November 22nd Psychic Diary

Sunday’s Psychic Serendipities:  I had a flash today of the future, and what I felt coming in the U.S. was a huge wave of reconnection in the hearts of people about what it means to “be an American”, as the battle for the identity of America continues. The only, final solution that worked was giving to the poor. Systems needed to be created that were inclusive. Only policies enacted that made life more equitable and less miserable, and that made an immediate difference, would bring peace, economic relief, and gain.

As soon as I wrote this down, it was time to get ready for a client. They turned out to be someone deeply involved in Covid19 research and vaccine distribution, and were debating what institutions to partner with, the criterion for them being: which one has departments that serve the poor and underserved? Who already understands the importance of that ?  It was their observation too that this is what needs to be done.

“New World Order” and a 2020 Trump Win

The December 2019 newsletter included a divination with an outlandish final message, but after seeing clips of Trump this weekend with the multi-millionaires cheering him on, I saw how that 2020 prediction is even logical.  The psychic messages in the East, South, and West appear to have all come true; the outlandish one is in the North.  Here’s the original post  (Note: the messages coming from each direction don’t mean that the message is for the Eastern or Western part of the country – it means the insight is received in a divination circle, coming from that direction. The directions are each associated with one of the four elements.)

“Out in the World: These messages reflect what’s in the air at the tail end of November 2019, and not yet manifest. These potentials all seem to be about the U.S., except where noted. East: The aura and collective consciousness of the country gets dimmer and less considerate and inclusive. South: More prisons are built. West: There’s a dissipation of order and unity among “the people” and the (Democratic) party that represents the needs of the people. North: An arc of communication connects the U.S. and Russia, an outreach from the White House to Russia that lays the groundwork for a new world order and form of government.”

Re: More prisons are being built in the U.S., this is from a July 2020 California paper:

“A Native American tribe in Southern California wants to build an 8,400-bed prison on its remote reservation next to the Salton Sea and lease it to the state — a project that would be the first of its kind in the nation.”

The possibility of Trump and Putin joining forces now makes sense, because I saw the club! It’s the super rich! Putin devotee Trump would be thrilled to be included in that league shaping a new world order. .. it could not be done without him! No wonder people like Zuckerberg and Musk are cooperating with the Trump administration, they are in the same club.

So, bettah’ get out there and vote in massive amounts… so massive, democracy can still take hold. The element that is associated with the North is Earth. Earth represents what happens, what the outcome is, what is concrete, what is built, so voting is muy importante to counter that Earth position, indicating the potential to manifest on the earth.  People will be stopped from voting, but just like salmon swimming upstream, some get caught by bears but they’re all trying – and a lot make it.

P.S. This psychic message about Trump and Putin reminds me of being the “Albuquerque and Santa Fe Spiritual Examiner” for the now-defunct I wrote an article maybe around 2011, positing that the modern anti-Christ figure was the combination of Trump and Putin. At some point later the Examiner fired me, first deleting my 547 posts before I had a chance to retrieve them – I would love to see that particular one now!

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