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This Week’s Cornucopia of Astrological Omens

September's Wild New Moon Week

September's Wild New Moon Week

Astrologically speaking, this coming week is dense with catalytic events! It’s the Fall Equinox, Pluto goes direct, there’s a new Moon in Libra, and Jupiter trines Uranus. What’s not going to happen? Anything and everything could happen this week, and there’s a good chance you’ll feel lucky. A whirling, swirling selection of prompts to be bold, be free, and follow one’s bliss.

Mid-week, there’s a new moon in Libra, marking the beginning of a good couple of weeks to get effective support, and into helpful partnerships. Also, it’s the Fall Equinox ,when the nature of the season reveals itself in omens and signs…and what’s been shown to me is that up ahead is so much change it’ll make your head spin. Sometimes change is in quantum leaps.
Also on the Fall equinox (September 22nd), Pluto goes direct in Capricorn.  All together, this message from the stars is that there’s only time and room to be a good partner to yourself and whomever and whatever is important.  Learn from the past, but leave it and self-doubt behind:  now you are constructing your future with new knowledge. The theme of this new moon cycle is “Moving On”.
Re Pluto going direct on the equinox, with Jupiter trine Uranus: Two possibilities occur to me: People like extremists who are vengeance-minded feel an accelerated need to get their just desserts, and go into high gear. On the other hand, people who are “I-want-to-get-myself-healthy” minded can find new success with programs and structures, and make progress in areas where it’s been like moving boulders. Whether it’s by blowing people up or learning to love oneself, people get on with the constructing of what they feel frees them.
Jupiter is trine Uranus for the rest of September, and it gives people a lot of bright-burning energy to put towards their passions and heart’s desires. It also gives unusual confidence in the unknown, and new confidence in and appreciation of what’s unique about them. These astrological transits next week can be very positive, so don’t doubt it if opportunity lands in your lap. Act fast and seal the deal!

Did I Really Tune into Big Brains in the Middle East?

Update:  October 2nd.  Maybe recently-killed “most dangerous man in the world”, is who I tuned into below: I read about him online, and Mohsin al-Fadhli was a trusted member of the Al Queda intelligence when he was still a teenager, and one of the few people who knew about 9-11 in advance. Apparently he was plotting against the U.S. and Europe, and was killed September 23rd.  I remember another impression I got at the same time, that there would be some advantage gained by the extremists in December, something regrettable happens as far as the West is concerned.

I don’t know  but it felt like it. Yesterday on a walk, I suddenly and momentarily got onto a particular stream of info, like my mind linked to a channel broadcasting on the radio. It was a psychic flash that filled me with a sudden onslaught of furious planning and mental energy on a very big and powerful scale. It was regional thinking by a genius, or maybe a few of them. It was way beyond whatever power my mental dial is set at.  I felt like I had tuned into the stream of consciousness coming from ISIS. My impression was that ISIS was very very active planning, with more planned for September; that there was tremendous mental power behind these plans, capable of stellar comprehensive thinking, and that they’d be on the move again on another leg of their journey in March and April 2015.

I just came across the five year invasion plan Isis posted on the internet June 30. In its boldness, it’s like Hitler publishing “Mein Kampf”. Here it is from a UK paper The Daily Mail:

“However, in a map widely-shared by ISIS supporters on social networks, the Islamist group outlined a five-year plan for how they would like to expand their boundaries beyond Muslim-majority countries.

As well as plans to expand the caliphate throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and large parts of western Asia, the map also marks out an expansion in parts of Europe.

Spain, which was ruled by Muslims for 700 years until 1492, is marked out as a territory the caliphate plans to have under its control by 2020.

Elsewhere, ISIS plans to take control of the the Balkan states – including Greece, Romania and Bulgaria – extending its territories in eastern Europe as far as Austria, which appears to be based on a pre-First World War borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

ISIS regularly makes statements and releases propaganda calling for the return of the geographical boundaries in place before the Great War .

The group insist the carving up of the Ottoman Empire by Allied forces after the conflict – commonly known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement – was a deliberate attempt to divide Muslims and restrict the likelihood of another caliphate being established.

Muslim extremists have long dreamed of recreating the Islamic state, or caliphate, that ruled over the Middle East, North Africa and beyond in various forms over the course of Islam’s 1,400-year history.”

