Considering the sudden swell in Bernie Sander’s popularity. I got curious what the tarot had to say about his chance of being the Democratic candidate. He hasn’t shown up well in a while.

According to the cards, things have changed and for the first time, success is clear. I wonder if Bernie is going to get much better funded. The first set of four cards, in the positions of “fire, water, air, earth” were in answer to the question: “How is Bernie doing, what is happening with his campaign?”

It shows, as if it were blood spreading in water turning it pink, but instead it’s the sun filling the sky with healing energy, that there has been a change - there has been some kind of deal reached perhaps where the Democrats are seeing Bernie can win. There is success here.

The next question was directly about him being able to be the candidate and yes, if he clearly is the most popular, he would be the candidate.

My next question was: “Does Bernie know he’s going to be the candidate?” (A question a psychic would ask!) The answer here was very, very strongly yes – like no doubt at all, and the “brain” that knew this was like knowing something in your bones, a  felt intelligence and direct heart knowledge. He might have that feeling because of what he’s been told and is pretty sure of on it a conscious level, too, but whetever the driving forces are coming from,  Bernie Sanders is just running one way now.

Earlier tonight, I had a telling conversation with a friend who works at a lumber yard. He's not interested in politics, and really turned off to them now. He doesn't follow what's going on, but hears all day long the opinions of customers, who complain that Medicaid and welfare recipients game the system and can buy more food than working Americans. I asked him if he agreed with that, since this was what he was hearing at work.  "I don't care who eats", he said, "as long as I can take care of myself." He then  volunteered that he was going to vote for Bernie Sanders. I asked him why, and he said, "Because he's a good person."  

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