Spring is still coming in and out of Santa Fe, but New Orleans, where I’ve been for the last week, is  fragrant with jasmine and honeysuckle and a gumbo of fantastic food smells, if you were lucky enough to be on the Jazzfest fairgrounds last weekend. There were some new behaviors to remind me that culture has changed and Nature is scarier:  thousands of revelers spraying themselves and whomever passed by with clouds of bug repellent; people texting on their phones through the greatest music they never heard; people feet thick on either side of the parades capturing it all with their cellphones, but no room for dancing bystanders anymore… there was a pronounced shift from the audience participating with the energy, to taking it. On the stages and in the tents,  thank God, JazzFest is the life-affirming display of mind-blowing creative excellence it has always been - and the very best place for me to recharge my psychic batteries for the tourist season here in Santa Fe.

With new self-help tool projects and work demands, I’m suspending the weekly Wednesday psychic guidance messages and horoscopes… I will still announce blog articles on social media and through my rss feed.  The guidance messages  and psychic horoscopes will still appear in my newsletter each quarter… you can sign up to receive it at elissa@elissaheyman.com  as well as find it on my website. The latest will be out soon!

Have a wonderful Spring, whenever it finally arrives, and it’s been a pleasure to check out the stars and channel the spirits for you all each week!

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