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September’s Psychic Pictograph, Putin, and ISIS

Posting the September newsletter, I omitted mentioning the meaning of the September pictograph. A psychic pictograph is a symbolic interpretation of what shows up psychically about a subject, in this case,  September 2014.
September is about the rise of ISIS, in my interpretation. To the left of September are 3 heads, one cut off at the bottom and another one next to it, representing the two journalists ISIS recently decapitated. The question mark refers to the third journalist, who is still in captivity, represented by the third head far away. This suggests that maybe a third killing won’t happen, but if it does, would be some sort of tipping point.
The very thin green line of earth at the bottom shows the delicacy of what’s fruitful and supportive, and that the  collective consciousness is preoccupied with aggressive action, conflict and uncertainty in September (red space).
On the right, the long skinny triangle represents the fast rise of ISIS, but as a power with knowledge and order (triangle), not just a killing machine.  The black drops around it are what allows this phenomenon to go on: oil. We’re too in bed with it.  (Please check out the discovery I mention in the September newsletter, a new substitute for fossil fuel…innovation will someday trump greed! )
The oil is also in the shape of teardrops, the other constant around ISIS and oil. The moon shapes in the number 2014 represent the Muslim world-impacting changes.
Other world powers are already mobilizing against ISIS, with the intention of crushing it, not containing it. As they need to!
It seems so improbable, the idea of Europe being overrun by a Muslim invasion…but I have noticed for many years that there are accounts on the web of prognosticators in Europe who foresaw a Muslim invasion of Europe. Here’s an excerpt from a November 2010  article about a Russian psychic, one who predicted that Europe would be under Muslim rule in the future, although this particular prediction is about Russia:
“Vanga said that she received her information from a “non-human” voice. She also claimed that the lives of everyone she met were set out in front of her, from start to finish “like a film.” As well as this, she declared that she had been visited by extra-terrestrials from the planet Vamfim, describing them as “beautiful and slim.”
But just as you begin to write her off as a lunatic, consider this, from the 1950s. Was she simply lucky with her forecasts?
“Cold regions will become warm…and volcanoes will awaken. A huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water.”
Despite her direct hits (researchers from the University of Sofia estimate she was accurate with 85% of her predictions), her popularity in Russia is undoubtedly partly down to her prophecy that the country will again become a great global power. Perhaps, even, the only power.
“Everything will melt, just like ice. Only one thing will remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia…No one can stop Russia,” she told a Soviet writer in the late 1970s. She didn’t specify which Vladimir – Lenin or the former KGB agent who would succeed Yeltsin – she was referring to.”

Elissa’s September 2014 Psychic Newsletter

The seasons are changing here and so is downtown Santa Fe: tables now line one side of the plaza like in Europe or Mexico, and I just biked by a new exotic cheese store getting set to open– the first of its kind in town. There are already two shops devoted solely to olive oil and they haven’t gone under, so maybe Santa Fe has turned into a place that supports artisanal specialty stores like a big city.

Yet on this long Labor Day weekend, Santa Fe showed me its timeless appeal to the Road Tripper, quite a few of whom made it to my door. Known as a mecca for sightseers and shoppers, Santa Fe is also a magnet for people who need to air their head out. A Road Trip to Santa Fe sounds very good when you’re in some flat part of the country, questioning your marriage and career and existence.

I look forward to these highly-charged sessions because the clients are so in the mood for it. Sometimes they get answers from sessions with people like me, but they also mine value from just about every road-trip interaction.  Their stories tell me how important it is to the strangers when people are nice to them!  I hear about all the synchronicities that happened when they got here, the “signs” they got, and what spoke to them.

When they get here they plop into a hotel. Later, a trip up to the mountains gives them a new perspective; a massage makes them feel connected to their body again; the guy at the car wash fixes the windshield wiper without asking. All the art everywhere and the peaceful pace allow them to unwind even more.

However sophisticated and hip Santa Fe might get, visitors will always be drawn to the spiritually uplifting vibration of Santa Fe, intuitively knowing it’s a good place to relax and begin to find themselves again.

