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Midnight Messages from my Magic Circle

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Midnight Messages from my Magic Circle

Spring 2012 Midnight messages

Spring 2012 Midnight messages

I am always learning new things about channeling and divination in my own practice circle, and the latest experiment produced little fortune-cookie type messages of inspiration, suitable for right now. The spirits introduced the theme of what there was to smile about and appreciate for each sign. The messages are kind of simplistic, let me know if they’re fairly meaningless. Because I don’t use astrology, but am acting as a mediium for the twelve archetypes, or doing some kind of psychic reading, feedback is helpful. Read your moon and rising signs if you know them.

Aries: Especially you, of all the signs, can have a new beginning now. Leave the past behind, and 2012 will truly be the fresh, first day of the rest of your life.
Taurus: Lay something to rest. It would be some aspect of life you’re done with, you’re letting go of with a smile…all is well.

Gemini: Try new dances, even if your steps are uncertain. Give your efforts and new directions an encouraging smile.
Cancer: Indulge yourself with healing energy, weekend breaks, and much more fun…revitalize!

Leo: Be sunny, think “self-renewal”, and you’ll stay magnetic!
Virgo: People want to help you…you want to get more of whatever you need, so smile and let them in!
Libra: Back slowly away from the past, it’s got no hold on you now, and turn around to face the the light of now…the sun is out!
Scorpio: You may feel like keeping to yourself, but reach out and help somebody. They need your smile!
Sagittarius: Feel all that’s happening inside you…what a ride..enjoy your personal journey!

Capricorn: Power is shooting out of your center in all directions–use personal power wisely, you are full of it!

Aquarius: Smile at your inner self, so full of new ideas. Make room for creativity in your life.
Pisces: It’s a latent period, to observe and be more laid back. Enjoy absorbing the Spring sun!

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