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Elissa’s February 2015 Psychic Newsletter

February 2015

February 2015

Dear Friends,

Prophesying groundhogs aside with their six more weeks of winter, it already feels like Spring in the afternoons here in Santa Fe. On Candlemas, February 2nd, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went down to the Candelaria Day dance at San Felipe pueblo.

Living here, it is amazing but true that one can about be in a completely different world in forty-five minutes: soon I was parked on a dirt road along the Rio Grande, opening my car door to the sound of drums and chanting. Even at a distance, I was getting hypnotized, and started walking fast to catch the dance.

Weaving through the dirt streets to the dance plaza, I noticed groups of oddly costumed dancers rush past me, dressed for what looked like a Halloween party. A huge purple Barney the Dinosaur was milling around, handing out candy to hundreds of little kids who were all out of school for the occasion.

There were deer dancers, powwow dancers, warriors, dancers in clown costumes, ones dressed like animals and scarecrows…it was hard to figure out what was going on.

There were other rare pleasures to be had at the pueblo: the smell of wood fires, walking along the riverbank to my car, and on to an excellent $4 red chile breakfast burrito at the nearby San Felipe gas station.

Then it was back to Santa Fe and my Mercury retrograde task at the computer, trying to figure out social media and Google plus.

Have a wonderful month and Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m in town all month, and for those at a distance, please ask about healing work; I do a lot of it over the phone now.




Friday the 13th Circle in Santa Fe: The Kruger Building.  227 E. Palace, Suite T North, downtown Santa Fe.  For 5-8 people.  7-9 pm.$45 plus tax. To register and for more information, email or call me at 505-982-3294.  Details on the Circles website page here.

The workshop is about two hours, and includes a psychic message and healing circle, a transformative art card process, and guided meditations to get you in touch with your own intuition and healing resources.

Circle Notes: Friday the 13th: Mercury goes direct! It’s a bold day and a good one for psychic activities, new visions and healing.  The Moon trine Uranus and then Jupiter means people are up for breakthroughs. The circle will be about moving forward with recent insights.

February Healing Circle:  Wednesday the 25th. The Kruger Building.  227 E. Palace, Suite T North, downtown Santa Fe.  For 5-8 people.  7-9 pm.$45 plus tax. To register and for more information, email or call me at 505-982-3294.

The Healing Circle workshop is less divination and more energy work. It combines energy release work, psychic messages, and directing the group energy in support of healing. Exercises help with self-healing, intuition development, and developing sensitivity to energy and the spiritual world.

Housekeeping: Credit card transactions for sessions, in person or over the phone, are now $5 more. For cash or check payments, prices remain the same.

Newsletter Subscribers: There’s a second set of January 2015 predictions and a few more horoscope messages that you didn’t receive. They include insights about prosperity this year, the USA, and more personal guidance for situations that show up this year. I posted it on my blog after sending last month’s email.

P.S. Thanks for reading my newsletter, I got another All-Star Winner award from Constant Contact because of it!

Opportunity to Experience Physical Mediums: Many physical mediums from all over the world, each with their own unique gifts and teachings, will be coming to Santa Fe in 2015 thanks to Tom Newman. You can read all about their workshops and programs by going to and reviewing the “Upcoming Events” tab and the “Workshop & Event Fliers” tab.  If you would like to be in Tom’s Constant Contact notification group or have any questions for him, please email him at

Psychic Insights and Horoscopes for February 2015

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

(Link to second set of January 2015 predictions)

February 2015: You have to have faith and accept a lot through some chaotic conditions. Your plans get refined now. It’s a fast moving month of change and re-positioning, new realizations, and willingness to learn from experience.

February’s potential is to provide a rich trip of propelling events…just keep moving through things and taking them as opportunities to get into a better place. Until mid-February, be wary of big financial commitments.

Whatever it takes to open the heart, February’s events allows for that: it allows for bruises to happen and bruises to heal. If anyone is suffering from heartbreak, let the waters flow, help yourself into a place to let go and break down, (a padded room; a place out in Nature?), as this creates the release that can happen at this time.

What else to expect: The shattering of illusions and greater mental clarity, meant to help you shift your consciousness. If you find yourself at the bottom, take it as the right place to shift gears, and now allow yourself to flow with the change of course this time facilitates. This cannot happen if you see yourself as a victim! Whatever you’re dealing with, make it about the way you want to act, your principles, and not about you vs. other people.

