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Elissa’s July 2014 Client Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Santa Fe is nearing the epicenter of its Summer cultural explosion, and the sounds of daily goings-on waft up from the Plaza. July’s big event is the International Folk Art Mart (…be at the opening dress parade and dance at the Railyard Thursday night!) although, now every month seems to have more celebrations. And more new music venues, even free concerts way down on Cerrillos Road!

Another neat new addition to gatherings aound town are food trucks selling some excellent food, especially the one from the Street Food Institute.

Coming in August is the highly anticipated Indian Market, held for the first time in history by two different organizations, one being a break-away of Native Americans who want to run their own show. That new one is called the Indigenous Fine ArtMarket or IFAM, and will be held at the Railyard.  It kicks off with an interesting-sounding event called a “Glow Dance Party” on August 20th at the Den.

My July began with something new, a three day Creative Journey workshop. It was fun and exciting and kind of like being in magic camp. I’ll be doing more circles and workshops soon, when I catch up with myself. Dreaming up magical and healing things to do with people is very exhilarating! And challenging in the same way private sessions used to be challenging: following what I receive, and not what I conceive.

I can’t imagine a better place to do this work than Santa Fe, people are refreshed by a lot of different factors unique to the area. I’ll post participants’ comments on my website’s workshop page.

I hope you have a delightful Summer wherever you are, happy trails and may they take you to pleasant surprises.


Announcements: Two clients of mine have published new books on spiritual growth that are loaded with self-help techniques.
Suzie Doscher, a personal and business coach based in Switzerland, wrote, “BALANCE, a Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments”, and Cathy Thomas from Cincinnati, an artist with a 25 year background in trauma therapy, co-wrote “Spiritual Prescriptions for Turbulent Times.”

Here are authors’ descriptions and link to each:

Spiritual Prescriptions for Turbulent Times is a resource guide for transforming your energy and helping you deal with life’s challenges. Two psychotherapists draw from alternative and non-traditional healing methods to offer the most effective strategies for restoring your emotional balance.
BALANCE, a Practical Handbook for Life’s Difficult Moments, is a fresh approach to self-help. Written as a “self-coaching” guide, it helps you discover yourself as you read and do exercises, selecting the topics you really need help with in the moment.”

New Tarot Card Meaning Article“Predicting Your Trip

I occasionally add to the tarot resource pages on my website-this Summer peoples’ travels led to some discoveries.
Spiritual Guidance and Horoscopes for July and Summer 2014

A lot happens in July, it’s a long and eventful month. For individuals and countries, fateful decisions and directions begin to shape up, potentially life-changing.

Best goal: Get Healthy

Best action to take: Suspend self-doubt for one month and surrender to your heart’s desire. Don’t stop yourself in July.

Meet new friends! Meet new friends!

Jupiter in Leo: July 16th-August 15th. From inner growth to outer…hearts open, individual people doing great things make a big impact, and people gain new courage to be themselves.

Here’s a poem from the spirit of Jupiter in Cancer, where it’s been for the last year, causing people to grow up emotionally:

(Jupiter in Cancer sez about moving from Cancer to Leo):
“Didn’t you get more free?
Didn’t you get more free with me?
Aren’t you glad it’s over?
Now you can be that rover,

Winging it towards new dreams.”

These last days of Jupiter in Cancer (up until July 16th), make peace with somebody! Let go of a hurt, release the past, be your Bigger Self.

At some point between the June and July newsletters, I posted an article about Summer, (the  Here it is from my blog:

Psychic Guidance for Summer Success
This is a “go for it” Summer where what you want, and believe you are supposed to be doing, requires breaking through your own limitations and displaying more flexibility. Go For It! There is no better time to follow your own drumbeat and re-direct yourself onto a meaningful path. Here is more specific guidance to ensure your personal success:
Follow Through:

Keep up with what’s in progress, and take care of unfinished business. (The Summer beginning when Mercury is retrograde suggests it’s not a great time to begin something brand new, but to maintain what you’ve already started.)
Embrace the Unknown:

Expect obscurity and murkiness to mark the beginning of your progress through this Summer’ objectives. People walk themselves out of tight situations by their willingness to change and endure uncertainty.

Call on your Guides: The potential for spiritual development is high, so if you ever wanted to experiment with just what kind of help is personally available to you, try calling on your spiritual guides this summer! It’s as simple as being curious and receptive and willing to expand your circle of support. Let yourself be empty and in the present, have an open heart, and permit whatever has your best interests in mind to give you a message.

