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Psychic Predictions

COVID19 in 2020: In March and early April it looked like August would be the peak of deaths in the U.S., and then it changed. If the corona virus were a predator animal, suddenly it had thousands of more prey. That’s because of the push to open the country early. Then it looked like there would be no peak in August and descent, but a steady pace of deaths.
The virus is like an onion that has layers and shows up in different ways. It’s rude and callous and spreads o’er the land, and people react in both valiant ways and violent ways. Some goals to combat it are not reached… but it is suspended somehow, and leaves us in suspense.

Sweden’s approach: People don’t end up adopting what they try, or continuing to think it’s a good idea.

COVID19 in 2022: (USA) What seems to be here is anger about how things were handled and continue to be handled, where peoples’ rights are usurped by the powers that be; they’re railroaded, – not given aid – the coffers are raided and responsibility is evaded and greed hides behind ideology. But the people don’t seem to have power, and democracy is sold, just like the treatment for the virus might be sold and not given.

USA: Like narcissistic psychopaths do to their Significant Others, Trump as president of the United States blows up his relationship with the American people, and betrays them. Somehow the country has to start over after him. The USA becomes a “failed state”, with years more recovery ahead of it. Like a strong, very bad wind that sweeps across the nation, greed-driven choices are not done ravaging yet and wreaking havoc and taking many lives, this Summer and in 2021.

Stirring beneath the waters, it feels like big trouble is starting, like Trump trying to incite a war; some new international trouble is brewing.

There’s increased presence of surveillance and police and patrols. People are looking for food.

California appears vulnerable to destructive earth changes, more in the North.

When the Sun enters Gemini, (May 21 2020), all hell breaks loose. It cannot be contained, things get wild. What’s getting so wild? Wild people, and much wilder Nature. “Wilder Nature” means plagues and swarms and storms, and something sucking air somewhere at a tremendous speed… it also is strange sightings and unusual happenings. (Note on May 11th: From this, the signs of “wild people” etc. would be around the new moon in Gemini on May 22nd. “something sucking air” would be a cyclone or tornado.)

Memorial Day Weekend May 23-25th: This long weekend gives us a chance to let recent history sink in. Get in touch with your own flow and do whatever you feel like doing.

Personal and Spiritual Guidance May 2020

May’s Retrogrades Are Not What They Seem: People might associate so many big planets going retrograde at the same time: Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter, with delays in their lives and projects. The May 2020 retrograde cluster amounts to something different at the end of the month: People are challenged to get down to the nitty gritty of what’s important to them, and what steps they need to take and what conditions need to be achieved. Thrilling new ideas and insights make this an exciting time to be re-tooling your life and creative direction. So much can shift, and much is about to be learned about how to really make something work. This is a perfect time to refine a product or work to reach a creative goal. There is a lot to work on, and a lot to get right. From mid-May 2020 on, those breakthroughs and novel ideas can start to make life pop.

People Might Exhibit Unexpected Anger. Don’t take it personally if you’re witness to some sort of explosive outburst of inner conflict. Try to be understanding if it’s some you know to have never acted that way before. Be nice to yourself immediately after being subjected to it. Same rules apply if you witness your own self blowing up!

For all astrological signs, “Opportunity in the Midst of Great change”

Cast off doubt about your own unique abilities, because this is the very time they come out. Necessary for the support of such great change is your respect for your body’s way of getting used to what is new and different: let yourself sleep, and loll, and be in the gray zone.

In other changes, expect to give help to others where you never gave it before. There is the glorious choice and chance to be courageous.

Intuition is made for times like this and is strong in everyone. Listen to your guts, and let things come to you. Be quick to ask for what you need.

Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:
(The messages above about “opportunity in the midst of great change” are especially relevant for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.) You are feeling newfound strength. You cleared out a lot to get it! Going forward: be a pro. Do everything at the highest professional level.

Aries: Your head is tired of its thoughts about at least one subject, and wants to be emptied of the past. Ask the Universe to bring you the right person, process, and perspective that helps you let go of it. Leo: What makes for a beautiful life? Much is changing about you, but you want it to lead to a very solid presentation of your skills and talents. Sagittarius is learning and inspired! New ideals appeal.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Water signs just want to hear about the “lucky new beginnings”. You’re not really happy about how something is going at a distance. It looks like it requires patience that how things are going is for the best, and aligned with divine providence. The forces are strong around what you want, but there are delays in getting it.
Cancer: Adjust slowly, reduce the amount you’re handling if possible, and it can work out for you to take it slower than you think you can afford to. Scorpio: You have high creative energy and the potential for success is strong. Give all your attention to the good in your life. Scorpio is releasing habits and getting help with that in May. Pisces: You are disconnected from the general chaos of life, and when you finally do feel connected, you will be interacting with more of what you want. Some personal goals are delayed: the universe can’t deliver on your schedule.
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Something is working: you’re seeing evidence of something working or some relationship coming about. You have more peace, and also, you have peace knowing with whom you belong and which relationships are harmonious– that becomes clear. Focus on the positive, Gemini, which is to focus on your positive qualities and what’s under your control. Libra: Be on the lookout for anyone who doesn’t seem “real” to you. They could approach you. Also, new ideas enter your mind…listen. Aquarius: Damn the pandemic, there is still coming success and an opportunity to do something creative and fun.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: What you see must be done, what are clearly the right activities… they are not necessarily fun or what you want to be doing. You’re not really seeing the benefits yet of what you have to do, but bear with it because the benefits are great. Meanwhile, Make wherever you’re at into a nice place! Taurus: You get clear of something, you’re done with something; you have released something and are on new footing. Virgo: You are doing a great job, most likely , taking care of people, and could use some acknowledgement. You might also be going through a grieving and release process. Capricorn: Yours is a more unknown fate than most signs; you could be making the most profound changes in decades.

May 2020 Ugh Complete Takeover

I published the May 2020 pictograph in the April newsletter and wrote:

“It looks as if May 2020 presents an opportunity for those in power to get much more power. There’s a lot of deaths in May, and also some intellectual breakthrough or understanding that makes the dire-ness of the situation (people dying from Covid19) less dire – or the possibility of things growing again is seen. There is still a power-grab by Trump and all he’s connected to.”

On the new moon in Pisces, February 23rd, I drew a psychic map for the Corona virus. The other psychic picture I drew was to ask the spirit of the United States if it had anything to say, which I’ll post next.

The Corona virus had two things to say, one written right on the map, and the other, slyly, after I finished the map. “I’m silent.”it said, meaning many things about it are hard to trace: the incubation time, the transmission method, and the idea that it could disappear and re-appear again.  Its operations happen in a silence; no clues.

Here are the map’s message:

April wane: The virus is on the wane in April 2020.

Europe spotty: It does not take hold in Europe like it does in Asia.

Goes underground: the idea is disappears but comes back later: and this quote from the spirit of the corona virus goes with this cryptic “goes underground” message: “wait ’til things buried in the ground come up. Better to leave it lay.” This refers to buried viruses that climate change or logging or whatever bring up.

Contained: North and South America. It is not the same epidemic experience here.

China/Asia: BIG (Mainly here)

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