The Speaking Stones for February 2015: The design has the signs of underground revolutions brewing and volatility on a mass scale. It’s still Mercury retrograde until the 12th; a tricky time and much is hidden.

There can be advances in science and technology, air and space travel, and very, very long distance communication. Projects begun in December are developing roots.  Many new fundamentals being are in the works: innovative energy sources, ways of governing, and ways of teaching.

Through the collective’s social movements, innovations, and new policies, higher-consciousness solutions can come to the fore, and also on display are huge smeary outbreaks of dysfunction. (Note: all these February messages and the stones were channeled January 28th. Now, February 3rd, ISIS has burned someone alive. It could be the higher consciousness collective reacts in a united act against ISIS.)

The stone representing “women”, the feminine principle, is left out of the February design. It can warn that intuition can easily be left out of decisions at this time. Whatever you’re doing, make sure it agrees with your guts.


(Last week’s January new moon in Aquarius messages are included because they’re still relevant.)

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Things can’t quite get established or completed…or there could be another route taken than what your first are looking at. Expect it to take two or three months to have all the pieces incorporated into any big project.  Tarot message: You tend to make better decisions now; your intuition is on and your energy is up. Your expectation is that a new project brings happiness and success. But Mercury retrograde suggests things take longer than expected. FEBRUARY: Something that could bring you happiness and is pretty much a new chapter in your life comes into the picture, but it can’t happen now, comes into fruition later, or has to be delayed. NEW MOON FEBRUARY 18th: Great plans are coming into view! You might be writing a lot or getting things organized in light of them.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You have to hunker down and not listen to anybody but your own inner guidance. It can be different than what other people think is right, but you need to trust yourself now. It looks like you are creating a deeper connection with your own light and stability. Water signs get a lot of insight and corroboration in the next couple of weeks. FEBRUARY: You can look forward to enjoying friends and making new ones, finding new places to go or strengthening partnerships, and feeling happier about your interactions – as it turns out, the world is pretty fun in February! FEB. NEW MOON MID-MONTH message: You are in situations that are different than normal and making you happy and plans made now bring a lot of satisfaction.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: You can be excited and happy yet running into obstacles, more towards the end of the two week new moon cycle.  You have to wait for February…February answers questions that get brought up, so there’s a pretty quick breakthrough with any obstacles you do encounter. February is probably going to be one of your best months ever. You have a stellar chance – actually, it looks like you’ve already succeeded in getting it – to receive a wonderful reward that is financially, emotionally, and creatively fulfilling. NEW MOON mid-month: Practice patience, and be true to yourself; you’ll have to go on faith because as hyperbolic as your fabulous February message is, it may not be so clear at times, where you belong and what’s going on.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Your job in this new moon cycle is to get a lot of things done and secured that are foundational for your stability and well-being.  The details get refined later, but now make moves to establish a beneficial environment for yourself. Deal with basics first and the rest will fill in. Keep busy with the plenty there is to do. FEBRUARY: Things rev up and start and then stop…don’t get too heavily invested in something with too many moving parts. NEW MOON mid-month: What’s not done and aggravating motivates you to re-organize; you can be quite happy in your environment with new opportunities to be different and connect better.

New Moon Horoscopes and Psychic Guidance for January 2015

New Moon in Aquarius January 2015

New Moon in Aquarius January 2015

The January newsletters below this post have no separate horoscopes for the month of January, and seeing as times are obscure, here are some new moon messages for the next couple of weeks and beyond.  The new moon cycle brings a natural focus to whatever new things a person is trying to create for themselves.

The Mood: People are excited about new beginnings, naturally hopeful and willing to forgive their own mistakes and others’—more willing now to start over and create new networks and connections. There is a helpful tolerance that people have with the new moon in Aquarius. However, the next day Mercury goes retrograde, complicating things.

The question these horoscope messages answer is, “Given today’s new moon cycle of moving forward with what’s new, and tomorrow’s Mercury going retrograde which slows things down, what do the Speaking Stones have to say about making things happen over the next couple of weeks?”

