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Elissa’s November 2014 Psychic Newsletter

November 2014

November 2014

Dear Friends,

I had an exciting 24 hours getting omens about November for this newsletter, and if it’s any indication of the month ahead, expect the unexpected and go with it!

The first place the spirits sent me was north to  right outside the entrance to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. I parked next to a little river , planning to walk down a tree-lined dirt road I’d just passed. But first I sat in my car, staring off into space. In a couple of minutes, padding right across my field of vision and in front of my disbelieving eyes, came a big wild cat.

It was a very small mountain lion with a long tail, but it looked kind of spotted. The two cubs walking behind it were clearly spotted. They were a little unsteady on their feet, but the big one gracefully and silently made its way along the bank, threading through the rocks, and then disappeared into the brush towards the tree-lined road.

Which I decided not to walk down after all…

After a double Americano at the little cafe outside Ojo, I kept going north until I was stopped in my tracks by the most fiery blaze of coppery gold color I ever saw, radiating off a long line of cottonwoods on the riverbank.

Someone else had stopped to admire them and we got to talking. He turned out to be an herbalist who lived in the nearby mountains. His renowned company, Dragon River Herbals, was on the scene in Santa Fe and internationally for thirty years; they supplied doctors and health facilities with their high-quality wild-crafted organic products.

I learned something interesting about wild-crafted herbs: their medicine is so much more potent because in Nature, they go through a lot of stress.  The plants’ response to the natural stressors in their environment makes them produce more potent medicinal properties. The “fat cat” herbal plants grown in cultivation don’t need to develop the inner strength necessary to BE strong medicine.

That’s something to remember in November 2014, when  it will behoove us to see challenges like a plant in the wild, as something that develops our powers.

The delightful way my omen-getting adventure ended was just as surprising as seeing a mountain lion. In my own mind, Nature was revealing how the improbable would show up in November, and how it could be rewarding to expect the unexpected and go with it.  The next night I found myself on back roads that led to a tiny town I’d never been to.  It was just a few lights in the dark hills, coming from a restaurant and a little market, both which turned out to be bustling. Shockingly, the restaurant was a bona fide bastion of haute cuisine. I settled on one of their specials, barbecued sturgeon (sturgeon!!) served with lobster butter, grilled polenta cakes, asparagus and a vegetable mirepoix. It was perfectly delicious and $23.95. What an improbable meal off the beaten track in the middle of the high desert! (Check out Blades Bistro in Placitas.)

Be adventurous in November and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



P.S. Last month I wrote about Dreamhealer Dr Adam McLeod, whose workshop I recently attended in Vancouver BC. There’s a Cosmic Contact’s radio show excerpt about the workshop and Adam posted on the front page of my website, scroll down.

Itinerary: November 11thBoston

November 12-15thNYC

November 25th and 28th. Los Angeles

In person private psychic counseling and healing sessions.  House calls or your office; to make an appointment  please email me at or call at 505-982-3294. Travel price $185.

Intuition Circle in Santa Fe: November 29th, Saturday night 7-9 pm, $45. For more information, go to the circles page here.

I’ll be unavailable in Santa Fe November 7-15th, and November 24-28th.

Radio show December 1st, 5:30 Mountain Time. I’ll be talking about my experience at a workshop I’m attending this month with Dr. Joe Dispenza, and taking calls from listeners, 1-347-838-9142. AccessCosmic Contacts at

Coming up: El Paso,  Saturday January 17th: Intuition Workshop and Healing Circle. Private sessions on Friday. (Please get in touch soon if that sounds interesting.)

Psychic Insights for November 2014

Ominous news for dieters: This month is tough on dieters, with an especially tempting holiday season when it comes to any kind of dietary control. The best way to defend against this is to put more time into preparation of “your foods”.

KEY TO THE KINGDOM: Letting go of resentment goes a long ways in November 2014. It leads to greater self-trust. Then you’re freer to use your power. Releasing resentment can act like an amazing cure and instantly enable you  to do your best.

ENERGY! Expect a big bursting forth of energy after the full moon in Taurus on the 6th. Plans made back in August are on the move again. It’s a strong month of personal growth and change.

On the down-low: In order to stabilize personal goals in November and grow them, you may want to keep them undercover, while investing in yourself through getting help, but not yet being “out” with what you’re working towards.

November 4th astrology: Election Day is in the orb of the full moon in Taurus on the 6th, and the moon being in Aries, both parties are going to be trying hard to the bitter end to exert their will, with more people turning out to vote than expected. The planets support an ultimately liberating day where womens’ strength plays a significant role.

