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New Moon in Cancer July 2020

The July 20th new moon in Cancer makes what is comfortable for you and what home means to you a big focus, and you’ll pay more attention to making it work for you. It should be easier to feel what you’re “at home” choosing in your personal life, and what you really feel like doing.

The new moon in Cancer has gut-level guidance about navigating the pandemic and chaotic times:

“We still gotta be enduring, folks – a past message from the spirit world and still important: to choose the Strong Self, the Enduring One within.”

The New Moon Message is to keep the focus on where there’s momentum and natural coming-together. Don’t struggle if something can’t happen; try to find a way around like water does. Conserve your energy for where it can flow. Strengthen your foundations: dig them deeper and make them more relevant. Widen your networks and indulge in what keeps you emotionally strong.

To have endurance and be strong does not mean to exhaust yourself; it means to be strong in how you take care of yourself, what you choose to focus on, and how you let more of your life flow. There’s a lot of letting go of the weighty and irrelevant. This challenging uphill climb brought on by Covid19 seems to let up in some important way in March 2021.

The new moon in Cancer inspires people to make commitments to their personal truth. They might be written, or uttered in a prayer, or conveyed through a decisive action. However, it is a very risky time to act in opposition, and to oppose authority with your body.  Make sure you keep yourself free to work on what’s important to you.

With the know-it-in-your-guts gift of a new moon in Cancer, and a renewed commitment to what’s real for you and right for you, the next couple of weeks can be a fulfilling and creative time with less interruption, beginning right around this weekend, July 24th, 2020.

Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Who is going to turn the world around? Each one of us, one lifetime or another… in honor of the power individuals have to make a difference, here are some psychic messages for each astrological sign:

Aries: All that work, what are you going to do with it? You might be asking yourself questions like that, and feel sort of parked right now. But the stars have you bristling with new ideas! Let your imagination flow. Don’t think about how things are, think about what you want to do, and what you’re interested in creating. Pay less and less attention to the world right now, because you are fire, you are energy, and the individual Aries is much different than what is collectively going on. You’re like a sparkler, and the world is like a bomb. So sparkle!

Taurus: You are wondering which way things are going, and the planet Uranus still guarantees a bumpy, windy, and vague road at times. It seems to straighten out in September.

Gemini: You’re really trying to get to a different place, and you need feedback from people to do that. Although they give you feedback, they are awfully busy with their own agendas right now. People have retreated a little bit. It’s better to bide your time… intuitively feel their warmth, first. “Need least” is a good guideline for right now. There’s a less pressured point in July to pursue things with people.

Cancer (and also the United States): All is well underneath it all: the fighting, the scrabbling, the misinformation. It is going to be okay… be patient, be willing to change and listen, and reciprocate where you’re honored.

Leo: Leo is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Life is interrupted, and possibly you’re feeling isolated… start something! Be innovative! Get into something new; be helpful; offer what you’ve got, and work on what you “ought” that’s new, and that lights YOU up!

Virgo: This seems to be a psychic month for you while your ruling planet is retrograde in Cancer, the sign that feels deeply in their body. A question you’ve got about your life and moving forward is more likely to be answered around your birthday month, September. Meanwhile while the retrograde planets wind down, take a rest and relax!

Libra: Like Sagittarius, it’s valuable to continue your education, whatever you’re in the process of learning. You have also been learning a lot of lessons through relationships. Your relationship with yourself improves, learning to be more considerate or less driving, and not putting yourself on so much of a schedule; that’s good. Relaxing is good! The first six months of the year are much slower than the next six months. September, things get busier for you.

Scorpio: Being at home or being alone, there’s a necessary development that takes place in the dark, so to speak. You are changing, and it’s easier to change without the influence of others right now. It’s a very internal process you’re going through, and being “one with Nature” is a way to hear your own truth. You’re seeing how you are less reactive, and noticing what you’re beginning to respond to; your goal ultimately is “to understand”, and to move in a positive direction, and this goal blesses you.

Sagittarius: You’re still following through on a goal and an ideal, an inspiration that requires study on their part, or learning. This still seems very valuable. You can round a corner, or get somewhere that really opens you up to a different scenario, possibility, and environment. It’s through pursuing and completing that you create this different opportunity.

Capricorn: You’re very ambitious and optimistic in July, and just won’t take “no” for an answer. This is good, this can see you through any challenge you have – like building up your body or personal strength – that requires your will and endurance, and optimism and faith in yourself. You get to practice all these things quite a bit this month! After realizing it’s a blessing to be alive, the next task is believing that your circumstances are a blessing, even if they’re a blessing in disguise at the moment. If learning and becoming wiser and stronger is a goal, you’re in the right place.

Aquarius: You might be looking for another place to be, and other people to connect with. You’re intellectually restless and looking for “better” in some way. Research is in order! Your head is changing; it’s a great time to be reading and learning about things as you form some new opinions and seek some new directions. There is some change in September and there’s a chance of moving or relocation in December if that’s what needs to happen.

