Psychic Pictograph Message:  While Uranus is in Taurus, people want to forge their own path and bring what’s true and best in themselves.  The same field of energy in which volcanoes and wars and innovations disrupt the world, is one that pushes people forcefully forward towards whatever is on their mind and in their heart to do. What you can do to help the world around you is to be lit up!  Uranus stays in Taurus almost eight years to help you get grounded in your own power and on your own path.

The pictograph also suggests a significant financial upside to being on the right side of creative innovation in materials, manufacturing, and communications, and whatever powers the future, and that there’s significant financial downside to being out of the loop and back in the past.

P.S. Of course I could be dead wrong, but here’s my take hearing the news that North Korea cancelled talks with South Korea tomorrow, and maybe the U.S. in June:  If this gets smoothed over and finessed and re-negotiated, it feels more like a way for each country to come out a winner in the world’s eyes. Trump( and South Korea) does something to show he’s sincere like stopping the offensive military exercises  (while pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal shows he’s not).  The North Korean leader gets better “face” and a better deal,  and Trump again holds the world’s attention about something other than the Mueller case.

How could no one have pointed it out to Trump and the South Korean leader, if they didn’t see it, that holding this exercise was untimely and destabilizing of recent trust? It’s more likely part of a plan to increase the drama on the world stage on one or both or all of the leaders’ parts; it would be too stupid on too many peoples’ parts to endanger the talk the day before it was to begin. Although it did happen on the day Uranus, rogue planet that can take things out into left field fast, entered earth sign Taurus, a fixed and stubborn sign...

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