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Divination Chronicles: The Language of Nature

Coyotes are wiley this Summer

Coyotes are wiley this Summer

I had a funny sign when I was hunting  for omens about Summer: coyotes. The first two appeared at dusk on the Summer Solstice. I was parked on a dirt road,  doing various things to get information about the coming season, and waiting for something to show up. A big healthy-looking coyote suddenly loomed out of the dimness, quite far away but trotting toward me very fast. Another coyote jumped out from the side of the road and joined it…now they both came at a lope towards my unfamiliar car until, it looked like, they got a whiff of its strangeness. They stopped, hesitated back and forth for a minute or two, then bolted off the road. Their reaction to risk was: Get Out!

I took that to be a sign to be wary, to not take risks, and to play it safe this Summer when it came to unknown quantities (such as investments or any relationship that made you feel uncomfortable).  In short, to not continue in any direction that didn’t look or smell right, and to let instinct override your plans and expectations.

The next morning I was lying in bed, ruminating about communication and the language of nature, and wondering about it as a valid basis of prognosticating. A sudden blur went by one bedroom window and then briefly appeared framed in the next: it was a young coyote hurrying by. That’s the first time I’ve seen one in my yard since I’ve been in Santa Fe!

Lunar eclipse today ushers in Summer

June 2011 eclipse season

June 2011 eclipse season

It’s a total eclipse of the moon today! Here’s a poetic portent of how it personally impacts us humans:

“The full moon eclipses…it disappears.
And it comes back,
Better fit for travel, and for hunting…
Re-aligned with purpose
And understanding.”

Eclipses have always been seen as a powerful omen of change. Just like the moon’s mysterious passage today, we move through our own dramatic scenes and dark passages this June. They give way to the light of new understanding, new resolve, and a better idea of how to move forward. This time brings deeper insights and more serviceable truths upon which to build a foundation, if we just let the changes happen.

We are betwixt and between two potent astrological events: Saturn going direct last Sunday and a full moon lunar eclipse today. What a powerful catalyst to release stubborn behavior! You many not even know how it happened…but soon you may just stop dwelling on your own old stories. You might wake up and feel like taking a walk, just how you’ve been wanting to start your day all year . (Not that you should feel like doing anything this afternoon…during an eclipse it’s traditional in indigenous cultures to lay low and stay inside.)

The planets tell us to expect change but most of all right now, to direct change. Don’t keep on telling yourself you don’t know where you’re going, tell yourself you’re going somewhere better. If there’s a pile of your own stuff in the way, get rid of it. Remember that if you’re holding on to something, once you let go you’ll be able to see where you’re going much more clearly. Let the deeper truths revealed in June’s shake-ups and shake-outs lead you to a Summer starring a lighter, brighter you.

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How old is art and magic?

About an hour ago I shared the kind of thing that makes my Sunday interesting, a sudden psychic encounter, this one coming while musing about the cave in Werner Herzog’s new movie. The Speaking stones weren’t through talking, however…

When I went to put away my divination system described in the last hour’s post, the sight of the stones on the table gave me pause: they formed a big right handIt were as if they formed a signature. I never noticed the pattern because I went straight from touching the stones and seeing things to another room to write it down, never looking at the pattern they made for its meaning.

The “signature” was a set of hands. One was a big right hand, with five stones-fingers and a sixth large square one for the palm. (The square is from the the ancient ritual site in the middle of Lake Titicaca, the Island of the Sun, and priimary associations are protection, stability, home, foundation, and the earth.)

On the left were the two other stones, as if to show what was being received by an ancient artist, through his left side. The left  side represents the creative, receptive-to-inspiration part of oneself. What he held in his left hand was what all artists still hold: their connection to a spiritual consciousness that informs their art (the crystal), working in tandem with their inherent talent and unique inner resources. The artist tries to embrace the ineffable..

We still appreciate how the world of spirit and creativity combined 40,000 years ago. Maybe only now we call it “art”, maybe ancient man only made what we call their art to do things, to be mediums and conjure and commune with the spiritual and natural world.We still find such activities fascinating, witness the international fame of the Harry Potter books. Maybe art and magic on Planet Earth go back to the beginning.

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Werner Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” sparks ancient visions

Caveman party during a comet shower

Caveman party during a comet shower

Last night I saw Werner Herzog’s new movie, Cave of Forgotten Dreams,  about the 40,000 or so year old cave drawings discovered in France in 1994, the one with the famous panel of horses by some ancient Picasso.

I was thinking about a comment one of the scientists makes in it, that modern man couldn’t recreate from the artifacts what was going on in the cave, and what their culture was like.

All of a sudden something told me to go into my office where I have my Speaking Stones, a divination system of seven rocks and a crystal, as if there were an ancient spirit there waiting for me.

Instead of my usual procedure though, the intuitive instruction I got was to place the stones under my fingers in a particular pattern, and this is what I saw:

1. How the ancient people “had a party” was they lit a passage of the cave with light–light was like, “a party”. It was caveman’s fancy and elegant to have the cave lit up. (If this were true, maybe in another area were the flickering lights that made the charcoal paintings come alive, akin to walking into modern day theater, where they dim the lights and the drama begins.)

