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Divination Chronicles: Spring 2011 Pictograph Revisited

Occasionally I leave out thoughts about the psychic pictographs illustrating my newsletters, meant to capture the

Spring 2011 Pictograph  Revisited

Spring 2011 Pictograph Revisited

current period’s significant doings. Usually it’s because the picture seems to be referring to awful things I don’t feel like putting out there until there’s some evidence. In the case of Spring 2011, all that darkness with no form gave me a weird void feeling I didn’t feel like articulating. A couple of times already Spring had flashed a sense of loss.

Today’s market and mid-West news reminded of the Spring pictograph. When I made the drawing(around the Spring equinox)  I thought maybe it was showing the stock market going way down, or a lot was going to be lost somewhere. Now that I’ve seen pictures of the tornado disaster unfolding in Joplin, Missouri, it looks and feels like a reflection of that. The naked trees stripped even of their bark remind me of those “Spring plants”. At the time, I remember thinking they were radiated seeds sprouting in Japan, or that crops were sickly for some reason.

There is so much loss there, we should bring U.S. troops home from the wars to help deal with it.

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How to ride free all over north central New Mexico on “The Blue Bus”

The Blue Bus

The Blue Bus

Sometimes, you need a ride. You might need it to be free, too. It’s good to know about The Blue Bus, free transportation all over north central New Mexico, even in out of the way places like Pilar. And, the Blue Bus is winning all kinds of awards, people love the drivers, it sounds like a really fun ride!

View schedules, routes, and more about “The Blue Bus” on the North Central Regional Transit District website. (Schedule also at 1-866-206-0754).

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Intuition circle in Santa Fe and more

Last month’s intuition workshop at Estrella’s chocolate festival was fun and educational for all of us, and I want to hold a few more on the way to developing a sure-fire format for an exciting hour of psychic development.

The workshop space holds about twelve people. If interested, please email me to reserve a space,, before I advertise it more widely. Here’s the plan:

Santa Fe, June 29th, Wednesday, 7:15 pm:

A psychic learning experience: One hour of exploring intuition through exercises, guided imagery, and discussion. The last twenty minutes will be a divination or message circle. By donation. Please arrive by 7:15 pm–six minutes after class begins there is no admittance.

Location: Estrellas Moroccan Spa, 310 East Marcy at Paseo de Peralta. Class is in the small building west of the office, right across from the park. Space is limited to ten, please email for reservations.

In our intuition circle we are likely to:

1.    Discuss whatever theme the current planetary influences inspire.
2.    Practice different ways to access intuition.
3.    Make a sacred space for a message circle.

Open to anyone above the age of 14. No experience necessary. Please turn off cell phones before coming to class.

Estrellas Moroccan Spa is the generous sponsor of this workshop and other community events.  Visit their other exotic offerings..

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Report from New Orleans

I’ve been traveling, and am now settled back in Santa Fe but still have Louisiana on my mind. Nothing like writing about it to get it all out! I hope you’re interested in “what I did on my Summer vacation”…

I went to the first weekend of Jazzfest in New Orleans, which has a new advertising campaign and marketing slogan, “You’re Different Here”. They mean that when you come to New Orleans, it’s as if you have a fun twin and they take over.
But before I launch into that, I want to make sure you’re aware of a June 29th intuition class in Santa Fe at Estrellas Moroccan Spa, details on my website and in the upcoming newsletter.

Report from New Orleans:
After  a soul-satisfying week of food, music, and balmy tropical weather, New Orleans, unless I’m wearing rose-colored JazzFest glasses, seems to have come roaring back to life after Katrina and the Gulf oil spill. Surprisingly, everyone’s eating the seafood like nothing ever happened.  I wondered on the plane coming in, what it was going to be like to be in New Orleans and not eat seafood–and that was the last time it crossed my mind. Just like everyone else, I went right on eating what tasted good,  feeling incredibly lucky to be scoffing down the shrimp and grits on the Jazz Fest fairgrounds,  the seafood gumbo and crawfish etouffe from Li’l Dizzy’s, and fried soft-shell crab.

I talked to one local who surmised that eating the seafood post-spill would show up a few years later through various ailments and symptoms, but he hasn’t changed his eating habits, either.

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the harsh realities of life anywhere else. Every night was party night in the Marigny district–Frenchman is now a mini-Bourbon Street, with funky brass street bands, pop-up Mexican taco carts,  and music pouring out of every door.

