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2021 for the Astrological Signs and Fire, Water, Air and Earth

Dear Readers,

The February newsletter will post predictions and messages for 2021; here are three sets of personal psychic guidance messages about the year ahead according to your astrology.

For people with dreams, 2021 says: “Blast off!”  Some people are filled with ambition, struck with a mission. Go for it! This is when it occurs to you, and this is when to do it. Don’t concern yourself with what’s rising and falling around you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Priority of the Year: Taking care of your health and keeping up exercise and health maintenance routines.

2021 Aries You have to be brave this year, and go on faith and do what you want. Do what your heart dictates – go ahead and try new things, the stars are with you! This year, love is in the air.  It’s a  good time to have goals,  when much progress is made with ideas and plans you’ve got going. 

2021 Taurus: If you are a creative person; if you’re somebody trying to get pregnant; if you’re trying to start your own business:  this is a great year for self-expression, and successful ways to do those things are found! All those things haven’t really happened yet… you are not yet being shown concretely all the success coming to you.  You are going in the right direction creatively, however it could involve a switch, a change-up to how you’ve been operating or what you’ve been doing.

2021 Gemini: As the year begins, you don’t have a strong idea about what you want to do, where you want to be, although you do want to be inspired by your environment and activities. It’s a year with changed fortunes in it, and in some way feel you have to start over. This can mean you  find what you’re willing to work at, and make happen. Foreign travel looks good. Metaphorically or literally, you seek your fortunes in different areas. It’s a year of being both probing and philosophical about your future prospects. Meanwhile, you’re looking for where you belong.

2021 Cancer: Oh my goodness, you are definitely considering shaking up your life in some way. The question is, how do you move forward in a practical way? It can involve graduating into a new situation, changing how you work or what you’re doing… in some way 2021 initiates a big departure from the past. There can be change that’s been a long time coming, but also a surprise.  A lot gets grounded for you in 2022.

2021 Leo:  Even though this is a very changing, moving year, as you navigate it, you’re right in the here and now. It’s a liberating kind of a year, where you have a chance to change systems that you live by. It’s not like you know where it goes, though:  you’re going along and  not completely seeing what it adds up to, but you have a sense of inevitability or fate about what you’re doing. You may not yet be provided for by your new directions – in some ways what’s new isn’t fulfilling, but it’s still good to stick with what allows you to change and keep growing in new ways.

2021 Virgo: You’ll have a rewarding year of better moods and rich experiences. You know through seeing or feeling where it is you belong, and what it is you’re willing to let go of, but it’s not a time you can see where you’re going: it is a year that is not conclusive. It’s more about having to respond to people and your feelings about what’s right for you. You tend to be more relaxed than ever about handling life’s changing circumstances. Re people in your life, you can be concerned about the state of affairs with their health and/or money. You are seen as a strong person, and caring, and you are especially aware of the women in your life this year. 

2021 Libra One thing that you have to be careful of is overextending yourself. Although you know there’s something you are very capable of doing, and you know it would get done, there can be reasons out of your control that you can’t completely manifest your good ideas. Be careful about not being able to pull yourself back from a commitment or decision if the circumstances change.

2021 Scorpio It’s a hopeful year: There is a lot of positive energy coming from both the stars, and your previous efforts and accomplishments. It looks like you can make more money or find a better job, or in some way improve your circumstances.  It could be that you pair up with somebody else, and together you can do more – but it’s a very good year for the people in your life, and being able to make decisions because of harmonious relationships. You can be wondering whether to invest in something or someone you know. You must read and act on the signs!  You might want to wait until (?) before doing so. (Scorpio, I am so sorry – the month did not get recorded but I think it was May-July.)

2021 Sagittarius You are going through a huge change this year and it’s so big,  you can’t expect to be able to see what these changes lead to, and see their material shape in one year.  You become a stronger person.  In some way you choose again.  You might be considering leaving a situation, yet may not be able to… however this year, you get the right ideas, the ones that help you and free you. Ultimately, you can release what you don’t want, and gravitate towards what you do.