2. They had an initiation rite or ceremony where little girls would dance, dancing the rhythms of elements or something in Nature, as in “water”. (This is a natural occurrence even today in some cultures and for some individuals,  to invoke elements or let their bodies become one with an element, and do its dance.)

3. Women gave birth in the cave, in birthing chambers like body-shaped recesses, and these places gave off soothing blue-green cool colors. (Although I saw a young woman lyng on her back, it could have been just to show “birth” in a position I would recognize. )

4. They had a spiritual/religious relationship with the (waxing) moon, and it was somehow connected to women and pregnancy.

5. The last impression of a chamber filled with purple light is that people with the power of knowledge were there, doing things in some powerfully knowledgeable way, and that the idea  “knowledge is power” is a very old one.

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Quick note about June and you

The grace in June

Something I noticed I left out of yesterday’s June newsletter is to expect to receive a lot of deeper insights about your own self at this time. Deeper insights about cultural myths are likely, too. It’s because one needs a big “Aha!” to catalyze real inner change, the kind that leads to the real change possible now, and allows behaviors and personas to fall away. The insights are like an act of grace, helping you to see the light and shed the dark.

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Elissa’s June 2011 Psychic Newsletter

Newsletter update: Here’s June’s psychic news with your psychic astrology at the bottom…
Today is a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, meaning a lot of people wake up to think, “I don’t have to do it this way anymore”.  That can mean how you go about dealing with your relationships, how you think about yourself and your possibilities, how you act out the same patterns…more than usual, June 1st is especially designed to shake people out of their ruts. It is truly a brand new day!

Pictograph revealed: June presents inner challenges and rewards. The importance of inner harmony becomes more apparent to people In increasingly unstable times.  They fail or succeed according to their ability to maintain inner well-being and balance. Now it feels particularly important how one does their day, and what they put out in the world. Being responsible to your personal dreams keeps you centered and happy.  Practicing The Golden Rule is like Personal Clarity and Balance insurance. Focus on what you want to grow. Out in the world, although the pool widens that connects us all, bloodshed claims many more.

One of the most interesting psychic phenomena to encounter when one “tunes in” or channels, is a collective thought-form, like a huge conscious presence in the ethers.  It can be in the air over a place, as it was when I came to Santa Fe, as if people had been thinking about “beauty” there for thousands of years and still were. There’s one in the air right now, and people have been writing about it and pointing it out for quite awhile. It  feels like it points to the direction of a more loving collective consciousness, even though we couldn’t be killing each other any faster. Here’s my intuitive description of it:

“In the air is the large thought-form of a huge female being, a feminine principle in form that has gathered energy and power as people change… to include rather than exclude. Peoples’ awakened selves are making a nest for this being to manifest. Our hearts are opening like flowers in the coming warmth of the feminine. We channel its energy, are myriad fragments of the Feminine’s splendor,  in our individual inspirations, plans, and projects that glorify love sooner or later.”

I had a little encounter with the spirit of June, a strange fellow who seemed capable of mayhem.  “YOU!” he shouted, “What are YOU doing? Don’t pay attention to what I’m doing, what are YOU doing?” Keep focused on what you want to grow, was the message.

Announcement break: Santa Fe Intuition Circle: I’m doing a free workshop at Estrellas Moroccan Spa June 29th. I changed the online format, it’s up at or here Now I’m thinking of starting it a different way altogether, with a stone reading done before you arrive like I do in a private session. Whatever we end up doing, bring questions if you have them about your own intuition. Judging from my clients, and how Oprah stressed it in her final show, being able to trust one’s inner guidance is on peoples’ minds, so bring your questions. It is filling to reserve a space.

Best advice: All is in a delicate balance in June. In professional and personal matters, don’t apply force, be dogmatic, or try to assert your power as relationships build. But take creative dares if you’re ready.

Psychic Astrology for June 2011

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): You come into June with a lot of determination, big ideas, and not much patience.  It’s easy to overlook details…better get someone else to handle them, or slow down to make sure what you deliver is what you think you’re delivering. Don’t sign up for too much. You are able to make a much stronger commitment to something this month that helps make your dreams come true, and victory is yours after struggle.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Flow with change, that’s all you can do: accept what’s new, what’s good, and what’s gone. Loss still creates a rich picture…not leading to desolation but new growth. Surprising developments and new places are on your path; your world has widened even if you think you did nothing this month.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Think with your heart this month: what’s really important is how you communicate. You establish strong connections now.  Stay away from asking yourself too many questions, and ruthlessly cut out other distractions if you want to get anything done. Nevertheless, it’s a great time for a vacation or to feel it’s okay to occasionally play all day. Your cosmic assignment is to have a ball sometime in June.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You’ve played or are playing high-stakes games, and anxiety accompanies risk-taking and powerful moves. Do you want to invest or get bigger in some way, or not? Needing too much, wanting too much, having too much going on, is a likely cause of anxiety, especially by August. Weigh your investments, and how you invest your time and energy. Don’t be stubborn.

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