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Psychic Impressions of 2014 and the January Newsletter

Happening 2014

Happening 2014

Dear Friends,

I’m typing away on New Year’s Day,

Here in cold cold Santa Fe,

Wishing you all so far away,

That you get the things for which you pray,

..wishing you peace, prosperity, and especially,

That your days are merry and your heart is free!

Have a wonderful year,




Circles: There will be no circles in January. The next series starts February 10th, and will incorporate some of what we did last year, and what now seems like relevant focus, or at least through the Spring–a circle to keep us grounded, connected to our own inner self, with processes that are self–affirming and bring one back into balance. Included still is that people come with a personal goal to work on, because it turned out to be useful to everyone to refine their intention to something that genuinely motivated them; also, for psychic development purposes and the exercises we do, the intuition works best on something you’re interested in manifesting.

Monday, February 10th, 7-9 pm, a Women’s Circle. Saturday February 22nd, 7-9 pm, Spiritual Communion in the New Year circle. Please email for reservations or call 505-982-3294. Information about circles at

New guided meditations: This Fall I produced a new kind of guided meditation, and have plans to make many more–I like thinking about how to quickly give someone an attitude adjustment and get to a better place, especially when they’re out of sorts. “Give Yourself a Blessing” branches out from getting you in touch with your intuition, to giving yourself a healing. Please check it out at

Psychic Impressions of 2014

Life is going to get wild, folks. The surf is UP, it’s action time— apathy is scarce and life seems more acute in this fast moving, fast-changing, transitional year. It’s time to ride the waves and accept all the interesting things that can happen. Many, many things can happen to a person in just one year. 2014 feels to be a surprise, possibly mind-blowing…very real and revealing and renewing. Many take the plunge and truly leave the past behind. People free themselves left and right. Good news for people wondering “if they will ever change”: we are much more willing to follow our intuition and spiritual guidance than in past years.

2014 has a rollicking, reckless rhythm that goes to extremes… it’s an exciting time to be a teenager! I’ll bet they have their fair share of adventures they don’t tell anybody about, and get less sleep than usual.

Showing Up Matters: A year of personal triumph and arriving somewhere new. Within themselves, people are ready and willing to act, to revolt, to revolutionize their self-image, wardrobe, country, religion, and take on daunting challenges. It’s a more pointed year of personal re-invention, transformation of work styles, and even the metamorphosis of society’s institutions. The biggest changes come this year, and the greatest exhilaration. Peoples’ sense of purpose is renewed.

Love, relationships, and partnerships are much more of a focus this year than last. People’s need for comfort and intimacy becomes more important.. They get together for a wider range of reasons, finding the answer in partnerships of various kinds. Collaborations can be very successful this year. People will look back and be glad about the love that has come into their life…it’s a good year to get involved and care about others, and be enriched. Emotional healing is in the air.

The U.S.: Reasons to be optimistic are: President Obama has a surprisingly great year so he must be getting more done. Perhaps he is effective in some new way about “income inequality”. It looks like the stock market does well in some commodities and new kinds of industry/technology. Echoing this year’s phenomenon in people, where they get a clear view of their low and high points, the worst and the best of their life, disenfranchised poor Americans might be going through the same thing—seeing how bad it can get, and then seeing new opportunities made. There may be many more solutions forthcoming…there is something about this year (maybe it takes both 2014 and 2015) that is like turning a corner.

The Speaking Stones: The Speaking Stones are a divination system I use with individual clients, in circles to create a group divination, and also for messages about the year or month. There are eight stones, and I used only six for 2014 because two stones “didn’t’ belong” in the design, and a stone excluding itself gives its own message:

The stones left out of the 2014 design suggest that it will not be a grounded, stable time, but another transitional year of major earth changes, fierce uprisings in society, continued abuse of Mother Nature, and crazy weather.

The 2014 design puts a spotlight on “unexpected developments” that have a big impact. It suggests we witness rapid change. Something could temporarily throw our money situation up in the air. A really big problem could surface. If a person’s world or some important aspect of their life is based on something false, it could be coming apart at the seams in 2014. Instability gets revealed. Although ultimately the stock market might do well, the drama and change in this design suggests there will be volatility and panic.

