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Friday the 13th Psychic Message for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs

Friday the 13th, The Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: “No second guessing, only doing your best-ing!” Be aware of the changes you go through, but do what you came here to do today.

Friday the 13th Message for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, the Water Signs

A good time to work on habits, ones that are ready to be washed away, in a surge of energy getting ready for something new. Take your lickings.

The Psychic Pictogram and More on March 2015

March 2015

The Psychic Pictograph and More on March 2015

When I was making the March psychic pictogram, the big black box on the right showed up…what was that?  “…dark coalition” was the answer. It looks to me like two have formed this month:  the alliance of Boko Haram and Isis, and the coalition of  47 Republican senators who directly communicated with Iran in an effort to sabotage the President’s negotiations. They committed an act of treason and lots of people want to try them for it, according to the news .

The other message of this pictograph is that things come strongly to life right now, like a lightning bolt.  The energy ignites what’s on the right, or  it will energize what’s on the left. Stay to the left! The goal is to try to assemble what you want to grow, what is new in you and changing, like Spring.

Being in the present with your goals takes tremendous effort, say the stars, but people get a lot of feedback from the world when they are trying. March is full of information and insights.

Another potential  the amped-up  March energy  can ignite is  represented by the black box, where one can be wired in such a way that great anger is ignited.  Or one’s bad habits go  into high gear. How it’s healing is that it’s revealing.  Your path is communicating left and right in March. Revelation comes before transformation.

Psychic Horoscope Back-story to this Week’s Predictions

The second podcast installment of psychic horoscopes for the week is up on my Santa Fe Star Seer page... something new for me to try and you to try out!

This week’s water signs message is a little hard for me to believe–it’s very, very positive, about something coming up for them shortly that is really really good…they’re all quite positive in light of a week that astrologers are paying attention to, because of a cluster of difficult aspects that can make for a lot of saddening headlines.

Horoscopes  track peoples’ inner journey, and are more relevant to people who are goal oriented.  What I’m shown by doing these weekly horoscopes especially, is that those aspects associated with war and revolution now in the sky,  are the empowering bursts of energy and blows of truth individuals are using now to get themselves free.

Elissa’s March 2015 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to announce a novel project and collaboration, one that gives me something new to share! You can now hear a podcast with your weekly psychic horoscope on my “Santa Fe Star Seer Elissa Heyman” page on

Also, beginning April 7th,  I’ll join Richard Eeds on KVSF, “The Voice of Santa Fe”, for a half-hour psychic call-in show the first Tuesday of every month at 9 am Mountain Time. You can listen online and call in with your question at 505-424-4550.

Happy Spring, and I hope to see you in Santa Fe!

Love, Elissa

Spring Circle March 21st, Saturday night, 7-9 pm, the Kruger Building at 227 E. Palace Ave. $45, Psychic message and healing circle; intuition development, Spring Transformative Art Card. To register, email; read about circles on my website.

Psychic Impressions of March 2015

It is very easy to lose your cool, the planets and clashing, frustrating circumstances can make a ruckus up in your head, and yet aimed the right way with no time for what’s wrong, one can determinedly leap to great heights, overcome great obstacles, and feel very good about their strong push forward in March.

Worldwide, March is full of surprises. Maybe we’ll see some new species!  It can be a lot of fun, as positive energy cracks us open, breaking hard shells everywhere. People get tired of the dark and dark moods.

March heralds Spring and all that is busy being born.  New beginnings are marvelous, surreal in their beauty if you let them be, but likely to be surrounded by a lot of deaths. Necessary death…changes now require energy and your commitment.  If “…this needs to go!” blurts out from your inner mind as you confront some old relationship or circumstance, listen!

(The spirits of March led me to a grave, decorated with stones and pebbles. Their message was, “Bring closure with a blessing and a fare thee well. Grace is given to those who surrender to fate made clear, and move on.)

If people insist on going further in a direction they know no longer works and is wrong for them, things get very tangled. Planetary energies in March can steam-roller people who won’t listen.

Activate Your Inner Warrior: People have a “get ‘er done, once and for all” attitude in March, meaning they make a final push to take care of something, get something out, end something, be something. You can get things done that have been dragging out.

Destructive Tendencies: Things are going to get very disturbed in society – lots of really off-kilter happening in March. There can be serious rents in the social fabric, and perhaps one’s own support system if it’s fragile…March plays rough. It moves fast and takes no prisoners.

Psychic Horoscopes for March 2015

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; Fire Signs: You’re in a new world but taking care of business and being responsible to your aspirations, dreams and goals. You’re moving in new territory…that’s the main feel of the month. Be careful of overdoing it in any way, even though you’ve taken on a lot. You may discover you’ve taken on a lot more than you bargained for, so start slow. Even though you’re really excited about the possibilities!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces; Water signs: Okay, life’s beginning to make sense! There are big breakthroughs in understanding, and/or your ability to acquire things, allowing you to move forward with new plans. You get a much clearer picture now of what you want and how things can work out. You are going to figure something out in regards to securing your future, and it looks very promising, productive, and potentially money-making.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; Air Signs: You will see a big, big change in your life!  You can handle it.  You might be knowing in your bones and feeling all the way through to your soul, the profound letting-go of a circumstance.  You’re keenly aware of the passing of something…and not sure yet what’s to come, but feeling much cleaner and ready for what’s new.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn;  Earth Signs: If your March were a story, it would be a story about somebody who carefully and long-considered something, and they decided to go out and try it. They could learn from their experience, modify what they’d been thinking about, and they grew in strength. They ended up in a new role and official position!  So, you’re going to have to take some risks this month, and although this story is hypothetically true, you have to put elbow grease into your efforts…pedal to the metal and all that, as you focus on your changing and better reality. “All is well”, say your spirit guides. (P.S. There’s a special message for Virgos on the new March 2 horoscope podcast – it’s a full moon in your sign tomorrow!)

Super New Moon Audio Report for February 18



Here’s a link to the audio version of the text below, all about the next two weeks and new beginnings. Below is the text…tell me how you like listening to it as opposed to reading it,  it’s something new!

Feb 18 New Moon report

February 2015 New Moon Report

February 18th: It’s a new moon in Aquarius today, the sign of innovation.  What works in the next couple of weeks, is uniqueness! So be yourself, and invest your time in what uniquely fulfills you. And whatever you’re truly excited to create has the best chance of impressing others.

The moon slips into Pisces only a moment later.  In Pisces, whatever you want to achingly accomplish or get into, you can go very deep with.

Being a good partner is another focus in this new moon cycle. Starting with yourself:

You can’t do everything, you can’t be everywhere… you might have to say no to people and make some sacrifices. Make em! In March there’ll be more time to have fun and goof off. But do take time to daydream…your creative self needs space-out time, and it’ll come up with visions that lead to new worlds.

With other people, they’ll appreciate brevity. Brevity is a sign of truly getting along and a partnership that can work.

New partnerships could be very fruitful, ones that keep on yielding surprises and like Pisces, can go deep.

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