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New Moon in Leo: its portents and benefits

As many people have discovered in the last couple of weeks, it’s hard to stay focused in this atmosphere. That’s because the planetary and natural forces in the air feel crushing..they are the conditions for  creating dissolution. It’s a very good atmosphere in which to divorce oneself from former versions of one’s own self and to let go of unwanted things, to clean and put in order, but not try to push the same agenda. Then, this is the perfect time to set a new agenda around all that’s truly important. Today’s new moon in sunny Leo indicates that this dissolution is the necessary step before a healthier and more positive self takes hold.

The crushing forces with the aim to dissolve what cannot stand are acting upon us–only unity and harmony with the truth of us will stand. On the collective level, we’re being told today that only compromise will stop the U.S. from defaulting. The truth is that we’re united as Americans. We can all can be affected by the denial of the people who won’t recognize their kinship with all, who won’t compromise and cooperate. Handed a collective NO, the forces of nature are going to work their powerful ways on that NO, and if we decide to come together those forces will work powerfully on that YES. A recovery might be quick.

Any person is in the same position vis a vis the forces of nature now. It is easier right now to let the old dissolve, let go and have no attachment to how one’s approached things before because one and everything is changing, and new levels of expression are emerging. When the forces have done their work of revealing deeper truths and setting people more free, you are still in this powerful energy. In it, a person in harmony with their own truth can go far.

Here are some messages for people in transition in Summer 2011 (recovered from June 30th):

“The next place” to get to for many is one with creative connection. What are the connections that come from inner desires and true interests? Let that guide you to a place.

If you’re trying to get yourself from one place to another, to make a profound shift in some way, this is the summer it can happen.

Many ambitious people are re-focused after this eclipse season ending July 1st, and can take advantage of the wild and powerful energies to launch themselves.”

Here’s an excerpt about how some people feel affected by their psychic environment now,  from a recent radio show:
“People are very confronted at this time with what  their truth is, and it is not an easy process. People feel very much up against a wall, and having to break through that wall by being honest with themselves, with listening to what is revealed at this time, by not necessarily going  ahead with plans they’ve always had–the idea that people have to be flexible now, and that any kind of denial can really backfire now. We see it reflected in the news with very big people” (i.e. Murdoch)”…the walls are coming tumbling down…how Republicans and Democrats really feel about each other…everything is being cracked open.” Elissa Heyman on Achieve Radio show July 13

Unlike Congress which looks stuck with individual in denial, any one of us can take advantage of this energy the way larger moving bodies like governments, can’t.

Try this to arrive in a desired location in this changing time: After the ‘cracked open” experience and the truth is seen your intention can be clearer, especially if you don’t make any judgment on yourself beginning with this new moon in Leo, for the next two weeks. Leo represents the Sun, a positive self-identity, that shines on all equally without judgment. Let your growing, changing, more “cracked open” and positive self develop without doubt.  Assume your changing self knows what it’s doing and is a work in progress. Let your love for whatever is important to you guide you.

Coming soon: spiritual guidance for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs from the Mayan perspective on the next phase of the 9th wave, beginning July 31st.

Global flash rave to raise the debt ceiling?

Below is an article published earlier today at the I’m wondering if I’m just getting all worked up and the markets aren’t as riled as they should be and it will be bad but not disastrous. Allthough I just listened to one of the elected young right-wing Republicans, and I’m pretty sure we’re screwed. He was absolutely willing to do in the whole world.

In a unique form of divination where people say usually cryptic things from the future, I got this Summer message:”Everything’s real. No fooling.  We have to perservere and work hard.” It was too vague and threat-like to include, but it was describing how things get very real for a lot of people and must be dealt with. If things really fell apart, we would be serious about re-supporting ourselves and not politics. I assume it’s a warning, describing a potential as it hasn’t happened yet.

It could be as the elders were saying and really emphasizing up at the Gathering of Eagles going on in Nambe, that it so doesn’t matter about divisions now as we all have to pull together. President Obama would be a good leader I believe, if we don’t pull together and there are dramatic consequences. Or, if the disenfranchised just had their heads chopped off. President Obama would have a very big community project to lead. He would quickly accept that this was the will of the people, this is where our collective ways got us, and like an elder, not waste time blaming people. He would be good at creating win-win situations.

I’ll bet that if WAY more Americans jammed every communication device available with their messages to Congress this weekend, as President Obama and others suggested–an avalanche of outpouring from our own country and why not all over the world, a cybercampaign because aren’t we all involved?  That kind of energy this weekend could turn this around. People if they’re worried can channel that alarm into making their voice heard. Time for a world flash rave to raise the debt ceiling. Very soon it’s too late.

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More Summer 2011 messages and the debt crisis

Tonight the news is about the intransigence of Congressmen and their unwillingness to make a deal to raise the debt ceiling. It looks like the unthinkable could happen, especially with Mercury going retrograde August 3rd which creates a tendency to drag things out. Ancient predictions from the Mayan calendar suggest change can be profound, and many of my own predictions suggest people could be caught unprepared.

I posted a number of warning-type messages and articles in the Summer2011 newsletter; also, one on January 13th about “austerity measures” as part of 2011 predictions for the U.S. (at the Examiner) and more recently, I recovered a few more Summer 2011 messages last week from  June 30th.

