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Vibrant and idealistic, you may feel reborn again after a fuzzy period. Your will is strong. In your personal life, the past comes up to be dealt with in some way: taking care of aging parents, real estate, people who become relevant again. It’s also a time of everything in your life getting into its right place, which can require strength and personal sacrifice. Venus and Jupiter go direct right before the Sun goes into Sagittarius this year, and sure as shootin', you'll figure out how to make more money. There’s something about the way that you are, how you’ve changed, that leads to a better financial situation. You tend to take better care of your health now. Career and Creativity: Unless you’re already in the right place, expect career change. Not too much could keep you from where you belong, so what’s most important is trusting where your heart would lead you. Honor your creative self’s need for solitude when it comes up. Entrepeneurial types: You’re likely to be recognized for your style, your brand, your vision. Stick with your own vision, your standards, your values…that’s what makes you a winner (and, backing up your good ideas with research). Also, you can get big ideas, and then think: “Oh, but I don’t see how I can do that.” Yes, you are constrained to some degree, but there are people who can help you out. There are people to meet and ways to make things happen…please see November 2010 Full Moon general message, it applies to you especially, and the fire signs' message about self-trust being the key to a magical full moon cycle, is true for you all year. Elissa Heyman, spiritual healing and psychic insights, http://www.elissaheyman.com, in person or by telephone, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294

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