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How to get your own spiritual guidance for the New Year

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Actually, this guided imagery exercise will get you guidance any time of year, but you can use it as part of your New Year’s resolution ritual,  to get in touch with your own inner guidance and what it has to tell you about the year ahead.

Try it when you have a couple of  minutes of privacy…

Omens from the rare full moon eclipse on Winter Solstice 2010

The combination of the winter solstice and full moon lunar eclipse happening now symbolizes a turning point, and at that turning point we are likely to wrestle now with what direction we individually move in..we will be aware of where we have landed, and the choices and behavior that put us where we find ourselves. (This came up before in December’s newsletter)

It also portends that in the coming year, the collective wrestles with its direction too. There’s great acting-out of anger and incidents of war, but still the direction feels ultimately positive. Even though the Dream Act did not pass in the U.S., our collective direction is to feel more connected to others in the world, and more responsible to each other, to our communities, and to our environment. The environment might take a temporary back seat, but a smarter and greener society is like a wave building out in the ocean.

Personal guidance for Winter 2010: This can be a scattered time, while things get de-charged, and reassemble. Take care of items as they come up, that’s the best strategy rather than planning a course now. This is a changing, “breaking-up” atmosphere, where you are navigating daily challenges, and the changing truth of external and internal factors. Practice acting on principle. Let experience show you your priorities.

It’s a personally strengthening time until the end of December, while Mercury is retrograde–a good time to take care of loose ends and build up your health.

Also, this period is slow to display to a person or a country, as different dramas play out, what direction they are settling on. So right now life is more of a healing process, a releasing and expressing process, than a time of galvanization, but the drive to galvanize and move forward in strength and wisdom will get very strong. This can be true of people who feel now they are clearing out and organizing their life, and later can fling themselves into the sustaining winds of 2011, when a lot moves fast towards the end, and people get themselves set up in new positions. There is a dramatic amount of moving around in peoples’ lives, people really making radical and altering choices, acting courageously on their own behalf, and for  others.

The sun goes into Capricorn
right after the full moon eclipse, December 21st, and its omen for 2011 is that people will be able to seize opportunity, having learned from previous experiences and on firmer ground through 2010′s inner and outer developments. People can move forward now, capitalize on what they learn, and make things work that were broken. It is quite a bullish sign. It’s a fiery atmosphere and people can be lit up by their ideas and verve and visions.

Collective thoughtform out there now: Nothing is too big to handle with a concentration of force and group effort. (But everyone is asked to shine their light first and foremost on their own selves.)

Spiritual guidance:
Take care not to judge yourself or how things will turn out from what’s going on in the beginning of the year. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. There’s an astrological framework for giving the world the benefit of the doubt, too.

Tomorrow I will post a new guided imagery exercise at the Examiner and on my blog, designed to get you in touch with a spirtual guidance and healing message. It’s also relaxing and takes about three minutes. Try it tomorrow on the winter solstice, a traditional time to get messages about the coming year.

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Albuquerque’s Ser de New Mexico: ” Outstanding Program of 2010″

2010 Ser de New Mexico staff in Albuquerque

2010 Ser de New Mexico staff in Albuquerque

Albuquerque’s Trumbull Family Resource Center, a bright spot in the neighborhood made famous by the t.v. show Extreme Makeover, is home to the highly successful Ser de New Mexico, which serves adult education basic/GED needs, and this year received the award “Outstanding Program of the Year” from the state’s education department.

Ser de New Mexico successfully doubled the number of its graduates over prior year, (57 GEDs), offering classes in language arts, math, social studies, and science classes; plus a computer lab on an as-available basis, and training all for free. (Ser de New Mexico’s two other Albuquerque locations are Alamosa Community Center and West Side Community Center.)

There’s a long waiting list at this point for their services, and they are looking for creative ways to fund more students. (Read how creative the people in Detroit are in my previous article about their fun grass-roots fundraising. If any of you have great funding ideas for SER de New Mexico’s ABE/GED Program, email them here at .

SER is looking for community volunteers as they are swamped! If you want to get involved in transforming the lives of people in your city through education, here’s their wish list:

Additional GED tutors and administrative volunteers are needed to assist with case management, database entry, fundraising, and website development.”

There’s another jewel of a service at Trumbull Family Center: an in-house childcare program for infants and children up to three years old called La Madrugada Early Head Start, “serving infants, toddlers, pregnant women and their families”. Learn more at or call (505) 767-6500.

Trumbull Family Resource Center is a warm and inviting resource, come check it out at 419 Pennsylvania SE, there’s plenty of parking, and a children’s playground attached with a nice green park in the background.

