Look up tomorrow night, what a beautiful sight!  Neptune is conjunct the crescent Moon…  a sign of grace, a compassionate presence, and a more empathetic and considerate you for the next couple of weeks, or longer if you like what it does for your relationships!
That being said about one’s opportunity for personal development, this could be a crazy week out in the world. Here's the silver lining: there’s a string of astrological events, especially this weekend, that can lead you to alter your course to your benefit.  The upshot of all that happens can be an enlightened course of action.
As the new moon dawns on Sunday, and Mercury goes direct, all kinds of ideas are occurring to you…the genius in people, their innovativeness and creativeness gets the right fuel from the universe. Snap! In a minute something new appears and changes the landscape!
Expect to work hard next week. There’s so much coming out of everyone in terms of energy, and so much coming at everybody.
Tax Day April 17th, Saturn goes retrograde, and then a week later Pluto goes retrograde. I take the coming planetary aspects as a heavy omen of restriction, oppressive government, austerity, and an institutionalizing in the U.S. of its giant step backwards.  Over a year ago I had images of a new kind of “campus” that was like barracks, a hospital or an institution – a prison-like vibe – and maybe how the new U.S. sees to manage the dispossessed.
Many astrologers think 2017 was the volatile and rough year, and 2018 will be smoother and less divisive. Let’s hope they’re right’; that would make me quite wrong:  to me the way the dominoes are falling, the United States is experiencing an ongoing coup and loss of democracy in increasingly swifter steps.
NOTE: I just published this, and was enlightened an hour by author of "Twitter and Tear Gas" Zeynep Tufkci about other significant aspects of both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, which is that it makes for an intense focus on structure, and what needs to change about how things are done. It births the reform of existing structures... this is going on now with the revealing of Facebook's role around the world in spreading hate. The level of surveillance we're under is being revealed, and then structures have to be put in place to regulate it.
Tufkci laid out an enlightened set of rules for the digital age, and pointed out that's what the world is struggling with, the huge transition we're in as it dawns. It's been the Wild West, there are robber barons whose greed is being exposed, and just like the ones of yore, they leave behind humanitarian legacies. Facebook and social media has also enabled grassroots movements all over the world; but unchecked, was her point, it could become a force of hidden manipulation and the new United States' version of being controlled by Big Brother.
Just now I found the digital recorder I’ve been looking for since yesterday. It has clairvoyant readings for the fire, water, air and earth signs for Spring 2018. It is what I expected to be posting this morning, it is much cheerier! What is going on in one’s personal world can be inspiring, fulfilling, challenging and rewarding, and I want to share it with you but have run out of time.  Please check back on Saturday unless Mercury retrograde strikes again...

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