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The Omen of Sun conjunct Mercury on the Summer Solstice

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
Center-stage on the Summer Solstice is the Sun and Mercury conjunct at 0 degrees Cancer. They join forces at the very beginning of the road. They lend their power to our capability to follow new paths, formulate new plans, and move through life in more fluid ways. Do not discount the powerful potential each has to re-direct situations and circumstances this Summer. Plans that truly take you into account and work for you can be formulated, and much can pass out of your life in the name of healing.
What Not To Do: For one, don’t try to fool anybody this Summer because everyone is going to be more sensitive and intuitive than usual!
What To Do: This is an excellent time to feel your way through any healing process, personal transition, or creative project with many unknowns. These things can demand deeper understanding, and you can get deeper now…just go slow, and pay attention to inner signals and outer signs that present themselves.

Signs of Coming Together in the U.S. and Spiritual Guidance for July on Father’s Day

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Today is Father’s Day, and as an American, I feel unusually on my own, and without a comforting national father figure who, along with other smart people, is guiding the motley crew we are as a country.

Wondering about the future well-being  of the United States,  I turned to the spirit world. There were numerous messages about what would make a divided country come together. One that struck me was about the indigenous peoples’ struggle to keep alive the spirit of the land in their latest battle with the DAPL. Their ancient knowledge of land stewardship, and the battles they chose to fight for basics like water, were necessary and it would say alot about our direction and success as a country, whether they won or lost their battles.

Meanwhile, here’s a message I got when Neptune turned retrograde a few days ago.  It will be more pronounced in July but it’s relevant now:

Water’s message about July 2017: Running through July is a powerful wave of emotional energy. What roils it up, whips it up and makes it surge, is harping on something: going back to the past – how things should have been, and what is wrong.  You don’t want its powerful force to spill into relationships via “who did what” conversations about the past as it can lead to a tsunami of unwanted thoughts.

“Uncontrollable” is July’s middle name.  Rx for making July work for you: Have short-term daily goals. Clear short objectives can lead you to this energy’s positive potential to blast things along in the right direction.  It’s good to make the short term goals about you or your project and not something other people need to do with you.  Deadlines are helpful.  A lot can be going on around you that’s distracting!

How the Force Can Be With You in July: If you can get centered in a comfortable place from which you express yourself, July’s powerful  energies connect you to people and circumstances that pull you along in a faster current then you were going before.