2021 Capricorn: This year you go through quite an identity change and find yourself in new territory, with new people, and offering new things, but it is not so easy to get established in new places. It takes longer… there are just circumstances in the way.  There are so many things to take care of from your past that come up … the past is quite present in 2021. Deal with it all so you can move forward!  You’ve gone a long ways in one direction, and if you don’t like where you’ve ended up, 2021 is the year to make changes and amend the situation, and then you can be successful. There is a very bright light at the end of your tunnel.

2021 Aquarius Now, your true plans and big long term plans can be embarked upon! Even though it may look like a long shot, what you’re wanting do works and can be materialized, and it looks like you’re on your way to a good place and with good people. They are people that in a sense, you have deserved for a long time. There is something very “Yes-sy” about this year!  

2021 Pisces You seem concerned with relationships and keeping things in balance, but it’s questionable whether being so concerned about relationships pays off. Another route if you want to stay ahead on your own projects and life, is to reprioritize what’s important. Shape your days more around what feels good, what makes you feel whole and healthy and balanced, as much as that’s possible given your commitments. Be more about yourself and not the state of anybody else. Just drop it if you don’t want to be supportive any more.

2021 for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

If you missed the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction horoscopes in a previous post, they’re here right below 2021

2021 Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:  It seems hard for you to settle down and see what’s happening or put together something of the bigger picture. This year has a June, middle-of-the year vibration before there’s reason to act in some big way. It’s good not to be pinned down about what you’re doing until you’re ready to name it.

2021 Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs You tend to have past life, karmic circumstances arise in relationships. There’s a lot that is stirred up and revealed this year from your deeper depths.  What’s it all about? Moving forward, actually: going back in time to move forward is just how flexible and changeable water signs can be, and that’s a good thing this year – to be able to move in and out of awareness of what’s true, and what to do about it. It takes the first six months of the year to really release all that has been held in tension in your body from 2020’s activities. Whatever is resurrecting in you and forming in you, it would be hard to immediately see the consequences of your positive changes. And so many are made this year!

2021 Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs:  It’s not good for you to really zero in and commit to something until June, until the middle of the year. This would be true if it’s hard to make up your mind about something… it would be a sign that a clearer time, or a better time, is later, even though it might be anxiety-provoking to wait on something Wait for what’s good.

2021 Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: There are more places to go to for you in May, professionally and career-wise. There’s a lot of sludge work to do the first two to three months of the year: stuff that has to be done. Do it, it’s going to be heavy either way, i.e. if you don’t. Do The Stuff! It is really good not to put it off.

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction and 2021 for the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

Theme: Committing to Yourself, Committing to your Dreams

Recording the messages I got on December 17th and 21st, I began to think I was losing it, mentioning so often that the different signs should wait for June, and “the middle of the year”. Recently, I looked up June 2021 in an ephemeris to see what was up, and on June 10th, there’s a new moon solar eclipse in the morning, then an hour later the moon conjuncts Mercury followed by Sun conjunct Mercury, and that is a celestial signal that soon, things can and will begin to move forward in a new direction. For whatever reason, in divination this eclipse shows as being especially significant for individuals, when they see the results of being committed to whatever they’re committed to, and what direction things are taking. 

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:  Jupiter/Saturn conjunction for the Fire signs and your season ahead:  You’re unusually clear headed this winter. Whatever is in your heart to do, and what’s within your capability, and what comes forward to support you, are all things that line up very well! It’s time to do!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water SignsJupiter/Saturn Conjunction for Water signs: You have a better idea now of what makes you happy; you have chances to do things that make you happy; you know who makes you happy. You have some great ideas! Things are much more likely to work now. You see what has not worked… it’s a very hopeful winter full of good ideas, things you’re suited for. A lot of pleasure ahead for you! If there’s something you want to do, you’ve got a chance to do it. It’s an emotionally harmonious time ahead, potentially.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs  Jupiter/Saturn conjunction for the Air signs: You get into clashes about what’s right. You feel and see things have to change. You’re dealing with more conflict than other elements, and conflicts between how things have been done, and what present circumstances call for. To take control of the situation, it’s best to find something new that makes you happy. This takes some time to develop so don’t worry if at first you don’t know what to do.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Jupiter/Saturn conjunction for Earth signs: You are now free to pursue more supportive partnerships and relationships, and are finding ways to do what you want. It looks like this involves a lot of change, and willingness to be a pioneer.

