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Divination chronicles: reflection on today’s Glenn Beck rally

Today’s internet reports on Glenn Beck’s rally, one showing a guy in a tee-shirt that read: “America, love it or go back to Kenya!”, reminded me my unique outdoor dining experience in Santa Fe recently. On the patio of a gracious East side eatery, a table of very expensively-dressed couples from Texas (judging from their accents…no offense, Texas!) were having an early summer dinner. They were talking about a mutual acquaintance and how this person had “gone over to the dark side”. Further eavesdropping clarified that this was code for becoming an Obama supporter.

At least one well-known psychic (Elizabeth Baron in her newsletter this month) is predicting that there will be race riots in this country before the end of the year. Tens of thousands of people showed up at the Glenn Beck rally today, August 28th, at the Lincoln Memorial, the likely energetic fuel for such psychic visions.

Curious to see what showed up in divination, I asked for a picture of blacks and whites together in the future, and a reflection on the power of prejudiced people in the U.S.A. Which way does it look like things are going, towards race riots, or a new time of creating together?

The tarot suggests we’re headed for a time when the focus is on using all resources (blacks and whites working together), dreaming big, presenting a united front–that sounds like greater harmony and integration. That doesn’t sound like the underpinning reality leading to race riots.

Re an assessment of the power of the prejudiced people, they show up as a  strong and potentially creative expression of emotion, something that in and of itself doesn’t do anything but vent. But the idea that their emotional energy of frustration and anger is being used to fuel something like a new political party, is in the cards. The first step is to cause chaos, and keep reminding people that their world is chaotic and untrustworthy.
These same tarot cards, the Queen of Cups, the Lovers, and the Tower, also say that the rally is fueling Sarah Palin. That rally is a lot about Sarah Palin and her bid (or not to bid), for the White House.
In this Mercury retrograde cycle, people are very creative about how they further their hidden, long-term agendas.

Virgo’s birthday card and predictions for the year ahead

Virgo 2010

Your birthday card: Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde on your birthday, and your psychic pictograph reflects its message: This year, you can make great progress when you use your energy to help yourself, especially with long-standing issues. Better coping skills, greater adaptability, and more genuine connection with others are the result.

Spiritual guidance: You may wish for a more perfect year, but you will not want for informative experiences! Some jolting, some jarring, some funny..all necessary for you to become the more light-hearted, wise, and flexible person you develop into through this year’s educational events. You meet your fears, your fate, and what really makes you feel whole and happy. “Understanding” is one of this year’s big gifts.

Your tarot for 2010: This year offers ways to get into a safer, more stable, and powerful position in life. You will be willing to change location or do what’s necessary to flow with opportunity. You will try things you haven’t considered; new methods and ways of reaching out are favorable. Partnerships can instigate change also, and it’s best to go with the trend, not be idiosyncratic, not cling to anything from the past, but move towards the best bet. You “modernize” this year.

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How to cure a cluster headache

A man visiting Santa Fe from back East came to see me, and  impressed me with his self-healing technique.  He told me he was a sufferer of “cluster headaches” since he was thirteen. They’re also known as “suicide headaches” because people have killed themselves to get out of the pain. Women say the pain is worse than childbirth. They happen in a cluster for weeks or months, and then stop.

This is what he does that is very successful for him, and he’s tried every kind of doctor and medicine. ( I asked him if he had five headaches, how often did this method work, and he said: “Every time.”.)

The headaches often wake him up out of a sleep. His eyes open with a start because all of a sudden the pain is there, and immediately, he gets down out of the bed and on the floor and does push-ups until he can’t do any more. This puts a lot of adrenalin in his system. Then he puts an icepack against the headache, holding it in the palm of his hand, especially the lower part. When he can’t stand holding the ice any longer, he takes it off the headache but holds the ice in the palm of his hand a minute longer.

He thinks the endorphins and adrenaline this produces stops the headache.

The crucial part is to start doing push-ups the moment the pain starts. If you wait past about 4 minutes it doesn’t work. He also stressed the importance of icing the lower part of the palm.
I hope this helps someone!

Mercury retrograde do’s and don’ts, and the gift of slowing down

Re Mercury retrograde do’s and don’ts, don’t be caught in a traffic jam in China–9 days long and sixty miles wide, punctuated by Mercury turning retrograde on the 20th. China, as a grand work in process, says about this time: expect delays or to become aware of slow-downs or longer processes than expected.

Everywhere, from travel snafus on your vacation to going to your high school reunion the wrong week (as one of my Texas clients did, ending up in Florida in August), the tendency for this cycle to produce all manner of delays is strong. It produces great synergies and creative bursts from individuals, and fuels many partnerships, but whatever gets created has a lot of details to work out. Unfortunately, on the macro scale, the signs are showing the possibility of war.

The full moon often reveals polarity: the night of the full moon, the streets are full of people, the music is blaring out of the clubs–yet the next night, the town is deserted. This full moon ushers in a positive trend: luck can turn, breakthroughs can break through, situations can come to a head and sometimes end, but for the best.

Let the healing begin!

Full moon messages for August 24th, 2010

Full moon messages for August 2010

Full moon messages for August 2010

The Sun just entered Virgo, Mars and Venus are conjunct, Mercury is retrograde, and the moon is full in Pisces. Shmoosh them all together and you get these two Full Moon messages, one for men and one for women:

Men: Men can jump on some lucky bandwagon in this opportune time, You can find backers, perhaps, and get people interested in what you’re doing. A beautiful plan can be born now. You can have excellent ideas, get leads about what you really want to do, and make valuable new connections.
There’s a lot of buzz in the air, people are setting up new things of all kinds: deals, ventures, and mergers. (Please see tomorrow’s Mercury retrograde article for the fine print.) Here comes all the adaptation–that’s “the new thing”: adapting to our changed circumstances, and benefitting. A fertile time that’s primed to give way to a beautiful Fall if the proper steps are taken. It’s no time to give up and not be trying, and not be seeing with whom and what you might connect. This time flashes: “Opportunity!”

Women: The heavy-duty feminine planet Saturn is also in Libra, making this a particularly profound time for women and one of deep inner change. Women are working on being done with things, taking charge…seeing what they need, what is truly theirs, what is right for them. As they stand by their own strength and in their own accomplishments, they are letting go now of whatever…to create a clear playing field again, a new horizon. They are more about completing things and getting things done, but basically, establishing a new foundation on which to move forward in strength. Understanding about their own self comes to women, while a lot of “cleaning out” happens on the surface.

Tomorrow: This Mercury retrograde’s do’s and don’ts

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“Bran Nue Dae” sneak preview in Santa Fe reveals brand new classic

As a child, writer Jimmy Chi used to watch American musicals at a roofless movie theater in rural Australia, fueling a dream to create a musical starring aboriginal people. “Bran Nue Dae” is the dream realized, a musical for our time that tells a coming-of-age story relevant to anyone, anywhere. Even if one couldn’t hear the story, it’s worth seeing for the dancing alone.  Lucky for Santa Fe, SWAIA brought the film to town for a free sneak preview at the Lensic. (It will be out September 10th in theaters nationwide). Go see “Bran Nue Dae”, it’s a classic!

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, Santa Fe,

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