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Psychic Tips for January 17-23, 2018

We are mostly influenced by the new moon in Capricorn this week, which happened a few hours ago. Expect another week of thinking anew about how to structure your life going forward. Lots of thinking going on this week!  With both the Sun and Venus going into Aquarius, we’re prompted to research and reach out for the information we need, and it will pay off to communicate. Talk to anyone who might help you, or anyone you might help this week…participate in a week of making lives better. It’s a helpful, but not so intimate, energy; don’t be concerned if partners are not so attentive. It’s a good week to learn how to do new things on your technological gadgets if you get bored.

NOTE: Your 2018 psychic horoscopes for the zodiac signs and the element messages are here on this blog, and the big January 2018 newsletter is coming shortly.


This divination is an excerpt from my January 2018 prediction newsletter, and before I post the whole thing,  I’ll do an OH card update to clear up the possible confusion I outline below.

December 31st, New Year’s Eve 2017: Important caveat to this reading: When I went to put away the cards, I saw that I had picked up two by mistake. I read the top one without seeing what was underneath. The hidden card showed actually the opposite:  that the Dreamers do not lose their dream, but  outlast the fear or somehow come back. In divination, where everything matters, it’s possible that at first things look very bad for the Dreamers, but hidden from view (by time)  is a solution. Time will tell if it’s first one scenario and then the other,  but I certainly hope that what showed at first for whatever reason, is completely off base:

2018 first impression:  It doesn’t look like it works out for the Dreamers…it looks like they’re back in Mexico. A lot of people on their own, and cut off from their dream. The governments come down hard, they get more rigid…structures get more rigid, and people get more determined (to fight this). There’s a definite attempt to make a police state and it fails.  No sharing, no help for people in the meantime.

OH cards on Mueller investigation:  “Stupid” is how people will characterize the Trump administration’s actions, that they thought they could get away with doing such stupid things; they ruin their own lives.  Definitely Trump is the target, and he’s aware of the danger… somehow he might persevere, though. Somehow, the investigation appears to get very muddled.

Are you an American citizen in need of a wake-up call this morning? Don’t spill your coffee all over your lap like I did, but do read the New York Times Op-Ed by Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. Stunningly, this report on the activities of research firm Fusion GPS will confirm your worst fears about what has happened to our democracy.  What does this have to do with psychic predictions? It suggests this year could well be known for its organized protests, as people begin to realize how screwed they are by having their democracy hijacked.

Onto the week ahead, January 3rd through the 9th, and what to expect!

It’s a stimulating, physical week:  be open to everyone and everything! On the weekend when Mercury trines Uranus and Mars conjuncts Jupiter, adventure calls! Tackling goals that involve moving your muscles should be enjoyable, and so will exploring and risk-taking of all kinds. It’s a have fun plus get ‘er done week of activities to set you up for whatever lies ahead.

Monday and Tuesday kick off a new revolutionary era, and signs of it will be new leaders connecting with followers, and more revelations about moral erosion and corruption at the highest levels. At this point it is a more internal process for people, but as revealed truths and the reality of imposed hardships dawn on the population, radical movements will emerge.

Psychic Wednesday’s Very Good News…

Do you feel the forces of change pushing you to “fish or cut bait” when it comes to various murky relationships in your life? That’s the power of the new moon in Libra on Thursday.  To be “well-adjusted” is a state the new moon makes us strive for. To make our individual lives work better, and our relationships be an equal mix of give and take.   Whatever is out of balance and disrupting your chance for happiness sticks out like a sore thumb, and that’s what you’re willing to address this week.  Where you may have hesitated in the past or led feeble efforts, now you’re a determined force for rooting out what may have been out of balance for years.

Your efforts are helped again on Sunday, when the Scorpio Sun and Mars in Libra add fuel to any project that involves  “out with the old and in with the new”.  This week can lead to a life that  better suits you. Whatever you’ve learned about yourself recently, it should dismiss the notion many of us were raised with, that “people don’t change”.


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