July Psychic Messages for the Astrological Signs
This month’s divination experiment: A couple of months ago I wrote about Stonehenge, and how it may have been used to attune people to a larger consciousness. (The New York Times published an article June 16th, about newly discovered
sound features of sacred sites.)
Perhaps I was influenced by learning that, because in a horoscope-making session for July’s newsletter, a new way of getting messages spontaneously ocurred: by making a tone. I would make a little melody or tone for each element and astrological sign, and  then I’d get a message. (I’m assuming the messages are relevant to the signs; please tell me, dear reader, if  they are not!) What follows is what I got this new way, except for the Air signs-their message was the first one and came through the Speaking Stones.) Below this set are more July horoscopes done in more usual ways.

Fire signs: Aries is fired up, saying, “I really want this, I really want this-your determination is awesome. Leo: You’re happy and stronger, but you’ll be happier if you don’t go to extremes, and come to love being able to function with a steady strong pulse, and not a wildly vacillating one. Be smart, calm, strong, wise, and willing to change. Sagittarius: You’re focused and could be in a hurry to reach your goals. Spiritual experiences are enlighting if you’re willing to go off on your own and have a vision and be out of context for awhile. Spiritual growth is a pleasant journey now. Seek new connections-a new goal can be realized in November. (Message from making tones for each sign.)

Water signs are capable of seeing deep truths now. Cancer: I’m happier than usual, yay! Scorpio: High flying! Wheeling and dealing! Excitement abounds…Pisces: What’s new stretches you, but then you have had past lives that are now inner resources; inherent ability is yours and comes through. (Message from making tones for each sign.)

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: There’s a lot of activity around home for you this month, and it will feel like a safe haven. Knowing your limits is another way to create a safe haven. You’ll need to recharge many times, especially around July 18th. Your creativity takes on a life of its own, and you’ll get signs from the world about concerning where it can take you. (Message from the Speaking Stones)

Earth signs: Taurus: Breakthrough! Positive! Hopeful…and you see a higher place for yourself. (Just wait, it’s coming!) Virgo: You should be plowing into something new, and overturning old connections for what’s valuable. Money and commerce are on your mind. Capricorn: Expect a huge growth spurt in July, it could even be astonishing. (Message from making tones for each sign).

Spiritual Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs for July 2014

(I actually forgot I’d already written horoscopes for July, the week before my three-day Creative Journey workshop on June 29th. I did the ones below on July 1st):

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Take it easy. Stop worrying about the future, and take care of stuff that obviously needs to be taken care of. Keep taking care of things and don’t worry where it leads to. This is a month not to doubt yourself. You cannot see the future right now and don’t try to-focus on improving your health, if you don’t see anything else that needs doing.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: An old identity is all used up. It is absolutely clear you can move into the future with a stronger Self. Now you can do things you couldn’t do before. A new chapter has conclusively begun and calls on new courage and character, which you now have. You can count on yourself to go the distance in a new direction.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air sgns: Some problems are over! You get to graduate; there is a way to a place you belong and it makes you happier. Excellent signs for marriage and in general being fulfilled in new roles.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Earth signs: You establish yourself in new digs, or change your environment to make it reflect what moves you. It’s hard to do anything now but what is heartfelt. You are pushed in new directions by your own evolutionary impulses. Keep on going, everything’s fine.

Guidelines for Personal Success in Summer 2014

This is a “go for it” Summer where what you want, and believe you are supposed to be doing, requires breaking through your own limitations and displaying more flexibility.  Go For It! There is no better time to follow your own drumbeat and  re-direct yourself onto a meaningful path.  Here is more specific guidance to ensure your personal success:

  1. Follow Through: Keep up with what’s in progress, and take care of unfinished business. (The Summer beginning when Mercury is retrograde suggests it’s not a great time to begin something brand new, but to maintain what you’ve already started.)
  2. Embrace the Unknown: Expect obscurity and murkiness to mark the beginning of your progress through this Summer’ objectives.  People walk themselves out of tight situations by their willingness to change and endure uncertainty.

3: Call on your Guides: The potential for spiritual development is high, so if you ever wanted to experiment with just what kind of help is personally available  to you, try calling on your spiritual guides this summer! It’s as simple as being curious and receptive and willing to expand your circle of support. Let yourself be empty and in the present, have an open heart, and permit whatever has your best interests in mind to give you a  message.

New Orleans Jazz Fest Update and May Horoscopes

Dear Friends,
I’m in New Orleans, in the midst of the greatest music festival on earth. Last night, at the re-opening of the historic Carver Theater, Big Chief Donald Harrison and his fantastic band gave me a new appreciation of jazz.  Today is the beginning of the second weekend and I’m about to bike furiously over to the Fairgrounds (It’s held on a racetrack with 12 stages, and scattered around are food booths with amazingly great dishes.) The music starts a little after 11 and goes until 7 pm.
Here are May horoscopes, and for the rest of the newsletter, check back on May 7th. I want to tell you all about the extremely fascinating lecture I went to in Oakland, California, about ways in which stones have been used in our antiquity and on other planets to expand awareness and communication.