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves wherever you are, have a great last couple of weeks of Summer–technically we’re all still unwinding until the third week in September!

Events: September Intuition Circle The September 24th new moon circle takes place during a period of heavy-hitting planetary activity. Pluto going direct in Capricorn and the Fall equinox means you can expect to see a lot more profound change in the structure of the world and your life: what has been set up gets going on a bigger scale.

For the circle and an inspiration to work with, everybody should bring a personal desire to give some energy to–a Fall intention. In the process of getting perspective on your goals through divination and clairvoyant reading, we’ll do some exercises that develop intuition and increase self-trust. No experience necessary. May include an art project, all tools provided. Limited to 8,  $45, 7-9 pm, 505-982-3294,

I will be in Seattle and Vancouver October 4-7th and available for private sessions, 505-577-4012 or

Psychic Insights and Horoscopes–Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Enjoy Productive September 2014!

The Sun in Virgo highlights work and service and taking care of others. Its spirit asks that we take a little more responsibility and do something extra this month, to make the world a better place.

Reaching Professional Goals comes from surveying what you’ve got in detail, and improving on delivery systems and practicality. Taking stock will inspire new ideas! If you just landed in a new environment, it’s likely going to work for you. You’ll be very busy setting up house, virtually or literally. Efficiency tip: Do one thing at a time to avoid mistakes.

September theme: Mobilizing Change comes through great mobilizing efforts. Lots of things and people are martialling their forcesPersonally, it’s a month of completing details and then actually getting things moving. There’s no way to generalize about what’s mobilizing out in the world–when the mobilizing is done we’ll see who has the power. Obviously and in many different ways, it’s getting hot up in here, y’all!

What to be grateful for: Better ideas! These “better new ideas” could have been occurring to you since the last week in August. Any time around the first of the month, never mind what’s undone around you, go somewhere pleasant and have a nice daydream about how things can be better. In September, be sure to take some time out to free your mind and entertain new thoughts.

Better ideas in the news: Virgo rules problem-solving, health, and systems, and recently a company dealing with all three is getting some press, Companies are signing up for their healthcare services left and right! Another promising invention that’s the epitome of Virgo-resourcefulness, is a new kind of fossil fuel substitute made from e coli bacteria:

Spiritual Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, fire signs: Do not fight or forsake the goals of your heartfelt self—you could see them but not act on them! Build on the more positive habits and self-understanding that recently inspired you. If you feel pressured, stand still– stop doing–and get your balance. Supportive partnerships can form now. Most of all, be a good partner to yourself: give yourself the benefit of the doubt if you don’t see results at first.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, water signs: You are learning and accepting what you have to sacrifice and eliminate. In good faith you seek the information you need to make a choice, but there could be some disappointment in light of what you discover. However, the truth will set you free in the direction of something better.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, air signs: Hang tight! Your new ideas and new potential partnerships and liaisons are better than before and working…be patient. Expect next March and April to be telltale months for what you’re conceiving and putting together now.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, earth signs: Just keep working! You’re clearing the way: You have to do a bunch of detailed stuff to get to the flow you’re looking for, the flow you hope to enjoy coming from the work and effort you’ve put in. Your plans are just fine.

Elissa’s August 2014 Psychic Newsletter

Use Your Love Power in August

Use Your Love Power in August

Dear Friends,

A couple of newsletters back I mentioned the materialization medium Hoyt Robinette, who recently conducted séances here in Santa Fe, and I want to share what an amazing experience it was to see him. Physical materialization mediumship is a rare phenomenon, in which the medium produces physical evidence of spiritual and psychic phenomenon. Hoyt’s special gift is that somehow through him, pictures of spirit guides  as well as writing, appear on blank index cards while he’s connected to the spiritual plane.

I was in the room and saw it all! And so was my girlfriend, an architect with keen powers of perception, and we sat on opposite sides of the room to observe. In the two hours that we were in the room with 20 other people, Hoyt Robinette, eyes taped and blindfolded, gave an amazing display of psychic reading and mediumship at a rapid-fire pace, naming peoples’ relatives and loved ones, answering questions on pieces of paper he held folded in his hand—but that’s nothing compared to what else was happening through his mediumistic channeling ability, while he was giving the readings.