Pisces: Your feelings are very complicated now, but you’re close to truths that have eluded you for a long time. Maybe things that you’ve been thinking about for months can come clear now, or the process to them coming clear has begun, as if you’ve got the right tools or perspective or something. Expect a lot of breakthroughs August and September… very exciting months! So is October: things are put into motion that you’ve been working on and feel confident about.

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2012 air signs astrology circles collective consciousness 2011 consciousness raising divination earth signs Elissa's Monthly Psychic Newsletter Elissa's Psychic Blog Elissa's psychic newsletter Elissa Heyman fire signs guided imagery exercise healing horoscopes intuition leo New Mexico personal growth personal guidance predictions prophecy psychic psychic astrology psychic counseling Psychic Counseling and Healing psychic counseling and spiritual healing psychic development psychic insights psychic predictions psychic reading Santa Fe scorpio self-help shamanism spiritual development spiritual guidance spiritual healing tarot taurus Trump water signs WednesdayWisdom what to do in Santa Fe

April 8th –May 7th Psychic Horoscopes (Full Moon in Libra to Full Moon in Scorpio)

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

April 2020 Messages from the Spirits:  Love is in the air, isn’t that amazing? People find each other now.

Go for it, all you people with back burner dreams and Plan B’s! 

Be careful of salesman selling anything. All the stops are out, teeth are bared. Be on guard.

from re-arrange to change: Libra Full Moon April 8th to Scorpio’s May 7th

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:  Full Moon message:  Lack of your usual routines gives you extra energy, and so much can be accomplished while social distancing – but do not try to multi-task. Do one thing at a time. Strife can escalate, too; do your best to avoid it – use that freed–up energy to be forward-looking. Special for Sagittarians: Fill out that application, try for that job, put yourself out there virtually or any which way you can. Tarot: You are thinking in terms of major changes about your work, and re-ordering your life. It’s more important to do things in an order that you can handle; it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A hole in your whole safety network becomes apparent, or what needs to change, or be done. A lot of adjustments have to be made. There’s more likely some sort of change in what you do than some of the other signs, and how you make money. To cope with it all, play more! Let your imagination roam free!

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Full Moon message: More sleep is good now because you need lots of time to dream. Too much stuff is coming at you – retreat when possible! Your ability to access spiritual connections and inner resources and achieve a calm state is especially high – go deep and let the revelations come, and go with your knowingness. Tarot: What is frustrating you is that you really want to affect or make something happen that is not in the world you’re in or perhaps the location you’re in. You are trying to change status and get established in some new way , and there’s a strong chance to move forward coming next March.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Full Moon message: Air signs can quickly move on from experiences that are teaching experiences. They point to the future when it comes to how they adapt to changed circumstances: take those lessons, and forward ho! It’s a time of profound breakthroughs and deep realizations, but not a time of manifestation.  Librans, the full moon experience of things coming to a head brings sort of catharsis. Tarot: Air signs feel like they are really getting the message about what to do, but they simply can’t do it. Accept that you may not be able to act now; to try to budge things not under your control brings disappointment.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Full Moon message: Earth signs asked for a tarot reading (it’s below and I see why you looked forward to it!), and aside from that, all they want to know in the midst of this changed world is “which way is UP? Which way is successful?” Capricorns in particular work to get themselves pointed up this full moon cycle; Taurus has new plots to dwell upon, and Virgos stretch out and create a more balanced life. Tarot: April 2020 is all about relationships for you; learning about relationships; the joys of relationships; finding new partners, or finding out about your partner’s world. All things move forward through relationship, love, connection, helping each other… quite a lot of wonderful things can grow in life of earth signs!

Holy Hell and a Hail Mary

Dear Friends,

I know I tweeted the other day that I had good news and was excited to bring you the messages, but some of these messages are stark and alarming, now that I listen back.

The virus being  less of a sentence on society than anticipated does come up a couple of times in the new messages below. To sum up the overall cosmic take on it from the OH cards, the coronavirus reveals the fallacy that we can be greedy and hoard, and can be alone on our own island. The posture that we have to rely on ourselves and do everything ourselves – that doesn’t work now. The whole way our society “takes care”, and takes care of older people, does not work. Whomever can address that will be on solid ground to put us back together.

From the Speaking Stones, the Oh Cards, and the Four Directions, the messages are in order according to the most recent.  They’re unpublished messages from April 1st-March 22nd.

Speaking Stone reading April 1 2020:

Question: “What’s Happening?!?” The Speaking Stones: This has been what’s created, by getting overextended with credit: a “top heavy” structure, like when someone gets in over their head financially and their life is really a house of cards. Because of unsupported structures, the impact of the virus can take everything – everything can get taken down. (The Stones seem to be relating to collapse, in its economic impact, social impact, and the vulnerable being lost.)

How does it change things to have the cure?  It shows that politics, power, and corruption even get in the way of that (the recovery, the delivering of the cure). What is stopping success in this is corruption, is people not caring, and still acting according to the motivation of power.

Shamanic Rock Reading March 2020: Normally this divination is done by reading four different surfaces of a rock that’s picked up when one is open to getting a message from one’s intuition, and from a rock. The rock I chose, when I turned it over, sure looked like it was meant to be read a different way, though: it was a black porous lightweight  lava-type rock, and what it almost completely encompassed was a roundish light gray much heavier smooth rock trapped inside it. As if the virus reaches everywhere on the planet and unless nature or innovation surprises us again, it has to burn out.

