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On today’s revolving world stage, Egypt’s Mubarek has been forced out and is on trial, Putin is ready to again claim  power in Russia, and perhaps the prophecies of Nostradamus deserve the spotlight now too, as it looked like he nailed these current events back in the 1500’s.
It’s hard to come across translators with compelling information and insights about Nostradamus, although I love this page of strange facts about him found here .  Nostradamus appears to be the most psychic person who ever recorded his  prophecies.

A very lucky encounter at a Santa Fe cafe recently introduced me to a metaphysical scholar from France who was reading the quatrains in their original 16th century language. The well-used copy of his book was filled with blue-inked translation notes and references. He showed me passages from the quatrains pointing to what certainly seems to be “The Arab Spring”, a time when the ruler of Egypt has to give back his power to the people who are screaming for him to leave, a time when there is a King in Morocco (which had sultans up until 50 years ago, and now there is a king); connected to this incident are events in three other countries: Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. (An incident in Tunisia sparked the whole revolution.) The intimation is that the power structures in these other-named countries change, too.

I asked the French scholar  about the future and what quatrains were important to understand now, and he went back to the one about the King of Terror (more accurately the King of Frightening, “Roy d’Effrayeur”)– someone who comes into power in the year 1999 and 7 months. On July 25, 1999, President Yeltsin called on Vladimar Putin, director of the Russian Secret Services, about succeeding him as President, and Putin began serving as president of Russia in 2000. (According to the quatrain, the King of Terror comes out of the sky and goes on to be a channel for the energy of an ancient king who gets along happily with Mars, the god of War. Researching Putin on the web, I came across a chilling account of how Putin came out of nowhere, rising to power through terrorist attacks he blamed on the Chechens here from GQ magazine).
Why  is this still relevant?  Because more of the Nostradamus quatrains point to this King who comes into power in 1999, and if  If Vladimar Putin is that man, he has a lot more power to grab.

How did Nostradamus divine things? This is answered in the first two two quatrains of his prophecies “Les Centuries de Nostradamus” which detailed just how Nostradamus “saw”. The most important point is that he found a way to invoke a spiritual presence that came to sit with him, and this “light” that came into his room was the source of insights.  Nostradamus had his own process to do what shamans and healers and divinators do: they  “call the forces” and let themselves be a channel for what comes. Nostradamus also described a divination system where he stirred a bowl of water with a stick with branches and then peered into the patterns, or after stirring waited for the water to be still to see. Looking into the water after stirring and in the presence of the light, he had visions. It’s interesting water was his medium, as water is associated with physical bodies, and Nostradamus was particularly precise about the fate of various people throughout history, and larger bodies such as countries. I wonder if he worked more with the air element, which can be the medium for information about shifts in consciousness, if he would have agreed with the Mayans’ understanding that at this time, no matter what all has to
happen, ultimately we are moving towards a “unity consciousness”  That’s a question for the next time I run into the the man in Santa Fe who knows all about Nostradamus.

More about the Mayans later, as tomorrow is the beginning of the 5th night of the Mayan calendar, August 18th to September 4th.

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