November’s opportunities are still eclipse-driven…last month’s newsletter guidance is still relevant: We are in a cycle that calls upon personal strength, when people bear what they need to and receive the important truths to move forward. It is a natural time to zero in on what’s personally important and make new and improved plans.

November 2014 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

(These messages are in response to asking what opportunity is most likely to present itself while Jupiter is in Leo during November.  There were no divination tools involved, just straight channeling, so I would love feedback if they’re particularly relevant or not. )

“What does Jupiter in Leo mean for the different fire, water, air and earth signs? What is the opportunity most likely to present itself?”

For the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, it’s the opportunity to make a wise but not so easy to make choice, between two different versions of reality. Which one is for you, which feels more real? It’s better to choose the one that asks you to expand. Expect support with Jupiter in Leo, and that you can find compatible circumstances.

Jupiter in Leo for the fire signs, Aries, Leo in Sagittarius: You’re right at home with Jupiter in a fire sign, but you could also “burn too bright”, and be over-confident – watch your ego, and be careful of getting too big for your britches!  Anticipate plenty of great connections and opportunities too,  and we wish you well on your journeys, did you know you’re going to be traveling? More than usual….bon voyage!

Jupiter in Leo for the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: There’s been a lot of heavy-duty happenings, and you may have been slowed down by events. Yet you’re still asked to be grateful for what you have:  it is the path to fullness. We wish you well! Behave as if everything is well, and soon it will be.

For the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Are you still lugging around that thing? Some things are hard to let go of…it might not even be ‘til April…and then your world opens up so big, that wow, you’ve got to let go whatever’s not relevant—like a hot potato, baby!”

Jaylen Fryberg..Why Did He Do It?

The media is puzzling over why a “homecoming prince” and well-loved boy, Jaylen Fryberg, would kill his own family and friends.

What occurred to me is that it was an aggravated case of poor coping skills, and he had a gun.

It could be that Jaylen, the recently named homecoming prince of his highschool,  had not yet encountered failure. Perhaps he could not bear that people, especially people  close to him whose opinion he cared about, would see him and know him in some kind of less-than way.

I remember when I was young, and thought of myself as a fair, good person because I could always see everyone else’s point of view. I looked kindly upon other people. Until someone bested me at something, because up until a certain point, I was the fastest runner, the best dancer, the best reader in the class, etc. I was only magnanimous when I was the best, as it turned out.

Apparently, I was highly competitive and upset by not being the best, because when people inevitably came along better than me, I would level a huge amount of hostile energy at them. I had to learn not to do that, as abuse of power gets in the way of the kind of development I wanted.

It could be Jaylen’s ability to go crazy was triggered by not being flexible enough to accept the way something went down in his environment, and he needed to erase it. An act of the ego, and the ego can demand some crazy things.

We all do things to erase what happened. But Jaylen, who had a gun and  grew up in a culture where the movies show people killing and torturing each other all the time, and where lately school mass murderers get a lot of attention, may have acted in a deadly mash-up of personal fantasy dashed, and crazy new one erected to cover up the hurt.

Because our worlds are getting more blurred between virtual and real as technology advances,  there’s more danger of people acting out: lots of people want to obliterate the past, and gun rights and how people treat each other on t.v.,  make it look easy.

What’s New in Santa Fe at the Mall

What spirit has gotten into De Vargas Mall on the North East end of town? It certainly seems like a good one: now there’s a fancy healing spa, and next to it a healthy eating place  is set to open called “Love Yourself Cafe”– and last Sunday at another new De Vargas store called Blessings, there was a holistic healing and psychic fair! I heard they were going to be doing them regularly, and it’s by donation so practitioners are available to everybody. (No website, but near the Treehouse Cafe).

October New Moon in Scorpio Eclipse Messages and Psychic Horoscopes

New Moon in Scorpio Eclipse

New Moon in Scorpio Eclipse

New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse Messages for the Astrological Signs

The effect of this new moon in Scorpio builds slowly, with its impact about what’s growing more noticeable around the first few days of November. However, be on the lookout for signs about what you are growing and manifesting, around the time Mercury goes direct, October 26th.  Here’s what the spirits have to say about what’s set in motion by Thursday’s new moon eclipse, October 23rd:

The spirits say: “Change is great, change is fabulous…that’s the only way to take this new moon  in Scorpio solar eclipse.  Anything  that you start now is grand and great, so make it positive. Believe in yourself, be willing to trust your creativity, be willing to cooperate, be willing to see yourself in the best possible light, and be willing to take unexpected opportunities.

