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Holy Hell and a Hail Mary

Dear Friends,

I know I tweeted the other day that I had good news and was excited to bring you the messages, but some of these messages are stark and alarming, now that I listen back.

The virus being  less of a sentence on society than anticipated does come up a couple of times in the new messages below. To sum up the overall cosmic take on it from the OH cards, the coronavirus reveals the fallacy that we can be greedy and hoard, and can be alone on our own island. The posture that we have to rely on ourselves and do everything ourselves – that doesn’t work now. The whole way our society “takes care”, and takes care of older people, does not work. Whomever can address that will be on solid ground to put us back together.

From the Speaking Stones, the Oh Cards, and the Four Directions, the messages are in order according to the most recent.  They’re unpublished messages from April 1st-March 22nd.

Speaking Stone reading April 1 2020:

Question: “What’s Happening?!?” The Speaking Stones: This has been what’s created, by getting overextended with credit: a “top heavy” structure, like when someone gets in over their head financially and their life is really a house of cards. Because of unsupported structures, the impact of the virus can take everything – everything can get taken down. (The Stones seem to be relating to collapse, in its economic impact, social impact, and the vulnerable being lost.)

How does it change things to have the cure?  It shows that politics, power, and corruption even get in the way of that (the recovery, the delivering of the cure). What is stopping success in this is corruption, is people not caring, and still acting according to the motivation of power.

Shamanic Rock Reading March 2020: Normally this divination is done by reading four different surfaces of a rock that’s picked up when one is open to getting a message from one’s intuition, and from a rock. The rock I chose, when I turned it over, sure looked like it was meant to be read a different way, though: it was a black porous lightweight  lava-type rock, and what it almost completely encompassed was a roundish light gray much heavier smooth rock trapped inside it. As if the virus reaches everywhere on the planet and unless nature or innovation surprises us again, it has to burn out.

April 1st: The OH CARDS and Their Cosmic Message About the Corona Virus: It’s a big lesson about how we take care of things.

What is being exposed and brought to light everywhere, is the terrible way in which we “take care”… that what is a big sham is idea that we respect “Mother Earth”, or “mothering”, period. It is the lack of caring  that’s revealed:  in our health care system, in how we treat other people we consider “the Other”, and in how we treat nature.  The way the OH cards choose to show this is a very bad sign for women and children. It shows those in power make it seem to the world like they are truly listening, but it’s just their posture.

The OH cards also point out what does not work: The whole idea of defending one’s territory, and basically, of hoarding. “Doing your own thing” cannot work now with this many people involved –  managing live with Covid19 has to be a cooperative effort.

This “we’re in this together” message repeats in the final set of cards: the notion you have to do everything yourself, sticking alone and as a country or region, choosing to be alone in the world – that shows up as not being sustainable. The acquisitive dream of “more, more, more” just can’t be. The social order can’t be based on what we believe and act out: that we are alone and not connected.”

Then the OH cards did this puzzling thing if I’m reading them right: They suggest that in some way, we are also being faked out about how heavy this can be; as if something comes to the rescue. This has come up before, but it’s confusing to also get messages about how the Covid19 breaks everything up, how it reaches everywhere and that it’s going to be very, very bad.

The OH Cards and the USA: Question, “What about America, what about the USA?”

The OH Cards are a two part system, with a big white blank card and printed in black, a word. The second part is a little card with a picture painted on it that fits on top of the big blank card. The big blank card in the set about the U.S. was the word “Destroy”, and the little picture in the middle was of someone being stabbed in the back. The divinatory meaning is that the U.S. is being attacked, and  enemies of the country and/or of democracy are destroying America.

The next blank card with a word to describe “What about America?” has the word “wonderful” on it, and the defining image show what looks like China, with lots of people holding a big red banner.  It represents the rise of China as the Wonderful One, the new global power. It’s in the U.S.’s OH cards because we become aware of having lost our place at the top.

The last card is the word “Shame” and the picture is of an older man begging against a wall. It shows that the havoc that is wreaked, and what we are stained by and shamed by is how the USA treats the poor, and how many people are made poor by Trump.

