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Engineer’s alarming report about the Gulf Oil spill

I found this on a site I was on, what do you think?

07/06/10 at 08:48:09  
” Hello to everyone Yesterday my friend who is an expert engineer in deep water drilling for a major oil company (no not BP) came back from a 3 month drilling trip and I got a chance to sit down with him and get his opinion about what is really happening at the deepwater horizon site. The stuff that he told me just blew my mind. Since he has to remain anonymous I’m going to relay information to you guys the best I can.
First thing I showed him the live feeds that everybody is watching of the wellhead spilling oil and he says that whatever it is certainly is not a deepwater horizon site. The pressure is supposed to be at least 30-50 thousand psi and that’s why the explosion happened (standard drilling equipment is certified up to 15000). So that little funky cap would be blown off as soon as you just stick it into a stream of that pressure. At one point there is a fish swimming through the oil current with that pressure it would be torn to pieces (water jets are used to cut metal at much lower pressure). So he and other engineers he works with are certain that that live feed is FAKE (it can be a video of several other either depleted or leaking wells as it turns out there is quite few of them).

So I asked him what according to him is going really on ? They assume based on total media blackout that the wellhead is gone and there is just raw hole in the ground spilling oil uncontrollably. The hole is growing bigger because it’s constantly grinded off with the immense pressure of the flow. That is opinion of a guy that worked in deepwater drilling for last 15 years.

So I asked him about possible scenarios how it can play out (no matter if there is the wellhead or not), and here they go :

1. There is absolutely ZERO chance that the flow can be stopped at that pressure with any other method than nuking it (that’s why Russians used it because nothing else worked) so either that or let it run dry. Both options are very bad but the other ones are even worse.
2. There is about at least 30% chance of the seafloor cave in. In other situations it does not happen because drilling is done at much lower depths so the weight of the water above an emptied reservoir is not big enough to crash the seabed. In this particular case the well is so deep that the total mass of the water resting on top of that cavern is billions of tons. When the pressure drops to a critical point the huge amount of weight resting on top of it can make it cave in.
3. The chance for methane explosion is about 15% but still should be consider a real factor especially because of the very uncommon mix of 40% methane in the flow. That means that the amount of methane in the reservoir is huge and in case of explosion it could be an E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) especially if we try to nuke it as it was never done before with anything even remotely close to that level of gas.


China UFO sighting shuts down airport–see video

I watched this twice: the video does not give off an I’m-from-Earth vibe, it looks like footage of something out of this world. I would be surprised if it’s a Chinese military exercise as the majority of people think. Check it out!

How to avoid the aggravation of instant karma this summer

How easy it is to be distracted this Summer! With one’s will fragmented by the force of this time’s extreme astrological weather, it is essential to focus, focus, focus, or risk attaining your goals.. Those who focus get results.

It’s easy to be careless in the choppy waters of Summer. There can be costly, time-consuming consequences if you leave something somewhere, or do not listen well to instructions, speak before thinking, or let yourself continually get side-tracked by unimportant things. You tend to reap what you’ve sown quickly, the instant karma effect.

The remedy is to slow down. Do one thing at a time. If you leave the house, think first about what you need to take with you. Take the time to focus and prepare this Summer, or risk aggravation.

(This is from my incredibly tardy Summer newsletter for clients. Coming soon.)

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Happy birthday Cancer! Birthday cards back on my blog…

Happy BIrthday Cancer! You might find yourself alone with a heavy heart; you can squeeze its burdens out like a sponge, and ask to be filled with better feelings, closer connections…make the choice to be happy! Be willing to receive! Here’s the surprise: Cancers are headed for a lot of success and it comes when they are more on their own, working with their own strengths and resources. Their gifts are desired, and they can proceed to successfully delivering them. “Everything’s been going wrong!” sobs Cancer. “But you’ve gotten rid of a lot!’” says the Spirit of Goodness and Holiness. You can now be blessed with unimaginable treasures…” The caveat is, you can’t be stuck in the past—you are headed for success when you don’t look back. You have what it takes to carry you forward: find your strengths, the stability within you know you can rely on, and build from there.

