Saturn in Capricorn Starts Today for a Four Year Stay

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Psychic Insights for the Week of Wednesday December 20th-Tuesday the 26th

2018: High up in the heavens, where just the currents of energy flow, the Air is excited and alive with possibility,  and energized by the planets that move through them, sparking huge plans in the minds of solution seekers  breathing it in. There are many convergences of ideas and essential discoveries that spawn new developments and directions, all over the world. This lofty view of 2018 is a real place to mentally go, and you will want to be able to “go to your Happy Place” in 2018. However wonderfully the Air and its rainbow of energies might course through inventive minds seeking answers, it’s also the theater in which corporations and 1% are actively destroying American democracy. The leaders are bought, and we are suddenly responsible for our democracy.  “Responsibility” is a powerful theme in 2018 and people have reckonings within themselves over their responsibility. 2018’s energy supports becoming more adult, more responsible, and Saturn going into Capricorn effective today can mean much better and more sophisticated ways of providing basic needs are developed. It’s the Winter Solstice Thursday the 21st, most significantly marked by the Sun in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn on the first day of the latter’s four year journey, a good omen about the world getting realistic about what needs to be done to create more balance and better support systems. That’s the positive spin…Saturn in Capricorn speaks also of consequences, of reaping what we sow. Don’t expect anyone to change or to change anyone’s belief with rigid Saturn in Capricorn.  The only fix for the misery of starving children etc.  is to work for positive outcomes with willing people.[/st_text][st_row][st_column][st_text el_title=””][/st_text][/st_column][/st_row][st_row id_wrapper=”elm_5a3a9ccb359a0″ ][st_column span=”span12″][/st_column][/st_row][st_row id_wrapper=”elm_5a3a9ccb359a0″ ][st_column span=”span12″][/st_column][/st_row]