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This divination is an excerpt from my January 2018 prediction newsletter, and before I post the whole thing,  I’ll do an OH card update to clear up the possible confusion I outline below.

December 31st, New Year’s Eve 2017: Important caveat to this reading: When I went to put away the cards, I saw that I had picked up two by mistake. I read the top one without seeing what was underneath. The hidden card showed actually the opposite:  that the Dreamers do not lose their dream, but  outlast the fear or somehow come back. In divination, where everything matters, it’s possible that at first things look very bad for the Dreamers, but hidden from view (by time)  is a solution. Time will tell if it’s first one scenario and then the other,  but I certainly hope that what showed at first for whatever reason, is completely off base:

2018 first impression:  It doesn’t look like it works out for the Dreamers…it looks like they’re back in Mexico. A lot of people on their own, and cut off from their dream. The governments come down hard, they get more rigid…structures get more rigid, and people get more determined (to fight this). There’s a definite attempt to make a police state and it fails.  No sharing, no help for people in the meantime.

OH cards on Mueller investigation:  “Stupid” is how people will characterize the Trump administration’s actions, that they thought they could get away with doing such stupid things; they ruin their own lives.  Definitely Trump is the target, and he’s aware of the danger… somehow he might persevere, though. Somehow, the investigation appears to get very muddled.

Are you an American citizen in need of a wake-up call this morning? Don’t spill your coffee all over your lap like I did, but do read the New York Times Op-Ed by Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. Stunningly, this report on the activities of research firm Fusion GPS will confirm your worst fears about what has happened to our democracy.  What does this have to do with psychic predictions? It suggests this year could well be known for its organized protests, as people begin to realize how screwed they are by having their democracy hijacked.

Onto the week ahead, January 3rd through the 9th, and what to expect!

It’s a stimulating, physical week:  be open to everyone and everything! On the weekend when Mercury trines Uranus and Mars conjuncts Jupiter, adventure calls! Tackling goals that involve moving your muscles should be enjoyable, and so will exploring and risk-taking of all kinds. It’s a have fun plus get ‘er done week of activities to set you up for whatever lies ahead.

Monday and Tuesday kick off a new revolutionary era, and signs of it will be new leaders connecting with followers, and more revelations about moral erosion and corruption at the highest levels. At this point it is a more internal process for people, but as revealed truths and the reality of imposed hardships dawn on the population, radical movements will emerge.

Horoscopes for the very last week of the year! The New Year begins with a Supermoon Full Moon on January 1st, and it’s in Cancer, the Sun sign of the United States, signaling a year of extreme volatility for the country. Individuals are only interested in pursuing what they want, and what they want to see happen, against a backdrop of forces that might want to crush them if it could. Whatever you’ve learned to make yourself healthy, happy, and functional, you’re going to be applying it this year, the year you’ll need to act on what you know. It’s all about being responsible this year.

Speaking of which, I have clients this morning and must get to my office, I will post the horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs later in the afternoon, around 4 pm Mountain Time. Please check back!

Psychic Horoscopes for December 27, 2017 through January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! Individual Horoscopes for 2018 will be out in the January Newsletter

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Be careful with your energy this week, you can overload on people and social goings-on. Even though it’s the holidays, spreading yourself too thin can impact ongoing projects and responsibilities. It’s a good week to make money, but a likely one to spend it.  Just like you have to be careful of your energy resources, mind your limits when it comes to spending cash.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You are in a planning mood, and decisions that are long term are on your mind. But planning for the future does not yield answers that stay in place, and it’s better this week to yield to who needs your attention. What and who can you participate with? That’s a better use of your time: to stay connected rather than plan.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs:  Things tend to work out in your favor. The forces that are moving, that are beyond your control, might be going your way. Another interpretation is that you are waiting for messages that have to do with your long-term plans…everything is already in motion having to do with your destiny and there’s no action to take now, you are waiting to see what happens.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: You’re thinking about making changes to your home, or perhaps changing location, but it’s not an easy time to come to an easy solution about either how to take care of your home, dispose of your home, or do anything but what’s right in front of you to take care of. Enjoy the moment!


