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Summer 2010 newsletter excerpts

One of the Summer messages about successful communication is to just give people soundbites, that’s all they can absorb, so here are a few messages at a time from my forthcoming Summer newsletter:

Main personal message of Summer:

“Whittle, whittle, whittle, whittle,
whittle away what you don’t need,
what you don’t want, what you don’t use,
who you’re not, how it was, when you were, blah blah blah.
The bright air of today,
when you whittle away,
is promising.”

Main collective message:
It’s time to drop judgment about who has done what at any point in time. It’s time to start right here and let go of the past as the cost of retaliation is too high. Summer’s violence is a sign to escalate nothing. It’s the signal forget everything but the seeking of common values that create sustainable life.

How to create beauty and connection this Summer:
This is an important time to offer yourself as a center in some way, and share what you care about. It could be an online community or in your place. Summer encourages community-building and becoming more effective in giving what you’ve got.  Let the whole landscape light up with little centers of purposeful activity!

Full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn and its personal impact








  In both religions and cultures worldwide, it’s not uncommon for people to lay low during an eclipse–rarely are ceremonies or rituals done then. This weekend, people might feel like laying low, chilling out with their own little projects.  It’s a good time to do just what you want to do,  as long as it doesn’t bother anybody. It’s not a good time to play chicken with anyone, on any level.  Do not bait people or tempt fate this weekend, don’t run any lights or be impatient with anyone. Crazy people act out.
  People seem to be worried about this full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, and how it’s going to affect them. Looking at the positive impact of the extreme planetary forces, they can fuel one’s own desires, making it easier to “do the work” their goals require.  People may finally find the wherewithall to shove off from the shores of their so-so life.
I did a quick tarot for the different elements, expecting to see a much harsher picture than emerged. Looks like the possibly most bent out of shape are the fire signs, but basically, this weekend’s energies seem to help people get on track with their own lives.
Eclipse messages for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Personally transforming, as well as contemplating your future, you can feel estranged from your former life, but not yet established in any new circles.  Wait for the whole summer to see how things are changing and if you’re liking how your life choices are shaping up, and in the meantime don’t tax yourself with impossible questions to answer.

Eclipse message for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius:  Eclipse energies spur understanding and clearer vision about your direction in life, arriving you at a more peaceful place within yourself, and pose.

Eclipse message for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: A way is cleared. You may be planning for something quite desirable that’s in sight, your life is flowing better than ever.  Expect a nice month ahead.

Eclipse message for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: The eclipse brings surety or conclusion to the earth signs: yes, they find something is a go-ahead, yes, something is completed and they can move on. Life can flow more directly and easily towards your goals.

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Summer 2010 psychic messages for the fire, water, air and earth signs

The build-up to this Friday’s full moon lunar eclipse is already in the air–the moon will be in the beginning of Capricorn, helping us change the structure of our lives, but first we’ll feel very strongly about what needs to change…I’ll see if there are any special messages about it. Meanwhile, here’s how to make things grow and thrive in Summer 2010:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Keep on swinging, don’t be deterred…there are accomplishments and successes dead ahead. You are in the vicinity of change for the better. Keep on with what you’ve discovered works for you recently, what is no longer in debate. Give yourself to the goals you have now for your health, wealth and happiness. If you’re looking for a successful direction, one is certain to emerge in Summer. Something that began in April shows signs of success again.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): The strong planetary forces in play can cause missed communications and make you feel out of sync. Be your own best friend…what will make you feel good? Treat yourself well this Summer. At this point, how you see things, or what you’re trying to do can be challenged: does the model/strategy/perspective work for you, or doesn’t it? You need on-the-ground evidence. If you are not getting results, Nature could be getting you to open other doors and try something different.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Do not be afraid of the changes that you feel. It is all a process to get to a certain saturation point of exactly how you feel about things, so you can change them. You may be upset by a loss. However, your consciousness could be quite free and finally able to flow again, once the loss is accepted. Choose to see that you’ve got another opportunity, another chance, and that is always what comes. Whether you did already, or did not make choices that now create balance in your life, you will certainly see the tremendous value of doing so.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Your heart opens and you become more gentle. You’re likely to be dealing with “going back home” in some way: going back to what you know works for you, and also literally, earth signs may be returning home to take care of people. You will have opportunities to learn and be helped by other professionals in your field or craft. An important choice requires evidence you may not get until mid-Summer, then things seem to be tipped towards one direction, and a path is shown. Meanwhile, try doing what you want to do, and see what happens.

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Psychic picture of Summer 2010

Psychic picture of Summer 2010
Psychic picture of Summer 2010

The Summer 2010 pictograph indicates there is some kind of showdown, some kind of beyond-the-line-in-the-sand incident, where people are dead serious, and willing to declare war. Like the nature of Summer, there are incongruous currents of energy swirling around, within us and without  The success of South Africa shows up, and that it is growing into greater stability. The arts are sizzling with energy, and wild. On a personal level, there can be a reservoir of inner knowledge released inside our selves, fueling personal growth, wise choices, and a greater ability to see the truth. It is a time of spiritual development and knowledge gaining. There’s the suggestion that knowledge saves the day and buoys our collective fate.

Spiritual guidance on the solstice for Summer 2010

This is a time of purging, of great undoing. Whatever comes up, welcome it as part of a healing process. Things want to come out, let them.

The truth wants to come out. Peoples’ strengths come out, peoples’ daring comes out, peoples’ belief in their good comes out. Peoples despair over what didn’t work comes out…let it, and let it be washed away.

Welcome the diversity of your lessons, they are so many! Underlying everything, a marvelous process can be taking place within you: the growth of love. Love for oneself, and for everything, blooms. It could have been locked up for so long within your own heart and your own body.

The currents of love that come through each of us create an energy field, an atmosphere that surrounds the earth. There is a one-ness growing, because of our individual turns of mind. It is a natural phenomena, and we are releasing it into being with each loving breath. Goodness grows in the summer of 2010.

The spirits request: Give blessings! It could be just a smile…

Corn dances this Sunday at many Central New Mexico pueblos

Open to the public, the seasonal ceremonial pueblo dances mean you don’t have to go far from Santa Fe to enter into another world of ancient connection. The pueblo dances are a doorway into another time when people honored the unseen and spoke directly to the forces of nature. On every level, it’s an unusual and beautiful encounter with indigenous culture’s ways. Here’s a page from Calendar of Native American Events about this Sunday:
June 13
St. Anthony Feast Day- Annual Feast Dayt at Sandia.
Taos Pueblo
San Ildefonso and Picuris Pueblos -
San Juan Pueblo – Green Corn Dances
Santa Clara Pueblo – Comanche Dance
Picuris Pueblo – Foot Races

I was told the San Juan Pueblo dance (now called by its Tewa name “Ohkay Owingeh”, which means “place of the strong people”) starts at 11:30 am. For more information and details about attending pueblo events go to :

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