September’s Psychic Pictograph, Putin, and ISIS

Posting the September newsletter, I omitted mentioning the meaning of the September pictograph. A psychic pictograph is a symbolic interpretation of what shows up psychically about a subject, in this case,  September 2014.
September is about the rise of ISIS, in my interpretation. To the left of September are 3 heads, one cut off at the bottom and another one next to it, representing the two journalists ISIS recently decapitated. The question mark refers to the third journalist, who is still in captivity, represented by the third head far away. This suggests that maybe a third killing won’t happen, but if it does, would be some sort of tipping point.
The very thin green line of earth at the bottom shows the delicacy of what’s fruitful and supportive, and that the  collective consciousness is preoccupied with aggressive action, conflict and uncertainty in September (red space).
On the right, the long skinny triangle represents the fast rise of ISIS, but as a power with knowledge and order (triangle), not just a killing machine.  The black drops around it are what allows this phenomenon to go on: oil. We’re too in bed with it.  (Please check out the discovery I mention in the September newsletter, a new substitute for fossil fuel…innovation will someday trump greed! )
The oil is also in the shape of teardrops, the other constant around ISIS and oil. The moon shapes in the number 2014 represent the Muslim world-impacting changes.
Other world powers are already mobilizing against ISIS, with the intention of crushing it, not containing it. As they need to!
It seems so improbable, the idea of Europe being overrun by a Muslim invasion…but I have noticed for many years that there are accounts on the web of prognosticators in Europe who foresaw a Muslim invasion of Europe. Here’s an excerpt from a November 2010  article about a Russian psychic, one who predicted that Europe would be under Muslim rule in the future, although this particular prediction is about Russia:
“Vanga said that she received her information from a “non-human” voice. She also claimed that the lives of everyone she met were set out in front of her, from start to finish “like a film.” As well as this, she declared that she had been visited by extra-terrestrials from the planet Vamfim, describing them as “beautiful and slim.”
But just as you begin to write her off as a lunatic, consider this, from the 1950s. Was she simply lucky with her forecasts?
“Cold regions will become warm…and volcanoes will awaken. A huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water.”
Despite her direct hits (researchers from the University of Sofia estimate she was accurate with 85% of her predictions), her popularity in Russia is undoubtedly partly down to her prophecy that the country will again become a great global power. Perhaps, even, the only power.
“Everything will melt, just like ice. Only one thing will remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia…No one can stop Russia,” she told a Soviet writer in the late 1970s. She didn’t specify which Vladimir – Lenin or the former KGB agent who would succeed Yeltsin – she was referring to.”

Elissa’s September 2014 Psychic Newsletter

The seasons are changing here and so is downtown Santa Fe: tables now line one side of the plaza like in Europe or Mexico, and I just biked by a new exotic cheese store getting set to open– the first of its kind in town. There are already two shops devoted solely to olive oil and they haven’t gone under, so maybe Santa Fe has turned into a place that supports artisanal specialty stores like a big city.

Yet on this long Labor Day weekend, Santa Fe showed me its timeless appeal to the Road Tripper, quite a few of whom made it to my door. Known as a mecca for sightseers and shoppers, Santa Fe is also a magnet for people who need to air their head out. A Road Trip to Santa Fe sounds very good when you’re in some flat part of the country, questioning your marriage and career and existence.

I look forward to these highly-charged sessions because the clients are so in the mood for it. Sometimes they get answers from sessions with people like me, but they also mine value from just about every road-trip interaction.  Their stories tell me how important it is to the strangers when people are nice to them!  I hear about all the synchronicities that happened when they got here, the “signs” they got, and what spoke to them.

When they get here they plop into a hotel. Later, a trip up to the mountains gives them a new perspective; a massage makes them feel connected to their body again; the guy at the car wash fixes the windshield wiper without asking. All the art everywhere and the peaceful pace allow them to unwind even more.

However sophisticated and hip Santa Fe might get, visitors will always be drawn to the spiritually uplifting vibration of Santa Fe, intuitively knowing it’s a good place to relax and begin to find themselves again.

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves wherever you are, have a great last couple of weeks of Summer–technically we’re all still unwinding until the third week in September!

Events: September Intuition Circle The September 24th new moon circle takes place during a period of heavy-hitting planetary activity. Pluto going direct in Capricorn and the Fall equinox means you can expect to see a lot more profound change in the structure of the world and your life: what has been set up gets going on a bigger scale.

For the circle and an inspiration to work with, everybody should bring a personal desire to give some energy to–a Fall intention. In the process of getting perspective on your goals through divination and clairvoyant reading, we’ll do some exercises that develop intuition and increase self-trust. No experience necessary. May include an art project, all tools provided. Limited to 8,  $45, 7-9 pm, 505-982-3294,

I will be in Seattle and Vancouver October 4-7th and available for private sessions, 505-577-4012 or

Psychic Insights and Horoscopes–Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Enjoy Productive September 2014!

The Sun in Virgo highlights work and service and taking care of others. Its spirit asks that we take a little more responsibility and do something extra this month, to make the world a better place.

Reaching Professional Goals comes from surveying what you’ve got in detail, and improving on delivery systems and practicality. Taking stock will inspire new ideas! If you just landed in a new environment, it’s likely going to work for you. You’ll be very busy setting up house, virtually or literally. Efficiency tip: Do one thing at a time to avoid mistakes.

September theme: Mobilizing Change comes through great mobilizing efforts. Lots of things and people are martialling their forcesPersonally, it’s a month of completing details and then actually getting things moving. There’s no way to generalize about what’s mobilizing out in the world–when the mobilizing is done we’ll see who has the power. Obviously and in many different ways, it’s getting hot up in here, y’all!