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The Pictograph: This suggests there’s a lack of infrastructure to change our fate… there is so much to accomplish in so little time to get that blue wave, or any force, to truly change the tide… but the pictograph says we should try anyway, and now.

Dear Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you only inconvenienced by the crises in effect in August 2020, and with access to a swimming pool!

Here in Santa Fe, there’s so much green growth coming from recent rains we’ve been lucky – it’s especially nice to walk around early in the morning and breathe it all in.
The city is pretty much sidelined as a summer destination spot, although I can tell from the license plates that a lot of people have chosen to be sidelined here too…

I hope you’ve got places to walk and projects to work on and people to Zoom with! And that this uncertain time goes by fast and meanwhile, you are shown the hidden gifts and little treasures in the midst of change.

Best to each of you,



PSYCHIC and HEALING WORK: I am still doing psychic counseling and spiritual healing only by phone and my downtown office is closed. Different healing phenomena and processes are developing – everything changes with practice!  To schedule a session, email, text 505-577-4012, or call 505-982-3294 (landline; office.)

The Pandemic

The Most Important Message in the August Psychic Newsletter: It is EASIER THAN EVER to catch the Coronavirus.  Right now, the corona virus transmits more easily and/or gets easier to transmit (because of behavior) in the United States, and wherever people aren’t cautious. U.S. fatalities could be massive… way, way more than expected.

The Fix: The psychic guidance was to absolutely go back to staying in place. Don’t move much… it’s the convergence of displaced people and the virus that takes such a toll, and lunatic decisions such as opening the schools before its safe and before there’s money allotted to keep them safe. What works is if people stay in place, stay in their home, state, country, etc. Changing our habits works; adapting to new needs works… and not going out too soon.

A big scientific breakthrough comes in August, and an important “what” or “why” question is answered about the Coronavirus.

Pandemic Relief for the Unemployed: It could be that people don’t have the extra stimulus money in their pockets until the 3rd week of August.

Donald Trump

There’s another chance to get rid of Donald Trump in August. As if we don’t understand the magnitude of the danger he poses, the spirits suggest getting rid of him before the election, even though that seems impossible and illogical. Maybe there is some way to get him out of office for whatever goes down in August, for whatever new impeachable offenses are committed, or maybe new pressures can get him to resign. There’s the troubling sense Americans and their institutions don’t act in concert with enough strength and united power to save democracy, and we are all going over the cliff with Trump.

December 2020 Invasion: An odd impression was that in December, the United States would be infiltrated by political operators coming from other countries and different places. They are a back-up, an aid, a support… to whom and for what?… maybe to help Trump stay in power.

Surprise President? The idea that there’s a surprise about who becomes president in 2020, and a powerful woman is involved in the next phase of the U.S. government, has come up in different divination systems. What if this happened: the Constitution states that if there is no duly elected president by January 20th 2021, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi becomes the president!

The July 2020 Neowise Comet’s Portent:  A bit about comets from the UNM science department: “Comets have inspired dread, fear, and awe in many different cultures and societies around the world and throughout time. They have been branded with such titles as “the Harbinger of Doom” and “the Menace of the Universe.” They have been regarded both as omens of disaster and messengers of the gods.

As a message of warning, the scene that played out seems to be what we are living right now due to Covid19. We think everything is OK, we don’t shut down enough, we get all set up to get back to life, and the virus comes roaring back, bringing another round of economic devastation.  I assumed when I got that message (July 18th) it depicted a resurgence in the future and a much more severe shutdown than now, but maybe it’s what’s playing out already.

On the  theme of FULLNESS in August 2020: The month begins with a full  moon in Aquarius (August 3rd) that celebrates innovation and science… the stars shine a brilliant light on the work of medical researchers everywhere. Individually, people are able to think outside the box with greater ease. 