Elissa Heyman,, 505-982-3294,, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Elissa’s December 2010 Psychic Newsletter

December 2010 Psychic News

December 2010 Psychic News

What’s in the air: New nations are emerging. They have a bloody birth.

Chaos accompanies change, and is misunderstood. It’s not the end, it’s the dying at the beginning of something new, collectively speaking. In the short term, misunderstandings rage and have consequences. Whatever the next act of destruction, it still can’t stop the flow of change and light that is coming to us. However long it takes, we integrate at a higher, greener, and more peaceful level–there is too much impetus to stop it, it is already emanating from somewhere in the future, giving off vibes.

In December, people who are in the wrong place will know it. It is a separating full moon that comes on the winter solstice, illuminating the truth of where they’ve ended up, for good or for bad.

December guidance for all: Be on your own little island of truth and beauty. What is growing in your life? In a small space, you can be in a beautiful place. Now, we learn from our daily life how to be at peace inside, how to lighten the atmosphere in which we find ourselves.One’s interior spaces, created by what one chooses to entertain, is where peace can reign. Many people work to release old thinking patterns and start afresh.

“Whose truth prevails?“,  asks the December pictograph, and the answer is: YOUR truth should prevail..what is it that YOU are knowing inside? Worth its weight in gold is your ability to listen to your own truth and act on it. There’s only one little area in the December pictograph where things are clear, and it represents your own back yard. You can make things healthy and orderly only there. Does your website need an upgrade, is your address book in tatters?  Are you in a relationship just because you don’t want to upset your partner’s routines? Did one more day go by where you spent a half an hour on the phone with someone you don’t want to talk to?   Whether it’s a person or a piece of furniture that no longer belongs in your life, by embracing what’s true for you and rejecting what no longer is, you will be fulfilling December’s potential to lighten up your life.  Out in the world, things don’t go as expected. In general, nobody knows their place or where things are going, but everyone can be effective in their own world and increase the peace, by acting on their clear personal needs. Put on a pair of blinders (and earplugs in case there are bombs going off somewhere) and have fun while you make yourself Number One!
Psychic Astrology for December 2010

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
This is a sensitive and holy time for some when they transform to a more peaceful place–and others feel just plain vulnerable and need to shield themselves from the noise of the world.   The general message above is particularly true for you about staying happy in your own space. You can be quite opposed by trying to fight the world in any way. It looks like the way things change, is suddenly having outside help or circumstances benefit you or create change for you.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):
You have to be willing to let go of what you know you need to, and then everything works out. Expect good moods, a hopeful and happier you, and the sense  you’re getting lighter. Things are turning around! That burst of energy you know yourself for, that ability to just power through something and deliver the goods, is with’s back, and it calms you down to know you are still fiery.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
January and February bring great news…you’re aware of changes coming up that lighten your life. . Expect more recognition and success in what you’ve worked to develop. Meanwhile, now you need to be in protective mode, aware that you absorb the energy around you, which can make you feel heavy. If you’re in a controversy, it is likely that you are right, yet keep your own counsel. Support yourself inside, practice positive self-talk and know the truth, but don’t argue.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You who have done your homework and worked hard,  are feeling quite good inside, and confident. Those who have not will know by this month what the steps are, what needs to be done, to cross over to a more successful place and increase competence. Everything is clear: either they have made it and see the results, or they see what has to be done to make it. The sacrifice all earth signs are willing to make is that of an old identity. You don’t mind dying, metaphorically speaking, for the success you seek.

December 17th: Winter psychic development circle in Santa Fe, please email for details,

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Correction! Alien life found on earth, not space

In yesterday’s post about the NASA’s announcement of extraterrestrial life that was all over the net last night, I assumed it was alien life from outer space, but it’s growing right in weird Lake Mono, a likely place to produce another life form. (view at This one eats arsenic and could help clean up our waste….as an omen, it reads the same: as a reminder that nature is “more marvelously creative than previously imagined”, and that, “even if we’re in a hole, the environment surrounding that hole includes more and more possibilities every day.”

Elissa Heyman, psychic counseling and spiritual healing, in person or by phone,, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294

Exciting NASA announcement about extraterrestrial life coming December 2nd

Exciting times: NASA’s astrobiology conference tomorrow at 2 pm Eastern will have everybody’s ear…they have an announcement to make about life in outer space! You can watch it live here.

Will it make earthlings stop acting in violent and depressing ways, if it turns out life is more marvelously creative than previously imagined? Nope, the stars say things will get worse before they get better. Whatever NASA’s announcement is, it’ll point out the context we’re in is expanding and even if we’re in a hole, the environment surrounding that hole includes more and more possibilities every day.

Elissa Heyman, psychic counseling and spiritual healing, in person or by phone,, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294

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