Generally, be wary of big financial commitments for the next couple of weeks. Traditionally , Mercury retrograde is a dicey time to sign a contract, rent a place, and expect to know everything you need to know about making a big decision.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Things can’t quite get established or completed…or there could be another route taken than what your first are looking at. Expect it to take two or three months to have all the pieces incorporated into any big project.  Tarot message: You tend to make better decisions now; your intuition is on and your energy is up. Your expectation is that a new project brings happiness and success. But Mercury retrograde suggests things take longer than expected.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn,  Earth signs: Your job in this new moon cycle is to get a lot of things done and secured that are foundational for your stability and well-being.  The details get refined later, but now make moves to establish a beneficial environment for yourself. Deal with basics first and the rest will fill in. Keep busy with the plenty there is to do.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: (answered by tarot cards, not stones):  You can be excited and happy yet running into obstacles, more towards the end of the two week new moon cycle.  You have to wait for February…February answers questions that get brought up, so there’s a pretty quick breakthrough with any obstacles you do encounter.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You have to hunker down and not listen to anybody but your own inner guidance. It can be different than what other people think is right, but you need to trust yourself now. It looks like you are creating a deeper connection with your own light and stability. Water signs get a lot of insight and corroboration in the next couple of weeks.

Psychic Insights for 2015 and a Few More Horoscope Messages

Staying on top of 2015

Staying on top of 2015

Although I  thought it was a major feat to produce the January 2015 newsletter while mostly sick as a dog, I did leave out quite a few messages. Here are a few more insights about the year:

Prosperity in 2015: Success comes most easily from bringing to fruition things that have already started.  Successful productions are well-crafted and sustainable. Successful actions include more networking, and getting more into your community professionally, and finding what’s more fruitful right where you’re at. Success comes through moderation, including branching out to incorporate new things and create a more well-rounded life.

For those alone and/or starting over in some important way: You are also moving into freedom, and that is the right, feel-good direction to be going in 2015. Notice first that your feelings are stronger about what is right and wrong for you. That’s what you’re given first to guide you, your inner sense. Your life plans will become clearer and grow in structure so that by August, you have a better idea of where things are going. Expect that a good part of this year is a process to ultimately stabilize you and make your income source clearer. You are given your stronger feelings to trust, and that’s all you need at first, is a response from your inner self, the voice you are learning to trust and have faith in. This voice can prompt you more strongly now. Its most important job is to guide, nudge, and lead you to what will uniquely fulfill you and make you happy.  Spend some time daily listening to what your inner guidance gives you to pay attention to, and know it can interrupt your day at any time to let you know something helpful – that is its job, also. You can trust your wise inner self, but you can make it much more useful by asking for its guidance and exercising it. Spend a few minutes asking for guidance followed by a few minutes of being receptive to any new ideas or insights. (Guided meditations help you contact your inner self.)

The year begins with a full moon, which makes people “feel their feelings” more acutely.  Especially during a full moon, but for the whole year, expect that:

It’s a roller coaster year depending on what train of thought you’re on: if you’re feeling down, don’t worry, things will switch into a positive cycle. The year beginning with a full moon indicates people have big ambitions for emotional fulfillment and to change their emotional wiring, so expect some up and down moods.

Things just fly off in 2015 that don’t belong.

It can be dangerous to speak before you think.  Think before speaking because words can be the beginning of an avalanche of consequences.

Rectification: Don’t go there, and try to reclaim something from the past. Don’t try to go back to fix anything.

Livelihood changes involve an awful lot of workings and doings that don’t really ground themselves in reality until August through October, with strong indications of success in August. This calls for faith, listening to the voice within.

USA: For some reason more significant change is wrought in this year than many others. Things might go better than expected for President Obama. (My 2014 prediction for him was accurate, but it’s hard to imagine this one is.)

Key words for Gemini: Do Not Rush. Stay Even (on an even keel). Focus on healing. Contemplate beautiful sunsets.

Key words for Cancer: At the beginning. “Yay, I’m free!” “Oh boy, and I get to be me!”

Key words for Leo: Being alone. Happier.  Equilibrium.