Here is a word divination game for August 2020, about all that is full and extreme in the future, with the explanation in italics:

FANCY! Flagrant excess abounds in August – over the top displays of wealth as well as tremendous imagination and creativity

FAKE! The amount of fake news and fake news-calling and interference grows exponentially

PHONY There are a lot of scams coming to take your money, beware phone solicitors and internet schemes

FEELING  We are feeling all of this (pandemic fallout) and very emotional

FIT! Being physically fit and in good health becomes a high priority

FORESEEN What’s happening has been seen and commented about in print, but is hard to believe

FORESHADOW August events foreshadow the future and are an omen of what to expect.  (A preview, a hint of what’s to come is “what comes undone” in August)

FORGIVE We must forgive ourselves and each other for letting this happen so we can move on, and forward

…AND WE’RE FORSAKEN.  Americans are left in bad shape, and we have to start over in many ways




August 2020 Personal Guidance

Whoever you are and wherever you are, your kindness and your smile are needed by those around you. Flash a smile and be a bright spot! First thing in the morning, look in the mirror and give your own self a smile, it’s another day of surfing the waves of change.

How many times to you click the remote and change the channel? This is how to get out of a bad mood: interrupt yourself! Click on a cat video, watch a comedy, look at peoples’ gardens… what’s more important than whatever is happening, is your attitude, and it’s worth adjusting over and over, sometimes many times a day. Get focused on something else, fast.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: You continue what has been underway for a while, with big projects wrapping up in October. You are still exploring new territory, meeting new people virtually, and in some way going to new environments. This all gives you new ideas about what you want to do and what’s needed. It’s a busy month!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: You want a successful completion around a relationship. Somebody wants to start over and maybe you are going to give them a chance, a younger person or someone whom you consider a “junior.” It’s all part of learning to make better relationship choices.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Lots of breakthroughs for you! Up for consideration is which way you want to go, and what success means now. You consider going to different locations, and taking on a different role, and having things work out in a new way.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: You continue to develop new projects, avenues, and relationships, but life keeps on interrupting your efforts! It’s challenging to complete things and find the right people to be on your team. September is an easier month for success in finishing what you started.

Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Who is going to turn the world around? Each one of us, one lifetime or another… in honor of the power individuals have to make a difference, here are some psychic messages for each astrological sign:

Aries: All that work, what are you going to do with it? You might be asking yourself questions like that, and feel sort of parked right now. But the stars have you bristling with new ideas! Let your imagination flow. Don’t think about how things are, think about what you want to do, and what you’re interested in creating. Pay less and less attention to the world right now, because you are fire, you are energy, and the individual Aries is much different than what is collectively going on. You’re like a sparkler, and the world is like a bomb. So sparkle!

Taurus: You are wondering which way things are going, and the planet Uranus still guarantees a bumpy, windy, and vague road at times. It seems to straighten out in September.

Gemini: You’re really trying to get to a different place, and you need feedback from people to do that. Although they give you feedback, they are awfully busy with their own agendas right now. People have retreated a little bit. It’s better to bide your time… intuitively feel their warmth, first. “Need least” is a good guideline for right now. There’s a less pressured point in July to pursue things with people.

Cancer (and also the United States): All is well underneath it all: the fighting, the scrabbling, the misinformation. It is going to be okay… be patient, be willing to change and listen, and reciprocate where you’re honored.

Leo: Leo is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Life is interrupted, and possibly you’re feeling isolated… start something! Be innovative! Get into something new; be helpful; offer what you’ve got, and work on what you “ought” that’s new, and that lights YOU up!

Virgo: This seems to be a psychic month for you while your ruling planet is retrograde in Cancer, the sign that feels deeply in their body. A question you’ve got about your life and moving forward is more likely to be answered around your birthday month, September. Meanwhile while the retrograde planets wind down, take a rest and relax!

Libra: Like Sagittarius, it’s valuable to continue your education, whatever you’re in the process of learning. You have also been learning a lot of lessons through relationships. Your relationship with yourself improves, learning to be more considerate or less driving, and not putting yourself on so much of a schedule; that’s good. Relaxing is good! The first six months of the year are much slower than the next six months. September, things get busier for you.

Scorpio: Being at home or being alone, there’s a necessary development that takes place in the dark, so to speak. You are changing, and it’s easier to change without the influence of others right now. It’s a very internal process you’re going through, and being “one with Nature” is a way to hear your own truth. You’re seeing how you are less reactive, and noticing what you’re beginning to respond to; your goal ultimately is “to understand”, and to move in a positive direction, and this goal blesses you.