Astrological Triggers in 2014

All of January: Venus retrograde in Capricorn promotes us to make various upgrades, i.e. we introduce better-serving systems into our lives, more efficient procedures; we create better web presences, and nicer wardrobes. People in estranged relationships might reunite for emotional as well as practical reasons.

Jupiter in Cancer moves into Leo July 16th: When Jupiter is in Cancer, people tend to go on an inner journey concerned with personal growth and preparation, often for some new offering or venture. When it moves into Leo, they are more outgoing, presenting something to the world, and on stage in some new way. This astrological framework is helpful so you’re not concerned if you are inward-focused the first half of the year, it’s natural.

Grand Cross of Spring 2014: really intense!! The cavalcade of change-invoking circumstances in 2013 continues—only with greater intensity. Life highlights a choice: Are you choosing to shrink your world, or learn and expand?  The Spring energy is unusually pressurized, so don’t worry if you’re not feeling on an even keel, few are! All that matters is you keep adjusting back to a centered place.

On an individual level, a Grand Cross of four squared planets in April intensifies and highlights the polarities within us. If we are able to use its energy because we want to help ourselves or someone else, we can have strong, strong energy to get something done that’s difficult. Being “on your own side” allows you to move forward with this energy.

This time will deepen our need for inner peace. It makes us search for what we stand for and value. We seek to exist on ever more truthful levels that keep life manageable. Innovations in our personal life will entail cleaning out and clearing out, especially the first half of the year.

Positive Response to Pressure: The Year of the Mighty Collaborators: Heroes come out when crises emerge! With courage and candor, collectives of Concerned Citizens for Planet Earth begin to operate full-throttle. We’ll hear of innovative solutions and how we can benefit from streamlined processes. According to a Mayan shaman I heard recently, there’s hope in that we have a new 25 year cycle to look forward to, in which we can make up for having blown it so far as planetary stewards, by trying much harder from now on. Or else.

Personal Guidance: It’s easy to get out of balance in excessive 2014. The best time to establish personal health routines is right now in the beginning of the year: make a ceremony out of personal stability with the twenty minutes of exercise you do in the morning, or make time for exercise classes if that’s what works; diet and health routines deliver the balm of well-being and you’ll want them in place by Spring.

We could see our personal bottom and our personal top, and you could reach both in the same year. This is no time to judge yourself: performance in different areas of life varies. Of all years, individuals benefit from increased self-understanding and self-acceptance. Remember Edison: something like 10,000 failures before he succeeded to make a light bulb. In the long run all that counts is showing up.

Individual messages for the Astrological signs: OK, here comes the awful part: I have lost all the messages, maybe. The digital recorder I used just flashes “error” and nothing online helps me figure this out. Although this manufacturer still has real-people customer service, and maybe the file can be recovered. Meanwhile, I have a set of 2014 prosperity and “how to succeed” messages already posted on my blog and the Examiner; they will have to fill in until February’s newsletter, when I’ll write individual messages for the astrological signs.

For all signs: Success and projects in 2014 take effort and grit.

Banish hate! If it isn’t in your repetoire of emotional responses to yourself or anyone else, you will avoid connecting with a lot of weird energy batting around the planet this year; don’t align with the weird side of 2014 because it’s a mile wide.

How to Succeed in 2014 for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: This year is about getting your fire re-ignited. Now you feel free to do what brings you prosperity. It’s going to be hard if you must know what’s going to be successful; never mind how things look now. Do what you find most compelling, it leads to success.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: The route to prosperity begins with having to clear things out of their lives, then knowing what it is they’re willing to put energy into, and being willing to start at the beginning of something. Recognize you have the tools, the strength, and the inner resources to begin in this freer place

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: You have better connections and backing or support this year, yet you’re keenly aware it’s still up to you and your work, and how you follow through, to make a success out of your better prospects. But you have a very good running start with plans that have already started before the year begins.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: This is a year where you may not see revenue from your new ideas, but you can get invaluable feedback. Don’t overextend yourself investing in what’s new: you’re more in the dreaming-up and experience-gathering phase.

