you email with a cease and desist letter, and prefer the once every quarter newsletters as they used to be. I’ll be on the East Coast this Fall  and perhaps Southern California again this Summer, late.

Psychic Messages and Astrology for August 2009
In August, many people change their focus; they are now paying attention to new things and different people. It’s not a month where people necessarily figure out cooperative plans and come together. The power of death and the power of radical change is on stage.

Spiritual Theme of the month: Give! (“Even if your heart is breaking, even though your feet are aching…Give!”) We are asked to give whatever we have to give, to be counted on to be of help, to reach out with our gifts.

August’s Opportunity: This is the month to give your full attention to what you are creating and what is new. Get aligned with the vitalizing cycle of energy streaming into August. Let it carry you forward as you focus on what you want to happen. Put the pedal to the metal with projects dear to your heart. P.S. You will miss this whole energizing cycle if you choose to remain in the past.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): You beat a hasty retreat from difficult situations. If something in your life is not working, you need to move on. Don’t try to fix what’s broken, get something new! Re projects: there can be unsettling changes in what you have set up. There’s concern about how to stabilize what you’ve got going. Just keep on working on what you know needs to be done. Do not worry about perceived delays in success. By letting go of emotional baggage this month, you make yourself a lot happier.

leo-2009Happy Birthday Leo! What you can count on: Feeling like a “new you”, surprises– and looking back to think it was a pretty interesting year. However, in some regard you can feel thwarted and that it’s slow going getting to where you want to be. You might as well not rush. Instead, go at a pace that allows you to have fun and enjoy your life.
The Speaking Stones for Leo: This is a very surprising year. Much comes up that’s from the past, both good and bad. You work again with past creative abilities. There’s lot of opportunity. You learn to use your energy much more efficiently or strikingly. You’re better at dealing with life in general, and more willing to move forward. This is only true if you’re doing what you want. If you’re not doing what you want, you’ll have an opportunity to change and re-align with your desires. If you want to, you can take yourself far, fulfill new roles, and achieve new things.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): There’s some project in the works that looks like it provides support and emotional harmony for a long time to come. There’ a way to upgrade and stabilize your life, a vision that began in May, and August is more of an action time of moving forward with your plan. It takes an investment to make this pay off.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You’ve tried to make a transition to a more stable and secure situation; it looks successful and you should be more at peace now. Congratulations! Concerns are off your mind and things go more smoothly now. Take a breather and go to the beach if there’s one handy. Meanwhile, another assignment is brewing. In the Fall there’s e a lot more activity away from home, or with new markets.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You are in a place now that allows you to receive more love. You are in better spirits and moving towards a much better plan and rosier outlook. There is a new truth to your life: What is right, is in it. And if you are an earth sign who has not already gotten there, that is where you’re going, armed with new truth about what you want, who you are, and how to manifest what’s important to you. Either way, self-ove and acceptance is the starting point of your success.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing with individuals and facilitates group processes in Circles. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she works nationally and around the world via telephone. Trained by experts and a full-time practitioner since 1979, her professional mission is to apply her skills in the intuitive and healing arts to helping her clients. In-person or telephone sessions are available Monday-Saturday. For further information To contact Elissa directly, please call 505-982-3294 or email at

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Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing in person and by phone She offers workshops in psychic development for counselors and therapists, and facilitates Circles, an open group process for 8 people. Elissa also contributes articles as the Santa Fe Spiritual Examiner, and writes a monthly newsletter for her clients.
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