Sagittarius: You’re still following through on a goal and an ideal, an inspiration that requires study on their part, or learning. This still seems very valuable. You can round a corner, or get somewhere that really opens you up to a different scenario, possibility, and environment. It’s through pursuing and completing that you create this different opportunity.

Capricorn: You’re very ambitious and optimistic in July, and just won’t take “no” for an answer. This is good, this can see you through any challenge you have – like building up your body or personal strength – that requires your will and endurance, and optimism and faith in yourself. You get to practice all these things quite a bit this month! After realizing it’s a blessing to be alive, the next task is believing that your circumstances are a blessing, even if they’re a blessing in disguise at the moment. If learning and becoming wiser and stronger is a goal, you’re in the right place.

Aquarius: You might be looking for another place to be, and other people to connect with. You’re intellectually restless and looking for “better” in some way. Research is in order! Your head is changing; it’s a great time to be reading and learning about things as you form some new opinions and seek some new directions. There is some change in September and there’s a chance of moving or relocation in December if that’s what needs to happen.

Pisces: Your feelings are very complicated now, but you’re close to truths that have eluded you for a long time. Maybe things that you’ve been thinking about for months can come clear now, or the process to them coming clear has begun, as if you’ve got the right tools or perspective or something. Expect a lot of breakthroughs August and September… very exciting months! So is October: things are put into motion that you’ve been working on and feel confident about.

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2012 2020 Psychic Predictions air signs astrology circles collective consciousness 2011 consciousness raising divination earth signs Elissa's Monthly Psychic Newsletter Elissa's Psychic Blog Elissa's psychic newsletter Elissa Heyman fire signs guided imagery exercise healing horoscopes intuition leo New Mexico personal growth personal guidance predictions prophecy psychic psychic astrology psychic counseling Psychic Counseling and Healing psychic counseling and spiritual healing psychic development psychic insights psychic predictions psychic reading Santa Fe self-help shamanism spiritual development spiritual guidance spiritual healing tarot taurus Trump water signs WednesdayWisdom what to do in Santa Fe

2020 -Transition


Dear Friends,

Pretty exciting times in America’s ongoing reality tv show that is so for real – and soon we will know the state of our union. Fingers crossed we don’t descend into a monarchy!

The only other thing besides the fate of the world vying for my attention is a peek at the first rendition of my new website. I am so glad to be getting a new platform… there is nothing like the right new structure to inspire creativity and new visions for oneself!

On with the psychic news: almost all of these messages have been previously posted on my blog, but I just did the last pictograph about 2020 today, January 25th. I have made LOTS of psychic pictographs about 2020, trying to see what shows up in them. This latest one shows on the left side, half the year with Trump’s presence (orange), and the Chinese being impacted by the new spreading virus. Both the virus and Trump’s coup are active dangers (red on right). It says of the media (yellow) and those controlling it, and the current power structure: “We’re still in power.” But underneath it all is a blue wave. I assume the 2020 voters want a new foundation for the country and turn a lot of places blue, but there’s a sense that the blue wave doesn’t crash and land on shore for a while…as an in-place power structure ready to go in 2021: that is not showing, at least not yet.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Santa Fe, and the faint hint of Spring is already in the mini-warm spell we’re having. I hope you each have something to enjoy where you’re at,and have a way to get where you’re going in 2020!

May we all find the strength to surrender to the power of love in 2020, and be the happy, healthy people we’re meant to be.

Best wishes for the New Year, Love,


Winter Itinerary: March 25th, Western Massachusetts. I have time for one more session, please call/text 505-577-4012.

Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing in Santa Fe, in person or by phone, except for March 25th-March 29th. 505-982-3294

A “What is my Intuition Telling Me?” workshop and psychic message and healing circle, Sunday March 15th, 1:30 pm-3:15 pm, $65/per person, for up to 8. 227 E. Palace Ave. Suite T. For more information:, and to register.