May 2014 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

New Earth signs message: I just found this May horoscope on my recorder, it’s not the one I published on May 1st on my blog.

From an April 25 divination in New Orleans: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: How you express yourself creatively seems to be changing. What it is that you think is a good thing to do be doing, is changing. You’re developing new formats and themes, it’s like you never stop changing, all the way through to the Fall. A change that you initiate now becomes much clearer in October.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: A lot of things get settled this May. You get things right that have been wrong for a long time. It’s a month with so many twists and turns, you learn to keep things simple. You learn what you want from people and what they want from you. You make very important decisions now, because now you can trust people, situations, and yourself, much more. July will be great!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: Time to move! Time to go on.. Time for the next level, the big leap because of what you’ve learned and what you now have the courage to do, leave behind, and graduate to. You are going to be happier even though you can’t see yet where you are going. It’s bigger, it’s better, and it fits your more courageous self.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: You’ve got situations to deal with– to make things right you have to pass through fire, be honest, and cut out what’s not working. Anything you’ve waited to address is now unavoidable. The new moon eclipse April 29th tells you you must act to align yourself with freedom, expansion, and positive developments. Wield a sword of discernment and you’ll cut a path to the light.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: This is a very strong “go ahead” month for you. You’re in a good place… don’t pay attention to other peoples’ fate–yours is great! It’s because you’re doing or embarking on something that really fits you, that has legs to move and grow, too. So just keep thinking big! Enjoy yourself and the bright future you can see.

Spring Tarot Card Messages for April and May 2014

No Order, Lots of Rules Spring 2014

No Order, Lots of Rules Spring 2014

Although Spring includes most of June, June feels to be another story, so these messages are just for April and May.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Fire signs: First of all you want to change things around so it’s not, “What does my audience want from me?”  but, “What is it that I want to give people?”  You can make dreams come true; your power is at its peak in some important cycle. It’s time to act and claim authority and have confidence in something you’ve been working on for a long time.  Follow the signs if they tell you to present whatever you’ve got to give.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: The April-May message is very similar to the March message. There are excellent signs for getting in where you want to get in, getting to do what you find fulfilling, exciting, and fun…make sure you’re scheduling things that COULD be fun.  Do not choose what might produce drudgery, there are other choices this Spring! But also, you might find that you have to give up something you love, or live with a loss in pleasure. But in the end you find a way around it, become stronger, and have new frontiers and vistas to contemplate.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Each individual air sign had a different messages this April-May.  (Aquarians were wondering what they were going to dedicate themselves to–what were they going to do, Gemini was exulting in some win, and Libras could be torn about what direction to follow. ) But the common experience is that the world is offering them a chance to be successful now, and projects begun now and events planned can give you a strong sense of accomplishment. Believe in what motivates you! Be bold!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Are you sure you’re doing what you want? Make sure you’re doing what you want…things are likely to take off, whatever you choose, so make it to your liking. Are you alone? You don’t have to be…this is probably the very best time to connect with another person and enjoy your relationships. Whether you find a business partner, a romantic partner, or a group to hang out with, there are benefits to stepping out this Spring.

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and anywhere in the world by phone. Her website’s free offerings include essays, guided meditations, and a monthly newsletter with predictions. Appointment information at www.elissaheyman.com505-982-3294.

Elissa’s March 2014 Psychic Newsletter

March 2014 Straight Through

March 2014 Straight Through

Dear Friends,

I’m reliving my past tonight, watching a PBS broadcast of great rhythm and blues performers at a 1989 White House Bush inaugural concert that’s just been released.  So far, The Master of Them All is Bo Diddley, a true original whom I was lucky enough to hear live. The most fun I ever had dancing was to Bo Diddley, although I remember thinking I would have a heart attack.  In person his beats made you crazy, they were so infectious, so funky. On stage at the White House in that formal setting, he was so totally himself and in charge, and full of musical surprises.

Speaking of surprises, March started this morning with a bang, or rather, Russia invading the Ukraine. I’m not sure where the channeled info below came from that identifies March as a month of solutions, but I sure hope that includes things working out for the Ukranians. A few years ago I got quite alarmed about Putin and his scary rise to power after meeting a French metaphysician who studied Nostradamus.  (August 2011 article here.)

May inner and outer peace prevail!

I hope you all have a great month,

Keep in touch and come to beautiful Santa Fe!

Love, Elissa.

Events: Circles this month listed here. Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, in person and by phone, here..