April 1st: The OH CARDS and Their Cosmic Message About the Corona Virus: It’s a big lesson about how we take care of things.

What is being exposed and brought to light everywhere, is the terrible way in which we “take care”… that what is a big sham is idea that we respect “Mother Earth”, or “mothering”, period. It is the lack of caring  that’s revealed:  in our health care system, in how we treat other people we consider “the Other”, and in how we treat nature.  The way the OH cards choose to show this is a very bad sign for women and children. It shows those in power make it seem to the world like they are truly listening, but it’s just their posture.

The OH cards also point out what does not work: The whole idea of defending one’s territory, and basically, of hoarding. “Doing your own thing” cannot work now with this many people involved –  managing live with Covid19 has to be a cooperative effort.

This “we’re in this together” message repeats in the final set of cards: the notion you have to do everything yourself, sticking alone and as a country or region, choosing to be alone in the world – that shows up as not being sustainable. The acquisitive dream of “more, more, more” just can’t be. The social order can’t be based on what we believe and act out: that we are alone and not connected.”

Then the OH cards did this puzzling thing if I’m reading them right: They suggest that in some way, we are also being faked out about how heavy this can be; as if something comes to the rescue. This has come up before, but it’s confusing to also get messages about how the Covid19 breaks everything up, how it reaches everywhere and that it’s going to be very, very bad.

The OH Cards and the USA: Question, “What about America, what about the USA?”

The OH Cards are a two part system, with a big white blank card and printed in black, a word. The second part is a little card with a picture painted on it that fits on top of the big blank card. The big blank card in the set about the U.S. was the word “Destroy”, and the little picture in the middle was of someone being stabbed in the back. The divinatory meaning is that the U.S. is being attacked, and  enemies of the country and/or of democracy are destroying America.

The next blank card with a word to describe “What about America?” has the word “wonderful” on it, and the defining image show what looks like China, with lots of people holding a big red banner.  It represents the rise of China as the Wonderful One, the new global power. It’s in the U.S.’s OH cards because we become aware of having lost our place at the top.

The last card is the word “Shame” and the picture is of an older man begging against a wall. It shows that the havoc that is wreaked, and what we are stained by and shamed by is how the USA treats the poor, and how many people are made poor by Trump.

The Four Directions, March 23rd 2020:

East: Strength Gained: There was a tremendous cleansing of consciousness as millions vault into a higher state of mind.  This blank space – the effect of everything stopping and the seriousness of life and one’s choices – accelerates and intensifies and focuses peoples’ efforts to stay high-minded. Especially those who have wanted to expand their consciousness, and have been working towards that end in their personal development. This is a spine-strengthening circumstance for many. (Many other millions arm themselves and become racists.)

South:  For individuals, being creative now is a high and happy experience. China is very, very busy. The intimation is that there is some vaccine or fix coming out of China.

West: A tremendous number of deaths. (This same portent showed up in December 2019 when I was gathering insights about 2020. I chose not to put it in to the New Year’s newsletter, though, because it showed a greater number of dead than had been seen before, and I did not want to declare something so awful as what to look forward to in 2020.)

North: The North represents the element of earth, and also the future and what happens in it: the “dark power in New York is revealed.” (Trump’s ruthless cruelty is on display, exacerbating the health crisis in New York).

2021: In this mental movie, the narrator asks, “Is it time for Moses to come down from the mountain, are things really critical?” Noooo, Moses came down and just kept on walking… did not find our situation so dire upon looking at it, but did say: “It’d get that way in 2021.”

And now for some good news! Because it came at the very beginning of the month, I associate it with some good news in April 2020.

April 1st 2020 from Something in the Air:

 “Something good is in the air, I swear!

Did the world turn the corner, do I dare suggest,

That we’re better off today by a long shot: someone’s finding that Dim Mak spot,

Of  CoronaVirus. Rest in peace. “

This sounds like a cure that will actually work is being developed. The Dim Mak spot is a place on the body that if someone touches you there in the right way, they can kill you.)

Personal Guidance and One More Very Hopeful Message

Containment, and all that’s stopped, can be a golden opportunity to change habits. We can release and clean out and clean up; and take care of what has been neglected.  This is like the January 2020 message for individuals, “First, clean up the messes”.  The added message late March is about the growth of personal strength. Once again, like our ancestors have had to be at different times in history, we have to become resourceful and prepared.

The Spirits Say:The earth is soft this Spring, impressionable as always, as we all are in a new beginning. Feed yourself well on the beauty you want to see, on what you want to grow this Spring.” It’s important not to feed on emergencies and fearful scenes on tv; it’s a way of spreading fear. Pay attention to what you want to grow.

Pictogram in Words: (I was out in nature when I got this, couldn’t draw it, but got its hopeful message: “Yikes, spikes!

Believe it or not, relief!

Being blessed, bathed in light,

planet Earth from afar,

again shines bright!”

©2018 Elissa Heyman. All rights reserved.