New May Circle Date is Saturday May 30th

New May Circle Date is Saturday May 30th

It’s a Mercury retrograde, so naturally this month’s healing and intuition circle is going to be a little later than expected! The May Circle is now Saturday the 30th, here are the particulars:

The workshop is about two hours, and includes a psychic message and healing circle, a transformative art card process, and guided meditations to get you in touch with your own intuition and healing resources. We’ll also work with divination tools for psychic development.

May 30th Astrology: Sun and Mercury are conjunct, great for healing, communicating with the high self, and seeing the light about anything! The moon is in Scorpio, trine Neptune, very good for working with intuition and creativity.

For up to 8 people   505-982-3294 $55 includes tax,

227 East Palace Ave, Suite T North, upstairs in the Kruger Building.

Santa Fe, NM 87501

To register and for more information, email, or 505-982-3294.

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About Intuition

About Intuition

"Intuition" - Intuitive Drawing by Elissa Heyman © 2011

“Intuition” – March 25, 2011

The dictionary definition of intuition: “Immediate apprehension or cognition”…in other words, one just knows. It happens to almost everybody some time or other… “the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.”

Whether here in my office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or anywhere else in the world via telephone, people ask the same questions about their own psychic experiences. Here are a couple of common questions people ask about their intuition:

“How do I make my intuition work at will? I can’t make it happen when I want to.

You can get an intuitive answer to a question from your own self, but it depends on what question you ask, and how. For instance, “When am I going to get married?” likely gets no response from your intuition, but getting quiet, breathing in a nice, easy rhythm, and asking your inner self to give you guidance about love and intimate relationships, will get a response. Count whatever response you get as an answer. If no ideas or pictures ever come, it’s telling you first, communication is blocked and you need to establish a closer relationship with your intuition and inner guidance.You can try these two guided imagery exercise–they’re designed to help you access intuition and spiritual guidance.

“How do I know it’s not my imagination?”

Your imagination is not always in your best interest, but your intuition is, although sometimes it’s not clear at first why your intuition led you where it did. We are complicated creatures. Your imagination is what you use to be receptive to your intuition: it responds to guided imagery and any process where you suspend judgment, enter your imagination, and let the Universe, your own body, or a spiritual being talk to you. Since the intuition is designed to navigate towards heartfelt desires, you can trust its snap judgments–they are meant to allow you to flow and dance with life. And sometimes skip gracefully away before it’s too late.

Your intuition is able to supply a steady flow on an “as-needed basis”, of appropriate responses, impulses, and understandings. It takes its cue and gathers data to present to you, generated by the shifting intentions of your many-faceted self. On the other hand, you can imagine someone is not talking to you because he/she wants nothing to do with you, when in fact the person had laryngitis for two weeks and was not returning messages. If you have fears that feel like intuitions, test them out by asking your intuition to give you input on your fears. Form a question for your intuition about it, and then ask.

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Healing, in person/by phone, Visa/MC, Santa Fe, NM 87501,, 505-982-3294. Please call for further information or visit

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