Elissa’s January 2015 Psychic Newsletter with Horoscopes for the New Year



Dear Friends,

I can’t tell you anything too cheerful because I’ve spent New Years nursing a cold, but I hope to entertain you with what I’ve been reading while lying here: “Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience”, which details some of the world’s greatest psychic’s amazing feats. Cayce was unique in the scope and detail of what he could see while in a hypnotic trance. Once, instead of ending his trance session in the customary way that his staff was used to, he indicated there was one more reading to do, and began doing a reading for someone who was not on the day’s lsit. It was for a girl away at college whose mother was known to the Cayces, who had fallen off her dorm bed and needed medical attention. Cayce described the situation and the kind of care she needed. The people in the room immediately called the girl’s mother, who didn’t know anything about it – but it turned out to be true, and Cayce’s reading was very helpful in that emergency. (Sadly in his own life, Cayce was not able to follow the stark and accurate guidance he got to cut down on his daily sessions or it would kill him.)

Cayce believed that nobody has to have extra special perception to be successful or spiritually fulfilled, they just had to listen to what rang clear within them. “Be true to the best you know, and the next will be given to you.” was was all one needed to know. That’s great advice for twisty-turny 2015! To not need to know but to be true to one’s changing self and see where it takes one. Although I hope to see some of you in my reading room here in Santa Fe…

Happy New Year!

January 7th circle Wednesday night. There are two spaces left in the psychic message and spiritual healing circle, plus we’ll do a Transformational Art Card for your new year…7-9 pm, 227 East Palace in the Kruger Building, $45, Suite T North upstairs, 505-982-3294 for reservations or by email,

Intuitive Impressions of 2015

Experiences in 2015 can be jolting, and lots of little mistakes made. Ignore them! And everybody else’s bloopers too…you will have a much better time. The atmosphere is less pressured the second half of this changing, moving year. Ultimately your consciousness will rise, and so will the collective’s. Many have a change of course.

Work hard and on faith until February, time of Aquarius. With creative projects, you have to be okay with rehearsal, repetition, and making a consistent effort for a couple of months.

Expect that important goals can take awhile. Perseverance is needed before there’s a big breakthrough (with many likely in August); never give up!
“Freedom” is an even stronger rallying cry than in 2014, and there are also more bans lifted and more freedom allowed. It becomes easier to breathe if you’re different. Human rights groups get stronger but extremists in many forms continue their own savage course, and a lot of people die in battles. Police in police states and U.S.A. continue their aggression.

What to make of all of it…just keep moving forward and don’t give up on your dreams!

2015 defies pat descriptions because what defines it is its fluidity. Positive or negative, great energy flows into whatever you’re creating, and you’ll produce a lot of it. The changing, moving power of 2015 is yours to do whatever you want with. Heed the inner messages you get to let go of things…that’s how you get somewhere new.

Outgoing 2014 gives you a healing visualization to begin the New Year:  Looking back, it asks you to:

“…Only recognize you have changed, and you’re more self-aware and it matters not one whit what went into that change. It is done, the growth experiences served their purpose and you need not look back through those perspectives. Don’t wait until you think you’re ready…right this moment, stumble, stride, or walk into the New Year, feel yourself to be more stronger for whatever you went through in the past, and see your future self in front of you, way down the road, waving and happy that you are arriving at a surer, happier place by the end of the year. Happy New Year!