Then, you will have:  a Fabulous Friday!… and will see signs and omens as Mercury goes direct, of what you have set in motion.
Know that you can have a guiding light and a star, even if other areas of the world are in darkness. Pay attention to your star now: the light, and not the dark. “

Eclipse message for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, fire signs: “Wow!” you’ll be saying..magic is in the air!  Lots of interesting and unusual things are happening!  Just enjoy it.

Eclipse message for Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, water signs: Go get’em!  This new moon signals an extreme go-ahead for good plans, and there absolutely are some.  It’s a harmonious time when you can get things done that you want to get done. If you’re not dealing with pleasurable developments, you could be, and should look among your options for what lights you up.

Eclipse message for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, air signs: You attract a situation that is so much better and pleasing, and supportive. You get help: Support is what comes to you as a result of whatever it is you’ve been doing ,or done, or have reached out to….and you can trust what’s coming to you now.

Eclipse message for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, earth signs: Earth signs are acting more like air signs at this time: they are in mental  mood, and plotting their changes.  Now is when they’re getting aware of all the changes ahead. They  are more sure that what they’re doing  is really going to change their lives, and  they’re getting prepared.

Announcing New Moon Circle in Santa Fe: There is space for one more in the circle this Friday night, October 24th, 2014. This two hour workshop is a place to put your (and my) intuition to work on a personal goal, and support your creative self. Please bring a written-out personal goal you want to focus on. For more info  click here and to register, email

Ebola: Another tarot practitioner started a forum discussion on LinkedIn:

Her : “I asked the tarot about Ebola, check out what it said…”.  She posted a three card tarot layout using the Waite deck.  I was struck by the layout as it showed something that was not what I had imagined.

Me: “ Re the three card cut on Ebola, and what the tarot wants to say about it: The 7 of wands, the Devil, and the 4 of Wands in the divination above. I’m very glad to see this: it is hopeful, showing that it can be controlled. It’s not going to spread near as far as peoples’ fears are projecting. According to that 3 card cut and in light of the elements and planets associated with the cards, the action takes place in fire (the only element in the action cards), and it goes from an uncertain fate at its start,, .to being something that causes structural rearrangement and institutional changes (the Devil represents the sign Capricorn and planet of structure, Saturn), and goes on long enough for that, but is ultimately represented by the 4 of Wands, associated with healing, so that it does not become what identifies our world, but something that passes through it. If it were a conspiracy, there would be air, Mercury, some sign of communication going on.”  (Why I mention conspiracy is because the practitioner who started the discussion mentioned the possibility of it being deliberately spread.)

Elissa’s October 2014 Client Newsletter

Dear Friends,

It’s getting cold here in at night in New Mexico, time for soup and sweaters!  I don’t know if the traditional Jewish cure-all, chicken soup, is a match for whatever might be attacking us these days, but recently I tasted a version so delicious and healing-feeling, I want to share it with you.  It was featured at AHA, the new progressive arts festival in Santa Fe, in the “Japanese/Jewish Market” booth.  It’s hard to imagine an improvement on matzo ball soup, but this is it! From artist Sydney Cooper, please enjoy her Miso Matzo Ball Soup printed below.

In other healing-related news, I’m looking forward to learning from some amazing practitioners next week. One is Dr. Adam McLeod up in Canada – I want to experience his group healings, where he works with hundreds of people at once.

Another practitioner helping lots of people change was in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”:  Dr. Joseph Dispenza. His new book “You are the Placebo”, is full of fascinating research experiments and true stories, and is convincing, detailed and hopeful about exactly what it takes to change.

Have a wonderful October,  Mazel tov!


Miso Matzo Ball Soup from Sydney Cooper

6 c. chicken stock

6 tbs. shiro miso (white)

1 tbs. soy sauce

Green onions sliced for garnish

Thinly sliced carrot or daikon radish.

Matzo balls 1-2 batches as per box directions, plus fresh ginger.

Using box directions for matzo balls, add ½ tbs. fresh grated ginger. Cook as directed.

Heat broth with thinly sliced carrot  or Daikon.

In a separate bowl, combine miso, soy, and a little stock to liquefy miso. Add to stock.

To serve, pour broth with miso over a matzo ball or two, garnish with green onion.

October 2014 Itinerary/Events

Monday, October 6th, 5:30 Mountain Time: CALL-IN RADIO SHOW  Call in with your personal question –I’m Pam Drinnon’s psychic counseling guest on the Cosmic Contact show, 347-838-9142. I’ll be discussing the Vancouver healing workshop with Dr. Adam McLeod and October trends.

