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Who Will Be the Nominee? Predictions for the 2016 Presidential Elections

“Who’s going to be the nominee for the Dems and Repubs?” I asked of a new intuition-accessing process I was trying out. The vision it produced was: the Republican seemed like a tall guy with slick-backed dark hair walking up stairs, perhaps boarding a private airplane, who I assumed was Cruz. I couldn’t see the Dem clearly but I sensed it was Hillary Clinton, but she was not staying in the picture. I took this to mean she wouldn’t stay in the picture if it were between her and the Republican. I have always thought there was some surprise in this election…but all the actual news I get makes me think that Bernie Sanders will win the popular vote for nominee. It’s the right time in history for an FDR or a Hitler. A reporter in England who watched a progressive win there, who is now in the U.S., said the Sanders volunteers and rallies felt just like how the left was before they won in England. I expect surprises most of all,…. could it be a surprising turn for the better?

Explanation of What Happened to Bernie in SC is Hopeful

I was so curious: Why did Bernie do so badly in South Carolina? I read a Rolling Stone article,

WTF Happened to Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, Explained”, but I wanted more explanation. The article states all kinds of upside-down statistics that sharply differ from every other Hillary/Bernie poll. (Hillary polls more trustworthy than Bernie, and many other anomalies).

The South Carolina primary proves that  keeping people poor and having too hard a life to pay attention really works!  People clearly didn’t know Bernie’s policies or record.

Every Bernie supporter and public figure of color in a leadership position would have to come out strongly for Bernie, to quickly influence people and bring his “pro-regular-people, poor people, and old people” policies to the voting audience.

There’s going to have to be a huge mobilization of expertise and will – people are going to have to drop their normal lives and attend to informing people and getting involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign, right now. Because there’s a chance, people love him when they do get to know him. 2.4% unemployment in his state!

The Comment section of the article gave me more explanations about such a heavy loss in South Carolina: Mainly, they were “name recognition”; voter apathy: “167,000 Dems stayed home” and here are some others:

“SC is a Republican state, first & foremost. It has just ONE Democratic constituency and that is- Congressman Jim Clyburne’s district! The Democrat vote share of all voters is less than 12% of the entire state. So, yes- amongst this 12% minority share of entire SC’s voting population, Clinton won convincingly. This is no indication at all of the state of SC so, I wouldn’t put much emphasis on it. Given more time, which sadly Sanders may not have, the rest of the African American popn in the US, I feel would readily shift to Sanders once they became familiar with Clinton’s actual record with Civil Liberties esp amongst Blacks! “

“All this says to me is that South Carolina didn’t research the candidates before voting. Sander’s policy proposals would be drastically more beneficial to African Americans than Clinton’s. One candidate marched with MLK, one did not. I would be surprised if the majority of the South Carolina voters even knew that.”

Another explanation of what dinged Sanders is  Dirty Politics, Clinton supporters who are willing to slander and lie and subvert truth: Here’s a  comment that details how Congressman John Lewis, a powerful figure in the black community,  subverted the truth and smeared Bernie Sanders:

“How much of this win in the black community in South Carolina is due to Congressman John Lewis saying he never saw Bernie Sanders at Civil Rights events in the 60s (likely true as there were millions involved), but more importantly, ALMOST CERTAINLY FALSELY saying that he saw Hillary (then Rodham) and he saw Bill Clinton. In 1964 Hillary Rodham (now Clinton) was a 16 year old high school student “Goldwater ‘girl’.” Barry Goldwater opposed desegregation of public facilities. Hillary Clinton has grown from her youth, although there is NPR audio of her out there saying her political beliefs are rooted in the Conservatism with which she was raised. (… ) (apparently January 13, 1996).
Did the young South Carolina citizens who voted for her prefer a minimum wage of $15 an hour as promised by Senator Bernie Sanders, or the “something less” indicated by Hillary Clinton?
To clarify what Congressman John Lewis stated, his statement about the Clintons came after he had finished a statement and was leaving and he responded to a question. He initially said he had never met Bernie Sanders at Civil Rights events, which well would be expected with the millions involved from all over the country. BUT THEN he added he met Hillary, he met Bill Clinton with the implication it was in the 60s.
There is a 2001 book in which Congressman John Lewis stated he first HEARD OF Bill Clinton in the 1970s and first met him in 1991, certainly long after the crucial Civil Rights years of 1960 to 1965. See: (… ).”