Psychic Predictions and Horoscopes for 2020


Note: I just discovered I never posted a set of element horoscopes and messages for the year – instead I put the same content twice, in two different December 2019 blog posts. One message that got left out was for Santa Fe, NM in 2020 and farther into the future:


Tips for Santa Fe’s Future Success: First and foremost, preserve nature. Make it easy for people to connect with the earth and the sky. Keep the mountains pristine and everything simple up there. Keep Santa Fe casual and friendly. Build more things underground.


The 2016 “word of the year” was “Whaaaa?” as in being blown away at the surprise turn of world events… specifically, Donald Trump being elected president. The 2020 word of the year is an expletive sort of like that, representing more someone throwing their hands up at an out-of-control situation: “Aaauuughhh”. I sure hope that’s not in response to a second term for Trump. Or that in America, women’s reproduction rights, adequate public education, and a way for wild animals to move across the border, cease to exist.


There’s a second nickname for 2020: “Year of the Lean Machine”, meaning it’s successful for individuals and entrepreneurs to “be economic and self-sufficient and eschew excess.”


The United States: Fellow Citizens, all that really matters is that we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. Be there or be duped by a foreign power!


POWER in 2020: Controlling people really try to hold on in 2020 – they do not get remorseful; they get cunning. 2020 is about hanging on to power. Ongoing examples are and will be the Middle East’s battle to get the U.S. out of their lands while they have more of a chance. This week of impeachment trials, the Republican Senators have a unique chance to determine the fate of the country. And re power-grabbing, Putin appears to have set his sights on a level of control that the world has never seen.


INDIFFERENCE in 2020: Our collective indifference to Creation itself permeates societies worldwide and at all levels, from institutional to individual. Nature appears to be responding more and more violently to being made sick. Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s instant worldwide following is a sign that indifference is becoming a thing of the past, but in 2020 Greed and Power are cranked-up urges that have their sticky hands on the wheel and won’t let go.


The Speaking Stones: For many, 2020 is about establishing a new foundation for one’s life. The foundation of the U.S. has a woman’s influence more at the center of its infrastructure, so maybe Elizabeth Warren is elected and chooses a woman vice-president like Amy Klobuchar, but the Stones show that Trump is still very present, and suing everybody. (Using the cover of last Sunday’s New York Times supplement, a pendulum reading picked out Elizabeth Warren and Amy K. as the Democratic candidates for Prez and VP. But the next day I read that the Times itself had picked those two candidates, so it clouded the pendulum reading: was it picking up on who the Times had already picked, or who the Democrats pick soon?)


Trump’s Impeachment Trial and the Stars: It feels like coming up is the most dramatic and important week with the Senate impeachment trial beginning Tuesday January 21st. It takes place under the influence of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, sign of oppressive government regimes, and this being a “government show” we’re likely to see how a government shuts down the people. The trial week ends with a new moon in Aquarius squared Uranus… Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, making this an extra bold time when people do the unthinkable. Don’t expect the Republicans to behave. Don’t expect anyone to behave appropriately, if pushed. (On the upside, there’s potent cosmic energy to fuel those individuals “daring to succeed”, and trying to break out of ruts.)


Trump either goes down from lack of support, or he obliterates democracy. Hard to believe we could lose “the land of the free”, but I’ll believe what the Senate trial shows me to believe.


Good News: What is getting ready to multiply, impact, and affect us in a good way? The Speaking Stones say there will be innovative solutions about waste, garbage, clean water, and homelessness. Homelessness is a much bigger global issue in 2020. Also, advocates find new support for the creative arts; there are new ways for new talent to emerge; and some way that men see themselves is changing, and it allows them to be more compassionate and caring. Look for strange new forms of beauty appear in 2020, that’s quirky Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus!


In 2020 For Individuals: “First, clean up the messes.” Whatever needs to be addressed, whatever’s gotten unbalanced or out of hand, first clean that up (and then proceed with what’s new.)


More 2020 Spiritual Guidance For Individuals: “Inner Peace Descends Upon Many”. Keep up your practices, let Spirit find a way to connect with you. Do this every day! Ground yourself in compassion; keep on finding it within yourself. “Be able”, and support yourself to be able by keeping up whatever you do that makes you feel centered and stronger.


More on How to Cope in 2020: Stick to your principles but learn to see all sides of an issue.