October 5th-7th, Seattle: One space left, please email if you want an in-person session in the Seattle area:

October 12, Sunday: Southern New Mexico, Silver City. I’m on a look-see in the area for a future workshop.  Would be happy to do a circle if clients are interested, am also available for in-person sessions. If there is a metaphysical group near Silver City interested in divination/tarot for a psychic reading and channeling workshop, please get in touch. 505-982-3294 or

October 24th: Santa Fe Circle, Friday night 7-9 pm. (I can’t do the series class I planned due to travel.)  Spiritual healing, energy release work, new moon circle with psychic messages and intuition development. Solar eclipse in Scorpio suggests access to deeper healing, and that the spirit will appreciate a spiritual bath, having processed alot recently. $45 plus tax, The Kruger Building, 227 E. Palace Avenue, Reservations: 505-982-3294,

Upcoming trips: Los Angeles, Ca, November 3rd week;  Miami, Florida mid January 2015

October 2014 Psychic Astrology

The Libra Sun says: “Hey, I’m casual for protection, I’m purposefully mellow…because then I remember to make space for all the things that create balance: having fun with people, enjoying nature and its beauty…and one of the greatest shields against The Blessed Revolutions of our time and all their diseases, is to feel a sense of balance in your own life.”

Heads Up: Mercury retrograde October 4-25th: ”A stitch in time saves nine.” It is economic to take care…You might have to do things over again if not done right the first time. During this period, in some major way you are called upon to get things right and balanced out.

October 8th: It’s a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, signifying that everyone is going to want it their way. People rise up and speak up on their own behalf, needing very little provocation to act. Individuals with no internal blocks because they believe in what they’re doing at this particular time, can be like a cannon ball and shoot forward.

October 23rd: It’s a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, the beginning of a two week cycle that calls upon personal strength. People can bear what they need to and hear what they need to, to move forward. It is a natural time to zero in on what’s important, and make informed and elegant plans.  In a couple of days when Mercury goes direct, plans unfold more quickly.

This astrological info from a previous article about the Fall Equinox is still relevant in October:

The astrological framework  (for September 24th to mid-October) is a new moon in Libra, marking the beginning of a good couple of weeks to get effective support and into helpful partnerships. Libra rules partnership, and in October, the spirits say: There’s only time for being a good partner in October: A good partner to yourself…supportive, your mind working to manifest your heart’s desires; as in understanding, a good and active partner to what you think is important, i.e. helping to get out the mid-term vote;  and a good partner to the very closest people in your life, because that’s all there’s time for!

Pluto going direct on the Fall equinox has a marked outer negative expression, and marked inner positive expression. People such as extremists who are vengeance-minded feel an accelerated need to get their just desserts. In positively-oriented individuals, they are empowered to find new success with programs or processes for personal transformation. Progress becomes visible where it’s been like moving boulders.  At any rate, people get on with the constructing of what they feel frees them.”

October Spiritual Guidance

Plant Yourself. Get settled. Plant yourself comfortably wherever you are, root yourself by getting things arranged well. It will feel good to do that when the Sun’s in Libra! Fill your heart with satisfaction and appreciation for your own doings for yourself; get organized. Be relieved of the past as you organize around a better-settled self.


Be honest in all your dealings.

Practice MODERATION, as in “avoid extremes of behavior.”


What is your Cooperative Act for Fall Success?  What particular action can people take this Fall to create the life they want?

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Success will come when you let go of self doubt and just do stuff, and not worry about if it will be successful. Trust in your creativity.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You have to sacrifice your old vision of partnership to one where relationships are more balanced. Rejoice in the healthy boldness of daring to dream and plan for what you want.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: It’s hard to think in terms of sacrifice and air signs this Fall, because they keep on showing me how happy they are!  You could be offered opportunities that are right up your alley! Seize the day-it has a positive outcome.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: You may have to consider ways to let go of how you’ve done things or organized your life. The future calls for re-organization!

Your Cooperative Act for Fall Success

Fall 2014

Fall 2014

What particular action can people take this Fall to create the life they want?

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: Success will come when you let go of self doubt and just do stuff, and not worry about if it will be successful. Trust in your creativity.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You have to sacrifice your old vision of partnership to one where relationships are more balanced. Rejoice in the healthy boldness of daring to dream and plan for what you want.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: It’s hard to think in terms of sacrifice and air signs this Fall, because they keep on showing me how happy they are!  You could be offered opportunities that are right up your alley! Seize the day—it has a positive outcome.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: You may have to let go of how you have done things or organized your life. The future calls for re-organization!

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