Before Hoyt’s eyes were taped and blindfolded, he put blank index cards, stacked alternately with colored pens, in a tightly woven basket. Everyone was shown the empty woven basket, the pens, and the unopened package of blank cards before they went in.  Hoyt stacked the basket with alternating layers of pens and blank cards, lying horizontally until the basket was full and tightly packed, and then the lid was fastened. It was set alone in front of us on the right side of a long table. Hoyt stood on the left side, and after he’d given everyone messages and named the people who had come in spirit to each of us, he took off the blindfold and tape and walked over to the basket.

What Hoyt pulled out of the basket was very, very hard to believe: the blank cards were now covered on one side with unusual works of art . On one side (there was a card for each of us, and a couple of cards for people who weren’t present but relatives of audience members) were colorful paintings with photograph-like people staring out—peoples’ individual spirit guides–and some had landscapes and animals. The other side was covered with printed writing: each person’s full name, names of their spirit guides, dead family member, and important spiritual teachers.  The names were all at different angles and in different colors.

I’d been looking at the basket at least once a minute the whole time, and saw nothing: no energy, no activity I could discern on any level.  It was absolutely one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever witnessed. There’s no way on earth one could pack materials tightly in a basket and pull out such personally meaningful artifacts a couple of hours later. But it happened, and the world doesn’t always work like we think it does. It was miraculous and inspiring, and important to my own spiritual development. At the least, I’m sure all present concluded that there’s a lot more to life than meets the eye!

(By the way, although I wrote the name of my father, Philip Heyman, as someone in spirit I wanted to hear from, Hoyt yelled out “Phil” to identify it was my turn. This is what my Dad called himself.  Much more incredibly, Hoyt then called out the unusual name of “Keetowah”, a legendary Cherokee medicine man who lived in Santa Rosa, California, and taught me a lot about magic and crystals.)

I hope you all are out and about enjoying the Summer – if it’s not fun where you are, come to Santa Fe!



Events and Updates

Private psychic counseling and spiritual healing sessions, in person or by phone: I’ll be in town all of Santa Fe’s very busy month of August, more info at or call 505-982-3294. If you are here too, be sure to check out this year’s new Indian Market at the Railyard, the Indigenous Fine Arts Market.

Radio show August 11h,  Monday night,  5:30-6:30 pm Mountain Time:  I’ll be on the Cosmic Contacts Show with Pam Drinnon, for an Aquarius Supermoon Show. Call-in number if you have a question, I’ll give you a psychic answer: 347-838-9142 Access Cosmic Contacts at

Creative Inner Journey Workshop: Learn to access your own intuition for spiritual growth and deeper self-awareness.  Be guided to what facilitates your heartfelt and professional goals. Enjoy a unique social and spiritual experience while exploring your creative resources. Includes a psychic message and healing circle.  227 E. Palace Avenue, Suite T North, the Kruger Building. Across from the new Drury Plaza Hotel.  September 12th, Friday night, 6:30-9:30 pm. $75, includes tax, supplies and tools.

New links on my website: I plan to schedule workshops around some of these: a new monthly calendar of  festivals going on in Santa Fe

A needed and rewarding community program for teachers and students:  Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe

Correct url  (if you receive the client subscription version of this newsletter) for Executive Coach and author Suzie Doscher’s Amazon page:  Balance, a Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments.

Psychic Insights and Spiritual Guidance for August 2014

The August Sun speaks: “I am full of vim and vigor! Everything that hits me makes me stronger! Whether it’s positive support and a helpful insight, or a destructive attack, I bounce back higher, and charge the hardest tasks.”

What to expect in August 2014: It’s a feel-good month of new partnerships and ventures, fruitful connections and opportunities, and it finishes strong. Things tend to fulfill their promise. Go for your highest target!

