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How to be at peace with yourself and others this Fall

The Wheel of 2011

The Wheel of 2011

The Libra Sun dominates the Fall sky, asking us to organize around the principle of “balance”.  There’s a danger of overheating, expecting too much of oneself and working too hard. This can lead to burnout, especially if you’re anticipating the future too much.

This Fall, don’t spend a lot of time on relationships–just let them be, whatever they are. However, people do tend to jump the right way in doing what’s necessary to repair or cement important relationships.

This is a very “catch-as-catch-can” time. Don’t put your energy into really futuristic scenarios. Just what’s see-able. Do what’s looming right in front of you and clearly important now.

One significant planetary aspect this Fall is Mars in Leo. It can foster generosity, but make people self-defensive and act egocentrically in splashy ways. Mainly, you have to watch your temper as it’s easily triggered. However, Mars in Leo helps mightily if you’re trying to get something done that demands you show up for yourself. It can also help you decisively step over your past and into a more fitting identity.

Outbursts and emotional releases  are likely as a person heals–do not judge them as indicative of anything but what is released as you (or others) change.

The psychic pictograph points to important innovations coming to our attention in December. An individual could be innovating in their own life, with more genius, order, and will than usual.

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Troy Davis, 9-11, and the American Dream

The American Dream

The American Dream

(reprinted from the Examiner)  Like millions of Americans at this hour, and people all over the world, I am sick to my stomach at the pending execution today of Troy Davis, in a murder case where 7 of the 9   witnesses recanted their story, in which even the pope and an American president have pleaded for clemency. There is no way to relieve this sickening feeling but express myself, and coincidentally the Examiner has suggested that this month’s theme be The American Dream.

I had my first patriotic moment just last week, around the memorial for 9-11, and it was bittersweet. (Up until then I just thought of myself as a citizen of the world.) What changed was that I began to believe that the Bush administration had known about 9-11, and committed treason in many instances.

How did I get so lately and suddenly deflated about the principles of America, and its promise of the American Dream? First I listened to a two-hour interview with author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, a job that you get recruited for, you can’t apply. If you’re interesting to people in power with an under-the-radar agenda, you’re approached. It was really fascinating and even more depressing, as it was someone’s first-hand experience of how corporations take over in other countries.

Then I came across a well-referenced on-line post from 2003 called, “September 11th And The Bush Administration… Compelling Evidence for Complicity”. It’s an understatement to call it compelling, even though I’m skeptical of conspiracy theories of any sort. Too much about the psychology of the person with the theory, I figure. Even when this info has attracted me in the past, I’ve come back to my personal observation that conspiracy theorists have a penchant for extremes. Read what influenced me to reconsider here.

That sudden shift to accepting the level of cynism and treason people in power were capable of, gave me a terrible pang…I was suddenly an American and I felt betrayed. I was betrayed by those who hold the behind-the-scenes cards. They are a power elite who own most of the wealth. I felt like I found out a lover had been cheating on me the whole time–it was surprising to me how emotional it was to longer believe in America.

If there’s going to be a new American Dream, it will be because the truth will out, and prevent poor people from voting for those who are using them, who are themselves employees of an even more powerful coporate structure. We can no longer naively believe America is about the American Dream. It had better be about responding to the greedy anti-American cannabalistic values of “the bottom line” that inform corporations owned by power elite such as the Koch Brothers.

The new American Dream must rise on a foundation of truth and a love of all life. The wealth overwhelmingly in America is owned by five percent of the population, and of that five percent, one percent control most of it. The old American Dream has been hijacked. It’s time for people to speak out. I applaud the Examiner for creating a forum on which to speak freely–that is the true American Way, and it is what led to the American Dream.

When we  all get exercised enough about what’s happening to the disenfranchised in America, like the official and imminent murder of Troy Davis in a few hours, we will use our freedom of expression to lead us again. Let the new dream rise out of the ashes like it always does.

Elissa Heyman,  Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website!

September’s harvest full moon shines on extreme opposites

Harvest Full Moon September 2011

Harvest Full Moon September 2011

Mainly, MORE is illuminated at this time:there is more evidence of which way we are going, personally and collectively. We will be feeling incredibly free or incredibly bound.

Full moons are often when things come to a head; we are shown conditions are getting critical. Are we going to respond to truths revealed? (Speaking of which, have your mind blown by this interview with the author of Confessions of and Economic Hit Man here)

Will we use science in cooperation with nature and each other, or will be obliterated?

Are Americans going turning into people who cheer executions? Will Congress cooperate or will there be many more poor and angry jobless? Who is going to win the battle, our individual and collective dark sides or light sides? The world is like a myth come to life: Both within ourselves and out in the world, our struggle to overcome the dark forces is highlighted, the ones that keep us in limitation and fear.