Psychic Horoscopes for 2015 – Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You make decisions based on feelings and how wonderful you imagine something might be, but these are mutable signs meaning be good and sure before you make a commitment based on expectations.
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: This year requires fortitude and endurance for the changes you want to see. Some things must be given up to reach your goals. Let your strong feelings rise to the occasion!
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: The most important thing about making decisions is that you feel that there’s a match between what you’re moving towards and signing up for, and your capacity for it: you have to be ready for something. Do not overload your life or you’ll be more aware of pressure than the accomplishments.
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: There’s a big surprise for earth signs! Those of you who have worked hard for it, get something they really want. You can have a plan that brings more harmony to your life and includes those you love.
Aries: It’s not advisable to try to expand this year, something might be “less-than” or produce a diminished return; in some way you have to heed limits. What you want to have, own, or do takes awhile, or is delayed. Nevertheless, you find yourself in new spaces, being more on a cutting edge, showing the world what you can do.
Taurus wants a healing in their heart. There can be a lot of excitement and a lot of uncertainty about what you’re planning, so you just gotta trust and wait it out if it goes slow. Ultimately, this year’s goals are to end you up settled, serene, and soothed.
Gemini: You have big ideas and your heart is in the right place, but watch the tendency to take on more than is physically and emotionally comfortable. Make it a point to listen to your body this year! You might be working through some illusions and getting to what is truly comfortable for you.
Cancer: Cancer could be in very unfamiliar territory but it stills feels right to enter into it, and the best way is whole-heartedly. There’s something exciting and a little dangerous about your direction this year!
Leo: You’re feeling better, more self-aware, and more content with your life and its direction. You know more what you’re going for, what you’re doing…your ideas are better for yourself and there are better opportunities. It’s a year of moving in a more known and desired direction.
Virgo: Your emotional well-being increases although it does look like there are changes in your emotional life. Success flows more easily to you and you’re able to set up things much better, after a change more in the beginning of the year. You can make successful business changes and location changes this year.
Libra: Are you more alone than usual? Make good use of alone time, don’t wonder about it. Signs suggests that it’s a hands-on year of making things happen, but there are delays or periods in which you’re not able to forward something or work on your idea or it takes awhile to get approval…you could be slowed down, in which case, make good use of your time!
Scorpio: Specific life directions are kind of murky but clearly changing. You are more sure of something being true, love being there..and you being able to do what you want to do. Something significant works out for you this year.
Sagittarius: You are loving life more. willing to learn and willing to dance. Recent times have made you stronger and streetwise. Travel solves some issues for you too, as well as marking the end of one chapter and beginning a new. The year is about expanding in some new direction, and the fun of learning, and reconnecting with a healthier lifestyle.
Capricorn: Work is particularly enjoyable and takes you to great places. You are happy with other people and have closer emotional encounters. You are also looking for new ways to present yourself, and will find new angles to your career. Most important is that you take care of yourself-your health and well-being. In relationships, be willing to compromise.
Aquarius: With more self-confidence now, you can come into your own, and the fulfillment is very gratifying. Watch your temper, though…you get angry sometimes! You could be getting ready for a new role and judging everything from a new reality that’s not quite here yet, but is on its way. A lot of questions get answered after February. Also, you could hit the jackpot financially.
Pisces: This year has a “before” and “after”, and “after”, you will feel much better! You continue further, deeper, and more truly in the direction you’ve been going creatively. It’s pioneering and very fun because you’re in learning phases, and you don’t really have to make big decisions, yet. It’s a good year for partnering creatively with people and finding new outlets, new connections, and new ways to further your creative goals. Go to an island if you can.

Elissa’s December 2014 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This week I feel like I’ve stepped off some cloud I’ve been on, to face an unusually lengthy must-do list. (I passed “to-do” a long time ago). Hence a very short newsletter with some psychic hits for December, and mainly, my sincere thanks for all of the encouraging messages and emails I received this year. I’ve been enjoying myself creatively more than usual, and I’m grateful for the support.

Have a great month, and I hope we all find time for holiday

fun and games! (Speaking of which, a really great party game for thinking creatively plus hoodwinking others is called Scattergories – I got introduced to it at Thanksgiving.)



P.S. A thoughtful person named “Jennifer”, whom I assume is a client, recommended me for a research project at a university in Canada…if you are reading this, could you please get in touch?

Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing: I’ll be in Santa Fe through December and almost all of January, available for in person and phone sessions.505-982-3294

Circle in Santa Fe. Wednesday. January 7th 7-8:30 pm. Transformative Art to Relieve Stress I want to try something new in this circle, although like past workshops,  it includes process work and intuition development,  plus psychic messages from yours truly.  It’s more specifically to help people relieve stress and feel centered, as be able to see and feel a desired state of being and future.  Each creative process we do produces a take-home tool.   All tools and supplies provided. $45, 227 E. Palace, 505-982-3294 or to register.

Circle in El Paso, January 17th, Saturday 3 pm: Please see the description and registration info above, I will be doing the same format with an additional psychic message circle, $65. Location to be announced.

About Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and “You Are the Placebo”: I did a radio show the other day and talked about what I learned at his great workshop in Connecticut this November. Click here to hear it, and later I’ll put the excerpted discussion on my own website. (Also, re psychic call-in radio, there was a neat phenomenon that happened on that show: Right before it went live, I could “see” someone who appeared very tired of waiting, like they were outside in the cold with heavy bags…it made me change the format of the show so I worked with callers first. I’m quite sure I spoke to the person who showed up on my mental screen,  I believe to let me know to change the order because maybe she wouldn’t wait on the phone –  she’s the caller who asks for guidance about her housing situation.)


