This morning I have eclipse horoscopes for you because hours ago we witnessed a rare full moon eclipse. Eclipse messages are about the process of transformation and what the  Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs can expect to go through.  People will move faster now over the bumpy road and the pleasant path alike.

Following some messages about the planet Mars and its role in the months to come.  According to this star-inspired strategy, February is a month to build infrastructure and put things in place for what you want to do, while March is all about “doing it”.

Note: I recorded these horoscopes on New Year’s Eve 2017 but thought they were lost; recorded some more and also found the originals, so some have two messages:

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: The eclipse gifts you with a burst of energy and gets you in the right mood to tackle challenges. Try your ideas, put things to the test.  In the weeks to come, satisfy your curiousity by trying and learning new things! It will calm you down to surge ahead.

#2: You are still in the ongoing process of “winnowing” the chaff from the straw in your life. You can have the confidence or make the connections that take you to the next step. The “next step” involves some kind of initiation or graduation. You have received a tremendous omen from the Sun that you can transition successfully now. The benefits of making a transition with career become clearer.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Two very different messages at the time of the eclipse, but nothing is moodier than a full moon:  At this time you are a little deflated and more aware that you have quite a ways to go, or don’t see how to get to, what looks like a future you are happy with. Message #2: Life is crowded now with events and work. The eclipse speeds up your changes and brings both energy and willingness to cooperate, or do what’s challenging but necessary, to facilitate a breakthrough. The energy of this time might carry you to new and different-for-you environments.

Air Signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:  Related to the eclipse’s impacts, you’ve got the strength and endurance to get over a hurdle. You’ve got what it takes, you can rest easy and rely on it.  If you’re thinking of tackling something, it’s a good time to and you can expect to be successful.  You’ll know by next October-November if you’re successful or not. You’re going to have a divine sense of being given a chance, and you should act on that.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Now you’re better aware of what it takes to make more, to up your game, and you should be preparing to be busy! Expect things to expand. There can be a change in location, or someone comes into your environment with new offers and possibilities…this feels related to what develops in September. Whenever opportunity comes knocking, do the groundwork for it and be ready. Get organized to scale up.

#2  You will get the picture loud and clear: what’s hidden becomes evident, important developments, truths or understandings that may have been hidden for a long time.  You are at the beginning of developing and implementing a new house or a new foundation for yourself.  A lot is left behind of how you used to do things.

All about Mars and What's Coming Soon...March 1st 2018: March beginning on a full moon at 11 degrees Virgo reflects a readiness in people, as if in February they got ready to do something they want to do, and in March they act on it. Consequently, great breakthroughs for many, but this is a bad sign for the U.S.  Its current Sun opposite Pluto transit means that strong forces oppose the American identity and challenge its (democratic) structure.

At the same time in March, there is a glaring amount of Mars energy as The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Uranus are all grouped in Aries, ruled by the god of war, Mars. Mars also rules armies, police, and aggressive, impulsive actions. If the White House wants a war, it would definitely come out in March. Other aggressive actions could be the re-ordering of American infrastructure.

Aries key identity descriptors are “me, myself, and I.” The positive expression of this can be a month that produces spontaneous and surprising actions: if you’ve been trying to make something happen or have followed a program, you’re likely to see strong results.  It is also easier now  for people to champion their own self and desires in a healthy and concerted way.

The concern is that that so much Mars energy running through planets that rule health, emotional balance, partnerships, thoughts, and impulses, could cause a self-destructive person to go to hell in a jet.  On a collective level, all that Mars energy fueling conflicts just requires a lit match to start a war.

Nobody should try to test their limits in March.  Instead, try to appreciate  being buoyed up by such a lively energetic scene, but make it a priority to live a healthy life. Being able to participate in and enjoy what’s blowing in the wind this March depends on how you take care of yourself.

©2018 Elissa Heyman. All rights reserved.