2014 Prosperity Messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

2014 Picture of Prosperity

2014 Picture of Prosperity

Psychic messages about 2014 and the overall tenor of what’s to come are still behind the veil of time, but a few omens peeked through about our personal prosperity in the new year:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You’re getting ready to get your fire re-ignited.  You’re freer than ever before to do what brings you prosperity. It’s going to be hard if you must know what’s going to be successful; never mind how things look now, if you follow the compelling feeling it leads to success.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: The route to prosperity begins with having to clear things out of their lives, then knowing what it is they’re willing to put energy into, and being willing to start at the beginning of something. Recognize you have the tools, the strength, and the inner resources to begin in this freer place

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: You have better connections and backing  than before, and it’s up to you and your work, and how you follow through, to make a success out of your better prospects.  But you have a very good running start with plans that have already started before the year begins.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: This is a year where you may not see revenue from your new ideas, but you can get invaluable feedback. Don’t overextend yourself investing in what’s new: you’re more in the dreaming-up and experience-gathering phase.

Elissa’s December 2013 Psychic Newsletter

December 2012

December 2012

Dear Friends,

I just made a new rule for myself, it’s incredible it has taken me this long to do it: never ever again, put a pot on the stove and then go write something. I only get up when the smoke gets to where I’m writing.

Besides what I just did to the atmosphere in my house, it’s a beautiful day in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Reflecting on my year….lately I’ve been appreciating the gift I have always given myself, an entrepreneurial lifestyle.  I always have the chance to experiment as much as I need to, to bring into form something new from myself, which is risky but fun.

Looking back on 2013, my most interesting psychic experiences were the dynamic circles I held down the street. Circles add the dimension of group dynamics, and also, new kinds of spiritual phenomena. They were, like the many series of circles before them, an exploration of communication between people and their inner selves, the spiritual forces they attract, and how a circle can function as a healing and empowering form.  We explored what helps people access and trust their intuition, what makes their intentions truly motivating, and how to energize and support creative aims.

I will never get tired of what every individual session and circle demonstrates to me: how everyone is in succinct and profound touch with the truth of their own life. Even though someone is in a quandary, they can tell a far-ranging story about themselves that goes beyond the place they’re in now, where they can’t see the forest for the trees.  In a circle, listening to each other we all get to see this, and it strengthens self-confidence in our own inner guidance to learn that everyone can speak from a knowing place.

I wish all of you an especially warm and jolly holiday season, with lots of laughs and cheer,

Love, Elissa

Intuition Circle in Santa Fe:  December 28th, downtown Santa Fe
7-9 pm, $45. Please call or email for reservations, 505-982-3294  More info:  CircleWorks
Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing sessions, Santa Fe or by phone….available all December except 24th-26th. 505-982-3294

Psychic Insights for December 2013

The roller coaster ride of November gives way to the quiet certainty of December. Some things are known, which feels better. Now we can deal, and make plans.

In December we can go about fixing what became apparent needed fixing in November. The spiritual work is to be nice to yourself as you set to upgrading your life.

The first half of the month is very different than the second. It’s not so hectic. Don’t expect to have the leisure of reflecting on your life towards the end of the year, there’s going to be a lot going on.  In fact, right now in the beginning of December, with a new moon today, it’s a better time to reflect on your life and dream about the future.

Here’s the most important thing about the New Year’s wishes for 2014: that they resonate with some deep feeling within you. Successful wishes are the ones that move you at your core. This year especially, disregard past expectations or what works for others. Listen to what’s true for you.

In some way it especially helps and protects you to be nice with everybody. As if you’re working a magic spell of protection against the volatility at the end of the year, being nice the first two weeks makes the last two weeks much better.

Over the whole year, millions of people have had to brave the emotional intensity and break-apart energy of 2013.   As it’s worked its way through our personal worlds, now we can better embrace the truth, and have better ideas of what makes us happy, and can make new plans.

The Stars’ Effect on Personal Growth, Projects, and Relationships

Expect lots of lucky breaks and opportunities to come in December, because there are so many ideas flying in the air and people wanting to implement them and manifest dreams.

