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NEW MOON TODAY: The next couple of weeks can be a whole new month in feeling from how the first two weeks, with its intense full moon, challenged people. The September 17th new moon in Virgo brings more possibility and more hope. More visions of one’s new beginnings start up at this time.

Dreamers Dreaming and Entrepreneurs: The world needs you! You’re up! (as in up to bat)! Eat your Wheaties, get your exercise, live a balanced life… many new things take off suddenly in the future, and people who dream of big success, and see signs of real success, should expect success, and it could come fast.

Ever-pragmatic New Moon in Virgo sez:To get the most out of life, consume the least strife.” Turn away from the ads, the noise, and the melodrama, unless you personally need to pay attention: conserve your energy for your own success.

About Jupiter Direct in Capricorn, September 12 – December 19 2020

The Short Story: The scene is set for a burst of effort, a burst of energy for the creating of new structure in your life. “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” followed by your commitment to: “Do What It Takes to Make It Happen” yields giant rewards while Jupiter is in Capricorn, from now to the Winter Solstice in December 2020.

Relax, You’ll Do Better and Get There Intact: Saturn and Pluto are also in Capricorn, and this also means go for blood with your goals, baby… work to get in the right place.  Your two best friends are: a personally supportive daily structure (starting the day remembering what’s important to you, for example), and: Being relaxed. Working at a relaxed pace fosters inner peace right now, and helps you to stay calm in a chaotic world.

You’ll Need Patience with Mars retrograde: Until mid-November 2020, the world tends to be challenging to deal with: it’s likely the cable guy can’t make it, or it takes forever to reach someone in customer service, etc. Fortunately, Mars retrograde also develops inner stamina to soldier through any kind of obstacle to success. We see into our own inner dynamics, and notice what doesn’t work well, also.  

Jupiter Direct in Capricorn Magic Spell: The moon and Jupiter happen to be opposite each other when Jupiter goes direct on September 12th, and that means in the coming weeks we will be asked to face our biggest personal challenges – yet why we are challenging ourselves is because it’s so worth it: there’s a lot to gain now by going after your success. Be prepared for your Resistant Self to kick up a fuss as you begin a cycle of greater commitment. Let it have its tantrum on the floor like a two year old, and then continue on your journey of greater commitment.

Knowing what you want for yourself, and being willing to do what it takes, works just like a magic spell! The stars bless your power to expand your life in ways that create more stability.

The stars also suggest to aim for the top: the dream that excites you – and then start taking the steps one by one… that’s how to move forward with so many planets in methodical Capricorn.

OCTOBER 2020 Daily Drill: So many changes require listening anew to your own changing rhythms and needs. It’s ‘Be Kind To Yourself Month’. ‘Be Your Own Best Friend Month!’ You’ll do the best by helping yourself be your best. Then you can help the most with others. So much is circling in the air: fragments of the past and new possibilities: there is loss, change of circumstances…there are new dreams, sudden new responsibilities, and promotions.  Be willing and able, and here to help yourself do your best.

New Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn and trine Uranus in Taurus: How this affects a collective like the United States: A big power grab is coming now… going in for the kill now … “Have mercy”, shout the people, and find there is none.

Psychic Messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth SignsRead your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: Guidance going forward:  One day at a time; you’ve got the right ideas; everything’s going along… take care of business – don’t doubt yourself. Be precise. Go slow. Follow through. Stay in your lane and save your energy for your own success.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: It looks like you can rest easy about the success of something you’ve been working on, that gives you peace of mind about your future. You receive the guidance and the messages that allow you to feel a lot more at peace. Shoot for the higher goal, whatever that is, even if it seems unattainable – shoot for what’s most appealing.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Soon there’s a chance to re-establish a more balanced and more enjoyable life. Your thoughts can more easily turn to what you enjoy, and find beautiful… a good time to create an even more beautiful atmosphere! You prefer to be left alone, or more alone, during this cycle. Respect Nature’s wisdom.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: It’s not an easy time to work alone; it’s hard to get where you want to go without help right now. Look for good partners if you don’t have them already! But also, how to stay independent is on your mind… However with help, with collaboration, you can find yourself in new environments, and in an empowered position. Be open to friends, connections, partners, and fun ideas. You can rise above and stay in a higher state of mind in the next few weeks.

Coming up is a dramatic, creative, warm and testy week all at once! Here’s a rundown of planetary activity this weekend through August 22nd, when the Sun moves out of the drama and into work-oriented Virgo.

August 15th Uranus Rx and Tuesday’s New Moon in Leo

Saturday, August 15th : Uranus goes retrograde as Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer: Making the home comfortable and beautiful is a rewarding weekend activity, as is enjoying loved ones, but it’s easy for connections to miss, and things not to go as planned. Let it go.  Creative ideas pop up now and for a long time to come about how to build a new foundation.

The impact of Uranus going retrograde in Taurus is to break through stuck places within one, because at the same time, the moon conjunct Venus conjunct signals a time when a person can get strong within themselves, when their feelings and will and what they want to create can better align and make things happen. People go through a lot of strengthening personal changes from now until the end of the year. A symbolic turnaround for Western calendar users, Uranus goes direct on New Years Day, January 1st 2021. People move forward with renewed vigor.

Uranus Rx Guidance Message about how to resolve personal conflict: What’s done is done or fixed in place, and shutting the door on the past is the fastest way out of conflict with it. To tough anything out, to fight anything out, to believe in something greater than recovery, renewal, or peace, is to court an intensifying fight.

This is a time when people can recognize both their audience and their foes.

August 18th New Moon in Leo: Boom! It’s ground zero for an awful lot of action, communication, and nailing things down. Individuals with creative projects trying to get something done are running around like crazy. This time is full of connections that are like an electric jolt.

A great deal of joy could be had by things that develop this week. Celebrate communication: communicate to others about who you are; be positive and look on the bright side; now is when networks are strengthened and can grow!  (This message is for individuals; collectives like countries have different outcomes with the same energies.)

August 19th-20th, the Islamic New Year, is a great time to make a wish or do magic!  It helps you ascend to a state of higher productivity. Take the initiative and be prolific in your efforts!

August 22nd when the Sun goes into Virgo, the flames of August turn into action, and the work begins.

Enjoy all the planets’ lively communions this mid-August weekend, and like the Leo sun sign, enjoy and be your creative self in the days and weeks to come!

It worked in Montana: “Constituents” yelling to their elected officials and at the illegitimate Trump appointee postmaster, getting in the postmaster general’s illegitimate face – and in Montana he stopped trucks from hauling away peoples’ mailboxes before the election.

Around the country recently, mail sorting machines have been removed and destroyed and thrown into dumpsters. Last night on Rachel Maddow, co-founder of Ezra Levin had a great suggestion for how to stop this from happening, and how to save the U.S. Post Office, and thereby, the chance for a fair election. He explained that Democrats have power in this situation, and they should use it, and what would make them use it is if every one of us did this:

What any constituent can do specifically is to take the time to contact the Republican, Independent, Democratic representatives and senators in your state – call/email/write ALL of them, requesting they come back EARLY FROM THEIR VACATION for emergency hearings to save the election and the USPS – to demand the reversal of all these actions and new rules that cripple mail delivery, and give the USPS their Covid19 relief money. The Democrats have the power to hold these illegitimate post office officials accountable, and the time to use it is right this minute! Ask Google for the names and contacts of the elected officials in your state, they should display and it takes less than a minute to do each one.

Time to Get Into the Streets of the Internet with your Pots and Pans
Time to Get Into the Streets of the Internet with your Pots and Pans

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