Dr. Andrew Weill’s anti-inflammatory diet, and red quinoa

Recently, aches and pains led me to Dr. Andrew Weill’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet, (http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/PAG00361/anti-inflammatory-food-pyramid.html) online, which I like, and it’s free, and although it’s too soon to know how it works, it’s already paid off in a new food discovery: red quinoa. You’re supposed to eat a lot of grains in this diet, which led me to this intense-looking little grain from the Andes. Red quinoa has a unique texture, kind of springy, and it’s bursting with energy, yet light. Rinsed, toasted, and boiled, it flowers into something delicious in about 17 minutes. Red quinoa is pricey, but they explain why it is on the package and I went for it. (Whole Foods carries it.)
Further investigation of Andy Weill’s site revealed that he has a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, based on the diet, the True Food Kitchen . Just where I’m going at the end of the month! I hope to check it out.

If anyone in the Phoenix/Tucson area would like an in-person psychic counseling and healing session March 29th, please get in touch–I’ll be driving back from Phoenix to Santa Fe around the 31st.

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