John Lewis did apologize for implying Bernie Sanders was lying about his involvement, but too little, too late.

Psychic Predictions for Republicans and Democrats in February 2016

Tonight I found the drawing I did that became the psychic pictograph for the February 2016 newsletter. Looking at it, I realize I left out a lot of information when I made the newsletter pictograph, and never explained its meaning, so here is the original sketch (at the bottom of this post because it’s big),  with a prediction about the Republican and Democrat nominees in February, and a prediction about the trajectory of Bernie’s and Hillary’s campaign in February. (Please ignore the email scribbled on the side.)

If the charts are right for Bernie’s campaign in February, he’s going to go from the top straight down. Hillary’s campaign will go up and down and then go up at the end.

On the Republican/Democrat square, the Republican shows that at the end (of the month), “someone starts climbing.” (Trump.)The Democrat side shows that it’s up and down for Bernie and Hillary, and then one pulls away. (Hillary.)

Something that’s already startling and will only increase, is the cheating and lying in both the Republican and Democratic caucuses. (The “more to come in March” message.) The nominees will probably be the biggest cheaters and liars.

In a new message about Spring 2016 applied to the campaign, it suggests that it will be guerilla warfare and full of actions that will be erased from the record:

“There’s a lot of guerilla warfare, and necessary redactions of actions.”

Other messages on the page about February 2016 are certainly applicable to a political campaign, but to everyone else as well:

“Organization Counts” is about the month’s emphasis on being effective, and how key it is to get organized.

“We are all in this together” acknowledges a change in consciousness that can come from developing circumstances, the refugee crisis, Zika, and potentially many more people not able to keep it together, so deteriorating mental health. All these things can also trigger a collective positive response and recognition of “we are all in this together”. Something about that perspective is growing even though it sure doesn’t look like it today.

“Sleeper Cells”: I think this message is because of the terrorist sleeper cells in the news February 19th (recent extensive plots discovered around Paris bombings that involved nuclear sites ) and it also refers to increased activity and growth of sleeper cells. Time to make things fair and humane or

we’ll blow ourselves up!  (sketch shows Bernie and Hillary trajectory at bottom.)

Elissa’s February 2016 Prediction Newsletter

Dear Friends,
It’s been awhile since I went exploring and had an outdoor adventure, but one day last week when the weather warmed up, I took out a little hand-drawn map I’ve had for years, that supposedly led to some dinosaur tracks a little south of Santa Fe.
I never found the tracks, but I did stop at a petroglyph site that’s escaped my notice the whole twenty-some years I’ve been here. It’s only 3 ½ miles south of town! The Cieneguilla Petroglyph Site is an amazingly large collection of rock art scattered all over the cliffs. They’re only a short but kind of steep walk from the site’s parking lot. From the top of  the mesa you can see out over all of Northern New Mexico. It’s a quick trip  to a few centuries back if you look in the right direction! There’s more info on my links page…
Here’s another out of the way place worth stopping at:  The Puye Cliffs Welcome Center on NM 30, forty minutes north of Santa Fe. It doesn’t have an exact address…You can buy tickets to Santa Clara Pueblo’s Puye Cliff dwellings and get tourist information, but you can also eat in its little New Mexican café while gazing at the most spectacular mountain views through their huge glass windows.
I’ll be here for the rest of the winter…besides the mind-warping work of updating my website or maybe getting a new one, and the easier task of producing weekday psychic horoscopes, I’m enjoying new developments in my private practice. Like any art it keeps on changing (unless the artist stops growing), and requiring new things of me. I hope what I’ve written below is true about the month, and that the forces give us all courage to do what we gotta do.
I hope you all have a glorious month full of your own changes and accomplishments,
Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing in Santa Fe, in person or by phone. Appointments: or 505-982-3294.

