Is This What Underwater UFOs Are Doing Down There?

Is This What Underwater UFOs Are Doing Down There?

“Underwater UFO’s” is the title of a History 2 “Hangar 1″ show I watched with a couple of friends tonight,  and it included accounts of UFO’s of various sizes being seen both entering seas and lakes, and leaving them. What are they doing down there? Where are they going? Why are they hiding?, the announcer asked, emphasizing their potential threat.

Afterwards we started playing music, and I got the idea that if we played music to get on the same wavelength as the “underwater UFO’s”, maybe we’d get an idea of what they’re doing down there.

Which we tried, and here’s what I got: Why the UFO’s are coming into the water and then leaving, is that to those craft, some interaction with water is needed that serves a similar purpose as our electricity, it powers things. That water, and earth’s bodies of it interact not only with life on earth in basic ways, but that the bodies of water can interact  in an organic way with other kinds of life forms out in space. So one possibility is the UFO crafts of different sizes come into water, go through some process necessary for their journey,  and then shoot out of it, on their way to somewhere else.

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