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New Moon in Scorpio: See Your Way To Happy

See Your Way To Happy This New Moon

See Your Way To Happy This New Moon

Above all, the new moon in Scorpio helps us all “get it right”:  it brings up the truth of a situation, first of all. It points out if our life is making us happy or unhappy. It enables us to make the right choice, painful as that might be. The stars conspire to help us see the dark, see the light, then take responsibility for our insights so we do the right thing to improve our lot. Everything is available to pivot our lives in a successful direction.

The new moon conjuncts Venus, meaning creative projects and jobs begun now are successful if they are a really good fit.  A foundation can only be built on the truth now.  The directions that feel right for you now have staying power and reach, and are fun! If you’ve recently made personal changes for the better, expect insights about how to increase the value of your offerings.

For you in the midst of personal change, it’s  time to turn inward and get to the bottom of what makes you unhappy or happy.  Scorpio rules death and can help you finally let go or let die something that is no longer “you”. This is when to notice what feeds you, and what scatters your energy or drains it. With the warrior planet Mars ruling, now is when to root out habits and experiences that bring you down. (Begin with your thoughts, look at this helpful article about self-talk.)

The new moon energy helps you get clear about what you want. It’s time to listen to your inner self, and create a more peaceful existence.  One more catalyst  kicks in tonight when Neptune goes direct, signifying that unsubstantial scenes and dreams get busted, while better dreams and strategies will soon come to you.

Elissa Heyman, spiritual healing and psychic insights,, in person or by telephone, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294

Elissa’s November 2010 Psychic Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends,

The lighter half of the year is officially over, all the plants in my garden are crossing over to the other side, and soon the delightful fragrance of burning pinon will be wafting from Santa Fe fireplaces. That smell is a good enough reason to visit even when it’s cold and dark.
The “Novembrrr” pictograph suggests that people are getting ready for the holidays early and in an upbeat mood, although in a third world country, there’s a major civil uprising around the full moon (the 21st). According to Mayan Calendar scholars, the Mayans were also upbeat about November 2010, their New Year’s beginning and optimistically entitled “Bliss”, meaning on a collective level, peoples’ consciousness becomes more present-centered and accepting of “what is”.  Hard to believe in the U.S.A. on the eve of the anger-fueled mid-terms…
I wish you all a happy holiday season, here are your November personal predictions, and for those in Santa Fe, I’ll be having a Winter Solstice circle and psychic development class Friday night, December 17th.  Email for info and reservations, I’m in town up until the 20th and available for individual psychic counseling and healing sessions. And Scorpios, get your year ahead message and birthday card at the Examiner!

Best wishes,
Psychic Astrology for November 2010
Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):
The path to success, independence, well-being, and your cosmically-correct role in life, is likely to have a stressful beginning. Don’t let that stop you. You are asking for a lot, and what you’ve got your sights set on leads to a freer, more creative, and powerful you.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Be in search of opportunity to do something new, something that fits you well and better than what you’ve done in the past. There’s opportunity if you’re willing to listen to urgings of your inner guidance, telling you to consider something unfamiliar.  Obstacles can be of your own making, in that you’re expecting to have things work out faster than they can. There’s a great deal you’ve learned about yourself lately, in your personal world it’s been a big cleaning out process. But you’re much more equipped to make yourself happy and therefore be successful with new endeavors and new beginnings.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
Whether you are on a break like a vacation or starting a new chapter in your life, you try your luck and you test your strength, and with more courage and spontaneity than usual. Your spirit is light as you make changes and take an unfamiliar path.  Good for you! It’s time to try something different!. You’re likely to find it leads to greater emotional fulfillment. Be bold and rescue yourself from any situation that’s become a case of diminishing returns.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): A new beginning is fraught with less-than-satisfactory experiences. Maybe you don’t have enough support, or money. This is a tricky month to read, as one perspective shows opportunity and expansion, and endeavors getting the green light, and the other view says to be alert for destabilizing changes…all in all, don’t take chances this month that mean you must overextend yourself for future gain. You learn what it takes to gain power or get into the position you want. It can be through experience, study, research or revelation that you see what you want and how to get it. Something you begin to strive for now bears fruit next April.

Elissa Heyman, spiritual healing and psychic insights,, in person or by telephone, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294

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