Dates of Change: Before the Full Moon on August 10th, play catch-up and be done with past work. Around the 25th, there are many green lights flashing in peoples’ professional lives, and Fall-like busyness shows up on the 30th, signaling a time of re-direction and change.

Out in the world, there are lots of fires in the Southwest, and globally, alarming developments escalate, with more changed landscapes and confused people suffering frightening losses. Fearful angry citizens tend to act out.

In a nutshell, August’s planetary dynamics allows everything to grow in power. To take advantage, focus on what you want to build up within yourself and what you want to build for others. The world has never been more distracting and it requires discipline to be stick to a private and positive agenda. As the late Reverend James of New Orleans would say, remember that “The direction you look is the way you are going.”

Personal success and impulse control: Before you put yourself out there, make sure you’ve done all the research and background organization and are prepared for the role you want to step into. Be “all in”, whatever you do this August. Be willing in September to devote time to what develops now.

Do not schedule yourself too much, as it is a full month of activities on every level.  Also, new truths surface that take time and energy to process.

Opportunity Everywhere! Be open to change and willing to act on desire… and be sure to act on that new something when you sense it might lead to something important!

Willingness: Be willing to experience the best happening to you…a very good daily habit to practice in August is to wish yourself the best. Think something like:  “I allow the very best to happen to me today. I am open to receive what’s in my best interests.”

Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: New goals that create much better balance might have you rearranging your life. You’re working with many ideas and communicating more than usual, widening your circles. Suddenly personal circumstances become clear and you’re able to do something about them! Birthday Leo: Be proactive about your own future and have faith in your convictions. Aries: Get the care and nurturing you need.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: Cancerians are happy when they dump the past, Scorpios are ambitious, and Pisces are determined this month, but what you all have in common is that you feel more supported and safe in your partnerships. Current plans and choices make you happy.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Things can be kind of a blur in August until you get organized. You’re in the midst of change and it’s not the point to stay tidy! You will be more focused and discerning in September. Your plans require soul-searching and courage and you have enough experience now to choose what you’ll be happy with.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Your focus is on creative and romantic satisfaction, and you are a hard person to please, even though there’s more opportunity for fulfillment this month. You learn to be more flexible with people and situations, and innovative at work. Support your particularly demanding creative self this month, and tolerate developing circumstances.

Psychic Pep Talk for August 2014 Begins Now

August 2014 Jupiter conjunct Sun

August 2014 Jupiter conjunct Sun

This month’s theme is: “growing in power”.  If you are ripe to expand, current planetary influences can jet-propel you personally and professionally.

The expansive trend begins  July 24-26th, with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction and then Mars moving into Scorpio, signifying things happen faster and move forward more easily now.

Be “all in”, whatever you do this month. Be willing in September to devote time to new developments.   Willingly give details that add to your credibility and make sure they’re available. Willingness is the key ingredient to moving forward in August.

To increase your willingness, take a moment to wish yourself the best. Think something like:  “I’m open to the best happening to me now…let what’s best for me find me today and let me recognize it. Together let us be brighter than before.” Make a statement about whatever makes you feel open to expansion and the best happening…

Be leery of over-scheduling.  Another likely circumstance is that you will be living up close and personal with new truths, which can take a lot of energy and a lot of time.  You can feel alternately vulnerable and visible in on-stage August, meanwhile working steadily towards a better place you can see.

Be open to change and willing to act on desire… and be sure to act on any desire you sense leads  to something important.

Elissa’s July 2014 Client Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Santa Fe is nearing the epicenter of its Summer cultural explosion, and the sounds of daily goings-on waft up from the Plaza. July’s big event is the International Folk Art Mart (…be at the opening dress parade and dance at the Railyard Thursday night!) although, now every month seems to have more celebrations. And more new music venues, even free concerts way down on Cerrillos Road!

Another neat new addition to gatherings aound town are food trucks selling some excellent food, especially the one from the Street Food Institute.

Coming in August is the highly anticipated Indian Market, held for the first time in history by two different organizations, one being a break-away of Native Americans who want to run their own show. That new one is called the Indigenous Fine ArtMarket or IFAM, and will be held at the Railyard.  It kicks off with an interesting-sounding event called a “Glow Dance Party” on August 20th at the Den.