The Four Directions, March 23rd 2020:

East: Strength Gained: There was a tremendous cleansing of consciousness as millions vault into a higher state of mind.  This blank space – the effect of everything stopping and the seriousness of life and one’s choices – accelerates and intensifies and focuses peoples’ efforts to stay high-minded. Especially those who have wanted to expand their consciousness, and have been working towards that end in their personal development. This is a spine-strengthening circumstance for many. (Many other millions arm themselves and become racists.)

South:  For individuals, being creative now is a high and happy experience. China is very, very busy. The intimation is that there is some vaccine or fix coming out of China.

West: A tremendous number of deaths. (This same portent showed up in December 2019 when I was gathering insights about 2020. I chose not to put it in to the New Year’s newsletter, though, because it showed a greater number of dead than had been seen before, and I did not want to declare something so awful as what to look forward to in 2020.)

North: The North represents the element of earth, and also the future and what happens in it: the “dark power in New York is revealed.” (Trump’s ruthless cruelty is on display, exacerbating the health crisis in New York).

2021: In this mental movie, the narrator asks, “Is it time for Moses to come down from the mountain, are things really critical?” Noooo, Moses came down and just kept on walking… did not find our situation so dire upon looking at it, but did say: “It’d get that way in 2021.”

And now for some good news! Because it came at the very beginning of the month, I associate it with some good news in April 2020.

April 1st 2020 from Something in the Air:

 “Something good is in the air, I swear!

Did the world turn the corner, do I dare suggest,

That we’re better off today by a long shot: someone’s finding that Dim Mak spot,

Of  CoronaVirus. Rest in peace. “

This sounds like a cure that will actually work is being developed. The Dim Mak spot is a place on the body that if someone touches you there in the right way, they can kill you.)

Personal Guidance and One More Very Hopeful Message

Containment, and all that’s stopped, can be a golden opportunity to change habits. We can release and clean out and clean up; and take care of what has been neglected.  This is like the January 2020 message for individuals, “First, clean up the messes”.  The added message late March is about the growth of personal strength. Once again, like our ancestors have had to be at different times in history, we have to become resourceful and prepared.

The Spirits Say:The earth is soft this Spring, impressionable as always, as we all are in a new beginning. Feed yourself well on the beauty you want to see, on what you want to grow this Spring.” It’s important not to feed on emergencies and fearful scenes on tv; it’s a way of spreading fear. Pay attention to what you want to grow.

Pictogram in Words: (I was out in nature when I got this, couldn’t draw it, but got its hopeful message: “Yikes, spikes!

Believe it or not, relief!

Being blessed, bathed in light,

planet Earth from afar,

again shines bright!”

This a message I received, in the poetic way these communications come…the first line refers to spiritual guides telling people about a coming change in consciousness, and then goes on to describe the event that’s being recorded through peoples’ individual changes and work in the world. At the end, to me it’s about a collective consciousness phenomenon that allows us, because of some new integration, to travel through space.

“We are all together here to welcome you to a new level, a new dimension;
We are together for a reason,
And it’s to breathe deep the love, the joy, the raining down of light for the greater evolution of all.
It is coming . We are here to testify.
To record the event of an Awakening.
And we record it through you,
We record it through her,
We record it through the most unlikely people.
Be aware of the complexity,
Don’t question the specifics…everything belongs.
Everything is here with reason supreme.
We are all here, together, to record an event,
An awakening,
A being-ness in totality. And our consciousnesses’ jump,
And we bound out like a light ablaze,
And take off
For parts unknown.”

Here’s a new article for a new category, Guest Contributors. Catherine Adams is a long-time California clairvoyant and healer, broaching a subject in her own newsletter that’s getting more attention lately. Her website is

Starry Connections

Hello to each of you! When I am not working I am up at the ranch where I keep my horse. Although we need more rain, I am glad to see the rains lessen so I don’t have to wade through mud to get to my horse in the pasture. One of the most wonderful things about being there is the feeling of being in nature. There are several kinds of hawks, a few eagles, turkeys, bobcats, many kinds of smaller birds, among other things. They live their active lives in the midst of us humans and I notice just being among them brings peace to my heart.