(This more direct way to receive messages for groups of people is a work in progress but I like where it’s going.  There are no symbols or systems involved, just my willingness to receive a message like in any reading. This time I was also given a Sagittarius birthday message.)

Personal Guidance for December: All aboard! A lot of trains are pulling out in December, opportunities are wrapping up, and time is flying by. Get as much done as possible, no fooling around with people or things that feel like they’re sidelining you. Deliver it in December, don’t get distracted. Yet the month is not all about taking care of business: there tend to be breakthroughs in meaningful relationships, and families can get closer or more real with each other.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Fire signs: ‘Oh my god, what have we here? Straighten out all your messes. Deal with all your belongings. Sweep up the shavings of yesteryear. Be one with your bright future as you sweep, and as you “fetch wood and carry water.” There is lots to do and then you’re clear and feeling great about the new year.

Sagittarius gets a special message…”Who me? Yes, you! Understanding you is a lifetime job. Pay attention to what shows up now. Can you see it as a reflection of your growth in the last 2 or 2 ½ years? Notice your progress has amounted to more than the sum of its steadily growing parts. Believing in yourself adds immeasurably to what’s already a positive work in progress: YOU.”

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, Water signs: Things are moving fast in your life! We’re here to tell you about all the surprise events, and how so many things can work in your favor. That’s the best way to look at it: Negotiate, negotiate, and be nice to deal with. Expect to encounter better-quality people, but you’ll also run into difficult people. Be willing to take others into consideration with as much aplomb as possible. Grace is always going to work better for you.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, Air signs: (From a healing spirit attracted to your inner and outer changes): “Be at one with the new spirit within you, that brings new ideas clearly into focus and expands upon them, and gives you a new lease on life. You have new places to go, new ways to interact – and there’s a lot waiting for you around some faraway corners. Take with you all the knowledge you’ve gained, and be at one with the world – go in peace.”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: If you have pushed people away, now’s the time to make amends. If there’s any understanding about the past that will bring relief, ask the Universe to bring it to you, be open to pacifying answers. Make this how you begin the New Year, a year in which you will be an even more clear and loving partner. There are new responsibilities to deal with up ahead.  They actually require your lighter heart – that’s what it will take to be more successful.

Elissa’s November 2014 Psychic Newsletter

November 2014

November 2014

Dear Friends,

I had an exciting 24 hours getting omens about November for this newsletter, and if it’s any indication of the month ahead, expect the unexpected and go with it!

The first place the spirits sent me was north to  right outside the entrance to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. I parked next to a little river , planning to walk down a tree-lined dirt road I’d just passed. But first I sat in my car, staring off into space. In a couple of minutes, padding right across my field of vision and in front of my disbelieving eyes, came a big wild cat.

It was a very small mountain lion with a long tail, but it looked kind of spotted. The two cubs walking behind it were clearly spotted. They were a little unsteady on their feet, but the big one gracefully and silently made its way along the bank, threading through the rocks, and then disappeared into the brush towards the tree-lined road.

Which I decided not to walk down after all…

After a double Americano at the little cafe outside Ojo, I kept going north until I was stopped in my tracks by the most fiery blaze of coppery gold color I ever saw, radiating off a long line of cottonwoods on the riverbank.

Someone else had stopped to admire them and we got to talking. He turned out to be an herbalist who lived in the nearby mountains. His renowned company, Dragon River Herbals, was on the scene in Santa Fe and internationally for thirty years; they supplied doctors and health facilities with their high-quality wild-crafted organic products.

I learned something interesting about wild-crafted herbs: their medicine is so much more potent because in Nature, they go through a lot of stress.  The plants’ response to the natural stressors in their environment makes them produce more potent medicinal properties. The “fat cat” herbal plants grown in cultivation don’t need to develop the inner strength necessary to BE strong medicine.

That’s something to remember in November 2014, when  it will behoove us to see challenges like a plant in the wild, as something that develops our powers.