Even though in late December, the Sun and Mercury come together in the sky and the air is zinging with inspired ideas, Jupiter and Venus go retrograde at the same time, signifying new projects need careful attention, and can be slow going. Whatever you’re doing now, it’s likely you want to go a long ways with it, and it works best to take it slow and easy in December. (This also applies to personal relationships started now, which have potential to be fruitful and long.)

Expect that whatever you get going at this time, it will take quite a bit of work and know-how to construct, but it will be very solid, and something you can build on.

The planet Neptune has a mystical effect on life this month, with its energy of magic and serendipitous coincidence.  The world will give you signs…it’s also a likely time to meet just the right person who can help you, or find just the right teacher.  The world will also give you strong signs if a path is not for you, and tell you to get off a path or change paths.

Some people are falling and need to be caught. Reach out extra far towards people in trouble, they need help.

There’s a lot of cracking-up and falling apart before new beginnings.

December 2013 Quick Hits for the Astrological Signs-Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: For those of you dealing with opposition, it can be like trudging in the snow with the wind in your face, squinting to keep your eye on what’s right in front of you, making progress step by step. Go slow and you’ll be fine.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: It’s still a social, happy, lucky time when  you become aware of good things up ahead. However, something now can be less than satisfying, that you later understand to be a necessary stage.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: In some way water signs are at loose ends or hanging loose, and then an idea grabs them. Impulses can be fruitful. Follow them! Intuition is strongest the last half of the month.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: You can get important offers that change the game in December. You become aware of joining forces in ways that benefit you and widen your horizons.

Elissa’s October 2013 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Pretty shocking beginning to October in the U.S.A.!  Although last night’s government shutdown felt like watching a train wreck in slow motion, it had an immediate economic impact here in Santa Fe according to the local papers, when scores of Social Security Administration judges cancelled their three day conference reservations, fearing they wouldn’t be paid.

My reaction to how crazy the world is getting is to bury myself in my own.  It’s been exciting for me to develop new healing tools and engage with people in the group process I’ve been offering lately.  These circles are an engrossing couple of hours helping people clarify and actualize what’s truly important to them, and we all end up feeling much freer. They are also leading me to the creation of new kinds of “healing with words” tools for self-centering and self-healing.  Ultimately I’ll put them on my website on the “guided imagery” page.

I’m lucky to be going to Massachusetts for a few days in October,  just when the Fall leaves are brightest; I’ll also be working out in  Northern California October 28, 29th and 30th.  Besides those two short October trips, I’m in Santa Fe doing psychic counseling and healing sessions in our bubble of peacefulness and beauty,  and I sure hope it stays that way.

I wish everyone the best and I hope to see you on my travels and, hey!  –maybe writing this newsletter just helped me name those circles: I was about to write, “…and I hope to see you in the circle.” I like that punny workshop name, “See You in the Circle” ….where you end up relating to the “inner You”.

Have fun in the high winds of October, life is a challenging game that makes us feel fully alive this month,


October 2013 Itinerary and Santa Fe Circles:

Boston area (Arlington, Mass at the Theosophical Society, will send directions), October 16, 17, 18th: I’m available for private 1 hour sessions ($165) and hopefully a circle on Wednesday the 16th, limit of 5 people. Please contact for times/details, $65, two hours. 505-982-3294,

San Francisco Bay area (Berkeley, Marin, Sonoma too), Monday October 28th, 29,  and 30th; a “See You in the Circle” workshop on Wednesday evening the 30th in Sonoma. . Please contact for times/details, $65, two hours. 505-982-3294,

Circles in Santa Fe, Thursday October 10th and Thursday October 31st, $45 plus tax, 227 E. Palace Avenue in the Kruger Building, email or call to reserve a space.

Psychic Insights for October and Fall 2013  (from a previous blog article), plus a few I didn’t post:

Pluto in the news: Everything has changed; each person’s world is different—that’s what powerful Pluto going direct feels like in Fall 2013. It means there’s a forward march, an unfolding, of destructive yet transformative events: Pluto represents death, rebirth, and transformation.  In our own lives, we might be picking up the pieces from some heavy lesson we learned, a necessary lesson that leads to transforming how we do things and the foundation we stand on as a person.

