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October 25th-31st, 2017: The magic spell below is brought to you by my Fall Psychic Newsletter, and besides this being a good week to see far and be optimistic with all the opportunities there are to connect…it’s a good week to see deeply inward. There’s nothing you have to do to make this happen, life will present circumstances that trigger it.

Although tomorrow is dubbed in astrology as “the luckiest day of the year”, its meaning is tempered by the emotional nature encountering the Sun conjunct Jupiter. The Moon is associated with our emotions. Thursday begins with the Moon conjunct Pluto ( you might be in touch with the depths of your being) and ends with the Moon squared Uranus (You can feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear can morph into “excitement”.)  This is an example of the positive response, using the energy to liberate yourself in some way.

However, there is much opportunity for a negative response, because these aspects can make people restless, impulsive, rebellious and not likely to follow directions. And with Sun conjunct Jupiter, it can escalate.

Here’s a magic spell to help you make it a great day! The spell part is just this: before you go to sleep, no matter what happened during the day, note how it’s better than it was six months ago, or a year ago, and note how you’ve made progress lately. Then visualize a scene anywhere from one day to five years in the future:  in that scene you have again accomplished a goal. Make a wish about that goal!

Here’s the original comment on Thursday from my Fall Psychic Newsletter , in the Notable Stars section:

Thursday, October 26TH Sun conjunct Jupiter: When these two planets conjunct, it can be “the luckiest day of the year”. It’s when things can really bump up in scope and energy. It’s easy to be magnanimous now and optimistic, but be careful not to overdo or overindulge. Before the day is out, note your progress in life, and visualize making some more…a great day for a magic spell!

The week ends on Halloween, and with the Moon conjunct Neptune on Monday, it will cast a suitably dreamy spell over the holiday…nothing is off limits when it comes to the costumes…expect to be entertained!

Psychic Wednesday’s Week Ahead: It’s a full moon on Thursday and oh, this is a sexy one! At the same time, Venus and Mars are conjunct in the sky and your mate or the stranger across the room is looking attractive very attractive…

One word of caution: While in the full moon orb, don’t try to get your way with someone through pressure or manipulation because that can backfire very bigly.

October is planting season, put bulbs in the ground Friday and Saturday while the moon is in fertile Venus-ruled Taurus.

On Sunday the Sun and Mercury are conjunct…you’ll want to get out and about and talk to people, but on a more long-lasting and serious note, this is a favorable time to strike business deals and any other work that requires a sharp mind and an eye for what’s going to benefit you.

The week ends with Tuesday’s big move: Jupiter goes into Scorpio for the next year until November 2018. Jupiter makes everything expand and grow larger, and Scorpio makes everything go deeper and into hidden territory. Look out Donald Trump! If you’re not being investigated, expect it to positively influence your search for inner resources as well as unearth inner blocks to them. Used positively, this  bodes much personal healing and transformation on a level that truly impacts one’s life.  Its negative expression is horrific: massacres (Jupiter makes things grand, Scorpio rules death) and other spectacular catastrophes like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more insights about Fall 2017 please view Monday’s post, Elissa’s Fall 2017 Newsletter


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