The delightful way my omen-getting adventure ended was just as surprising as seeing a mountain lion. In my own mind, Nature was revealing how the improbable would show up in November, and how it could be rewarding to expect the unexpected and go with it.  The next night I found myself on back roads that led to a tiny town I’d never been to.  It was just a few lights in the dark hills, coming from a restaurant and a little market, both which turned out to be bustling. Shockingly, the restaurant was a bona fide bastion of haute cuisine. I settled on one of their specials, barbecued sturgeon (sturgeon!!) served with lobster butter, grilled polenta cakes, asparagus and a vegetable mirepoix. It was perfectly delicious and $23.95. What an improbable meal off the beaten track in the middle of the high desert! (Check out Blades Bistro in Placitas.)

Be adventurous in November and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



P.S. Last month I wrote about Dreamhealer Dr Adam McLeod, whose workshop I recently attended in Vancouver BC. There’s a Cosmic Contact’s radio show excerpt about the workshop and Adam posted on the front page of my website, scroll down.

Itinerary: November 11thBoston

November 12-15thNYC

November 25th and 28th. Los Angeles

In person private psychic counseling and healing sessions.  House calls or your office; to make an appointment  please email me at or call at 505-982-3294. Travel price $185.

Intuition Circle in Santa Fe: November 29th, Saturday night 7-9 pm, $45. For more information, go to the circles page here.

I’ll be unavailable in Santa Fe November 7-15th, and November 24-28th.

Radio show December 1st, 5:30 Mountain Time. I’ll be talking about my experience at a workshop I’m attending this month with Dr. Joe Dispenza, and taking calls from listeners, 1-347-838-9142. AccessCosmic Contacts at

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Psychic Insights for November 2014

Ominous news for dieters: This month is tough on dieters, with an especially tempting holiday season when it comes to any kind of dietary control. The best way to defend against this is to put more time into preparation of “your foods”.

KEY TO THE KINGDOM: Letting go of resentment goes a long ways in November 2014. It leads to greater self-trust. Then you’re freer to use your power. Releasing resentment can act like an amazing cure and instantly enable you  to do your best.

ENERGY! Expect a big bursting forth of energy after the full moon in Taurus on the 6th. Plans made back in August are on the move again. It’s a strong month of personal growth and change.

On the down-low: In order to stabilize personal goals in November and grow them, you may want to keep them undercover, while investing in yourself through getting help, but not yet being “out” with what you’re working towards.

November 4th astrology: Election Day is in the orb of the full moon in Taurus on the 6th, and the moon being in Aries, both parties are going to be trying hard to the bitter end to exert their will, with more people turning out to vote than expected. The planets support an ultimately liberating day where womens’ strength plays a significant role.

November’s opportunities are still eclipse-driven…last month’s newsletter guidance is still relevant: We are in a cycle that calls upon personal strength, when people bear what they need to and receive the important truths to move forward. It is a natural time to zero in on what’s personally important and make new and improved plans.

November 2014 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

(These messages are in response to asking what opportunity is most likely to present itself while Jupiter is in Leo during November.  There were no divination tools involved, just straight channeling, so I would love feedback if they’re particularly relevant or not. )

“What does Jupiter in Leo mean for the different fire, water, air and earth signs? What is the opportunity most likely to present itself?”

For the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, it’s the opportunity to make a wise but not so easy to make choice, between two different versions of reality. Which one is for you, which feels more real? It’s better to choose the one that asks you to expand. Expect support with Jupiter in Leo, and that you can find compatible circumstances.

Jupiter in Leo for the fire signs, Aries, Leo in Sagittarius: You’re right at home with Jupiter in a fire sign, but you could also “burn too bright”, and be over-confident – watch your ego, and be careful of getting too big for your britches!  Anticipate plenty of great connections and opportunities too,  and we wish you well on your journeys, did you know you’re going to be traveling? More than usual….bon voyage!

Jupiter in Leo for the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: There’s been a lot of heavy-duty happenings, and you may have been slowed down by events. Yet you’re still asked to be grateful for what you have:  it is the path to fullness. We wish you well! Behave as if everything is well, and soon it will be.

For the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Are you still lugging around that thing? Some things are hard to let go of…it might not even be ‘til April…and then your world opens up so big, that wow, you’ve got to let go whatever’s not relevant—like a hot potato, baby!”

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