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Spectacular entertainment this weekend in Northern New Mexico

The second week in July is one of the best weekends for entertainment in Northern New Mexico. The Taos pueblo holds is renowned powwow, and the International Folk Art Mart returns to Santa Fe.

The Art Mart festivities kick off Thursday on the Santa Fe plaza with the Cuban band Tradison (Afro-Cuban rhythms and Spanish melody direct from Havana, Cuba). Everyone loves this night on the plaza because a lot of the artists and performer come down to dance and relax before the Mart.

Friday, July 9th, is the first day of the Taos powwow, with Grand Entry at 7 p.m. (For a video of the Grand Entry and other information, go to their website: The powwow grounds and dance arbor are especially beautiful, set against the mountains a little north of the pueblo. There’s a big trade fair, all kinds of food booths, and at night there are little bonfires.

Both events run through Sunday. The International Folk Art Mart is dangerous if you can’t resist buying art, it is really easy to go crazy–I do every single year. There’s a lot more than art, there are people from all over the world to marvel at, with their elegant ways and costumes, from centuries-old cultures and traditions. What an interesting weekend to be in New Mexico!

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Elissa’s Summer 2010 psychic newsletter

Elissa’s Summer 2010 Psychic Newsletter
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Elissa Heyman
Dear Friends,

If you all got impatient and went to my website, you saw another Summer client letter, but that was then– now I’m not in the mood for lots of words. (It was a long letter about Michael Beckwith’s great talk at the Rhythm and Soul celebration in Colorado). It’s hot and windless today in Santa Fe and I have a short attention span.

If I were to boil down the whole overwhelming experience of living through this much-prophesied time of change, it’s that it shows me every down comes down to this: I can choose to be positive and choose to be happy, or else waste a lot of time worrying. I have grown up hearing rhetoric about the war between good and evil, about heaven and hell, and in my own mythological understanding of the times, I feel they push me over and over again to make the pragmatic choice to be positive, and loving. I have a feeling every era has its people coming to the same conclusion.

Lately, I see lots of people in the middle of their changing lives–nervous about the future, but still trying to re-direct themselves towards a happier life. Many clients reveal the pain and uncertainty they feel about changes in their life, or ruefulness for what they lost, but then they move through the fear–they become more flexible and adaptable, they make more fulfilling choices. Our collective fate looks to be that we learn the hard way, but on an individual level, this is when the stars suggest it’s a time of choice, when we can break away from the past and choose to make ourselves happy. The best choice to make this summer!

With that, I will jump on my bike and ride to the plaza, where a great dance band is playing on the Santa Fe bandstand.
Have a great summer, I hope to see you here or elsewhere,
Love, Elissa

Itinerary: A brief trip to Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, July 30th-August 6th; I’ll be attending a conference and doing in-person psychic counseling and healing sessions. Please call my cell at 505-577-4012 or email  (I am not available in Santa Fe July 30th-August 7th.)

Workshops/Circles: They’ll be listed in the Fall newsletter, I’m thinking of West Texas as well as Northern California. However, right before the Fall equinox I’ll hold an intuition development workshop and circle here in Santa Fe– a new format that goes three hours; recently, people up in Colorado had a lot of fun with it. Sunday, September 17th, 3-6 pm. Please call for reservations, limited to eight.

Housekeeping:  Cancer’s birthday card and message is posted as of July 13th at the Examiner.
That ends the psychic birthday cards for awhile–look for them again in 2012.

Mp3 files of sessions are $10, in person or by phone–cassettes are still included in person.

Re monthly psychic newsletters: I learned a lesson this Summer by bowing to internal and external pressure to get my newsletter posted around the 1st of the month….what an inferior job! I wasn’t ready to turn out anything polished at the end of June, I was half-baked myself. This year beginning with Fall, I may go back to posting newsletters only quarterly. I’ll continue to write and post articles on my blog and at the Examiner.