The following channeled messages are from right before the Winter Solstice, December 18-20 2019. Spoiler Alert: They are disturbing and of course I hope to God I’ve temporarily lost my mind and landed on an “Opposite World” channel. My intention, though, was to make myself receptive to what I could receive about this time and the year ahead, 2020:


“The Joker”: This is a reference to a character in a movie I didn’t see. The impression I got is that something with no integrity is what we collectively experience. (OMG, I just looked up “The Joker” on Wikipedia, and it describes a psychopath who loves chaos, a supervillain with no superpowers, just a pathological, sadistic s.o.b. I assume the message is that we will be dealing with Trump at his sickest.)


“The Adults Can’t Take Care of the Children This Year”: People are especially preoccupied with their own changes and personal worlds; more people find it difficult to make big changes in society’s structure. Collectively, adults don’t act like responsible adults this year when it comes to kids. The Earth too… it turns away in despair, like a young woman refused. Only the strong survive.


The Era of Corporate Power: “They Got This Sewn Up in 2018”. I didn’t know what spirit meant about 2018. Googling “2018 rulings impacting corporations”, the headlines are: “Banner Year for Corporations, Business Wins Big in Supreme Court”, and so on. Whatever gains corporations made in 2018 lay a foundation for corporations to become and stay powerful, according to the message. In terms of the USA’s changing identity, it’s not really the U.S.A. now… global corporate identities grow in strength, and become more defining and like a national identity.


“There’s a dark power in New York”: This is so vague, but looking online tonight at the New York Times headlines, it says there was a big crackdown today on Long Island of the gang “MS-13”, with 96 charged (December 20, 2019). It could be that because this is super-recent and active in NY, it came through to me as a message.


“Land is Going to be Taken Away”. This is the about the issue of land being taken along southern U.S. border to build “The Wall”.


2020 Psychic Horoscopes for the Astrological Signs and Elements

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: This is a year in which your efforts are aimed at getting back into balance, and to repair and upgrade your foundation. Reach out and get more help with this! Create supportive partnerships that improve your business and lifestyle; it can be done. This is a very positive, grounding year. It is not a flashy year: it’s a “get it done” and take-life-more-seriously year.


Aries: You can feel as if in some way that you’ve lost something… you’re a little anxious about your position or role in the world. Actually, it looks like some development produces worry, but the worry doesn’t look justified: it looks as if the world and events and your own effort conspire to make you feel more identified with the role that suits you. Basically, you are getting into the right position this year.


Leo: You don’t have doubts about what is yours to do, and what you’re building and developing. You’re more fleshing out what has been a long-term project, and basically are learning what it is you’ve got that the world is interested in. It’s not a very emotional year – fulfillment comes from persevering and doing. You are putting a lot of things in order, and noticing what needs attention and what needs to be put in its proper place. It’s not a very social year but don’t disappear! Be sure to reach out to other people and make plans with them! And the stars are encouraging that you might find love, even though you’re not focused on it.


Sagittarius: Absolutely, it’s time for a new beginning, but be careful about depending too much on other people. There’s something about the concreteness of partnership that is in question, even though basically what you’re trying to do is a good idea. You also want to be careful of putting all your eggs in one basket this year. Change looks good, it looks inevitable and it looks favored – but guiding outcomes is tricky: to get what you want, you might have to jump through some conflicts.


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Practical Guidance for 2020: This is an exploratory, experimental year. You can go one step at a time, and you can always change your mind. You want to be practical: you don’t want to invest in anything that doesn’t show you on a daily basis that it belongs, and is part of your life. Your concerns and priorities change this year. To make the most of this temporary-feeling experimental year, be accepting of your changing self.


Cancer: You can be dealing with other people this year, such as people in your family, and dealing with circumstances you don’t have a lot of control over. This is the year to reach out for support, and to know that people want to help you, and to find those people if you’re not in touch with them. Doubt can creep in with a lack of connection. It’s important to connect with your resources, or forge new helpful alliances. And also to find a way to keep on moving, and to pay attention to anything that can grow. Life throws a college course of a year at Cancerians! Its reward is the great strength and deeper roots you develop.