October’s Mercury Retrogade, the 21st—November 10th. This Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is a few days after a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries—acting-out rashly may lead to deep complications. This Mercury retrograde is conjunct  the new moon eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd—there’s a tremendous push to break through to some other side, personally and collectively. There can also be truths revealed that really instigate a change. The news should be full of revelations. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can really get to the bottom of things and reveal long-held secrets. Use this time to fearlessly explore your inner landscape and the quality of the emotions that course through you. Are they caused by ideas that are fearful or loving? The Tarot on Mercury retrograde: The cards suggests that if something doesn’t work, i.e. being stubborn, it will cause maximum obstacles and problems to show what isn’t working, what won’t lead to solutions.  (This could be a long gov’t shutdown.)
Faster, harder: The world’s changes kick into high gear, and people must learn to better control their inner space to get done what they need to and find respite from the intense pace.

About sticking your head in the sand: You can’t do the same old thing that no longer serves you and expect to escape the consequences this Fall. Don’t depend on luck:  losses tend to be big, and especially beware of anything leading you into potentially explosive situations. Also, practice “moderation in all things” as escapist behaviors and fantasizing can ruin your chances.  (Another take on “sticking your head in the sand” from a conversation with the spirits on the Fall equinox, September 2013:  “Well, we’re busy not looking at what’s coming. We’re here now, all is well! We don’t want to know anything else because what is the point but to live the way you want.” I associate this with the lack of collective will to recognize dangers and threats to society and the planet.)

Keys to Fall success: Life demands that we be on the ball and on top of what’s important. Update your recordkeeping, find ways to manage details.  Habitual ways you spend  your time are subject to change.

Tremendous personal growth: People can make big leaps in their personal and inner lives, as if they are a human pogo stick and can bounce off the walls of what’s confined them, and finally bound off. Many move on from this Fall with a different understanding of themselves and a new contract with life. People get stronger within themselves.

Somehow, a vacation: Even just a tiny vacation can refresh you immensely in the intensifying energy of this Fall. A great deal can be realized and processed when you feel you’re “off duty”.

Out in the world, collaborations with a big impact between talented people are on the rise. There are a lot of smart people on the planet talking their heads off and they’re not ego- driven or afraid of getting together for global solutions. Powerful partnerships can form around the October 4th new moon in Libra. October has a LOUD quality, and some of it is coming from innovative solutions gaining steam.

Psychic messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs—read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

For all signs from the October pictograph: Stay in your own upbeat bubble!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, the Air signs: Something is over or completed, and valuable lessons learned. You’ve got seeds for a new idea that’s just brewing.  There are things that you’ve learned or understand that free you to be more daring and original. You should feel very good about your direction in the next few months. Have fun, be easy on yourself: this should be a creative time and not as pressured as other Falls.  You’ve got enough information about what you want to do to begin working on it—this is exciting!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, the Water signs: Things can work out in your favor where somehow you’re thrown into a new environment, which is both chaotic and lucky, as if you benefit in an unstable situation. It’s hard to keep things grounded in October. There are issues about new locations, and concern about being able to transition…you can be going to a good place yet have some concern about getting there or keeping plans intact. You just have to keep flexible and be willing to have plans change.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the Fire signs: Life is a mixed bag—there have been some disappointments, there’s resolve, and the conclusion to try something new, move on, and find gifts and new opportunity out in the world. It’s another month of big change, probably more so at the end of the month. Travel is likely. You’re also likely to be thinking and fantasizing about long-term goals that mean a change in direction in your life—what’s up ahead is exciting!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, the Earth signs: You’re trying to land something, you’re trying to anchor a new project. What’s the best thing to do, the best way to go? It’s a little hard to figure out. You may go back to something you were considering in August. You’re trying to make something happen and move forward with the project that’s near and dear to your heart, but your conclusions are likely to change. You have some very good prospects for making things work even though you run into opposition. Be like water and go around blocks.

Elissa’s September 2013 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

My latest adventure is happening right down the street. The circles at 227 E. Palace took a new direction last month, and their potential to seriously entertain me is becoming apparent. There is nothing more exciting than being excited about what you’re doing!

The purpose of a circle is roughly the same as an individual session: to better understand and successfully navigate transitions; to clarify life choices you’ll be happy with, and to be recharged and re-inspired by your own potential. A circle also has a group dynamic, and attracts a new selection of spiritual guidance.