Something new to do in Santa Fe: Are you fascinated by Past Life Regression?  Past life regression work is now available in downtown Santa Fe with the very interesting Rose Kuonen, at her personal growth shop, All About You, at 211 Galisteo St, information online, 760-808-5012.

Summer 2010 articles previously posted at The Examiner and my blog:

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The effect of the full moon lunar eclipse

Newsletter highlights Summer 2010 (also posted below)

How to help yourself change

How to avoid the aggravation of instant karma this summer

Personal Guidance for Everyone in Summer 2010

Main personal message of Summer:
“Whittle, whittle, whittle, whittle,
whittle away what you don’t need,
what you don’t want, what you don’t use,
who you’re not, how it was, when you were, blah blah blah.
The bright air of today,
when you whittle away,
is promising.”

Main collective message: Summer’s violence is a sign to stop all escalation, to escalate nothing, to stop reacting to who did what. It’s the signal forget everything that happened in the past and just seek common values that create sustainable life. The cost of retaliation is too high.

How to create beauty and connection this Summer: Do you feel called to do something communal with your interests? This is an important time to offer yourself as a center in some way, and share what you care about. It could be an online community or in your place. Summer encourages community-building and becoming more effective in giving what you’ve got. Let the whole landscape light up with little centers of purposeful activity!

Summer’s blessing:
“Blessings to all participants in Summer’s Melee…
Letting go, letting go,
Is very much part of the powerful flow of now..
Are you going to go,
Or “No”?
Do you save yourself for another time,
For uncertain fate?
…Why the wait?
Why not be willing to see where Nature can take you
if you want to be free?’ ”

Worst move to make this Summer: Engage in difficult behavior with anyone: Instant karma! Intense reactions! Summer lessons tend to have a stinging impact, it’s just how she rolls..

Summer visions in the air: People grieving; more people going choosing to be in service to the world; people hard-scrabbling; places uncared-for; a crazy person flying low under the radar, who feels called to deliver some fate–I thought to the East, and also the East coast. Earthquakes/volcanoes in Chile and Peru …in the world, disturbing goings-on and more violent violence.

On a happier note:Many good things are likely to manifest, too. This Summer, people can get their wish in a very big way. Payment is received, people get what’s due them. Necessary solutions are discovered. More people open up to spiritual guidance. The will to change is strong, the force of love is growing and coming out of more people in more ways, especially in August.

Summer’s signs
Astrological signs through Summer 2010

Summer 2010 Guidance for the Astrological Signs–read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

Aries: What seemed like a good idea yesterday might seem scary the next, but it looks like a case of the jitters, and that by August you can see the positive results of sticking with an inspired plan. It’s kind of an iffy time personally but don’t let that interrupt what you’ve begun. You’re breaking out of patterns and bubbles, you can smash through your obstacles now if you want, and one thing that helps is the recognition you get for your gifts. You are honored in some way.

Taurus: Accept all invitations! And give some out, too: entertaining can benefit you. This summer you learn what you truly enjoy, which may be different than what you’ve been idealistically committed to. Actual experience will inform you. A lack of enthusiasm and a depressing reality may be how you begin this season, but you are growing in compassion and love, and throughout this year you steer yourself towards greater personal fulfillment. Whatever you do, choose to make yourself happy–that’s your mission.

Gemini asks: “How to get to the top? How do I get to be in a place of knowledge and peace and tranquility? How do I rise above it all?” And the spirits say “Well, you ask too many questions. You demand too much of yourself and everything. Relax, chill out…let things emerge from your body; the knowledge of your body can inform you more; listen to your needs for fun. Be sure to do a couple of fun things a week this Summer.”