The post below has some info already posted here in the Wednesday column, and new insights about 2018, written for a back-East publication…thank God for deadlines! It doesn’t include insights from today, the actual Winter Solstice…they’ll be in the Winter newsletter with 2018 prediction coming out soon.

We are in for a challenging period with lots of planets in earth signs, a more sober time of consequential  events. Closer to home, what if it turns out that people have a lot less voice, less money to spend, and  less comfort in the United States?  And that might be small potatoes compared to what’s happening in Europe! Here’s what we can do about it if there’s tough times ahead, according to an early December vision:

What first appeared was a picture of Americans’ nature and spirit in decline, and people choosing to turn away from the displaced around them, not wanting to encounter them or anybody much – not wanting to connect.  Americans, traumatized by the barrage of fear-creating news, beliefs, and new realities coming at them, might choose to defend themselves from it by disconnecting, not letting it really register. However, other messages going back to 1989 show a steady development of grassroots activism. Maybe we will snap out of our trauma and all become activists!

Until then (and forever more), this is the most actionable response: “Be nice. Be nice to yourself, and especially if no-one else has done so – or we haven’t done so ourselves so far. Choose to be nice as a policy. To be nice is to turn the other cheek, to not react to the past, but to choose to be a certain way in the world, to have a certain atmosphere of respect and security and civility around you, which you demonstrate and emanate by being nice.  It will raise the vibration of your world, and ultimately, at each level you experience the world.”

About grass roots and what the 99% can do in 5 minutes to influence their world:  Grass roots are the densest, the strongest weave, and what is akin to that formidable placeholder is if every single person finds a way to communicate with government officials, just Google it, and let their will be known. That unrelenting activity will make representatives always know and feel the pressure of millions of people, creating a grassroots weave in the airwaves.

“Get to work!” is the saying for the year. For those seeking spiritual and professional success, here are words of wisdom from a 14th century Middle Eastern scholar: “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.”

The atmosphere surges with energy to put knowledge into action this year – lots of itchy entrepreneurs and innovators! For everyone, a lot can happen and a lot can get done by taking responsibility for your life. Being quick to investigate your options and in more  areas of your life,  will serve you well in 2018.

According to one of the psychic pictographs for the year, Americans might be testing one of Einstein’s theories. He states: “All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” As the have and have-nots in America continue to grow farther apart, we’ll see a devalued and dispirited people become more of a colorless or muted mass.

Monster Winds in 2018: Raging winds become more frequent…plus earthquakes. We live as if our well-being depends on our access to money and power. Nature appears to be teaching us differently. “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”, warned the popular ad campaign years ago. Uranus, planet of shocking upheavals, moves into an earth sign on May 15th for an eight year stay. This signifies that powerful and destabilizing earth changes continue to upend.

More about May 15th:  Not only does Uranus change signs on that day, it’s also a new moon in Taurus, and Mars goes into Aquarius, all conspiring to create changes in how we deal with money (Taurus rules money and finances.) People seek new forms of currencies and exchange.  Mars in Aquarius also portends an important year for  technological developments and innovations.  People are going to be bold, try new things, and change fundamental aspects society. Cultural mores change around beauty and romance, and societal standards associated with love and the arts are open to accepting new forms.

Personal guidance from the spirits about 2018 (channeled on 11/11/2017): These messages are not about the society we live in, but describe the raw energy of the year and how we can use it to manifest what we want.

“You’ve arrived on new ground. And look all around…make sure you are with people you want to be with…that’s how the year begins, a radical sorting out of your private affairs.

Being one with Nature this year gives great pleasure. Even for people who haven’t much noticed Nature before. Something wakes up in people about their world, their environment, and how precious it is.

We’re all here together for one reason: to be free, and to be able…you name it when it comes to being able…what do you want to do? Whatever it is, it will occur to you month by month as the year unfolds:  whatever needs to receive to your love. Any part of you can now come forward to be integrated.

Strength! Resilience! Force Power!  They’re all energized in people this year. Make sure to shepherd your consciousness so this access to power becomes tools for your benefit and also for others.”




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