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PSYCHIC WEDNESDAYS AUGUST 2-8 2017: Uranus is in Aries (Aries' key words are "Me, Myself, and I”) and today it goes retrograde for the next five months; “Re-think yourself”, Uranus says, “it's time for a personal revolution!” When it comes to changes, everything is on the table with this retrograde so close to eclipses – whatever way you do things, you can change it up, throw it out, or reframe it, all in order to be your glowing self once again! Beginning with the awareness retrogrades can give, it’s overhaul time within your own operating system.

Things get clinched fast this week - let it happen. Thinking outside the box gets easier this week.

This is how balance begins (see the July 20th pictograph explication): on Friday Jupiter in Libra is squared Pluto in Capricorn. Push for long-term solutions - they are in sight - a lot of activity is stirred up and required with a square, but to good effect! This square’s energy instigates an easier and more suitable platform on which to expand. Then expect to be crazy creative!

The whole weekend is tinged with Monday's coming full moon eclipse. What does this mean to you? Here's one way to find out: Make a wish on Friday night, out loud and sincerely. Ask for signs about your wish from the Universe on the run up to Monday's Full Moon eclipse. This eclipse can show you whose leaving (it could be some aspect of your own self; a person; a role) and what's coming. This should be a peaceful process, it is meant to winnow, not blow away.

Expect a clarifying week, and may the next eclipse on August 21st find you ready for much more in life, and relieved of many burdens. The stars say that can happen!

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