Cupid plans to shoot it up this Valentine’s Day

The Latent Burning Heart of 2012

The Latent Burning Heart of 2012

In the celestial language of the planets and stars, this Valentine’s Day is about being united with what you truly love. (Technically, it’s the striking import of the planetary alignments on February 13th that inspire these messages.)

According to the stars on Valentine’s Day 2012, it doesn’t matter if what you’re loving is your changing self, a new project, or your partner, the omens are seriously lucky for following and aligning with what you really love.
Feeling spontaneously grateful in  a wave of wonder and  happiness is likely to occur if you’re making a commitment to what you love– but so is feeling out of sorts as remaining obstacles are dealt with. Expect lots of moving parts to deal with now regarding commitments to whomever or whatever you love.
Obstacles are no match for the forward movement of the stars in regards to pursuing what you love, as long as you are engaged with your energy and putting in your all. Your action is key.
The stars also say it’s a particularly good time for “getting things right”…getting the details right–making arrangements that work yet allow for growth, creativity, and surprising directions. It’s also a good day to powwow and brainstorm with people. Although things are changing fast, the following weekend should bring a more concrete understanding about whatever phase you’re entering into.
Red alert from Cupid to all shy would-be lovers who are too afraid to ask out their Valentine: This is the perfect year to put the brakes on that tendency, reverse direction, and make a direct move towards love. Like the pictograph shows, the latent burning heart of 2012 is outsized, powerful and dreamy, and will  make a lot of improbable dreams come true.
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