My July began with something new, a three day Creative Journey workshop. It was fun and exciting and kind of like being in magic camp. I’ll be doing more circles and workshops soon, when I catch up with myself. Dreaming up magical and healing things to do with people is very exhilarating! And challenging in the same way private sessions used to be challenging: following what I receive, and not what I conceive.

I can’t imagine a better place to do this work than Santa Fe, people are refreshed by a lot of different factors unique to the area. I’ll post participants’ comments on my website’s workshop page.

I hope you have a delightful Summer wherever you are, happy trails and may they take you to pleasant surprises.


Announcements: Two clients of mine have published new books on spiritual growth that are loaded with self-help techniques.
Suzie Doscher, a personal and business coach based in Switzerland, wrote, “BALANCE, a Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments”, and Cathy Thomas from Cincinnati, an artist with a 25 year background in trauma therapy, co-wrote “Spiritual Prescriptions for Turbulent Times.”

Here are authors’ descriptions and link to each:

Spiritual Prescriptions for Turbulent Times is a resource guide for transforming your energy and helping you deal with life’s challenges. Two psychotherapists draw from alternative and non-traditional healing methods to offer the most effective strategies for restoring your emotional balance.
BALANCE, a Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments, is a fresh approach to self-help. Written as a “self-coaching” guide, it helps you discover yourself as you read and do exercises, selecting the topics you really need help with in the moment.”

New Tarot Card Meaning Article“Predicting Your Trip

I occasionally add to the tarot resource pages on my website-this Summer peoples’ travels led to some discoveries.
Spiritual Guidance and Horoscopes for July and Summer 2014

A lot happens in July, it’s a long and eventful month. For individuals and countries, fateful decisions and directions begin to shape up, potentially life-changing.

Best goal: Get Healthy

Best action to take: Suspend self-doubt for one month and surrender to your heart’s desire. Don’t stop yourself in July.

Meet new friends! Meet new friends!

Jupiter in Leo: July 16th-August 15th. From inner growth to outer…hearts open, individual people doing great things make a big impact, and people gain new courage to be themselves.

Here’s a poem from the spirit of Jupiter in Cancer, where it’s been for the last year, causing people to grow up emotionally:

(Jupiter in Cancer sez about moving from Cancer to Leo):
“Didn’t you get more free?
Didn’t you get more free with me?
Aren’t you glad it’s over?
Now you can be that rover,

Winging it towards new dreams.”

These last days of Jupiter in Cancer (up until July 16th), make peace with somebody! Let go of a hurt, release the past, be your Bigger Self.

At some point between the June and July newsletters, I posted an article about Summer, (the  Here it is from my blog:

Psychic Guidance for Summer Success
This is a “go for it” Summer where what you want, and believe you are supposed to be doing, requires breaking through your own limitations and displaying more flexibility. Go For It! There is no better time to follow your own drumbeat and re-direct yourself onto a meaningful path. Here is more specific guidance to ensure your personal success:
Follow Through:

Keep up with what’s in progress, and take care of unfinished business. (The Summer beginning when Mercury is retrograde suggests it’s not a great time to begin something brand new, but to maintain what you’ve already started.)
Embrace the Unknown:

Expect obscurity and murkiness to mark the beginning of your progress through this Summer’ objectives. People walk themselves out of tight situations by their willingness to change and endure uncertainty.

Call on your Guides: The potential for spiritual development is high, so if you ever wanted to experiment with just what kind of help is personally available to you, try calling on your spiritual guides this summer! It’s as simple as being curious and receptive and willing to expand your circle of support. Let yourself be empty and in the present, have an open heart, and permit whatever has your best interests in mind to give you a message.

July Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs
This month’s divination experiment: A couple of months ago I wrote about Stonehenge, and how it may have been used to attune people to a larger consciousness. (The New York Times published an article June 16th, about newly discovered
sound features of sacred sites.)
Perhaps I was influenced by learning that, because in a horoscope-making session for July’s newsletter, a new way of getting messages spontaneously ocurred: by making a tone. I would make a little melody or tone for each element and astrological sign, and  then I’d get a message. (I’m assuming the messages are relevant to the signs; please tell me, dear reader, if  they are not!) What follows is what I got this new way, except for the Air signs-their message was the first one and came through the Speaking Stones.) Below this set are more July horoscopes done in more usual ways.

Fire signs: Aries is fired up, saying, “I really want this, I really want this-your determination is awesome. Leo: You’re happy and stronger, but you’ll be happier if you don’t go to extremes, and come to love being able to function with a steady strong pulse, and not a wildly vacillating one. Be smart, calm, strong, wise, and willing to change. Sagittarius: You’re focused and could be in a hurry to reach your goals. Spiritual experiences are enlighting if you’re willing to go off on your own and have a vision and be out of context for awhile. Spiritual growth is a pleasant journey now. Seek new connections-a new goal can be realized in November. (Message from making tones for each sign.)

Water signs are capable of seeing deep truths now. Cancer: I’m happier than usual, yay! Scorpio: High flying! Wheeling and dealing! Excitement abounds…Pisces: What’s new stretches you, but then you have had past lives that are now inner resources; inherent ability is yours and comes through. (Message from making tones for each sign.)

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: There’s a lot of activity around home for you this month, and it will feel like a safe haven. Knowing your limits is another way to create a safe haven. You’ll need to recharge many times, especially around July 18th. Your creativity takes on a life of its own, and you’ll get signs from the world about concerning where it can take you. (Message from the Speaking Stones)

Earth signs: Taurus: Breakthrough! Positive! Hopeful…and you see a higher place for yourself. (Just wait, it’s coming!) Virgo: You should be plowing into something new, and overturning old connections for what’s valuable. Money and commerce are on your mind. Capricorn: Expect a huge growth spurt in July, it could even be astonishing. (Message from making tones for each sign).

Spiritual Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs for July 2014

(I actually forgot I’d already written horoscopes for July, the week before my three-day Creative Journey workshop on June 29th. I did the ones below on July 1st):

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Take it easy. Stop worrying about the future, and take care of stuff that obviously needs to be taken care of. Keep taking care of things and don’t worry where it leads to. This is a month not to doubt yourself. You cannot see the future right now and don’t try to-focus on improving your health, if you don’t see anything else that needs doing.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: An old identity is all used up. It is absolutely clear you can move into the future with a stronger Self. Now you can do things you couldn’t do before. A new chapter has conclusively begun and calls on new courage and character, which you now have. You can count on yourself to go the distance in a new direction.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air sgns: Some problems are over! You get to graduate; there is a way to a place you belong and it makes you happier. Excellent signs for marriage and in general being fulfilled in new roles.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Earth signs: You establish yourself in new digs, or change your environment to make it reflect what moves you. It’s hard to do anything now but what is heartfelt. You are pushed in new directions by your own evolutionary impulses. Keep on going, everything’s fine.

Guidelines for Personal Success in Summer 2014

This is a “go for it” Summer where what you want, and believe you are supposed to be doing, requires breaking through your own limitations and displaying more flexibility.  Go For It! There is no better time to follow your own drumbeat and  re-direct yourself onto a meaningful path.  Here is more specific guidance to ensure your personal success:

  1. Follow Through: Keep up with what’s in progress, and take care of unfinished business. (The Summer beginning when Mercury is retrograde suggests it’s not a great time to begin something brand new, but to maintain what you’ve already started.)
  2. Embrace the Unknown: Expect obscurity and murkiness to mark the beginning of your progress through this Summer’ objectives.  People walk themselves out of tight situations by their willingness to change and endure uncertainty.

3: Call on your Guides: The potential for spiritual development is high, so if you ever wanted to experiment with just what kind of help is personally available  to you, try calling on your spiritual guides this summer! It’s as simple as being curious and receptive and willing to expand your circle of support. Let yourself be empty and in the present, have an open heart, and permit whatever has your best interests in mind to give you a  message.

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