The first two circles neatly fit into the format I’d developed. Eureka! I had conceived them as manifesting circles and an intuition workshop, a magical class where each person came with a goal they wanted to charge up.

But with the third group, new spiritual phenomena started showing up as I began to prepare, and to my delight, a week before the actual event. My kind of class, one that comes alive! The spirit of next week’s circle gave me a new guided imagery exercise to come up with and a new tarot process.

Then something happened I didn’t count on. My initial excitement gave way to serious resistance to having my neat and tidy formula for group sessions taken away.  Now I had to come up with new material, and the workshop might be different than what people expected.

So I ignored the new instructions and tried to do what I’d planned anyway. It was a battle with the circle’s forces I definitely lost.  For a group effort like this to be effective, you must follow the actual flow of energy and interact with the spiritual sources attracted to the participants. Each circle is unique.

All circles are action-oriented and include exercises and practices.  We practice creative visualization, energy release work, discussion, divination, and clairvoyant reading.   Each session is planned as a one-time drop-in event. (However, the August circle naturally developed into a three-part series, which will fittingly end on the September 20th Harvest Moon.)

Whether you live here or are just visiting, please join me in Santa Fe to engage with your dreams, your intuition, and your imagination!

Have a beautiful September and a glorious Fall,


p.s. Speaking of group work, I am very excited about next weekend’s “Living Theater” workshop with Bradford and Hillary Keeney. I first read about Bradford Keeney’s incredible life as a healer in a book he wrote about the pygmies and their ecstatic spontaneous healing dances. I can’t wait to see what they present. September 6-7, Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Fe, . (This workshop led me to a great local resource, Joanna Harcourt-Smith’s website, Check out the interviews!)

Itinerary: Boston area, October 16-18th. San Francisco Bay Area: October 28-31st. Please email if you want an in-person psychic counseling and healing session, or would like to attend a circle. or call 505-982-3294.

Santa Fe Circles:  September 23rd and 28th, approximately 1 ½ hours, limited to 5 people, $45. Sign up by email: or call 505-982-3294.

Sifting September

Sifting September

Psychic Insights for September/Fall 2013

The Psychic Pictograph: I thought there should be a jollier Fall picture than the original “I want to crush you” below, but apparently I can’t make a jolly September image. The Syria picture here seems to relate to all action and eyes being on Syria, while going on behind the scenes is the building and cementing of some huge international business alliance.

Personal Guidance: The pressure of life and its challenges make for an intense but exhilarating September. The month can also begin in some sort of state of exhaustion or overwhelm. First attend to yourself: turn your attention to what stabilizes you and organizes you before pursuing new ventures.

The key word for September is “preparation”. Charging into action without being prepared can be disastrous, you can rush headlong into blowing it. Be patient and wise with whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

All aboard! Many people are finally going somewhere new.  Recent research and findings reveal what makes you happy. This transitional Fall is meant to shake things up, shift things around, and rejuvenate your jaded senses.

September 2013

September 2013

The Psychic Pictograph: September’s  picture is kind of disturbing. What came out in the pictograph is the sentiment of rage and fierce determination to be in control that has been stirred up in people who are trying to hold on to power. The squiggles on top represent the much less organized threads of humanity, freedom, dreams and innovation that creative people are weaving. (The date is not on there like usual because then it’s too doom-y to pair the phrase, “I want to crush you” with a date. I was surprised when those ugly words came out but I identify it as the voice of hate and fear and a reaction to change. The haters are on the defensive, protecting their power bases.)

Re last month’s predictions, September might be the first part of the calm before the storm mentioned in the August newsletter and paraphrased here:  “A hidden influence is coming around the corner: people cannot see the changes up ahead and new plans for how things are run by the powers that be. There are no really obvious signs yet but bold actions will be taken. Out in the world, it looks like there would be big trouble in October-November connected to wars simmering now in August; a lot of people lose their lives.”