Beyond the  annual Spring wonder of JazzFest, New Orleans seemed a lot more established than last year. I sampled a little of the alternative healing and lifestyle scene, dropping by Maypop, a new herb store that provides a free Thursday night clinic  for  stress-release acupuncture, a service that began during Katrina . Voudoun author Sallie Ann Glassman’s Botanica is now operating in its new location on St. Claude, one of a number of alternative healing centers coming to that complex. (…I thought they should have a Healing Arts Fest there like Jazz Fest, featuring practitioners from all over, with healing foods and music.)

The biggest and best change in New Orleans since Katrina, a number of residents told me,  is the improved education system.  (My temporary neighbor in the Bywater was a yoga teacher at a charter school, and her students were six and seven years old. )You can read all about its transformation at, a very exciting website for any city.  Everyone seemed to think that this new positive development was going to change the fate of the city.

In a teeshirt shop on Decatur,  I realized why improving public education is so important.  I had struck up a conversation with the shop owner, a friendly, funny guy. He was telling me about the history of New Orleans, and before you know it he got onto the subject of black people and slid off Friendly Road into a stunningly raw rant about thieving black teenagers who were ripping him off “…because for six generations, they haven’t held a job!!!”  It didn’t seem the right time to mention it, but that’s because New Orleans didn’t invest  in public education for thirty years; the schools didn’t turn out students with enough education to be employable, and this inevitably led to a high crime rate.  It sounds like all that  has a chance to change.

Until next year, because who could resist going to JazzFest, and the American city with the most magical spirit, in 2012?
P.S. I learned one reason it showed up in the tarot that the spill was somehow a boon to the economy: I heard that every restaurant worker and person in the service industry in New Orleans was eligible, and many received, thousands of dollars from BP, up to $25,000–so for awhile there was cash floating around.

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May 2011 psychic astrology and personal guidance

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): There’s a lot of stuff to straighten out, a lot of actions that have to be taken to clear things up. Mundane activity is necessary: things have gotten piled up. That being said, you are successfully transitioning to a new level. With relative ease, you change and move from one world to the next in your journey through life.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You’re re-charging very strongly the first few weeks of May.  You might be planning to go places, and you’re right to expect you’ll have more energy and opportunity. If you feel low energy now, know it will come back!

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): This month requires faith. You feel strong, but you don’t see evidence of it yet. It can also be that in some areas you need a reality check, as you can  assume others feel the same way you do, and they don’t. Most important, although outer confirmation about inner developments might be scarce, you can feel positive changes–believe in them.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You get a lot of reassurance and confirmation that you’re going to be okay. Maybe you can see your business, your general fate and life and direction are okay now. You attract happier circumstances, and better buildings, business, and enterprises. You can commit to new projects and places that are obviously better for you.

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May 2011 Psychic Newsletter Excerpts

Dear Friends,

..I’m back from a soul-satisfying, delicious  trip to New Orleans and JazzFest.  And very slow to get back to work… I’ve temporarily lost the ability to be in anything but my own time zone. May’s personal predictions are coming…here’s the general psychic guidance:

May 2011

This is a kind of slow-to-get-there, but powerful month for pushing through what you want to do. With a new moon in Taurus on the 1st, it is likely the beginning of many peoples’ garden plans.

On guard, dieters!  It’s easy to say yes to everything this month, including too much food and too much fun.  Carnal desire is high…

The planets favor creative endeavors of all sorts, now is not the time to do the same thing over and over again. Experiment!! Try new routes and new ways and new directions. This would be the worst month to cling to an outgrown perspective on life and self. If you are on a committed path, new and better ways of doing things can pop up this Spring.

Success in May

Are you trying to move a project forward? You have to be strong, show endurance and consistent action,  and continue to put out. There are scattering forces and strong winds blowing: make sure they are behind you and your projects and not buffetting you about. The new moon in Taurus at the beginning of the month emphasizes the importance of doggedness–being fixed can be good when you’re fixed on what you want to accomplish.

How to win friends and achieve creative success: Don’t be a divider, and don’t be a whiner. Don’t get hung up on details.To be aligned with the power for creative manifestation, all day and in every way in May, don’t sweat the small stuff.  May 16th-17th can be volatile socially: if you toss a match it can start a big fire. Be careful of lashing out before thinking, or trying to be funny when it’s not.

Personal growth and success: Try to solve your own problems in May. To work on something, seeing it at different angles without other peoples’ interpretation, is fruitful. Be a safe harbor, or welcoming, but don’t do too much planning with other people in this early stage of new moon developments. Begin on your own as you develop new bone.

Message from the Muses of May: “We want you to be smiling and joyful, all those who are changing, and feeling more love. Tell someone about it! Be open!”  (This references the many people whose hearts are opening, who are releasing the heaviness of the past, and who are feeling more joy, laughing more, and getting aligned to live more meaningful lives. Many people are freeing themselves at this time, as the whole world cracks open.)

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