Scorpio: What you gain this year is insight and understanding, and the year begins with you knowing you’re making some kind of sacrifice: you’re doing something with the awareness of what it will take. The fruit of being willing to learn from experience is that you further understand the right fate, the right direction, the right destination, and the right choices. They may be different than you thought they were, or anybody else thought they were. Be happy you can learn from experience this year – there’s a lot to go through and get to in 2020!


Pisces: What wonderful signs! It looks like you have a green light, a “go” sign, meaning you get further with what you want to creatively expand on, and make progress in how you want to empower yourself. You find the right tools; you find the right format, and what makes you happy. You should add more leisure time to the mix of your life- more pleasure, more ‘not-doing”, more allowing the winds to blow in its new ideas, right into your carefree head.


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Air Signs’ Aim in 2020: There’s a focus on your financial affairs and how to use your money. What’s the best way forward with it; how to deploy your resources to get from one place to another? Personal goals to improve your health are especially strong; perhaps your body has found a way to tell you what it needs! Also, wanting to do more with what you’ve got, and branching out in some professional/creative way, is a focus: breaking out of one mold and into another, and using your resources to do that. The natural communication and networking ability of air signs is a key to success.


Gemini: Plans need to be revised. What worked last year may not even be what you want now. There can be quite a bit of change that has you seeking new ground, and even if it is unfamiliar, you’ll recognize it as necessary. As you discover what has worked and what hasn’t, you move forward. You learn where and how you can be active now. It’s a year of learning from experience in pursuit of the ultimately fulfilling discovery of what works.


Libra: Dear Libra, you’re having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to what’s new and getting used to things… it’s a big jump you make at some point, more likely the earlier part of the year. It’s a good thing; it’s necessary, and ultimately calming as well as a relief. Be careful about investing in anything that is not fairly guaranteed. There can be delays getting somewhere new (to a new location). Something that you choose to do that can be beneficial might mean separation from loved ones. Re any 2020 venture: if something doesn’t work out, think of it just as a sign it could not really serve you.


Aquarius: This is a very lucky, creative and inspiring year for you in terms of being able to organize for creative pursuits and inspired project. Most all of the stars are wishing you the best; what an opportune year for creative success! A source of spiritual refreshment this year is to connect with friends, and go to places that are like a retreat for you, where you can recharge your batteries.


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: You can be very focused on “making it” and money; you wonder if you’ve got enough – you feel you need to spend it to make it… there are all these considerations about money! Relax: you’ve done more than you think in regards to shoring up your foundation. It just hasn’t taken effect yet. And the universe doesn’t like you worrying about it. Rx for Earth Signs: Lighten up, and count your blessings. Consider where you’ve been, how far you’ve gotten, and where you’re at now. And then smile, thinking about where you want to go!


Taurus: Taurus is always raring to go: “What can I manifest? What’s going to work? What’s going to cause a breakout for me?” And actually, divination does not favor at this time that you move forward and announce anything about which way you are going, until you know for sure. It is much better to be like your Capricorn cousin, who gets everything all ready before they present it. You want to go somewhere, you’ve got an idea of what you want to happen, but until the means and right circumstance is there for you to obviously plug into, don’t worry about your lack of vision about what to do. Also, don’t go ahead with anything that is no longer in place. If you planned a destination wedding and lost the funding for it, don’t go ahead with it! Uranus is still impacting you, and this can cause erratic circumstances to develop in what you think of as a concrete reality. Go with the flow, notice the flow, and don’t go where there’s no ground beneath your feet.


Virgo: There’s the sense that Virgo’s 2020 is influenced by pleasure-loving Venus. This is a year to enjoy sensual delights about being alive, and what there is to enjoy about the people around you. It’s not a time that’s easy to figure out a lot, as if long-term plans are not easy to come by this year. For a peaceful and fulfilling year, see what comes to you in a relaxed and flowing way, with a keen eye for current delights.


Capricorn: Congratulations in advance! At least in my crystal ball, it appears your 2020 could not be more successful. Keepin mind that this year has the potential for greatness, and you should work hard for it. Go for success, success, success, and you will receive, receive, receive! If you do what is your right work – and that right work doesn’t have to be what you do professionally, but how you are conducting your life, what you see to take care of, the chances of success are beyond your present imaginings. Be positive this year, it will pay off.


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