About predictions: At the time I saw a connection between simmering wars in August, and October-November, the two events were energetically related. That can change as it’s a probable consequence,  a direction that could be reversed by people in power or mitigating circumstances. However, Syria showed up in my message circle hinting at a mega-tragedy as far back as December 2005. This is from the January 2006 newsletter:

“Here are two messages from countries, like the spirits of the people are talking. This is from a country that didn’t identify itself, but said, “Below us are mighty jets, above us a scimitar – holy wars rage until the end.” Looking at the map of the mid-East, this could be Syria; maybe it’s just the mid-East extremist sentiment.”

For individuals, the biggest Summer news is coming from their inner experiences, so I will happily turn to your personal journey:

The omen-gathering  walk  for September took me to a  dead end road surrounded by mountains. Off to the left was an arroyo and I began picking my way through its steep walls.  For quite awhile I had no view of anything but walls. The spirits began talking about how it was so important to have a dream, especially when there were no views.  The message was that one had to take the first steps and chug along on inner vision and not outer signs.

Then I was shown a breakthrough.   At some point, the Sun in practical visionary Virgo affords a view of where you’re headed. Our imaginations are clever in Virgo and come up with plans of execution. This September might bring some of the best plans ever!  When the Sun is in Virgo we can handle the details and configure the steps to materialize our dreams. A likely breakthrough time is the Harvest Moon on the 19th and after. Frustration gives way to exultation!

Tips for Personal and Professional Success in September

1.  Be open-hearted and welcoming. Opportunity has a million disguises in September.

2.  Amass Less: Less info, less items on your “to do” list, less responsibilities you don’t really care about, and less boxes of stuff.

3.  Care less about boundaries, and who is right and who is wrong. The planets Saturn and Venus are conjunct this month, indicating unity and harmony should be our priority, not the defining of borders, or the recounting of who did what to us when.

4. The fastest way to succeed is to make sure love is involved, i.e. you love the project, you love the people– you feel the love in what you’re trying to do.

5.  Shift your relationship to a perceived obstacle. You might notice you keep pushing your head into the same wall, trying to make headway.  Let a long-standing oppositional relationship fall away.  How to do that will be made known to you  if you ask for it. (That’s a good question for your intuition! Try asking at

6.  Goals first appear to be closer than they actually are. The bright road up ahead takes quite a bit of maneuvering to get to.  Take your time and let the strength of something build, as you build your own strength.

7.  Make your home cozy! Eliminate, freshen, and brighten! Change the art on the walls or the color scheme in your office.

Animal of the Month: Beaver.  (I just watched one today, he was very busy!)  The beaver keeps his eye on the prize. He’s swimming back and forth as fast as he can to build his dam and see his project through.  He doesn’t let the barking dogs distract him, once he assesses the threat.  No matter who or what’s barking at you,  this September be like the beaver and be results-driven, not emotionally-driven.  Just plow through the chaos and do what you want to do.

September/Fall 2013 Spiritual Guidance for the Astrological Signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Fire signs: When in doubt, fire signs can wonder if they are believable and how bright their fire really is. (Stay out of doubt!) September/Fall: Be prepared to work hard because you’re going to get things that you want; you might surprise yourself in doing better than ever.  You have to stay level-headed, responsible and mature; then everything works out. (Conversation with Spirit: Fire signs: “I am angry with all who have wronged me!”  Spirit: “What’s so special about that?” Fire signs: “But they wronged ME, ME!” Spirit: “You! You! …are fathered by the Sun. Be about shining and not whining.”)

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, Water signs: You might feel separated in some way and seek help getting back in the swim of things.  Your instincts are sharp although you must feel your way along and it’s a bit by bit process to make headway. First it feels like everything’s solved in your life, then it turns out there are still questions about where it is you are going, and the revelation that you’re not settled, that you’re still traveling, and learning where it is you belong and what you belong doing. That’s what makes life interesting! It’s always moving and changing.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius,  Air signs: You can have a hard time adjusting to the fact that things are changing, and that you have to adapt. It’s a challenging time yet you’ll be fine and the unknown is beneficial. Your indecision about what to do is more an issue of self-confidence.   It can lead to removing the handicap of not believing in yourself, and finally choosing to move to a higher place in your life, once you determine you’ve got what it takes.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: You are getting comfortable with very big changes in your life;  you’re getting used to what you put in motion.  There’s a relationship between this Fall and next April, where the bold moves you make now create a fulfillment and happiness next Spring. Earth signs’ petition to Fate: “…I want to know, should I stay or should I go? Should I proceed, should I do the deed?  Is there anything I need to weed? Let me know by the first snow where to go: I’m done with deliberating.”

