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Full moon message about May 2010, plus June preview

The Unusually Late

Psychic Newsletter for May 2010

For the first time I can remember, I never got it together to put out my monthly newsletter. I thought this was just a product of my wild life: I made the above picture for it on May 1st in New Orleans, but never got around to completing the project because it was Jazzfest!!. (I did post the psychic messages, though, at the Examiner.)

Today it strikes me as more appropriate to explain the May picture now, on the full moon, when the spell of this month is broken, and people move on in one direction or another. May was all about gathering information with which to move forward in life, and some of the information-gathering would have likely included dealing with obstacles, trying things that didn’t work, seeing by experience what the best direction is, learning hands-on what’s important to you. The spirit of May says “gain knowledge”, and that means to take everything that happens as an experience to be guided by, to point you towards or away.  It also implies that the key to success and money will hinge on how much you know…you may be gaining a more profound grasp of your subject matter.

All in all, people tend to succeed by taking chances, learning from experience, and not being attached to anything but what they learn from it all. All in all, May’s experiences are to help point one towards a rewarding future. 

Here’s a preview of June’s news for the four elements and the astrological signs they rule:

June 2010 Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Your strength comes out and you are becoming a more successful identity. If you have a unique offering, you may be soon offering something new. If you are a fire sign with nothing going, remember that Nature hates a vacuum, and this is a very likely time to receive what you feel devoid of in the way of work or opportuntity. You are blessed by the power of the Sun this month and tend towards success.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Put your thinking cap on! You have choices to make! Gotta choose the right one: The right one’s the light one, the light one’s the bright one, the bright one’s the delightful one, and make sure you’re the one who’s delighted. Maxim for the month: Knowledge is Power, meaning use what you know, as in conserve your energy and don’t let yourself get drained.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Go for the vision that has you breaking into a smile, go for the role that gives a shot at real happiness. Stay “up”, think high. Let synchronicity and the omens show you the connections in your universe. Do or die to get out of any situation that holds you back, there’s no more time for that.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) Things sink to the bottom, things float away, things spread out…things belong to others and you let them go. You want to flow, and the consequence of going with the flow now, is to arrive in some enlightened state or place that simplifies your life.

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Frightening possibility for New Orleans, according to local economist

Tomorrow’s full moon brings interaction with polar opposites. To paint a quite opposite picture than the rosy one I painted earlier today in the last post about the spill’s ultimate impact, here’s a credible-sounding scenario that’s very troubling. This is from investor Doug Casey’s father, and even if his prediction about 2012 is not true, it’s a scenario to prepare for:
“As a native of New Orleans and someone who lived there for 30 years, I feel compelled to comment on the BP oil spill. The only problem is, I’m not really sure what I want to say about it. So, I’ll start with a couple of quotes from people close to me who still live down there in the Big Easy and see where that takes us.
My father, who is also an economist, was born in New Orleans and has lived there most of his life. Yesterday he sent me the following message:
‘Even if the oil leak stopped today, the existing slick will continue to go ashore. Grass and birds and oysters and shrimp will continue to die. When the grass dies, the barrier islands will be washed away, and the wetlands will wash away too. The LA wetlands will be entirely gone by November 2011. In 2012, New Orleans will be destroyed by a hurricane.’

He added that last bit about the hurricane because the barrier islands and wetlands are what currently protect New Orleans from taking the full force of a major storm like that. Barrier islands act as “speed bumps”; as hurricanes pass over them, they lose considerable energy. Also, barrier islands absorb incoming wave energy from the Gulf, protecting the interior wetlands from erosion.”

“Fully engaged” President Obama will succeed in saving the Gulf and its people

After watching President Obama’s press conference today on t.v., I see how a very unlikely prediction I made when I was in New Orleans last month, could be true. It was about the containment of the oil spill, the long-time-to-recover but not extinguished sea life that comes back, and that the economy of the region was not ruined, somehow.
(One way these predictions came is I was walking down the street in the New Marigny, and I noticed a sign for concrete…it was a home business with a big yard full of equipment. I happened to be wondering about the concrete business and whether to invest in it, so I struck up a conversation with the owner. He was, like everyone else, wondering how his business and the area’s business was going to be affected by this seafood wipe-out and the ruination of the wetlands. So, I had him ask questions on the tarot, like, “How’s this going to affect the region’s economy” etc. And when he asked, the same kinds of answers showed up as when I did it: that it wasn’t the global or even local catastrophe, when all was said and done, that ruined everything.)

Listening to Obama’s press conference answers today about how he feels and what he plans to do, my confidence in his leadership and intelligence increased. We’re about to find out if he’s good in an emergency, and if he’s a good caretaker…if he proves to be his promise, I think the chances of the country in general moving into a much more golden age by 2012, are vastly increased.

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