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Super Spell March 19, 2011

Super Spell March 19, 2011

This weekend is tricky–stick with what your tummy likes you to think about. No “shoulda woulda coulda” and don’t look back: at this juncture of Biblical proportions, remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah when a person could be turned into a pillar of salt if they turned to the past and dwelt there even for a moment. Whatever turning into a pillar of salt means, it can’t be good.
Think of gains only re the past
: Important lessons have been learned from recent events. To come out ahead in this highly charged atmosphere, think about any situation only in terms of what you have gained. (If it’s hard not to dwell on the past, try counting  up what you’ve accomplished for yourself in the last couple of months; write down the changes in behavior your recent experiences lead you to.)
The forces are extreme: when we get annoyed at ourselves or others, we get very annoyed. To abort energy drain,  “choose peace over power”.  Is it more important to have inner peace than be right?  Let your inner mind give you a way to deal with the situation so you can let it go.  (If it doesn’t, try one of these guided imagery exercises to help you.)

Be careful: how the forces fuel chaotic thoughts, compulsive behavior, or being constricted or infuriated, has unpredictable consequences…you could lose a lot.
A good use of your time metaphorically speaking, is to just be planting your garden, tending to the order of what you want to grow, making the rows neat, trimming things, giving new life hope, and a place to grow.  Maybe it’s a day to clean out your files…in some way make room in your life this weekend. Do what you can accomplish with a light heart, and avoid conditions that create an inner conflict, if possible.
The Supermoon, looking bigger than usual because it’s unusually close to the earth, is in Virgo and that means it can be “put to work”. One can channel its super-duper energy to carry one over the top to another level of organization. Try this full moon magic spell to first lighten up and then light up!

1. Tomorrow night, preferably as the moon is rising, “Capture the light”: Close your eyes first, and get in your mind the vision for yourself you want to enliven: you’re happy, you’ve moved, you’re working…whatever development you want to see.  Take your time and get a good strong image you can feel. Open your eyes, and drink in the light. Bathe yourself in the moonlight.

2. THEN:  Mentally empty yourself of the past, whether good or bad things have happened, momentarily let go of whatever has already taken place. Let go of anything that’s already happened, and again, feeling emptied of the past, take in this full moon energy that is like food for your dreams and goals. See if this conjures up any more mental pictures of you that are healing, supportive, and make you feel stronger.

3. begin: It’s time! With your learned lessons to guide you and firmly resolved to not get lost in the past– energized by the full moon and your clear priorities–feel free to live a lighter and more enlightened life. Your chest should feel more open now, and that can only be good!

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