I have been wanting to send out a newsletter to you for some time, but the subject was not finalized. The subject just came a few days ago. I want to address our part in a larger intergalactic community. Just as being among the animals at the ranch reminds me that we humans are not alone with our busy agendas, we on Earth are also not alone in space. There is an active community in this galaxy and beyond.

There IS life out there beyond earth, and many people wonder why it is not more evident. Many people have seen extra terrestrial crafts or had experiences with extra terrestrial beings yet there is a lot of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge about our brethren among the stars.

I thought in the past that to have a visitation, you had to physically see an extraterrestrial. What I was not aware of is that many visitations occur telepathically or during out -of-body experiences. I have had several and once I began to realize that, I understood how much of my spiritual guidance has been due to these contacts.

Intergalactically as on Earth, there are higher and lower expressions of life. The highest beings out there are very powerful, but use their power toward peace. I see many people in my clairvoyant practice that one might call star people. Who are they (you?) and why are they here? I have backed away from separating star people from people in general because explaining the topic is difficult and it does not seem to help the overall situation to separate out a group of people. This can lead to some feeling superior to others when really this is not the case. In my experience, the highest beings are the most humble. I suspect all of us are from somewhere else here for one agenda or another. In the end, we are all from Source.

My guidance began talking about the Ascension to me in the late 1990’s. I realized then that we are rising in frequency on Earth and entering higher “dimensions”. Dimensions in this sense are frequencies that can be so separate that beings existing in two different frequencies can be unseen to each other. Those who have left their bodies and exist in spirit provide an example of this. Those who have a higher frequency in their being affect the frequency on Earth. You are not left here alone without communication and guidance from your brethren.

One of my most memorable experiences of communication from extra terrestrial beings was the summer of 1989. I had visions every night shortly before I fell asleep and then many nights had amazing dreams. During the day I felt a feeling of being on an exhilarating wave of energy. Among the things these beings communicated to me was the love for humanity that was felt. It was overwhelming. They also told about of the capability of moving faster than the speed of light. Being with a man who was an engineer at the time, I thought “it is impossible to go faster than the speed of light”. But there it was, they not only told me that, but showed me visions of physics that were beyond my human comprehension at the time. They also said that the human body is capable of much more than we now know. They said that we are able to manifest things in the physical instantly, and are able to heal ourselves with vibration. However they said that will not be possible until we realize the full potential of the 5th or throat chakra. They showed me that is where the etheric body is located. The etheric body is the energetic template that your physical body is built from. I saw health problems being “vibrated” away and woke up being thoroughly convinced I could do this for myself.

I had purchased a crystal from a woman about 8 years after these visions. I purchased it because I had a dream about it that I should have it. It is a beautiful piece of lepidolite, which has mica and pink tourmoline in it. I have not seen another big piece like it since. It is lavender in color with bits of this glassy rose tourmoline here and there. It feels like a “fairy godmother rock” to me. I had a vision that the Antarians handed it to me with their long, slender, white fingers. They did not actually hand it to me, but influenced me to get it.

Many of you have probably had visitations similar to the one I describe above, or have been influenced in different ways by these beings in your lives.

Living on Earth can be harsh and defeating at times, but here is a hopeful thought. You can help raise the frequency of Earth and humanity by your thoughts and actions. Although you may see selfishness and thoughtlessness all around you, your noble thoughts and focus on better things is not lost. There are many higher-dimensional beings on Earth now and your efforts are not alone.

I saw a vision once of whales sending their songs to the heavens, which are heard by beings in other dimensions and places. They sing of the moment to moment condition of Earth. Just like the whales, your thoughts and presence on earth radiates beyond the planet but also heal Earth’s heart.

I welcome your emails with comments and questions.

Peace to you

~ Catherine

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