The Mayan prophecies and my own messages  are not the only reasons I’m thinking something harsh could happen now. Nice as it would be to have moved beyond the fear/greed mode and be capable of working together,we are in fact divided and elected people who represent that, and it looks like we  will collectively suffer the repercussions of letting greed rule in a connected world.

It’s Thursday night, one more trading day in the week, and I think the writing’s on the wall that the Speaker of the House can’t get those opposed to his deal to agree yet. I don’t see any reason yet to think everything’s going to be fine… they could turn out to be surprisingly jolting.

To sum up what these different articles and messages may allude to, the unthinkable could happen in that no deal is struck and America defaults, or what seems more reasonable, the terms and conditions of whatever deal gets done are very restrictive and really hurt many Americans.

At the Gathering of Eagles in Nambe Wednesday morning, something that all the medicine people mentioned is that it didn’t matter at all about the past, what color we were, none of us had the right not to participate as we were all one, and everyone’s efforts were needed to steer the world to a better place.

These messages below are Summer ones not already posted. (In a separate article I’ll put new personal guidance messages–these are general/world.)

Message from the Speaking Stones: (June 30, 2011) “I went to my home office, because it was time to look at tomorrow’s coming eclipse. Extraordinarily, 7 of the 8 stones were already laid out and on top of each other in various configurations–extraordinary because last night I used them at a workshop away from here. I must have laid them out and forgotten I’d done that. If that forgotten action were somehow in cooperation with a communicating force, their message was that the group representing “the past”: people who have been in power and want to keep things the same and make up the corporate culture, was in a stronger position. But only at the moment. The more flexible, innovative, forward-thinking crowd may be put off-kilter now, but the seemingly stronger team (corporate interests/tea party) showed itself to be only sustainable through misleading and trickery. ”

Message that makes a prediction about August: “There can be lots of damage done from natural disasters now. The earth is set on mixing things up and acting up. The spirit of the Earth says: I’m going to make a lot of noise and do a lot of damage, and I don’t want you get fixed on or argue about what happens. You’ll waste this tremendous energy that can blow apart or fuel so much: Use it for your own creations and your own healing. Continue working towards your own goals, but stick to your own goals, what you yourself can heal in your own self. Don’t focus on the shake-ups that are on the agenda (in August), but what you can do in your own sphere.”

“In Summer 2011 chaos erupts easily, people are pulled in different directions, and one has to make an effort to maintain balance. Collectively, stupid decisions are likely this Summer.  Empowered and energized, the corporate culture seems to be winning. In response, people are connecting who are emotionally in sync; a lot of power is organizing on an informal basis.”
“There is something about this Summer, with its many parts and moods , that does not show itself all at once.”

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Special Native American gatherings begin at sunrise July 27th

Nambe Pueblo is hosting the Gathering of Eagles beginning with a sunrise ceremony Wednesday the 27th (sunrise is 6:10 a.m.), and lasting until Saturday. Read about its history and purpose and what to expect here on the Nambe Pueblo website.
It’s open to the public and free, although donations are welcome.
July 30th and 31st Mexican curanderas are coming back to Santa Fe, to the I.A.I.A. campus, 9-3 pm, $5 entrance fee,  and there’s also a weekend workshop on curanderismo August 1-5th. Read all about it here.

Both these events are rare opportunities and not to be missed!

Elissa Heyman,  Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website!

The ancient Mayans’ perspective on 2011

A few minutes ago I managed to erase forever the updated version of my website that I’ve been working for the last eight months, a stunning personal example of “the Mayan effect”, where things can change in this fast-moving time with such speed and radical impact. It took me a nanosecond to erase a lot of manifestation. On the other hand, this same “Mayan effect” can make something structurally sound and ready to take opportunity, manifest very fast and go very far right now.

How impressive that the Mayans could so very long ago, call these calamitous, creative, speeding-up times that according to them, precede a collective change in consciousness coming very soon.

Their calendar describes everything that happened from the beginning of time, over 16.4 billion years  to right now,  the end of the last wave of its cycle, between March 9th and October 28th, 2011.

According to an interpretation by a Mayan scholar the Mayans respect, the amount of change a person can go through between March 9th and October 28th is equivalent to the amount of change they’ve gone through since 1998, thirteen years ago.

Does the fact it ends mean it’s a calendar tracking the rise of consciousness since the beginning of time, until collectively our consciousness takes a quantum leap where people feel their connections and kinship to everything? Does it mean we realize we’re all connected because the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised and we’re all in the same bad boat?
Check out this interesting article about the Mayan calendar, and follow the links to other interesting articles on the subject.

Elissa Heyman,  Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website!

New website, new world

I’m back in communication after a week of busily modernizing my website until I hit the wrong button and lost the whole thing…what a rush!!  I needed that adrenaline to get  busy again building a brand new site with a new template, new content, new features, new navigation system…Saturn in Libra makes us upgrade and refine our infrastructures…

The current debt ceiling crisis which looks like it’s going to end with a lot of belt-tightening, reminded me of an earlier article here,  “Divination Chronicles: 2011 Prediction Decoded?” about “austerity measures” in which I concluded, “Now I’m thinking the message is saying that in a significantly impacting way, state (or some) austerity programs really don’t work; needed support and protection is absent and consequences ensue.” (published January 13th 2011.)

This is how change happens now: chaos, destruction, and the rebuilding of infrastructure for a more successful way forward.

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