Psychic Wednesdays August 9-15, 2017

August 9-15 Pictograph
Pictograph Explication: The week begins with the Moon conjunct dreamy Neptune in Pisces, and as it follows an eclipse, expect some new dreams! Then when Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th, what follows is: time to get to work on fabricating supports those dreams!

The Spirits say: Expect glimpses of dreamy vistas, bouts of far-seeing, and long views. Trust the winds of change. Do for yourself first. Do not act out of pity for something else, but stoke your own fires, your own reserves…show up in your own life as the man you want to be, or the woman you want to be, and help yourself!

Big Deals! Big Deals are swinging through the stars to land on your doorstep, especially if you’ve been working at something for a long time.This is the pre-eclipse era of breakthroughs, breakouts, eruptions, and invitations to embark on new adventure!

On Saturday August 12th, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo until September 6th, and much can be accomplished in between as in September it goes direct on a full moon…the floodgates can open and your efforts can stream out into the world. Now is a good time to develop systems to implement recently instituted changes. An excellent time to think and think, instead of dream and dream, and also, to check and double-check! No big deals without many checks and balances! Entrepreneurial ventures have the stars on their side, but should proceed slowly and carefully.

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