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Here's astute astrologer Eric's take on Thanksgiving 2011 and the coming, much heralded 2012. While writing my newsletter, I asked him to weigh in after noticing  very intense astrological aspects on Turkey Day...this was his reply: “If there are unresolved family issues, watch out! There is every sign of things being at an emotional peak. Good time to hide the steak knives...around turkey dinner! Knowing this, you can arm yourself with protection by realizing emotions do not always make sense. In fact, they come from a more subjective way of thinking. It is also helpful to realize that people are not always talking about us. They tend to be talking about themselves when making pointed comments. There is a possibility of many children being conceived during the holidays, since couples could be taking refuge within their own relationship. It is a time to surround yourself by those you really love. Once again, the holidays, in particular, Christmas, should be a celebration, that focuses on sharing with significant people. There has been a trend to make Christmas completely about money and things. Well thought out gifts could be a plus and without being crass, gift certificates and money allows people to buy what it is they really want! Both personally and nationally, there are revelations of secrets. You could find out that you know things about people you never thought consciously. It is as if we are beginning the purge of 2012. There is every sign of emotion, and holiday and emotion can be a strange mix. I truly feel we should invest in those who are our support, those we truly love. Try to bury old grievances and do not linger and participate in any battles that are un-resolvable. Capture the magic of the holidays. Bring this time back. This is the time of renewal, rebirth, of the light. It is supposed to be a sacred time of the year.” Eric Teissedre, November 1, 2011  Eric's blog: click here Elissa Heyman,  Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person/by phone, Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-982-3294. New website! www.elissaheyman.com

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