May 2009 Psychic Insights and Predictions

May 2009 Psychic Messages and Newsletter
May 2009 Psychic Messages and Newsletter

May 2009

Earth Day Messages, April 22, 2009:
(receiving this message made me a stronger believer in the power of  the collective consciousness to impress, to be a force, because truthfully, I didn’t know it was Earth Day–it was like, Wednesday to me–until I looked it up the date later in Jim Maynard’s Astrological calendar.
In the morning I walked outside into the warmest and happiest Spring air of the season yet, and in it was a high and joyous energy, and the collective thought-form,  “Green, green and glorious planet earth…what can I do for you?” As if a million people were paying attention to planet earth–as if Earth were alive, and wanting our attention and heartfelt sentiments. We’re changing, and the earth is receiving our blessings.
Earth Day Divination April 22, 2009: USA:  Hate groups in the mid-West continue to strengthen; crime networks in the East Coast  are under pressure to leave the  area;  territory/land is lost in the south around the Mississippi; a city like Chicago (inland, middle U.S.) becomes a more powerful, thriving metropolis; a Canadian city like Ontario, Quebec, also grows.  A defining moment in the West…something happens that makes a difference to, has an impact on half of California (Now at this publishing, May 7th, it’s looking like the legalization of marijuana.)  Southern states get colder.

Nature: A lot of volcanoes in the southern latitudes. Venus conjuncts the Moon in May, blessing love, creativity, and business for those who can let go of whatever they’re clutching, who can spin out into May’s beneficent and lucky spheres. Let yourself go, the water’s warm, say the currents of May– you are very likely now to wash up on a better shore.

Discoveries and Developments:
New methods of growing (food); underwater oil supplies are in the news;already developed products coming into the market and moving it.. An important development with alternative energy is ongoing and has the power to profoundly change things.
Left-out Spring ’09 divinations: Preventative medicine and a wholistic health approach get very very “in” in the forseeable future. Be wary of investing substantial amounts of money in anything. It’s perhaps too early to invest in knowing what is substantial.

Guidance for Creative Manifestation: The straight and narrow path produces marvelous fruit in May. This is a very good time to be concerned with your creation, what you love to manifest in the world and can create right now, and that only. If it’s not your fate to blow up, blow apart, transform, you will be having all kinds of discoveries in your creative life. Don’t waste the opportunity!

The collective move towards ingenuity: We are more sure of ourselves, willing to let go, and understanding of deep motivations. Being kind to yourself is productive. Be aware of judgment from others as you change. Continue changing. We are releasing age-old criticisms from deep within us, and at the same time moving closer to communicating and travelling out into space. We are coming into a deeper realization of our collective power.  As smart as we want to be! The triumph of ingenuity!
Personal Psychic Messages and Oh Card Readings for May 2009

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Expect both a new beginning and that you have an emotional reaction as you let go of the past. Oh Cards: Air signs have a very revelatory and self-aware month, where a lot of personal traps they get themselves into can be eliminated.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):
You’re destined to go out into the world and establish yourself in a more powerful way.  The details of this wouldn’t be revealed this month, just your general direction, and you’ll fill in the gaps by September. Oh Cards: You may be coming to the end of the road in a personal relationship. It can be part of a desire to have more joy. Be ready to help others as many people call on you.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
It looks as if you’ve got an idea, you’re moving forward with something, but you get information that changes your tactic or  action plan, and this adjustment or new course taken is successful. You find ways to manifest your intentions. Oh Cards: If attracted to something, take your time committing to it: get to know the potential of the firm, make sure your interest is long-term.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): You have to make different arrangements, for some reason, than what you’ve been expecting. You’re in between places, not sure where you’re landing, but a better plan is coming. Oh Cards: If your life in some way is delayed, where you’re not getting what you want now, you can swing between being in a real funk about it, really down in the dumps about it, sitting in a bar alone about it; or you can be playing, whistling, seeing whose in the play ground, having fun even if you’re having to play by yourself, doing things that are fun for you to do. You seem to have a choice of postures to take while you wait. One’s fun, one’s not.

Taurus 2009 Birthday Message:  “You are tentative, yet hopeful, as you move towards something that looks like it might be real, that you can step into. Something appears that facilitates a lot of change in you and creates a defining circumstance you are happy with. Blessed be to all your new endeavors, don’t rule anything out.”

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