Fortunately, in the way that change happens, you can expect some big fight just when you are close to reaching your goal, like Odysseus who had almost reached the shore when the Adverse Winds blew him back out to sea, like crabs who pull down the one crab who has almost made it out of the bucket.People shouldn’t expect things to go smoothly or in steady increments–the Mayans pointed out how intense this period was, way back when.It’s intense because we are so aware of choosing our fate. We could support ourselves and each other, or not.

Many people succeed in changing their consciousness and let go of fear or are no longer stopped by it. There are millions of accounts of people no longer reacting the same way. A change of consciousness changes every interaction and development. Here’s a poem about how individual people can experience the “Flowering” cycle, written about the 6th day in the Mayan calendar, September 5th-22nd. How, is by tuning into the present and letting the tremendous creative energy fuel what’s rewarding to create. The paradox is that there is more life force in the energy field than ever, empowering every person who can channel it for the good of themselves and others. This poem suggests people will be able to leave the past behind more easily than ever in this atmosphere:

Flowering (September 5th, 2011, )
Flowering begins in freedom. The joy of unboundedness in all aspects, as our minds get free
Only wanting the expansion,
Not heeding the limits,
Living now.

Personal guidance for the Harvest Full Moon cycle the next two weeks: It’s time to reap–to acknowledge your past hard work and capitalize on it! The Sun and speedy Mercury are in Virgo, the opportune time to follow to make practical plans and connections that further you. Follow those leads and get to work on your dreams and schemes! In Virgo you must work hard and stick to it.

Elissa Heyman,  Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website!

Canada Earthquake and September’s pictograph

I read about a 6.4 earthquake in Canada September 9th…when I mentioned a big earthquake re the psychic pictograph for September 2011, my impression was that it was in South America and Canada. I don’t post everything I get- naming those two places struck me as too vague/big–but I did get the impression of the earth really opening up, so I wonder if there’s going to be a significant quake in South America?

Reflections on the Mayan Calendar’s 6th Day

6th Day Mayan Calendar

6th Day Mayan Calendar

The idea behind the Mayan calendar and its cycle of waves and nights and days, is that creation unfolds in an orderly and predictable way. It’s done this, according to the Mayan Calendar, for sixteen plus billion years. Then, apparently, on October 28th, 2011, it takes a quantum leap, in that whatever predictable patterns have been extant, end.

Quantum leaps happen in the evolution of other kinds of growth all the time. It’s a quantum leap to go from practicing piano scales to making music. It’s a quantum leap to be born, to become a teenager, or to one day, stop reacting in the same old way, and feel love instead of fear. This happens to people…they change.
There could be a quantum leap in our near future because of all the unsustainable ways we manage the planet. Now we are seeing what’s produced when a few rich empire-builders control the world.  How ugly does it get when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

“Flowering” is the name of the 6th day in the Mayan Calendar that begins September 5th, and also the 6th night that begins on the 23rd. What’s flowering now is the truth about who runs things and how, through Wikileaks,the internet news, social media and cellphones. Much more will be exposed and made public,  through trials and exposes and leaks.. through natural and manmade disasters, and predictions come to pass.

This truth-revealing paves the way to the adopting of a new perspective, a new consciousness, that is there like a life-boat for us to adopt. There’s no room for empire-builders in that lifeboat, only team players with Nature.

The million dollar questions the Mayan Calendar’s ending poses is: Will we see a new Big Picture? As a collective will we be moved to relate in a new paradigm based in Unity Consciousness?  There’s no sign yet of massive changes of heart or millions rising up against the rule-makers, but things happen fast now.

Meanwhile, in this time of flowering, what people have been nurturing within them can produce beautiful blooms, a manifestation of knowledge, time, and energy, and ways to be self sustaining. In this all-shook-up time with no direction clear, people can practice what brings peace and balance in their own consciousness.

Elissa Heyman,  Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website!

Divination chronicles: the Tarot

The tarot incorporated Here’s a new post from my website’s tarot page. This is my new project and I’ll continue to update it with short articles from my metaphysical education.

The wonder of the tarot is the wonder of life itself, that how it works is mysterious, and yet by playing with it, we can learn, grow, and know.

Here’s the big thrill about tarot cards: they make it clear that you can know things. People can know, akin to the fact that birds can migrate. Inherent in the cards are all the principles in Nature, including that one can know directly.

According to Paul Foster Case, author of the classic “The Tarot”, something that all carriers of Ageless Wisdom from different times in history agree upon, is that there is some “One Something” behind everything, behind all appearances. It is “that which was, that which is, and that which shall be.” This is the literal translation of the name for “God” in the Hebrew Language.  Wisdom teaches this underneath reality can’t be defined because definitions limit, and whatever exists so fundamentally is infinite and beyond limits.

However, wisdom carriers in different ages have agreed on another important truth, and this is where the tarot comes in: whatever that One Something is: one of its properties is that in it, one has the power to know. In the real world we live in, we are wired to know, and given the power to know. We can then develop tools that refine our abilities. Given this infinitely mysterious cosmological setting, one of the best tools for learning about oneself or anything else in Nature is the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

The significant relationship between the Hebrew alphabet and the tarot.

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