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Dear Readers,

I know that my friends and clients have astonishing experiences in communicating with the world about, seen and unseen, because they usually choose me to tell, and the conversation begins with, “You’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but…” and their real life experience goes on to reveal that the world apparently works differently than we’ve been taught, and that communication takes place in myriad ways.

I like to read about peoples’ real but inexplicable experiences, I hope you take the time to post them here, and any comments that you have about my psychic blog.

Best wishes, Elissa


Office: My office is 1 ½ blocks east of the plaza, across from the Drury Hotel.  227 E. Palace, Suite T, the Kruger Building, Santa Fe 87501.

Off-street parking in the back. Entrance to private parking lot is on Cienega which is one way off East Palace.  Lot entrance on right just a few yards after turning on to Cienega.

Please park in a T parking space in front a little to the left. (There are two other T spaces farther away.)

Walk through the breezeway towards East Palace and the iron filigree gate. Then go up the stairs: the stairs sign says: P Thru V. Take a left at top of stairs for Suite T.

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