Psychic insights for Aquarius in 2012

Aquarius 2012

Aquarius 2012

Aquarius 2012 divination card: “Establishing a center” to your life, and understanding your right place and your greatest gifts, keep you busy with this year. So do fateful happenings and karmic events, all designed to create the opening that is 2012. You can be in many places…the spirits want to show you some things! You dissolve some orders that set you free–nothing is permanent, you learn.

Aquarius 2012 picture card: A lot happens in your life this year and a lot of the action is your own changing self and thoughts.There is greater peace in your life. Though you may have ups and downs with changes on many levels, everything is basically in a safer place, and fine. Aquarians tend to after time¬† “find their people” this year, or change in ways that are personally pleasing to themselves.

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