Notes: Today’s Message from the Sun and the weekly psychic horoscope podcasts, Monday – Friday are on my website, and broadcast and posted daily at and KTAOS Solar 101.9.
P.S. Also first up on the newsletter page is an updated, easier to do crystal guided meditation, and the January 2016 messages are much better organized….thanks for the feedback on the meditation; people reported profound experiences!
Psychic Insights for February 2016
In February 2016 we can cleave away and separate from shaky moorings.  Instinct is strong, intuition is on…and you will feel it if you need to detach from familiar but hollowed-out supports. Fortunately, the stars suggest we can summon extra fortitude to be so decisive and brave. The February 1st psychic horoscope for the week sums it up for the whole month: “Today is a brand new day, a brand new week, and a brand new month…but besides that, the planets strengthen our will so that we can break through what hasn’t worked, and in the future, have a brand new experience! Tuesday is GroundHog Day, and like the movie, the message is to look at the past as something to learn from. You can choose differently! You can change!”
Out in the World: February belongs to Aquarius, a sign associated with brotherly love and communal visions. The global reality of so many displaced people sets in, and as the shape and size of the refugee crisis becomes clearer, it could be that in a few months, the tune really changes about what to do about it. Our collective perspective becomes more inclusive and humanitarian under the Aquarian sun.
Personal Guidance: The Sun in Aquarius is also a time of innovation and enlightenment. We might glimpse our own next and new incarnation – what we change into right in this life. Still, it’s unlikely that surety about the future is granted now – there are too many moving parts; all we can do is stay committed.
Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: You could finally be taking better care of yourself in some way that gives you a lot more peace. Something could be over that’s been a drag on you. You could successfully complete a chapter in your life, and feel like you’ve done the right thing for yourself by ending it. A lot happens to you this month. It’s not a month so much where you’re out in the world, but where you’re processing your own life. Re work: deals are being made and steps towards career goals are moving forward, yes they are! You are getting closer to success! However, your approach to your own progress is wavering: you charge ahead, and then tiptoe forward. Inner peace comes from believing it is right to want what you want.
Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: You’re very intuitive this month, and your intuition is giving you a good feeling about where you’re headed. You’re happy to be clearing things up. You are feeling a growing inner freedom. It looks like good and new experiences are changing your picture of the future!  At some point during the month, your body is going to need and want a retreat. Take a little break, relax and recharge!
Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Air signs expect a lot of change, and can feel like they’re on the verge of it, but can have a hard time bringing it to the table in some way. You have a lot of questions about how to get on to something new. You’re clear what you’re done with and don’t want; now you want to be happy in new ways. With relationships, if you don’t like how you’re treated, here’s what fixes things: not relying on relationships that have proven to not be reliable.  Branch out and seek, and ye shall find. You’re looking for love this month, even if it looks like you’re looking for a new place or a new something else. P.S. In the middle of the month you get tired of some situation, and can finally choose differently. When you relinquish one thing, you’ll be given another.
For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn:Sometimes, people make a commitment to their work or themselves that they can really count on, one that takes them all the way across the river of unknowns to a new shore. Because of your strengths and abilities, it looks as if you Earth signs can go out on your own and establish new kinds of successes. But first, could it be there are loose ends to tie up, or tasks you forgot to do last month? Completing things is a fruitful activity in February. Whatever you do towards a new future, keep in you’re in the beginning of it. Trust your creativity, your ambition, and your delight in manifesting your talents.
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A Crystal Meditation for Your New and Improved 2016

Dear Friends,

This is an extra-long newsletter…being curious about this passionate year of change, I divinated about it a lot!

This year’s messages are from all over because I was all over the place in the two months I gathered them. I got some pieces in the Santa Fe Mountains; at sunrise in Los Angeles; in Port Authority in New York City; and the individual horoscopes came from a divination session on Southwest Airlines over the Mojave Desert. An eclectic assortment of events, just like the year’s going to be…

In California, I had a neat visitation from another time and place: On Christmas morning I walked over to what looked at one time to be a ritual area with beautiful views high above L.A. Now it was a church on a hill, with a huge parking lot that descended three levels to the hill’s bottom, emptying into another street below. It was one of the nicest pieces or real estate around – you could see all the way to the Pacific.

After a few minutes of noticing it looked like people used to do ceremonies there, my imagination suddenly transported me to ancient Native America, and I was being taught “how to know”.  That meant being able to tell what was true. I felt a warm rush of good feeling in my chest…it was an expansion, a feeling so big in my heart, it made my arms reach out in the air, like how people these days make the “victory” sign. I walked down the street feeling a wonderful rightness and warmth with my arms reaching for the sky.