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Elissa’s August 2013 Psychic Newsletter

August 2013

August 2013

Dear Friends,

My newsletter is very late! And it’s still not written, although the August 2013 predictions were gathered around the last full moon.  Santa Fe is very busy at the moment, and today I want to relax and go to the feast day at Santo Domingo pueblo with–it’s the biggest in New Mexico, with over 1500 dancers, so this will be a short report:

Briefly, the big excitement in my life is how much fun I had with my three experimental circlework sessions this July. They were magical, insightful, and energizing for all.  The format is a series of activities designed to enhance our goals and our understanding of what motivates us.  We work with energy and intuition, our bodies’ wisdom, and what we have to give and receive from the other circle members. It’s wilder than a class, though, with music and dancing (or just movement) at the end.  I’ll be doing two more in August, Friday August 23rd and Sunday August 25th , see below for details.

Santa Fe continues to become a better place to eat and shop, and finally the monsoon season has brought some rain. Indian Market is coming up, the Santa Fe bandstand offers the whole town free entertainment Monday through Thursday…life is sweet here, come visit!

I’m available for psychic counseling and healing all Summer, and will be in the Boston area mid-October.

Have a wonderful month ahead,



CircleWork sessions: Limited to 5  (in my office at 227 E. Palace, upstairs in Suite T North); $40, 7:15-8:45 approximately; for more information and to register please email or call 505-982-3294. There will be more information on my website soon (there’s some now) at

August 2013 Psychic Insights

For everyone: August’s dynamic, volatile forces help people  let loose with what’s inside them and express themselves in creative and passionate ways.  A hidden influence is more around the corner: people cannot see—there are no really obvious signs—of much change in the offing;  the new plans for how things are run by the powers that be. Bold actions will be taken.

Out in the world, it also looked like there would be big trouble in October-November connected to wars simmering now in August;  a lot of people lose their lives.  And up ahead, three foreign powers that don’t include the U.S. form an agreement; they want greater control and autonomy from the West.

Personal guidance: Like July was,  it is a potent, active time with so many big and influential planets  in water signs:   things really happen; things move, things change.  However, it’s a long hard slug uphill if you are fighting about anything in the past.Re the future: leave alone what you can’t fill in, you don’t have to fill in the blanks—only deal with what’s working and flowing in your life. People are reactive and not thinking reasonably, necessarily, in August.  Making peace your priority can ward off any hotheaded encounters.

Psychic Horoscopes for August 2013—Read Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Fire signs can be contemplating a big yet empowering change that takes you into unknown territory. Your best life requires courage; to get what you want, you can’t back down from your highest goals.  This month you’re likely dealing with temporary blocks that make you work out problems and find solutions.  You can make what you want happen but it takes working through some issues. Take care not to get in your own way through thinking you have to do too much, or know too much.  What you must do is radically trust your intuition: you’ll have to be bold, you’ll have to be brave, you’ll have to be willing to change aspects of your life and what you’re doing.  You need to probably take a trip in relation to your next project, or you might need to see something or show up in person to get something done related to goals and projects.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): You have happy prospects to look forward to, more balance in your life, good partnerships, and the possibility of long-term success with what is forming now. Both long-term and short-term realities are promisingly positive. Although you don’t know the answers,  circumstances just feel better with the opportunities you have now.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Things are aligned to officially begin. People are going to want you to participate with them, and there’s a role for you to play you become aware of if you’re not already. It’s also a good time to settle down and decide upon a course of action and plans. Also, you should stick to your guns: do it your way, that’s what works.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): There’s some opposition to getting your way or getting what you want. You might think you should get more for what you’re giving.  There can be a conflict of interests, or conflict about your domain.  You’re frustrated by not being able to see around the corner. Something you expect to be long term or sustaining may not be….you’re not sure. You might be worried about finances—but actually, it looks like thing will be just fine.

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