What to be grateful for: Better ideas! These “better new ideas” could have been occurring to you since the last week in August. Any time around the first of the month, never mind what’s undone around you, go somewhere pleasant and have a nice daydream about how things can be better. In September, be sure to take some time out to free your mind and entertain new thoughts.

Better ideas in the news: Virgo rules problem-solving, health, and systems, and recently a company dealing with all three is getting some press, Companies are signing up for their healthcare services left and right! Another promising invention that’s the epitome of Virgo-resourcefulness, is a new kind of fossil fuel substitute made from e coli bacteria:

Spiritual Guidance for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, fire signs: Do not fight or forsake the goals of your heartfelt self—you could see them but not act on them! Build on the more positive habits and self-understanding that recently inspired you. If you feel pressured, stand still– stop doing–and get your balance. Supportive partnerships can form now. Most of all, be a good partner to yourself: give yourself the benefit of the doubt if you don’t see results at first.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, water signs: You are learning and accepting what you have to sacrifice and eliminate. In good faith you seek the information you need to make a choice, but there could be some disappointment in light of what you discover. However, the truth will set you free in the direction of something better.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, air signs: Hang tight! Your new ideas and new potential partnerships and liaisons are better than before and working…be patient. Expect next March and April to be telltale months for what you’re conceiving and putting together now.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, earth signs: Just keep working! You’re clearing the way: You have to do a bunch of detailed stuff to get to the flow you’re looking for, the flow you hope to enjoy coming from the work and effort you’ve put in. Your plans are just fine.

Leverage the Special Strength of this New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

This is the new moon before the Harvest Full moon, a special time to make hay while the sun shines. You may have felt its new energy on Sunday the 23rd, when the Sun went into Virgo. It’s an easier time to get clear about what one has the heart to commit themselves to for the next couple of weeks, and maybe rearrange their lives around new priorities for a lot longer time than that.

Now is an excellent day to make a commitment to whatever you want to make concrete, establish, and consolidate around. You can create new foundations, but expect to have to narrow your focus and eliminate or rearrange things.

Alignment of heart, body, and soul becomes easier, and so does contact with the higher dimensions.

Do you want feedback from your wise inner self or the higher dimensions in universe about what your New Moon goals? Here’s an exercise to do when you have some privacy: Write down on the top of a  piece of paper something like this: “Anything that can come through, anything the Universe has to say to me, (substitute wise inner self,  Divine Order, whatever…)

The next step is two part:  First, open up in your own mind to what is important and true for you now.  This new moon in Virgo is an excellent time to construct and execute a pleasing plan.

Then, with the expectation that whatever is wise and true will respond to your statement: Write it all down, the important things you are committed to making happen.

Underneath it write something like, “Anything that can come through”, and then just let yourself write whatever does come through…this is automatic handwriting. You might try this visualization: You are sending a note to a much deeper self of yours, many floors below you, and they send you a note up from your own depths.

Next Sunday the 31st, repeat this automatic handwriting exercise to see what your inner self has to say about the direction of things, and when the planets are again powerfully aligned.  Repeat your vows. You are halfway to the Harvest Full Moon on August 31st, a sign that whatever it is you really committed to, can deeply root.

Grow what you want to grow, that’s the key to this new moon’s success!

Santa Fe’s IFAM and Indian Market Weekend Update

Indian Market 2014

Indian Market 2014

It’s the exciting weekend in Santa Fe again, when dazzling Native American artists in their booths, and their admirers come together in an art-buying frenzy…but it’s also an exciting time in the streets, with so many interesting people from all over the world in town. Galleries are open late, restaurants are jammed, and people like me are going in and out of the fancy hotels around the plaza, paying house calls. It’ll be an early night for many, though, who get up at the crack of dawn to buy from their favorite artists.

2014 is the inaugural year of I.F.A.M., the Indigenous Fine Art Market, a group that broke off from the traditional plaza event to do their own thing. It’s on for one more day, Saturday, at the Railyard Park and pavilion. There are about 250 artists from all over, but the park venue is much hipper and nicer than the traditional plaza.  Within earshot on the bandstand is an all-day line-up of Native American entertainers, musicians, and dancers, and of course, the smell of frybread is in the air.

Today at IFAM I pulled away from shopping to listen to a storyteller tell a profound little tale about how a rabbit got its ears (learning used to be so much more fun!), and dug a new kind of hybrid powwow/hip-hop/reggae dance music. The park was so alive with new art and culture and the unique things people brought, it’s another terrific addition to Santa Fe, like the International Folk Art Market. I’m not through shopping yet at IFAM, and like all beginning markets, the prices are good.

Tonight’s like a full moon, the coyotes are howling on the East Side and I hardly ever hear them anymore. Santa Fe has its full-on mojo going and I think that means the money will be flowing…people are really looking forward to a good time and a good market.

Tomorrow night is the Santa Fe Powwow from 5:00 to 10:30 at Genoveva Chavez Center, another chance to hear great music and probably see Native Americans dance who are visiting the area.

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