I got the impression that a long time ago, people could feel and were taught to identify the “Yes” as these kinds of positive feelings in their body; the Sun in your chest from a young age could let you know what was right. You could also just be filled with the holy fire of “Yes”: a joyful feeling of being alive, with an open heart and connected to your right place.

Try this New Year’s resolution process: You can incorporate this body knowing into a new way of making a New Year’s resolution (or setting an intention any time.)

First, a few things to keep in mind to get the best results: to invoke a positive attitude about your intuition, remember that it’s designed to help you navigate life, and make choices that fulfill you. Get ready to accept whatever answers you get, and interpret them as helpful.

Get a heart’s desire for this year in mind, and give it the ancient “Yes” test: does thinking about it make you feel warm/good/the Sun in your chest; a sense of expansion? See if it passes the “yes” test.

Know that when you connect in a heartfelt matter with what you truly want, it activates your intuition.  Now that you’re thinking about your New Year’s resolution and feeling it’s a good thing, try asking your intuition – just turn inward like you were asking a person inside you – if it has anything to say that will help you get what you want and manifest your goal. Pose the question to your inner self and listen for the answer.

Add this step for do-it-yourself shamanism: In addition, you can make more of a ritual out of it, and at the same time, create your own power object. Adding this process to the basic step of accessing your intuition will help you stay in touch with your goals. Here’s what to do:

Get up in the morning and go outside where you can see the sun rise. Have your feet on the ground (not pavement), if possible. (It’s worth the effort to do this to the rising sun.)

Bring a small crystal and a thin band to tie it to; a shoe lace will work. You can tie the lace around the crystal, centering it in the middle. Then tie it around your head, making sure your crystal is between your eyes on your forehead. You can also just hold the crystal to your third eye if you don’t have a band.

After you have given your intention the “Yes test”, and asked your intuition to weigh in, face the rising sun with your eyes closed. Imagine the new sun’s rays coming through the crystal and into your third eye.

Let your heart’s desire come to mind, and let the sun warm it. This might all just take a few seconds.

Now imagine yourself in the future, when you have become what you desire as a result of your efforts. Using your imagination, send that image right into the crystal. Mentally see it, and let the sun warm it up in the crystal.

Now the crystal is vibrating the pattern of your success!  And you just did a magic spell with the sun!  Wrap the crystal up in something, or put it in a bag when you’ve charged your intention with the Sun. Let the crystal remind you of where you’re headed in 2016.

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Intuitive Impressions of 2016

Intuitive Impressions of 2016

(Please see the Speaking Stones on 2016 for more global predictions on the U.S. elections, innovation, and terrorism)

2016 in a word: …Whaaa?” As the pictograph states, “out of control” and “things don’t get solved” describe the collective experience: people are surprised, caught off-guard, and incredulous about all sorts of natural and man-made things that occur. However, here are some constructive things that look like they happen:

Re 2015 Paris Climate Change Accord: People feel like it won’t do anything, it won’t be enforced but actually, although at first it’s a way of making money for people, it is a step forward, and can create a foundation that can be built on.

More people take in refugees, once they adjust to the new reality that they’re coming. Acceptance is stronger the second half of the year.

Gun violence laws are put together so it’s a different and better situation in the U.S.

What Americans want from the next administration, is to be given to, and be given a chance to succeed. They want a fair shake and a good deal, and the next President could be a service-oriented Virgo. Bernie Sanders is a Virgo, incredible to believe as that win would be.

(Another prediction about the presidential election first posted on my blog on December 19, 2015) “Unlike every single psychic on the internet, all agreeing Hillary will be the next President, I think the tenor of the times fueled by extreme inequality and growing poverty, could manifest in the more revolutionary move of picking Bernie Sanders. The collective consciousness does not seem to have, at least yet, picked Hillary.”

The year begins with Mars in Libra, which as an omen, suggests a power shift and pendulums swinging in a way that makes life more fair. But on January 3rd, Mars moves into Scorpio. Interpretation: Any recent achievements in 2015 must be accompanied by deep and strong follow-through in 2016, to reach the new land we’ve glimpsed.

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