2018: In this divination system, real-life incidents become omens of the year ahead. Beginning on New Year’s Eve, they span the first thirteen days of 2018. As omens, they tell us to expect chaos, earth changes, lack of empathy in policies, and the need to address the threat of war.

Sign: In Australia, a New Year’s Eve fireworks display on a boat turned into a horrific conflagration as the whole thing blew up, and people went from oohing and aahing to running for cover. Message: Expect chaos. “Chaos” is the word of the year.

Sign: Climate change turned on and buried exclusive neighborhoods in super upscale  Montecito, California.  Message: Climate change is going to be responsible for a lot more than we’re counting on; climate change will be more profoundly altering.

Sign: Echoing all over the world are Trump’s divisive words about “shithole countries”. Message: Expect people to act badly, and policies to not be inclusive or inclined to share resources. One interpretation of the meaning of Saturn entering the sign of Capricorn on the Winter Solstice (which is telling of the year ahead), is that repressive regimes come to power... Saturn represents a restriction and Capricorn rules governments and systems that run them.

Sign: Today an alert went off in Hawaii that they were about to be bombed.  Message: Whether it was a mistake or more; whether it will help people be more prepared or not, as a sign it warns that the nuclear option is in the air.  It’s a big wake-up call about where the Trump administration can lead the world. International musician Moby corroborates this danger in a post today, talking about his experience with the CIA:

( http://www.rawstory.com/2018/01/this-is-the-manchurian-candidate-musical-artist-moby-claims-cia-asked-him-to-spread-word-on-trump-and-russia/) .

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