Full Moon Messages for a Magical Holiday

Full Moon Favors

Full Moon Favors

Two weeks ago, the new moon in Scorpio helped us get to the bottom of our own selves, how we can support our own functioning, and what truly makes us happy.  What the full moon in Taurus brings now, are better ideas and better ways to build a new foundation. Now it’s action time as this magnetic full moon, plus Venus and Jupiter going direct, opens up means and ways to not only produce what you want, but fast. Good things can unfold quickly this week. The holy light of opportunity fills the air– reach out to it with your positive expectations! Reach out to people, too. Let the stars and your contacts give their gifts and expand your world.

Magically speaking, here’s the astrological signs’ cooperative act to receive the blessings of this holiday season:

Psychic messages for the astrological signs–read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Less is more, and it’s right now to be happy with less and see the benefit of restriction.  Conserve your energy for only what counts. The fluidity that you can develop in dealing with all in life will serve you well, and reap obvious rewards in February, January, and May.The spray of seeds from the heart and minds of the fires signs reaches faraway places. Get in touch with your inner champ, and soon you’ll begin to pick up speed and strength. Your cooperative with the magic of this full moon: to let go of self-distrust.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): It’s all about love…choose the way your heart wants to go in whatever you’re considering. Relax into the love of those around you. Choose to be a deliverer of good news, and good news only. See yourself as being fair with everyone, and light. Release the old, and you clear the way for your creative wishes to be granted. Your heart wants to open wider now…let go of the past and let it happen.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
Knock out all thoughts of the future and its storm clouds, take more of a break than you usually do, play more, and take yourself out on a fun date, if no one else is around. Let the present astrological weather bring out your bright and shining self. The very atmosphere can bring you to a higher state of consciousness if you stay in the present. The very great gift of now is that you can stabilize in this higher and healthier state. Not surprisingly, your other cooperative act besides being open to opportunity now, is to let go of the past..

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Let go of everything, all the little gnarly things that stand between you and your loving self. Put down your differences for magic to happen in your life. Whether you are a sun, moon, or rising earth sign, this message is for you. A significant change of heart is in progress, and it brings you greater inner peace. Help it along by being willing to release anything that pinches or weighs you down. This lighter you can be so much happier, don’t be surprised to find yourself singing out loud.

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