Psychic Insights for March  2014

The pictograph talks about the force within us being strong and enduring now, causing a thrust forward of our energy towards our goals, through uncertain territory and opposing structures.  The spirits say surrender wholly to fresh desire that comes in March, making you want to bring new brightness and opportunity into your life. Affirm yourself like never before–know yourself to be The Little Engine That Could.

March 2014 is a month of finding solutions. Peoples’ eyes open wide to new insights and understandings that help them solve problems. They have an impulse towards peace; they want to lay down their arms, literally and figuratively. Personal defense systems become easier to dissolve and apparent truths easier to accept.

There’s lots of planetary activity in March, and the net effect is to make this a time people are willing to tackle reforms in big and little matters.  The overall goal is to re-write the script and come up with a better life drama to star in.

Personal and Professional Success: The many planets in retrograde slows down the progression of projects, but it also gives people a chance to shape up the material and means to take them to the next step. The way you present your unique material requires special care; take your time and make it right. Be prepared to apply yourself as the month’s goals generate a lot of work .  It’s also a good time to collaborate and find support—go all in trying to gain followers, and be available to help others.

Personal Guidance: Bite the bullet now! If you need to end a relationship, stop a really bad habit, get out of anything toxic, it’s easier to do that now in collaborative, solution-oriented March .  Later in the Spring the planets warn that situations get more complicated and solutions more extreme (The Grand Cross).  Whatever it is that you know has gotta be done, don’t avoid it, Do It Now.

The U.S.: The stock market could dip and it would be a good time to “buy low”. Obama works to increase wages and address income inequality. P

March 2014 Personal Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; Fire signs: Fire signs can go as far as to change the direction of their life, making new plans for the future and considering new possibilities in what they do and how they operate. It’s hard to stay organized because there’s so much you want to do, even if it’s only as far-reaching as re-organizing your closets. Take it easy! Take your time! It’s not really clear yet, but outer  life begins to respond to inner change.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; Water signs: Very good news about money, trips, and anything where you’ve been waiting for a go-ahead, a yes or no—what happens this month makes you happy. There’s also challenging news:  a project or relationship have unexpected difficulty, likely causing a change in plans.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; Air signs: March is a big month for gaining valuable insight for people in general, but especially the air signs. They are feeling much better about their direction in life because what’s true for them is apparent, and they see how they can expand their life the way they want to. Air signs are considering money making plans and partnerships, and better able to hone in on the ones that yield. Whomever you deal with, the sign of something good is the solid person involved in it.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; Earth signs: Career matters are looking up, you’re able to expand your business and go in new directions. Earth signs are working on new territory to conquer…where they might fit and what they might fit into. You’re following up on doing what you want and making it happen.

Announcing Psychic Call-In Radio Show Monday 4/7 at 5:30 pm MST, 347-838-9142

I’ll be a guest on Pam Drinnon  Cosmic Contacts show tomorrow at 5:30 pm MST, and  taking psychic call-ins questions…the moon’s in Can-Do Capricorn, good for practical guidance like, “I want to expand my business…is this a good time and what’s the next best step?”

What makes radio call-in shows interesting is that so many listening can identify with the change the caller is going through, either up or down on the unavoidable roller coaster of personal growth.  The best way to get psychic insight, (whether you are asking your own inner guidance to supply it, or someone else’s), is to first check in with yourself to make perfectly sure you’re willing to hear whatever your heart has to say. The reason that after, you can just get guidance and quickly “go within” to receive it, is that you are vitally interested in yourself, and your intuition applies itself to what you’re interested in.

But in order to get someone else interested, you have to give a background sentence so it is a story people may want to follow, may identify with…for instance:  “I’ve learned just about all I ever want to learn about being alone and now I want a partner..” Callers might want to know what’s going on with their relationship, but to just ask “what do you see about my relationship”, is not interesting–nobody can identify with someone asking a psychic what they see for an anonymous person with no introduction or connection. If you’re on the air, you gotta share! (Just one explanatory sentence about why you’re calling is good.)

The number to call to ask a question is 347-838-9142. Show time: 5:30 pm MST. Below is Pam’s email blast:


to easily access the show go to,  this Monday February 24th 6:30 pm CST or call 347-838-9142

if you wish to speak to my special guest. Elissa Heyman is a gifted Clairvoyant with Great Insight, her Psychic Counseling is profound, astonishing and accurate.

This is her second time on the show I’m excited to have her back, she is an  excellent reader.

Elissa is an International Psychic and Healer with a full time professional practice since 1979.

She is the founder of ‘The Help Center,’ in addition she is a featured Radio Guest, and gives classes in ’Psychic Development.’

Elissa also offers Psychic Circles in Santa Fe., NM.

Don’t miss out get on line early, you will be glad you did. Contact info:

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