On the new moon in Pisces, February 23rd, I drew a psychic map for the Corona virus. The other psychic picture I drew was to ask the spirit of the United States if it had anything to say, which I'll post next.

The Corona virus had two things to say, one written right on the map, and the other, slyly, after I finished the map. "I'm silent."it said, meaning many things about it are hard to trace: the incubation time, the transmission method, and the idea that it could disappear and re-appear again.  Its operations happen in a silence; no clues.

Here are the map's message:

April wane: The virus is on the wane in April 2020.

Europe spotty: It does not take hold in Europe like it does in Asia.

Goes underground: the idea is disappears but comes back later: and this quote from the spirit of the corona virus goes with this cryptic "goes underground" message: "wait 'til things buried in the ground come up. Better to leave it lay." This refers to buried viruses that climate change or logging or whatever bring up.

Contained: North and South America. It is not the same epidemic experience here.

China/Asia: BIG (Mainly here)

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