Cancer: Happy BIrthday Cancer! You might find yourself alone with a heavy heart; you can squeeze its burdens out like a sponge, and ask to be filled with better feelings, closer connections…make the choice to be happy! Be willing to receive! Here’s the surprise: Cancers are headed for a lot of success and it comes when they are more on their own, working with their own strengths and resources. Their gifts are desired, and they can proceed to successfully delivering them. “Everything’s been going wrong!” sobs Cancer. “But you’ve gotten rid of a lot!’” says the Spirit of Goodness and Holiness. You can now be blessed with unimaginable treasures…” The caveat is, you can’t be stuck in the past-you are headed for success when you don’t look back. You have what it takes to carry you forward: find your strengths, the stability within you know you can rely on, and build from there.

Leo: At first you can be filled with doubt, in a nervous place wondering whether you’re being led right: Are your ideas to change things about your work and who you’re with inspired by your highest good? It looks that way, but change is uncomfortable. The stars say you should be trying to go into new territory in a lot of different ways. In the big picture, you are likely to be reconfiguring your life, and if you aren’t, you probably should be–it’s just that time when everything comes due, and the life-changing choice of the “right path” is what you’re crossing over to.

Virgo: Your fate is unclear this summer, a condition you are likely to weather as circumstances and relationships eventually sort themselves out, and your place or path becomes clear. If you don’t wait it’s because you really want something and you act to acquire it, but more likely others make your position clear. “I want to leap beyond myself” says the deeper self of Virgo, who yearns for freedom of spirit. “I want a lot of closed cases in my life. I want to feel beneficent towards those who are left.”

Libra: There’s something you really want to find out that settles matters, and this Summer you do. What you learn allows you to more easily make a transition, and you can end up in a more powerful place, knowing much better what will create substance in your life. Just wait for this Spring’s events to bring results and information you can act on. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and your Venutian side comes out this summer as you seek balance: This is what it says: “I need my pretty self, I need to be around pretty things, that’s a real tonic for me this summer. It’s hard to stay light, there can be difficulty with family!  I need to balance that out by caring for myself, and knowing my limits.”

Scorpio: Hallelujah!  You now are feeling safe and out of the fray. You’ve made it, you’re at peace, things are different, you’re much calmer, something is over… and something can begin as soon as you get some rest. Expect to be releasing like crazy… just let your body and your heart’s desires take over as you clean off the last few years. You have a lot to get rid of. Don’t rush to make good on any vows to tackle your challenges. You go on create a more interconnected life.

Sagittarius: You have the instinct to “go for it”, to keep on going with those plans that require boldness and bravery. Someone or some event can realign you and make you feel back on course. Things are good! Your spirit says, “I want to be really grounded. I want to be “still” more of the time. I want to re-group. I want to look at all my checks and balances and where I stand, where my material assets are. I want to learn from others and I have opportunities to do that, especially in October and February.”

Capricorn: It’s stressful, but you are turning onto the right road, getting on the right long-term path. It can be a difficult beginning as you do whatever it takes to get onto the right course. Your new ideas are strong, you’re happy about what you can develop, but expect to work hard to get yourself on board. New skills and abilities can emerge from your depths.

Aquarius: At first you are waiting for signs to direct you, feedback from the Universe, messages from your own source, and you may be doing something new that helps you connect. You want a higher vision for your life. It looks like a lot more is going to be happening shortly, and it will help get things rolling to take a trip, or get out of town for awhile. You want to be like royalty: to rise above the fray, yet instead, this time is likely to break you down in some way that results in a lot of personal growth. Outside help could guide you to focus on what’s under your control rather than the obstacles themselves.

Pisces: It should be perfectly clear if something is a bad idea, or that something isn’t going to work out; in some way you can be dealing with loss. Fortunately, adversity now can make you walk away and into a better place, or catalyze a beneficial identity change. Re your own personal path, your spirit says: “I want to go down deep, I want to listen; I want to know in a stillness, the truth for myself about certain things. I am liberating my hands, my creativity, my potential, my possibilities. This Summer I am working on a deep level, but in a gentle way, to rise above.”

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