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The main thing people will notice by the end of this week, is an uptick of the energy in the air, the amount of talk, arguing, rhetoric… it’s all going to jump, and particularly on Sunday, it’s going to jump in a combative direction.  Mars is square Pluto then…expect the people who can’t back down or back off will be goaded into more defiant stances. If you’re not caught up in what’s happening on the ground, look up on Friday night, there’s the Leonids meteor showers to behold! They’re best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere around 2 am November 18th, which is also the New Moon in Scorpio. The dark moon makes the meteor shower especially bright. The two week new moon cycle brings two striking possibilities stemming from the friction caused by the moon, Mars, and Pluto: if you’re psychologically headed in a positive direction and acting on your own behalf, the planets energize you to achieve great personal or professional accomplishments.  If you’re dealing with adversaries and your agenda opposes them,  you’ll be willing to fight for your life, your principles, and your beliefs. Your mini-horoscope for November 15-21st, 2017: Fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: This is not an easy week to be content. You might make plans, then hesitate…it’s best to go ahead and do the first thing that occurred to you. It’s easy to get in your own way, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: You can’t get everything you want, or everything you want done…be patient, you’ve bitten off a lot! Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: “Topsy-turvy” goes your week: this could be when things really blow up, trying to get what you want, or when events converge to bring you what you want in a very dramatic way. If you sense things are getting out of control, stop pursuing your ends. Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn:  You’ve already decided what’s important to you, just follow through with what you’ve been planning and doing.

Psychic Wednesday’s Week Ahead: It’s a full moon on Thursday and oh, this is a sexy one! At the same time, Venus and Mars are conjunct in the sky and your mate or the stranger across the room is looking attractive very attractive…

One word of caution: While in the full moon orb, don’t try to get your way with someone through pressure or manipulation because that can backfire very bigly.

October is planting season, put bulbs in the ground Friday and Saturday while the moon is in fertile Venus-ruled Taurus.

On Sunday the Sun and Mercury are conjunct…you’ll want to get out and about and talk to people, but on a more long-lasting and serious note, this is a favorable time to strike business deals and any other work that requires a sharp mind and an eye for what’s going to benefit you.

The week ends with Tuesday’s big move: Jupiter goes into Scorpio for the next year until November 2018. Jupiter makes everything expand and grow larger, and Scorpio makes everything go deeper and into hidden territory. Look out Donald Trump! If you’re not being investigated, expect it to positively influence your search for inner resources as well as unearth inner blocks to them. Used positively, this  bodes much personal healing and transformation on a level that truly impacts one’s life.  Its negative expression is horrific: massacres (Jupiter makes things grand, Scorpio rules death) and other spectacular catastrophes like what happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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