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Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs:  Tarot : Your inner strength and creativity is urging you to find new expressions, and new  support systems out in the world. You’re more ready for professional evolution and what now serves you better than your doubting self might think. Psychic:  This Spring, finding a way to accept the necessity that certain tasks have to be done, such as clearing out or doing other drudgery-type details, is especially important to your success. This goes for health maintenance, too. Some tasks only you can do.  It may not be your favorite work, but only you can really do it. Find a way to do it. Whatever can’t be delegated, this is when to dig into it.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: Tarot: You have made it through some bumpy times financially or passed important tests, but you’ll need a new strategy this Summer, so no resting on your laurels. Innovation and new workarounds will be in order soon. Psychic: Air signs have a victory this Spring that really pleases them. Hurrah for all you other Air signs besides Donald Trump, you’ll be very happy about how something turns out! You can feel a strong urge to get away and give yourself a chance to change course… make space if you need it, for a reboot or rethink about your life strategies.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: Tarot: Take that trip, meet those friends, let Spring fever and fun activities inspire you and fulfill you. New influences and less work do you good! Psychic: You could be quite sensitive this Spring.  Don’t ignore whatever your body and instincts seem to be rejecting. Take more breaks than usual.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Tarot:  You have conquered something that gives you a new beginning, a chance to do things differently, and that’s because you have conquered something in yourself!  You’re in the early stages of developing a new life or new routines, but it looks harmonious and promising. Psychic: Proud! Walk tall! Declare what you’re doing in glowing terms! Be strong but affable, flexible yet resilient, and beam occasionally! There are some bright social spotlights in Spring! The creative forces push up from the ground to find you willing to embody them in even more powerful ways.


April 4-10, 2018: Dominated by the planets Saturn and Pluto, this week can be challenging. People can feel like they go through various tests and pressures  that bring up what needs fixing  and doing, and what needs to be thrown out. When dealing with authority or meeting deadlines, bluffing your way out of anything isn’t likely to work. The planets urge us to do something about any situation…to change the status quo through action. It can be an eye-opening and productive week if we don’t use the friction to blame anyone, but to make a difference and be catalyzed into action.  Glaring circumstances can get us to improve the way we do things, the state of our equipment, and shift our attitude from being overwhelmed by it all,  to taking charge.

The weekend gives us a heavy dose of planets that are hard to party on, but helpful for projects due such as taxes, or getting the ground ready for planting. You’re likely to come across things that need to be rooted out. It’s the perfect time to identify waste and take out the trash!

It doesn’t take foresight to see where Trump is trying to take the United States – hindsight will do: President-elect Trump asked for more nuclear weapons, and couldn’t understand why we don’t use the ones we already have; yesterday he put war-hawk Pompeo as secretary of state, and promoted a torture-loving official to head the CIA. Trump wants a nuclear war with Iran. Everything he’s doing right now paves the way for it. When will it be time for citizens to get in the streets, to stop a madman trying to save his ego by devastating the whole planet?

And now for this week’s psychic horoscopes:

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: If you’re working with others, check all arrangements, make sure they know what you’re doing; misses can be expensive.  You might feel like a very different person by next week, and be moving towards a new fate.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces:  This week’s new moon in Pisces lights up your creative ideas and your love life! Expect success based on peoples’ response to whatever you are promoting, plus social life should be fun !

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: “ Now what?”, you might wonder, as some things look like they don’t come together and you are looking for fresh leads and ways to move forward, but there’s no way to keep you down – as one possibility fades, other opportunities come into view.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Long-range plans and new futures are on your mind as completely new possibilities occur from this week’s experiences. What you encounter has you thinking and planning anew.


February 21-27, 2018: Do you sense the ground shifting beneath your feet, or maybe it feels like your own inner journey is a series of endless changes… it’s a week where change and the unfamiliar dominate.  Don’t resist, if that’s what you are experiencing; expect that anyone trying to get somewhere new passes through unfamiliar landscapes. Pay attention to making your plans work, not how your moods change.  A good week to make connections!

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: So, you don’t know exactly where you’re going or what you’re doing… – it’s easy to make things harder than they need to be right now. You’re worried, when you could be doing things that don’t stress you out and need to be done.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Your spirit and your heart, and some truth are all in communication in a way that gives you peace in your heart… something is sure, something is known, and no one can take it from you. You will feel love and loved this week!

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius:  An improvement in your health, beautifying your surroundings, having more will-power and being pragmatic, are this week’s probabilities, and they seem to involve you having a better, more radical plan…  something that works better for you.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Oh boy, healing! Healing is coming your way big-time, and a feeling of relief… again feeling the flow of life and welcoming new experiences.  You experience an energetic renewal , you get things straight, and you feel  better!

Workshop Update: The March 7th circle is full. The next one will be April 4th, 1-2:30 pm, “Imagination, Creativity, and Inspiration”. More details on my website.

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